Monday, December 7, 2015

Spiritual Gnosis

Identity.  Avatar.  Soul.  Accumulation of Information.  Karma.  Same Information, from many Perspectives, including Holistic.  Changeless Changer.  God appreciating, learning, reconciling, preserving information, paying it forward.  Both psychically and substantively.  At immeasurable and unprovable but intuitive level, Spirit learning, reconciling.  Preservation of Information, regrets.  Immeasurable Causer.  Still quiet voice.  Spirit based conscience.  God Identity Consciousness Alone.  Appreciation Music Purposefulness.  Choosing through possible scenes.  Intuitive Conscience Soul.  Beyond science, yet confined with math.  Godhead because trinitarian can both remember (store possibilities) and forget and appreciate anew.  Shades of music.

 At some point, the best explanation for wraping things together probably has to be beyond empirical verification. The best for such an explanation may consist in its utility for principled and consistent moral argumentation. Provided it is sensible, yet not falsified. Even so, I suspect that adopting such an explanation may inspire sub-ideas that ARE empirically testable, useful, and not inconsistent with the wrap.
I have been watching occasional documentaries concerning physicists who speculate about whether time, insofar as it is measurable, may be granular. (Even though the way it is granulated is renormalized to each and every perspective.) So that brings in perspective. Conscious appreciation and "spiritual choice." Ideas about how it may be that the potentiality of information as it accumulates is never lost. How, in that respect, the past continues to exist!
I think your model pulls together the ideas of granular time and a chronologically dependent series of perpetually existing "scenes" (or potentially available choices).
Still, it's a mind numbing idea. As any idea that approaches the Godhead must be. The measurable cosmos is mind boggling enough. Add to that an astonishing number of parallel cosmos of chronological scenes and the mind risks becoming unhinged. Or the mind rebels.
The mind balks at notions that fundamentally transform ways of thinking about one's conscious identity and the identities of one's significant others. One wants to believe that one's close friends are more than apparitions or bots. That's what gave me itches beneath my skin. However, on reflection, I no longer think that is the problem it at first seemed to be. I'm still reflecting on it, so I'm not sure I can yet explicate why.
A way to resolve some of the "itches" may be to think about a trinitarian aspect to the Godhead. Not so much the poetic or biblical idea of a tirnity, but a conceptualization grounded in concern for how to make as consistent, coherent, and complete sense out of our beingness as possible. How may it be that an aspect of the godhead can sponsor into existence all that can ever exist, while retaining capacity to flux to another aspect that can forget, re-learn, and be appreciatively and meaningfully surprised anew? How may each perspective of conscious identity be a perspective of the same thing? A "changeless-changer?"
Maybe resolution has something to do with how Information is preserved, processed, appreciated, and presented. "I" am more than the particles that comprise my body. I am also a product of the contextual field that defines me, as well as that defines my acquaintances. Whatever the Holism that happens to define, reconcile, and present me will also happen to present my acquaintances. And we are all derivative of that reconciling Holism. Thus, not "bots."
Just musing. May change my mind about this later.

"I-ness" does not seem to have been well explicated. At least, I have not noticed lengthy attempts to explicate it. How can an incarnate, immeasurable "soul" be measured to sense, effect, or cause any event? And what if all measurable events are derivative of some "thing" that is beyond measure (some no-measurable-thing), but that "speaks" in appearances (and "bubbles") that themselves are measurable (and therefore "substantive")?
As concepts, soul/spirit/conscious identity, etc, seem to be placeholders for referring questions that defy math-measure or cause-effect analysis or logic. Yet, "cause" as a concept seems to break down in most leaps between the finite and the infinite and the measurable and the immeasurable. We want to imagine "some beingness" reconciles and causes (some Mathematician "maths") -- but we have no-thing to suggest or confirm it, beyond the ineffable, the suggestive, the intuitive, the "spiritually insightful."
Yet, that, and perhaps an idea of karma (or spiritual judgment, or unending and unfolding rconciliation of never-lost information) seems to be the implicated foundation for moralizations -- whether or not we wish so to articulate. Maybe, if information is never lost, like Jacob Marley's chains, we intuit moral investments in our choices.
IOW, that-which-we-measure-not somehow accompanies, guides, or affects apprehensions and choices. Some vague guess about other scenes or possibilities not presently chosen. Maybe on some higher plane, some reconciling aspect of us, or some aspect that defines us, "senses" that it has been here before. We can't directly "make stuff" with it, but somehow or other we make choices and seem to rationalize back to "it."
IAE, "it" remains an itch, and I don't see how any philosophy can entirely banish it and yet make claims about "moral purposefulness."


Anonymous said...

Prog central fascism (hierarchical sociopathy) is also incompatible with federal representative republicanism and human liberty.

However, Progs tend not to openly and notoriously cut heads, stone and mutilate people, or impose lower status or dhimmitude on all women and infidels. Instead, they rely on race and tribe based quotas, taxes and fines, political correctness, property forfeitures, reeducation camps, suspensions, and firings. When that fails, they hire someone to find your secrets, blackmail you, or kill you, quietly.

Progs will also rouse the rabble, to try to manage them by herding and hedging them. For that, they use multi culti and madhouse Islam to divide the masses so they can be ruled. Except, sometimes the rabble, especially when it's Islamic,gets beyond their control.

Obama and Soros hit all the bases: Prog, commie, crony, gruber, perv, groomer. Nothing is beneath them, if they calculate it to have favorable pot odds. And once the Prog Cronies are in complete control, as they nearly are, the pot odds are: heads they win, tails you lose. Evil is riding high. We can only hope it has hubristically shown its hand too soon. Otherwise, Progs will prove to destroy the republic. Yeah, I'd say they are incompatible with the republic. Moreover, I'd say the danger to the republic of Mohammadism, evil as it is, is less than the danger posed by Progism. Our biggest enemy has come to be our own government. But for Progism, madhouse Mohammadism could never be strong enough to pose a substantial threat. With Progism, madhouse Mohammadism couid be the death of modern civilization.

Anonymous said...

We're facing a two headed monster: One head represents a godless class of cronie corporatists that believes only in getting theirs while the getting is good. The other head represents a godforsaken class that serves a very demented Islamic idea that god rewards monstrosity. United, they intend to farm all the usefully idiotic Progs who are so smug in their fake wisdom. Whatever spirit or faith drives their conscience, I doubt it will fare well against ultimate karma and judgment. These chestless moral zombies who now inhabit and run DC are far removed from the better branches of the Founders.

The thing about terror as a tactic is that you should know that the enemy plans and intends to escalate and do much more. The enemy has a continuing goal. The terror does not end just because an episode is over.

So, a sane society should be hardening its defenses, profiling and excluding terrorists, and killing them at their source. We should NOT be importing their kith and kin.

Unless, that is, our gov has already been taken over by godforsaken treasonous lying evil crony cannibal bastids. Which it has. In hindsight, looking again at W's talk about Islam being a religion of peace, I see evil and cringe.

The traps that are being set up and that are springing are just too coincidental. All the soothings of Obama and Merkel are just too convenient to obvious evil. Slopes down have been greased. Arms have been collected and redistributed. Madness has been loosed. Decent people are being suckered to a fatal trap. Godless cannibal cronies are salivating as they draw nigh a fatally contrived watering hole. Meanwhile, all who notice are yelled at: Racist! Bigot! Chauvenist! Christian! And all who yell are the true racists, bigots, chauvenists, and anti-Christian anti-Americans.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.-- Yeats

Anonymous said...

There is a "white" culture work ethic that is based on Christian valuation for developing one's talents and sharing tough love that gives each new person and generation its chance. Each time things get hard, we tend to rediscover that cultural foundation. Our problem is that idiotic, criminal, and rotten educators, priests, "progressive christians," and secular shills for crony cannibals keep trying to trick us out of it. They need to be told to eff off.

The thing about ducklings is that every duckling a momma duck has soon learns his place in the line behind momma, and thereafter keeps it. This is not an appropriate model to impose on competent free thinkers. The problem is, constipated thinkers have no idea what free thinking is. They fear it, run from it, and will not abide it. They need to be put apart, in their own land. Let them befoul their own nest. Or, if they come to take some of our leavings, at least have the decency not to act like a mad hisser about it. Or demand promotion or recognition beyond their merit. It is insane for America, as a land of independent free thinkers, to allow itself to be overcome in its leadership by constipateds and their crony managers.

EDIT: Most jobs nowadays are gov or gov supervised jobs. There is little promotion in them except for the most usefully idiotic, demented, deviant, depraved, happy faces on pleasure sticks -- who think and do only as they are told. The ObamaRegime does not hire, appoint, or promote normal, thinking people who have competence and a conscience. No cream; just floaters. Best example: The modern military, especially at the higher ranks.

Re: Bloated Hypertrophy

If Congress and Scotus want to regain relevancy, they need to return to their roles as envisioned by the Founders and jettison the encroachments by the central apparatus beyond the enumerated powers it was assigned.

The more DC filches power beyond its balliwick to build Rube Goldberg contraptions like Obamacare, the more DC must turn to unelected bureaucrats and the rules of regulating executives and despots who represent only the interests of agitators and cronies, not the interests of the American people.

Anonymous said...

At least half the people don't know what to do with themselves unless they can find a duck line to get in. They want to force everyone to get into a duck line. And they will import all the fascist ducklings (Muslims, Marxists, and Morons) they need to force the event. No matter where independent Randians go, the duck liners will search them out to confine them. They want to "share" (share misery).

Let a fascist get his foot in your door and he will run you out of your own house. To grant more than rigorously limited and enumerated powers to central elitists is to attract funding and control from wannabe fascists. To set aside a void for the consolidation and exercise of central power is to quickly suck into it all those who are most prone to abuse it. A NWO, if you will. The more the power granted to the central gov over domestic affairs, the more the push to fascist despotism.

This is not "progress." It is tyranny. It incites mass abuse, agitation, looting, and misdirection of resources. It infantalizes generations and minorities to look to central gov to solve all their problems and nurse all their wannas, as if the process of weening were a grievance. It promotes ACORN under hundreds of guises, as well as OWS, BLM, and countless affronts to decency and common sense across the land. It gave us as Prez a "man" who hits all the bases of depravity. A "man" for all depravities. And now the country has to do penance and wear him like a hairshirt.

If one knows one can't suppprt additional kids, one ought to take precautions. Anyone who thinks God commands him to have all the children he is capable of having has simply cinched his pants up too high over his head. The problem with revelationists who read into stuff interpretations that are inconsistent with plain sense written in the cosmos is that they tend to be too easy as prey for Mohammadan types. God gave us brains to use, not just to nod agreement with mad men and over enthusiastic visionaries.

Anonymous said...

Justice Thomas would expand the right to bear arms not just under the 14A, but also under Article IV, which provides that "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities in the several states."

The Fed Gov has been the biggest quota enforcer. Evidently, Scotus wants the Feds to preempt and monopolize the game.

The educational detriments of affirmative action to education have outweighed the benefits. Such detriments cripple minorities by training them to expect that the world owes them and by promoting them to positions where they are more likely to fail. Affirmative action also promotes racism by promoting people of color who, on grounds of merit for overcoming challenges, are no better than similarly situated poor whites. It also fosters counterproductive propensities that defy assimilation into the American Ideal of individual freedom and dignity. And it warps minds of white progs to promote counterproductive nonsense. The consequences are now playing out in mass silliness throughout the land and throughout our military.

Much of the silliness of affirmative action has been caused by federal intrusiveness, that forces people to associate in ways deemed satisfactory to central fascist elites. This tends to speech codes, and it chills First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, and assembly. The Feds simply ought not be directly regulating private conduct with regard to speech, thought, expression, education, association, enterprise, or faith. Whatever may have justified that in days gone by is no longer justification.

Our problem is less a matter of local quota mindedness. Our problem is more one of Fed quota mindedness. Get the Fed nits out of our hair!

Anonymous said...

There are bad genes. They need to be allowed to die out. They need not be artificially promoted. A gene pool that takes on genes that will destroy it stupidly poisons itself.

This country is in trouble because it has dithered with the devil and told him he is good just the way he is. This country has gone beyond tolerating the devil and deep into the woods of becoming advocates for the devil. This country is in trouble because it has come to fear "wrestling with God," preferring instead to screw with satan.

I actually find many of their ideas about the Godhead to be quite interesting. It's some of their specific applications of the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule that mystify me. Their focus seems perhaps too confined to a, ahem, close confined space. (It's easy to do "God is love la la la" when you lack perspective or experience.) They may do better to appreciate how "God is often tough love." That is, we're given tough challenges, but faith is available for us to draw on. The femi-love our inner city, fatherless Blacks are getting from the gov is much more counterproductive than productive.

Tough love for Syrian and Mexican "refugees" and "immigrants" would consist in giving them more opportunity to clean up their own befouled nests, without encouraging them to turn our republic into a crime infested sty.

I'm going to see if the Church has any discussion groups and then check for signs of intelligent life. On abstracts, they seem pretty intelligent. But I know a fair number of people who "test well" who have no common sense whatsoever. And too many of them vote! I very much doubt that a high IQ is any kind of reliable indicator of good social or political sense. In many cases, I suspect it is a handicap to appreciating how the real world works. It's a mixed bag. James Madison and Jimmy Carter both likely had very high IQs. And a lot of successful Jews lap smartness to wrap right back around into Prog stupidity. See what I mean?

When it gets down to brass tacks, you want a person of accomplishment. Someone like Trump. Not a crony suck up. Nor "the One we have (not) been waiting for."

Anonymous said...

I have been attending a Unity Church for about 6 weeks. Actually, I like a lot of the spiritual aspects of it. Even though I suspect, politically, many of them may be far too "progressive" for my tastes. Regarding their progressiveness: I have not noticed among them any Muslims, Middle Easterners, Arabs, Asians, Hispanics, or Blacks. It's easy, I think, to believe mostly in love when a community is lily white. Many believe we should invite Syrian "refugees." I do not. It's easy in a lily white community to project and assume our values would be welcomed by anyone. But more mature experience shows they are not. That's probably the biggest problem with so-called white prog elitists: They know nothing of that of which they speak.

I suspect, if America cut out the Muslims, illegal Hispanics, and fatherless Blacks, our relatively low rates for crime and violence would put most nations to shame. On one hand, our "progressive gov" piles problems on us by inviting and importing Muslims and third worlders and nurturing home grown fatherless and feral Blacks, and then, on the other hand, after having created this pile of violence and crime, wants to tell us we must surrender our means of self defense. We have met the enemy, and he is our own gov.

Obama pretty much said he did not need the white male vote, and wrote them off. Likewise, Trump does not need the idiot vote. And they have pretty much identitified themselves and written themselves off. Trump/Cruz.

No normal American has any chance to significant promotion in the established regime. To get appointed or promoted, you have to hit one of the rainbow factors of which Obama is comprised: Choomer, muslim sympathizer, commie, deviant, gay groomer, gun grabber, fraud gruber, anti-white la razan, constitution fouler, America hater, crony kickbacker, incompetent femiman. Obama hit the jackpocket because he hits all the bases. Plus, he only speaks with an accent when he wants to.

Anonymous said...

If the Pope truly cares about the climate, he should stop asking for inefficient and fascist gov solutions and instead use the moral pulpit to suggest to Muslims, Hispanics, and Catholics that they practice more responsible birth control. Encourage responsible population levels and we won't need repressive gov. Encourage responsible population levels among Muslims and Hispanics and there won't be hordes of irresponsible people replacing the demographics of responsible nations. So long as Catholics fail to address responsible population planning to those who need to hear the message, they will have little moral credibility to be preaching about what sort of invasive measures gov should be taking. To ask America to make itself a relief valve for irresponsible, insane, and incorrigible cultures, without requiring that such cultures become more responsible and sane is just plain wrong.

The Feds only role regarding guns, if any, should be to protect citizens from state regulations that go too far.

What communists fail to realize is that they are just the disposable fodder and usefully idiotic vanguard to bring in the borgdom of the worldwide despotism of fascist cronies. Communism is just the lie that is told as fascists envelop us within their curtain of nightmares. Communism exists nowhere, but the potential for fascism lurks everywhere. Replace God with Gov and you get tyranny unbound.

I Trust Thomas more than even Scalia. I want Trump for President. I am aware of most of Cruz' deficiencies. Still, I want Cruz for Vice President, not because he is ideal, but because I see no other plausible conserver of liberty.

I think, without the Liberty Amendments, a movement is rolling and consolidating among establishmentarians that will soon make our borders, Congress, and Scotus largely irrelevant. That agenda is loaded and trucking, through UN and TPA trade treaties and currency manipulations. All formal institutions and currencies are now aligned to that purpose.

Far too much power is being quickly centralized in DC, soon in the Executive, soon in International Bodies. Central social fascism will be worldwide. Too many people think the gov will be a good replacement for God. The reality will be very ugly. Soon, the time will be too late for states and localities to resist this rough beast, "its hour come round at last, (that) slouches towards Bethlehem".

IMO, the chance of turning this rough beast aside rests better with a Convention of States than with simply watching while our fate is ever more surely sealed.

Anonymous said...

Some people think the Constitution does a good job of confining the Feds to enumerated powers, and that but for the 14A, the states would be secure from encroachment. I agree that the 14A has been abused to "justify" encroachments. But, even without it, language in the Constitution would have been found by establishmentarians to rationalize their encroachments. Even without the 14A, other provisions in the Constitution avail leeway to cronies to undermine the powers intended to be reserved to the states and the rights intended to be reserved to the people. The establishment could just as easily latch even more greedily onto clauses regarding treaties, commerce, and the general welfare. The idea that the Constitution, without the 14A, would be interpreted to afford only strictly enumerated powers to the Feds, is, I think, polyannish. If we want to confine the Feds, more strenuous language and measures are needed.

To deflect the Rough Beast (now slouching, very soon to be flying), the people, through their states, must rise, make themselves known and heard, and specify their intention to confine the Beast --- in language much more rigorously suited to the purpose. If that fails, Conservers of Liberty must be ready, as needed, to nullify and/or secede.

Otherwise, we will reap crony fascism, most bitter, worldwide. Indeed, probably 97% of the public are completely trained to believe most discomforts can and should be eased through DC. They have not the least insight to see the diseased underbelly of that effrontery. The devil's candy comes at a very high cost.

Maybe in a better world. As things have it, our Gov has imported Muslims, illegal Hispanics, and destroyed the Black family. Its Prog minions have done all they can to destroy faith, family, fidelity. The result is that there's not as much left of families to allow them adequately to deal with a lot of kids.

Much as I regret it, and detest Hillary's "village," the Progs have successfully created a situation so that I see little choice but for the states (not the Feds) and local communities to take a hand. And I don't see how the local gov, by declining "on principle" to take a hand, would lead to improvements. The state will no more want to let kids be free to destroy themselves than it will let them starve.

There's such a big cost to having totally feral, unsupervised kids, priming themselves to deal "baddiwad." Like letting packs of dogs roam!

However, who's to say -- Anthony Burgess might have agreed with you. Try his last chapter in A Clockwork Orange (which was left out of the movie and the American edition of the book). See

"Yes yes yes, there it was. Youth must go, ah yes. But youth is only being in a way like it might be an animal. No, it is not just being an animal so much as being like one of these malenky toys you viddy being sold in the streets, like little chellovecks made out of tin and with a spring inside and then a winding handle on the outside and you wind it up grrr grrr grrr and off it itties, like walking, O my brothers. But it itties in a straight line and bangs straight into things bang bang and it cannot help what it is doing. Being young is like being like one of these malenky machines."

Anonymous said...

I agree: Feds out. But I see no good reason why states ought not try to protect children from being recruited by pushers into addictions that will hinder their development beyond perpetual adolescence. As to adults, so long as they're not causing a public disturbance, I see little reason to care. Provided, I don't want to pay taxes to make long term, self imposed handicaps into a substitute for honest work. As to those who are continually intoxicated in public, they should be treated as civil offenders and put in institutions to dry out.

Best would be for responsible parents to look after kids. But the days we could safely rely on that, by itself, are long gone. Libertarian adults should remember, it's not all just about them and their wannas. There are innocents to be considered, who should not be tossed as free meat to lechers and pushers. Adult users, fine. Adult pushers on kids, book 'em.

n this day and age, scientists and doctors who receive public funding, by aligning with AGW and Obamacare (and Scotus by aligning with LGBT on SSM), have forfeited much credibility. The credibility of Feds is low. Moreover, the Feds have too often become puppets for oligarchs, too eager to consolidate power that is, or should be, simply not theirs.

If or insofar as marijuana is a public health hazard, then protect the children and leave it to the states. Otherwise, the Feds need to back off. At this point, the oligarchs seem to be panicking and doubling down. They too often want chaos and they want to hedge and benefit from all sides of it. They want to regulate against, even as they tax for. This just makes their antics all the more obvious. It makes their masks and diapers slip all the more.

ObamaFeds will go out with a whimper. And no one will cry over the whiny little bastids. Are there any decent people still in DC? Look at the Obama admin. It's all Muslims, Commies, La Razans, Gay Groomers, Femimen, Gun Grabbers, and Lickspittles for Oligarchs. Talent? Intelligence? Insight? Maturity? You'd have to be kidding me.

The 14A is not something like toothpaste that you can put back in the tube, or a mess you can just wipe up. A lot of rights that people think they got under the Bill of Rights were made applicable to protect them against state infringements only because of the 14th.

Yes, it was poorly drafted, so aspects of it need to be cleaned up by additional clarification. Clarifying or replacement Amendments. We probably want to keep our right to bear arms. If anything, we want to extend our freedom of expression, association, and enterprise. We may need to clarify that mere birth in the U.S. does not confer citizenship to anchor babies. We need to end some of the Fed tyranny that tries to impose "equality" in so many areas (gay marriage, shared showers, etc) for which the writers and ratifiers had no intention. But against a fascist establishment that conjures up penumbras and nuances, we probably won't accomplish those things simply by revoking the 14th. We need Levin's Liberty Amendments.

Anonymous said...

The central gov continues to cause most of the violence and crime in America. It imports two of the biggest crime factors: Muslims and Illegal Hispanics. It trains and funds a third: Fatherless Blacks. It caters to a fourth: International oligarchs and hedge criminals. It hamstrings prosecutors and prisons, and it deters people from defending themselves. If it can take away their guns, the central gov and the cronies who own and operate it will manage and devour people like they do cattle. The biggest threat to Americans is not guns in the hands of Americans. The biggest threat is power in the hands of gov and cronies, alllied against neutered subjects. A person with a gun is a citizen. A person without a gun is a lunch subject. The prissified NYT pinkie waggers can ES. AD.

For those who cannot find fulfillment in society or the creation, there is nothing but death. For those who have nothing but death, Islam provides their only succor. Since they are unable to see any value in life, they think nothing of taking life from anyone else. Indeed, they tend to enjoy it, as a sort of perverse affirmation to justify their own sensational "goodbye." There are many losers who are unable to take their own lives without "sharing" the takeout with others. Islam puts a "religious" cherry on top of all that.

Islam is the acme for losers bent on dealing death. Progs are a cut below. They are not necessarily at the point of dealing bodily death. Just mental death. For Progs, all must surrender their minds and freedom of expression to the collective Borgdom. Progs deal in mind death. Muslims take it a step further. Together, Progs and Muslims form a firm, a kind of mutual admiration society -- for losers: Death and Death.

It's time for influential people to tell the truth about Islam. Islam does not preach peace and good will among human kind. It does not preach a loving, inviting, reasoning guide or god. It allows sadistic, mind traumatizing, arbitrary monsters to conceptualize a sadistic, mind traumatizing, arbitrary god.

Islam is a siren rationalization for every sociopath who wants to claim his place in a sadistic duck line. At the bottom are infidels and women. At the top are sha heed martyrs, suicide bombers, head cutters, stone throwers, honor killers, lashers, and mutilaters. In the middle are those who marry 6 year old girls, cousins, goat lovers, and science deniers.

Islam is the acme for how to permanently traumatize, distort, and deprave minds. Anyone who by age 21 has not been able to free him or her self from the stupefication of Islam is almost certainly a permanently warped, un-fixable sociopath or breeder of sociopaths. The only true believing Muslims who are not sociopathic sadists are incubators of sociopathic sadists.

Obama may not be a true believer in Islam. But his mind has been permanently warped by the America hating values of the unholy trinity of religions of Islam, Marxism, and Crybully Homosexualism. In respect of having to have endured two terms of this America hater, at least let us learn from the experience.

There is no moderation in Islam. If infidels are not killed, then they are to be taxed and dhimmied. Islam is entirely incompatible with Western Civilization. Mixing and nitrating the two is like asking glycerol to "tolerate" nitric acid. There is no humanitarian goal in Islam. Rather, the goal of Islam is to turn human beings into thoughtless, irrational, arbitrary, inhumane monsters.

The first politician who finds the right times to tell truths about Islam will have a large following. If Islam is to be taught in schools, it needs to be taught in respect of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. -- Article III, Section 3, Clause 1

"The word treason, as transmitted to the English language from the Latin through the French, means "giving or delivering up." The common law understood treason as treachery or breach of faith. It was therefore a crime committed between parties who enjoyed an established relationship of mutual benefit and trust. Petit treason referred to a wife killing her husband, or a servant or ecclesiastic killing his lord or master. High treason involved a breach between subject and sovereign, a betrayal of (or neglect of duty or renunciation of allegiance to, in word or deed) a sovereign to whom a subject owes allegiance by birth or residence."

Does it seem something's not quite right about our priorities? Are Lynch, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg gay? Does the regime ever appoint or promote any people who are normal, patriotic Americans, who would be worthy to hold up as exemplars? Must every gov agent be a gay, groomer, gruber, commie, muslim, hyphenate, choomer, la razan, crony, sociopath, felon, extortionist, liar? In the Obama regime, at least, evidently so.

Anonymous said...

I remember being a sophomore in High School in 1964. As crazy as those times were, this stuff would spin heads right off. The mental health of the world is highly suspect, to say the least. Who would have thought that Timothy Leary and Henry Miller were comparatively sane? They may have been femimen, but at least they were originals. I am thankful to have been able to retire. Might have a little time left to enjoy it. Curiouser and curiouser.

Orwell said Miller was "a completely negative, unconstructive, amoral writer, a mere Jonah, a passive acceptor of evil, a sort of Whitman among the corpses." And so, America's Progs are "progressing" us into the belly of an amoral whale, where everyone and everything is digested into an amorphous mass of excreta. But at least, by God, we're equal! S/

The military is planning to lower standards to put women in all combat roles and make them eligible for any draft. Sports teams need safe spaces or they can't play. Dungeons and Dragons does not seem very alpha male-ish. Neither does business succumbing to gender and color coded quotas. Can prima donna blow dried male ballerinas really be considered alpha males?

Anyone old enough to leave the nest who hasn't learned how evil forced subjugation is, is likely a carrier, unlikely to learn, and likely to breed and nurture problem children. There is no place for tolerating fascist mind subjugation in a republic that values the First Amendment. Except for traitors and fascists, there is no justification for putting t-rds in the punchbowl. The future of freedom does not belong to Obamanites.

Workplace violence is the meme for justifying gun confiscation. That way, our controllers will have a clear path to fascist violence. If it were not for all the fascism in gov, and if there were not so much pressure on corporations to forsake common sense, I suspect workplace violence would be all but extinct. Simply put, Obamanites are rabid dogs at war with America, and nothing this side of reason can fix them. Every day these slobbering commie muslim lovers are in power is a day too long.

Anonymous said...

Islamic "thinking" is not thinking, because Islam does not allow thinking. It allows regurgitation and rage. Rage to force square pegs in round holes. Is it only because Islam does not allow thinking that it is able to be clear, cohesive, and consistent. It is clear, cohesive, and consistent about being monstrous, twisted, and cancerous. It is a virus run amuck within the program of Western Civ.

Why do femimen like Obama fancy that they like terrorists? Why do some women fantasize about ISIS thugs as if they were worth the bodice ripping?

Why are so many fems complacent about being ordered about by Muslim men? Why are so many Western women volunteering to "marry" ISIS thugs? Why are so many Western women voting to trade representative republicanism for central fascist despotism?

Are Western women going to Islam because so many Western men have been turned into "elite" femimen by those who "educate" them? Have colleges and their social studies departments gone fundamentally insane? Are these the values that are worth passing to the next generation?

A pox on pinkie waggers! A pox on our pinkie wagging Prezzy!

Manhatten won't be the Island we need until it's better quarantined.

Discrimination tends to be a good thing. It's how wheat is separated from chaff. A sane society discriminates to find some things and relationships more worthwhile than others. To say otherwise is blatant denial of God's method for normalizing evolution of people, cultures, and societies.

To deny America's right to evolve to a culture that can sustain representative republicanism in a way that will foster freedom, dignity, faith, family, and fidelity is to support anti-Americanism.

Undermining the American family leads to intrusion by the fascist state, which leads to central fascist diktat. It leads to the state taking over the raising of children. Which is precisely what homosexuals want. At least, the ones with enough brain cells to have figured it out.


When the state (being the centrally regulatory apparatus owned and operated by oligarchs) denies individuals the right to discriminate in making their choices and decisions, the state, in effect, corners the market for making all such choices and decisions unto its elite owners and operators. When the state owns and operates all the institutions for greasing persuasion, the idea of a representative republic becomes a mockery.

The first thing we do, let's defenestrate DC and send all the weenie crybullies back to their playhouses.

Anonymous said...

Cloward-Piven people have not thought things through. On one hand, they want to load up the gov with so many obligations that it will have to declare central martial law. In effect, something like a fascist dictatorship of the proletariat. Some imagine the eventual consequence of that would be a withering away of the state. But that has never happened. When one looks around, one sees agitators agitating not for less central gov, but for ever more (fascist) central gov. All experience shows that tightens screws; it does not wither them. Each new generation must learn anew the lessons of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and on and on and on. It's like the hell side of Fifty First Dates on Groundhog Day.

On the other hand, what if, instead of agitators suing responsible businesses and people, responsible people were all at once to begin suing the pants off the central gov? Sue, sue, and sue some more. With the objective being to fill the courts, prisons, and institutions until everything falls to ad hoc, black market, anarchy? And, possibly, even to confiscate the wealth of the biggest evildoers (Soros and other treasonous anti-American oligarchic corporatists).

Would we still be able to defend ourselfves from evil forces abroad? Well, with faith in God and trust in one another, the Founders did. Trump is showing the way to pull the pants down on the fascist pinkie waggers and name callers. Turn their bs back onto them!

America will not be saved by its friends. It will have to be saved, if at all, by awakened Conservers of Liberty. In 1970, in Psychology 101, I think it was, I recall learning about problem children. I have not researched this, and I may be wrong. But this is what I seem to recall:

So long as a home had two reasonably educated and responsible parents, problem children tended NOT to to come either from parents who were authoritarian or from parents who were libertarian. Rather, the problem children came from parents who were half a ssss ed authoritarian. That is, just authoritarian enough to condition kids to animosity, without conditioning them to fear.

Today, America has become a worldwide empire, but, domestically, it operates under a Bill of Rights. To run its empire, America needs to be more than half a ssss ed authoritarian. However, to keep its Bill of Rights, America needs, domestically, to be less than half a ssss ed authoritarian. We can't have people fired, demoted, suspended, fined, or jailed for "hate speech" (where "hate speech" is in the ears of the offended) and still claim to have a First Amendment that protects freedom of thought, speech, communication, association, enterprise, and faith.

The antics of agitators who want to turn domestic America into a half a ssss ed authoritarian parent-regime will do nothing but turn our citizenry into a mass of uncontrollable problem children. In turn, that will build until our masses become so uncontrollably criminal that the regime will have to turn to total authoritarianism.

If American style freedom is to be salvaged, responsible Americans will have to wake up and stop eating the dog food the regime is serving. The kiddies running amuck will have to be told, firmly, No! And when they go all criminal like, they will have to be made examples. They will have to be firmly, consistently, and meaningfully punished. To Sir, With Love. Otherwise, chaos. Problem is, no modern school would ever allow a teacher, much less a law enforcement officer, the kind of authority that was illustrated in that schmaltzy movie. It's far from clear that America, or any Westernized Republic, will be able to wake up. Instead of Sidney Poitier, the establishment wants to give us Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and JEB Bush. All half a ssss es.

Anonymous said...

Rome became a crony fascist empire when it became too big and too centrally consolidated in power to govern as a republic. That's what America is being pushed to -- an empire instead of a republic. Complete with all power being centralized to corrupt DC cronies. Rome could make that work because it had strong fascist hierarchical control. For a long time, a father had power of life and death over his children, even if they were past their 50's. There was no freedom to buck the fascist hierarchy.

If Rome is the exemplar of a fascist empire, America cannot last as a "republic-based empire" that avails the Bill of Rights. The only way America can keep its Bill of Rights is by decentralizing the domestic power that has been siphoned to DC. We have to have Trump, COS, decentralization, elimination of most fed bureaucracies, and, if necessary, nullification and secession.

However, the unholy established alliance of cronies, profs, and brain-twisted "educated" youth takes it as established consensus science that the central gov exists to serve demands made by whatever "communities" organize to make them. IOW, our cultural practice has become to expect all answers to come via agglomerations of central fascist power, with tax redistributions made to organized communities of whiners, who vote for a living, for shills for central cronies.

So now an unthinking majority pretty much takes it for granted that all "progress" requires more centralization of power in DC. This will be an unstoppable road to fascist despotism -- unless a miracle starts to invite us, and we have sense enough to reach for it.

Rome fell as its empire became too big for central control to manage. It was beset on all sides, first by non-Roman Barbarians, then later by Muslim primitives and Mongols. America has long been protected by oceans and travel time. Now, however, America is being hollowed out and surrounded on all sides by a number of powers and technologies. So our power grid is exposed, our consumer economy is vulnerable to EMP warfare, other technological and nuclear powers are rising, and our own politicians have become so corrupt that they sell us out to Chinese and Russians and Saudis. Our economy is under unimaginable debt. Our currency is about to be replaced by alternative world currencies.

And, not least, many of our leaders have lost faith, except in bs that is crazier than new agey astrology. BS like AGW, carbon credits, NWO, UN, "free trade," and World Treaties superior to Congress. BS that undermines all the assimilative power of faith, family, and fidelity.

If Americans fail to "come to Jesus" and firehose the unholy central agglomeration of DC, we will go the way of Rome. Except our fall will be much faster, more sudden, and more cruel in likely loss of lives. The unable and unwlse Commodus did much to set Rome on a path to weakness and eventual destruction. By comparison, Obama (the anti-American, chooming, lying, gay, commie, fellow traveler with Muslims) will make Commodus look strong and wise.

Anonymous said...

The jackal establishmentarians create crises, provide fall guys, use the uproar to their advantage, then promote the fall guys through some back door. If you want an easy ride on the fast track, join the jackal establishmentarians. To get on the fast track, you just need to be cynically smart, extremely corrupt, or both. There are no normal people in the admin. The regime profiles against normal people. The regime is racist, bigoted, and treasonous in that way. It doesn't promote competence. It floats evil. It processes floaters.

The central apparatus in America has become more evil than the central apparatus in Russia or China. As to Saudi Arabia or Iran, it's probably too close to call. Cluelessness is a different matter. For cluelessness, Canada probably has us beat.

To engage in community organizing for the purpose of forcing gov to force taxes to force central redistributions is to engage in despotic fascism. It is borderline cannibalistic. It is the furtherest thing from human fairness and dignity. It is subhuman evil.

A good person who saw poverty and misery would volunteer to help, to organize charities to help, to teach people how to care for themselves. A good person would not organize gangsters to threaten and beat bureaucrats, administrators, and politicians to force them to steal from others to entice thugs to collect welfare for being thugs.

Community organizers are just a prelude to Islamic organizers. Both are subhuman. We cannot defeat subhuman evil while we hide from calling it what it is. The people, churches, and institutions that foster community organizing for the purpose of "forcing taxpayers to be charitable" are engaging in subhuman evil. Period.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither was this immigration sore. It won't be solved in a day. But we have to make a serious start. So deport. Yes, that will result in a lot of excess workers in Mexico, drive down their wages, and entice businesses to go south -- which will compete to suck and reduce American jobs and wages.

This could be avoided, however, with more enlightened leadership on both sides of the border. Problem is, life in the savannah tends more often to go to the most vicious than to the most enlightened. As assimilating faith flounders, the cannibals rise.

But a good American President is going to need to push Mexico to do better by its own people. Otherwise, North America will just breed more cheap labor than any decent institutions can absorb. And all of us will suffer for it, as the two class cinch continues to be ratcheted.