Sunday, August 26, 2012


BRIGHT LINES: Many people are noticing that old and bright lines of morality are dissolving. They fear that needed new ones are not appearing. Experience and reason are showing skills for cloning life, and such skills will likely soon lead to capacities for manufacturing DNA to specifications, thereafter to be leveraged by merging such DNA with super applications, merging human brains, artificial brains, and command centers. The line between organic life and inorganic awareness of self, between individuals and webs, particles and fields, will soon be blurred. Energy will be harvested by photosynthetic processes, direct from the Sun. No individual, absent assistance from incredibly powerful applications, can hope to compete against agglomerations of technological engineering. Competition will be mainly against group-based organizations, rather than against other organisms. Meta-markets will develop for manipulating, buying, and selling access to sub-markets. The invisible hand of providence will be replaced by the artificial hand of the mega-international-corporation, whose members will be valued more as skilled parts than as human beings. Individuals will be monitored and regulated, 24/7, to ensure no one breaks down or becomes a threat to the emerging Borgdom. As we accelerate into this futuristic dimension, old bright lines will flicker out. If human freedom, dignity, and decency are at all to be preserved, if humanity is not to split between classes of Morloch and Eloi, people of insight must soon inspire new checks, balances, and bright lines. The notion that life at conception is sacred will need to be replaced by a new system of bright lines that will inculcate respect for valued perspectives of purposeful consciousness. Accompanying that replacement, there will be many deceiving lobbyists, politicians, lawmakers, and executives. The prime moral command will remain: Be empathetic! Empathy, however, is not entirely restricted to love. Its bright light of the future, a living Field, is hurtling at us, as we stand dazed.  The measurable universe is nothing but a web for the signification and communication of an immeasurable, reconciling, feedback appreciating, living field of perspectives of consciousness.  It's bright lines and acculturated rules are the fluxing traffic control signals for the avatars with which we identify.


Anonymous said...

Economics may often be more a form of moral corruption among word cynics. As a political goal, I would prefer a civil framework of checks and balances that helped each adult maximize his/her opportunities for effecting contemporaneous determinations. I'm not sure what such a system would look like. However, I don't quite see how it maximizes "freedom" to fail to check: (1) against agglomerations of influence for buying and selling wordsmiths and politicians; (2) against the cannibalizing of industries and the swamping of countries. Twists on the word "freedom" (as in the economics and banking for "free trade" and "free markets") often seem calculated to justify preying (brain washing) by, and on, alliances in trust, faith, and credit among the most corrupt, ignorant, infirm, and naive. Without a decent framework, the decent middle class seems often to be relegated to pounding sand while being pushed in circles by word smithies and their worshipping naifs. How many felons must we allow to sell time shares and cadillacs to 80 year olds living on social security?

Anonymous said...

The Left does not like religion. In faith, it believes it can be on a path to moral truth without needing faith. The Left does not like freedom. It likes fate (and drugs). It believes we have been preset and predestined to an historical determinism, which it is privy to. It believes there is no contradiction between human foreknowledge and human fate. Even if you know Leftists cannot revoke gravity, you must still jump off their cliff. The Left does not like freedom of religion. It believes freedom of religion should be annihilated by coerced, non-religion. It knows Islam is coercive, and it knows it believes Leftism is not religion. Religion pertains to what you believe in, aside from what you are forced to pretend to believe in. Leftists embrace that which they want to coerce others to believe in. The Left, being coercive and wishing to annihilate freedom of religion, is a natural ally of Sharia. Scratch a know it all mullah, find a know it all elitist. The Left does not need good faith. Its allied elites have a direct line to Allah and Truth. Together, they mean to annihilate freedom of faith. Moreover, they twist the Constitution to find in it the freedom and faith in elitists to use elitism to annihilate freedom and faith. The Left is filled with very confused puppies.