Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The System of Turtles is Looped, not Stacked

The System of Turtles is Looped, not Stacked:
The perpetual System as a whole may record or know all that can be recorded or known, but no present part or member records or knows all. Rather, the parts experience a kind of alternating current or fluxing, circular loop among Intelligences or Robots 1,2,3, ad infinitum (i.e., R1,R2,R3,...). R1 may know, control, or dominate brain or electrical activity of R2, and R2 of R3, and R3 of R1, in alternating feedback or in a fluxing, perpetual loop, thereby availing illusion of individual, independent, free will. (However, the concept of free will should better be replaced with a concept for identifying with, and appreciating a quality of, being the contemporaneous determiner.)
- INCOMPLETNESS: While subject to practical statistics, no particular perspective or robot with less capacity than the system as a whole could ever completely know or dominate all the electrical activity and factors that will affect the behavior of any other robot.
- REGRESSIVENESS OF SELFNESS: No particular perspective or robot could ever completely know itself, or how its inclinations may be subject to sudden and unaccounted for change.
- WHOLE AND PARTS: No present sum of particular perspectives or robots could ever completely account for the potential capacity of the system as a whole.
- TRANSMISSIVE LAG BETWEEN PERSPECTIVES: R1 could not practically know R2 if R2 simultaneously and practically knew R3 unless R1 also simultaneously and practically knew R3, and so on.
- HALTING PROBLEM IN FEEDBACK: There may abide some kind of DISCRETE mechanism that HALTS and separates bursts in transmissions and receptions (feedback of give and take) of knowledge and information among R's. If so, there could abide a system such that the system as a whole would record all information that can be transmitted and received, even though there would not abide any topmost or bottommost turtle. That is, the R's may not be nested within a hierarchy of dominance, but instead looped within a system somewhat like an ever unfolding game of rock-paper-scissors.
- GEOMETRICAL REPRESENTATIONS OF SIGNIFICATIONS: The HALTING mechanism for imposing discreteness in transmissions and receptions of feedback may by modeled in respect of a conservatory geometric math, by conceptualizing a system of spins within orbits within rolls, relating to each perspective or point of view that identifies or frames itself as being the relational center of the contextual system. Discreteness would be conceptualized in respect of counterclockwise or clockwise relations of spins, orbits, and rolls in respect of a shared centering of conscious perspective. Continuosity would be conceptualized in respect of the circular or elliptical aspect of each spin-orbit-roll.
- PERPETUAL META ENERGY: There may abide a meta enforcer, to enforce discreteness in feedback as the interfunctioning of the sum of the expressed parts is reconciled with the whole.
- LOOPED TURTLES: Given a HALTING mechanism, it would seem possible for R1 practically to dominate R2 in a fluxing sequence, before R2 had determined how it would next dominate R3, etc. Thus, R1 could dominate R2 in a sequence in which R2 dominated R3 and R3 then dominated R1, etc. Thus, "turtles" would be looped and dovetailed, not stacked in an unchanging hierarchy.
- QUALITY OF RELATIONSHIP WITH SYSTEM: If so, must the System itself then be DUMB, "knowing" only a qualitative empathy? Well, every WORD made flesh (sign, symbol, signification, substance)conveys two kinds of meaning: Measurable (explicate, quantitative, relational, present) and Immeasurable (implicate, qualitative, contextually reconciling, potential). No word conveys any meaning except in respect of a contextual system with which it discretely nests, continuously fluxes, and constantly loops. The system as a whole being holistically qualitative, I cannot reasonably say that it is qualitatively DUMB. I can say it is qualitative. In respect of that, I can give and take. I can experience how my relation with the system as a whole may seem. I can experience that such relation may seem to be one of goodness or evil, purposefulness or anomie, excitement or sleepfulness, intelligence or dumbness, empathy or indifference, love or hate, emotiveness or deadness, etc. Something about the System seems to respond to how "I" am emotive in relation to IT. I cannot reasonably say that intelligent and caring I-ness ever leaves the System as a whole.  Nor do I believe any intelligent, caring person should or need think it so.  Indeed, reasonable and decent civilizaton seems to depend on the contrary.
NESTING: What methods of hierarchical and/or DOVETAILING NESTING would relieve a conscious internet of field of the tedium and depression of being taxed to monitor us in detail, as well as the preset significations that sustain us?
COMPARE A DOVETAILING GAME OF ROCK - PAPER - SCISSORS: Compare: armor / pen / sword; stocks / money / law; agitators / masses / cronies; mind numbed / mind independent / mind number. Easily numbed masses (proles) vascillate between (1) favoring cronies (aristocrats) who want to raise them as laborers versus (2) favoring independents (thinking middle class) who want them to teach them to become self reliant. The balance among such a 3 way flux may often be tipped, as when cronies aggomerate enough wealth and power to control most institutionalized means of persuasion and force (such as mass media).


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