Saturday, October 10, 2015

YOLO's and Jihadis

People who lose spiritual faith tend to become secular Progs (commies and cronies). They believe in YOLO -- you only live once.  They care little about progeny or investing souls in any perpetually unfolding project. They do not have enough children to perpetuate themselves.  They incline to become malignant narcissists, concerned for their safety and material well being, and unwilling to risk much to conserve liberty or humanity for anyone else.  They invent utopias wherein everyone would be happy if only everyone would care enough for others to play nice and treat one another equally. (Playing nice means making a show of recycling and scooping your pet's poop. It means expecting others to give you a share of their produce when they have more, and taxing them if they don't give it up willingly. It does not necessarily mean taking responsibility to produce more for yourself.)

There also abide people whose faith is that this world is worthless, except as a way station for proving one's eternal spiritual worth by farming (working, abusing, taking from, and lording over) "infidels."  They take from others and then claim credit, as if they had produced or invented something. (They tend to become cultists and muslims).

Cronies and commies believe this world is all there is. Culties believe this world is worthless. But there is another group:  Jews and Christians. Many Christians, for example, believe this life has worth, and that its produce can be pleasing to progeny and to God, as well as to potentially continued iterations and reiterations of their own part of conscious experience. So the work of this world is not vain to them.  They tend to be concerned with building a decent world, preserving human dignity, and progressing in pilgrim's spirituality. What such Christians desire cannot be facilitated without freedom to think for themselves. To them, liberty is vital, and its exemplar has been America.

Christians tend to project good faith and good will. Their habits incline them to assume others share such traits. But cronies, commies and culties tend NOT to share in good faith and good will. Not all of humanity necessarily abides in good faith and good will. Without more, merely to "turn the other cheek" to characters that have been corrupted against good faith and good will tends to be culturally suicidal. This is a very hard lesson for America's NancyBoys.

If America fails to get its NancyBoys under adult supervision, the world will soon be inherited by YOLO's and jihadis: People who confuse earth with God, and people who treat earth as worthless. Meanwhile, Christians are defaulting to a mad war between Materialists and Muslims, in which the progeny of mindlessness will probably replace the cultural suicide of YOLO's.

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Anonymous said...

Communnication is often the poorer when it is presumed that practical meaning cannot be availed short of perfect rigor in definition. Regardless of whether "free will" exists in any sense of metaphysical reality, there obviously exists in practical reality what I would call participatory will.

I am no fan of Calvinism, Islam, or the idea of a pre-determining God or Source. Rather, i believe in a participating, reconciling Source. A person who believes it does not matter whether his beliefs are forced is a person who can be made content to live with Islam (or any other form of subhuman or totalitarian mind control). Many people, especially those without appreciable skills, may be conditioned to feel just fine about that. For example, Muslims will often feel just fine about the appropriateness of beheading or burning people for whom God is thought to have pre-rationalized such punishment. In effect, they are thought properly to be punished for having the temerity to behave as they were preset to behave. To me, that kind of philosophy holds no rational charm or reasoned attraction.

I identify with the people who yearn to be able to follow their ideas and interests to see where they lead, without being forced by freaks onto a different or more blinkered path. Such people learn soon enough that they have lost something important when they fall under the power of control freaks and ignorant despots.

A debate about whether there is such a thing as real freedom or free will is beside the point. (It may be that not even God knows whether He has free will.) It does not seem that Anyone has freedom simultaneously to be consistent while violating the law of non-contradiction. There is no such thing as human freedom without a framework of law or moral constraint.

Regardless of whether anyone has free will, we can enjoy the feeling of Participatory Will. In participation, our apprehensions can feed back to affect choices that are allowed within the system. When a totalitarian controls the system to preclude our feedback from influencing it, then we will realize that the freedom we lost was something more than pyrite.

I can't determine a math-based solution to the problem of how to make free and moral choices. The most I can offer seems to consist in this: Come and reason together. Try to be intuitive and empathetic to feedback from the Reconciler. For every purpose, there is a season.

While I cannot say what one should do in every case, I can opine as to kinds of literalistic belief systems upon which one ought not base one's moral
reasoning. That is, if one wants to be a responsible, reasoning, human being. For example, there is no reason to suppose that any brand of literalistic believers should presume their form of scientific or religious literalism to be morally superior over any other. However, there is reason to believe that some general forms of metaphorical belief systems are superior over others for purposes of helping more coherently to rationalize and guide processes of practical choice making and civilized choice making.

To feign belief in a myth to avoid being stoned is not to be religious, but merely practical. To do a thing because one is forced is not to effect a moral choice. To pay taxes is not to assist with redistributions of charity. To call human freedom and dignity entirely unreal is to rationalize sub-humanity. IMO.