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Most people would consider Hitler to be a fascist. I guess you could call him a "nationalist" even though he was bent on conquest, since he wanted to put the areas he conquered under his fascist control.

If it's important to you, you can call them Bambi's, if you want to. You can use whatever private language you want. What I am concerned with are tightly bundled organizations ("fasces") bent on acquiring central power over masses of people. In case you had not noticed, nations and borders, as concepts, are becoming obsolete among rulers with fascist tendencies. They are being replaced by multi-nationals, treaties, etc. And they are run through elitist controlled institutions of media, propaganda, banking, education, "charitable" foundations, international corporations, world organizations, etc.

In the one world idea, there would be no nations, but there would likely be some kind of central command. The people who use the techniques of fascists to acquire, keep, and promote that central command can be intelligibly referred to as fascists.

Now, if for some reason, unknown to me, it is personally important to you to call them something else, that is fine. It matters naught to me what name you use to refer to a rose. For myself, I'm simply not interested in those kinds of petty conversations. But gee, thanks.


If Trump shows it to be his purpose to free America as a nation from undue international controls, the next important question is whether his administration will acquiesce to states freeing themselves from undue federal controls. If he does not, if he fails to shut down unnecessary and unauthorized components of the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, then it would not be unreasonable to call him a national fascist. But if Trump does free America from international controls and also reinvigorates states' rights, then I see no point in painting him with the fascist label (which the Left is trained to go nuts about).

Otoh, Obama has sought in effect to erase America's borders and to bury America under onerous world agreements concerning carbon and trade. I don't see the point in declining to paint him with the prejudicial label, "fascist," just because his model for elitist despotism is closer to Stalin's than Hitler's.

Both Hitler and Stalin were after world conquest, so the "national" versus "international" distinction is one that makes little difference -- except perhaps to academics who want to defend strict categories. As if existence could be described in a silly academic pursuit of a set of exhaustive and mutually exclusive Venn diagrams.

As for me, I would rather keep my eye on the ball. The ball pertains to collectivistic tyranny (fascism) versus individual liberty (federal representative republicanism).


Anonymous said...

The main point is to take some power back from the Feds and put it with local people and states. Of those locals, through their states, who are unwilling even to try to take power back, or who are defeatest about it, it is no wonder that they are not even willing to start the attempt. One wonders: Do they even want to take power back from the Feds, if they are not even willing to unite in an attempt to take it?

Hillary is on the side of a systemic wave of central fascism. As long as she can, she means to surf that wave while it enserfs everyone else.

The past is an accumulation of Information that continues in existence as it ever unfolds from the Substantive present into the Consciously apprehended future. The potentiality of the past never ceases. The trinity of Information, Substance, Consciousness abides.

By definition, everyone who enlists in ISIS has declared war on human freedom and dignity. Therefore, every such person needs to be eliminated from the gene pool, if the meme of liberty is to flourish. To protect the gene pool, neuter them. To protect the meme pool, quarantine them. To protect free republics, eliminate them. By definition, every Muslim who runs from ISIS to invade a free republic, without renouncing Islam, is an enemy agent.

Anonymous said...

The thing I can't wrap my brain around is the idea that Muslims knew in advance what was coming and pre-positioned themselves for a good view. If that is true, then Evil has gained firm control, everywhere. I'm not ready to go "all in" on that.

I have viewed some of the 911 Truther stuff, and I am just not equipped to go that far. Tests seem to be against the truthers, but I don't want to get too deep into that. (I am very agitated that W allowed the Saudis to make a fast exit. And some other things don't add up. I agree we're not getting the truth. But I am not ready to say our own gov conspired to bring the towers down.

Regardless, I do believe evil is entrenched thoughout our society and world as much as ever. I am just not ready to put it in capital Evil. I have a vague recollection of watching the News and seeing Muslims celebrating. But I don't recall the locations or extent. I seem to recall Arafat, for English consumption, cautioning celebrants not to be so open. Concerning what he may have been spreading for Arabic consumption, I do not know.

Looking at footage of Muslim riots in Britain, I think it credulous to believe most Muslims were not celebrating, at least in their hearts. Islam is a meme that leverages natural selection of monsters. If America is to survive, we need to leverage a counter meme.


The establishment has made it very hard to acquire and keep income-producing property and business. Instead, its business model is in printing money, selling hooey, and stirring hooey. Because that establishment seems to be the only easy paying way forward, that's the establishment young people, prospects, and employees of media and gov aspire to join. That's the establishment they must impress as they run the gantlet to try to become plantation housebuoys. (Buoy is sex neutral.) These people do not practice seeking or stating facts. Instead, they lose themselves as they compete to be most PC to impress the establishment. Apart from STEM courses, college does not make them more intellectual or fact knowing. It simply makes them better housebuoys. If you want an independent fact seeker, you do better to go to non-college auto-didacts.

What recruits for ISIS is the obvious and utter loss of common sense among all Western Progs. If Progs succeed in their putsch for depravity, there will be recruitment borne of revulsion, worldwide -- both among people of common sense and among people of 7th century "religions." If anything is clear, it is that a nation and culture of fairies, weenies, and obamagirls will collapse at the first strong push. No pink and lavender signs and dresses will save them from furious blowback to their void of character.

Once a culture says gayness is admirable, it will next say that teaching it to children is admirable. Then it will say hedonism is admirable. Then its school masters will teach, with hands on training to children (and "minnows"), how admirable gayness and hedonism are. All parents who resist will be branded unfit and then be taxed into reeducation programs. This gender fluidity will help make us stronger in resisting the cultural fascism of jihadis. It takes a bathhouse to raise a "principled" culture. Forward! Sarc to infinity.

Lefties felt Big Corps were cheating them. So, Big Corps put out some bread crumbs and hired some shills to lead Lefties to the Corp-Fascist NWO. In effect, Lefties have cried "unfair" to Big Corps, but then voted for the agenda of the Big Corps. You just can't fix this kind of stupid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your concern about the unbalanced influence of the establishment owned media-academia propaganda and political-contribution machine. I have so far been unable to imagine a simple solution to it. It's very troubling.

I want Paul, Trump, and Cruz on the stage. Rubio will be there a bit longer, but only because his establishment backing is proping him up, notwithstanding his being forever tarred with the Gang of 8. Everyone else needs to go home and relax.

I think Paul, Trump, and Cruz provide some balance against the crazed notion of nation building in the Middle East.

Concerns about geography, oil, and Israel have long made that area a never ending "Great Game." Whatever the calculus of interests in that game, I don't think they're nearly as pertinent to ordinary Americans as to international monsters, kings, tyrants, arms dealers, and oligarchs.

Who can compare with Obama for being disengaged, delusional, or diabolical? Chamberlain would have been more like Obama if he had provided arms to Hitler and helped keep the trains running on time. Obama is not a king. So why is Congress unwilling to remove him?

It must be because whoever is running Obama is also running Congress. Our biggest danger is not Islam. Our biggest danger is the establishment that uses Obama and Congress as agents for making us defenseless against Islam. Evidently, the establishment wants us very tightly harnessed.

Giving votes in trade for Dem promises and fiat money is like giving one's soul in trade for delusions from the devil. Very soon, the devil collects on his bills. Painful to watch.

The key passage every American, pundit, and politician needs to understand is this:

"Most simply distilled, in the earthly realm, these Islamic texts offer immoral men sanction for thrill-killing, looting, raping, and capturing infidel slaves, and when these jihadists are killed, they are promised a perpetual orgy with seventy-two nubile virgin slave girls in Mohammed’s sick, evil and perverted Muslim paradise."

Civil societies breed dogs to their purposes. Islam breeds demons to the purpose of evil. To needlessly tolerate, invite, trade with, or empower Islam is to play with the devil's fire. To deliberately decline to profile against evil is to aid and abet evil. It is to be dishonorable and treasonous to the American Ideal.

Anonymous said...

With the draft you get hippies. Without the draft you get cupcakes. How about instead we put the femimen and obamagirls back in their cribs and bring back fatherly tough love regard for faith, family, fidelity?

Teaching discipline should probably not be a function of the central gov. But if the feds must get involved, instead of mandatory military service, bring out mandatory service to teach discipline and basic skills while maintaining infrastructure. The goal should be to fortify basic values of a capitalist system. Mainly, to teach that the world does not adore cupcakes or owe them a living.

A private employer, in offering a pension plan, is constrained by overhead costs and his need to make a profit. The fed gov is constrained only by Congress and the Fed's capacity to create fiat money. There's no measurable reality to constrain fed pensions, apart from what is needed to buy votes and fund ever more corruption. A veritable ponzi racket built on lies and corruption, that can last only so long as the public can be deceived, fleeced, and fenced!

JFK committed us to Vietnam and to gov unions. And his little brother Teddie committed us to immigration destabliization. Spawn of a bootlegger.

Anonymous said...

Until the crony class can get its carbon war going full tilt, it makes do with perpetual war in the Middle East. Would the ground troops continue, were it not for the funding and encouragement of nefarious and financial interests of plunderers?

The Palestinians do not work for a living. They cause mayhem and hate, to "earn" the support of their funders. And their funders seem to "moderate" their support to keep the lid on, even though they want the pot steaming. Give them their steaming vig and they care not in the least about sacrificing other people's lives. Insane, evil flesh eaters!

What precludes a Middle East solution? It's probably not the locals. Most likely it's the international sh t stirrers, funders, hedge artists, and crisis managers.

Now these conniving bastids want to import Musloids so they can use the sh t stirring model to plunder America. Yet, these heartless plunderers look at Americans with wet doe eyes of endearment and feign to inquire why we are "so heartless" against refugees. That is, refugees they created, for the purpose of aiming against us! Something very wicked this way comes.

When the masses look to social fascists for relief, the fascists are not shy about sacrificing expendables among the masses. All for the cause! Forward! S/

Perpetual war, strife, and chaos are now mere tactics used by all godless progs and godforsaken jihadis --- fascists all --- who seek to prosper and rule by division and mayhem. I think this is at least touched on in Mein Kampf. Maybe that's why the NWO bans it -- so it's harder to learn about and anticipate their tactics. Something about the obamagirl, Lindsey Graham, cries out for some stylish jackboots.

The important issues for Conservers of Liberty would best be debated among Trump, Cruz, Paul, and the crony funded Rubio. Everyone else needs to get off the stage.

The only separation of powers is in the competing loyalties between gangs within the international crime syndicate of corporate oligarchs. Political predatory mobsters scratch each other's backs as they farm their vigs from the people. Utter godless amorality and rot are rife.

Imagine there are no rotters; it's easy if you try. No blood suckers on your body. They're all hung out to dry.

I tried to give Romney the benefit of the doubt. His selection of Ryan as a running mate now discredits him as a national disgrace.

Conservers of Liberty want a land from which they can defend themselves against fascist people farmers and centralizing despots. The donor class in the GOPe is antithetical to that. It is ridiculous to try to make common cause with a beast that seeks to destroy your liberty. Especially when it demands loyalty, even as it reserves an option to make common cause against you, with your enemies.

The natural base for a new Tea Party would include people of all colors, religions (Islam is a mind enslavement meme, not a free exercise of religion), and cultures that seek to enhance personal liberty against centralizing fascists. Trump is showing that such people exist in substantial numbers among blue collars, blacks, hispanics, etc.

The way to excommunicate the godless, depraved, cannibalizing, lying donor class is to devour the GOPe from the inside and replace it with a Tea Party of real Americans. Whomever may be of the class of the studenti, professoriate, journalisti, corporati, priesti, and politicians -- most of them are not of the persuasion of the American Ideal. A new party is needed to represent Americans, as opposed to people who want to destroy, replace, or undermine (fundamentally change) America.

Anonymous said...

The root problem is centralization of power, leading to Borgdom pushing people into serfdom. If Americans fail to pull power away from DC and UN, they will become less human and more like farm animals.

What we need are ways to shake up and break down the central apparatus. The people in power, including Scotus, will not tend to support giving it up. If the States can shake some power loose, that would help.

At the same time Americans are buying guns, ammo, and rations, the central apparatus seems geometrically to be increasing its monitoring and technological control. A COS is a way for the people to fight back. Short of violence, there does not seem to be any other way. I doubt it can work to just ask central authorities of whichever branch to please give back some power. The power holders will give lip service and then do just as Lying Ryan did.

I think that if we want local power, we will have to take it -- whether by COS or by watering the tree of liberty.

Problem is, people are already habituated into relying on central authorities to provide a safety net that is now a hammock. Entitlement mindedness necessitates surrender of local power to central providers. Soon, central providers will be accomplishing more of that with A.I. devices. This will just continue the trend towards slovenly dependence on central people farmers. The more promises the NWO can make to gullible people, the easier it can condition them to become cattle. Time is not on the side of conservers of liberty. Time is on the side of the central people farmers.

Obama's presidency is as a figurehead. Our real "president" is a donor class of disloyal traitors and corporate bandits. An international corporate crime syndicate. It owns most of our central politicians and judges. So it matters not in the least whether Obama's credibility is shot. He's a made man. He does not care. The crime syndicate will craft its statutes, and Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, et al, will approve them. The crime syndicate will craft its regulations and executive orders, and Obama will approve them. The felonious NWO syndicate will continue unless and until Americans become roused and water the tree of liberty.

They're all anti-American bulbs. The decisions are chaotic because they serve contending factions within an anti-American NWO crime syndicate. It WANTS strife and division, the better to farm the masses, worldwide. An evil alliance between the godless and the godforsaken.

America has no duty to be an open latrine for other nations and cultures to dump their moral, deranged, criminal, and antithetical refuse. That refuse has no entitlement to come here. We have enough challenge already, dealing with our own deranged Ainos.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's "narrow minded" to be outraged against slavery -- whether it be physical or mental. Islam is a system for mind enslavement. Yes, slave systems often engulf billions. That's not a reason to be tolerant of them.

The metrosexualized PC thing for being "sophisticated" and "tolerant" of Islam is about as sophisticated as being tolerant of Naziism -- except that Islam is worse.

Evil is always slithering, whether you open doors or not. Doors cannot stop evil. Faith, family and fidelity can check and reduce evil. But an immoral people cannot save themselves merely by enacting or not enacting formalisms. The more multi-culti unraveled America becomes, the less that can be done by any laws. The more America unravels, the more our laws will be abused for evil and for purely selfish gain, and the more our capital in social trust and confidence will be depleted.

Totalitarian mindsets are our problem. Totalitarians come in two main varieties: Godless and godforsaken. Progressive and Jihadi.

Jihadis think society is improved by banning all faith except mind enslaving faith. Their final solution is complete subjugation of every mind. Jihadis' evil is self evident.

Progs' evil needs more examination to be better apprehended. Progs think society is improved by banning assimilative faith forums and replacing them with formal laws. Their final solution and utopia entails legalistic control over the minutiae of every activity. The more they ban faith, the more abusive and intrusive their laws and law enforcers become. Their final solution is a faithless populace ruled by a cannibal elite. But their rock brains and dead souls are probably too far gone ever to get the point.

Our main war is between people with decent faith in a code of empathy versus people who believe in YOLO (or "get yours while the getting is good") or in abject subjugation over all mental processes.

Without cultural assimilation of shared faith in a code of values, there is no possible system of laws or governance that can fill the void with anything that can reduce the suck of evil or restore humanity from a condition of mind suck. This is a war of Good versus an unholy and evil alliance of Progs (mind-enserfing cronies, commies, and cannibals) and Jihadis (mind enslaving subhumans).

Unfortunately, the Good have been sleep walking. Their parents, professors, and politicians have been stupidly projecting by assuming Progs and Jihadis are any better than rock brains. America's problem is less one of a beast that has been sleeping than one of ordinary people who grew soft and are only now waking up.

What we are doing now is not helping. A COS is no more risky than continuing to do nothing. For identifying problems and jump starting brains, it is worth a try. Its purpose is to decentralize power. Absent a COS, there is no avenue for stopping the rush to a centralizing and subhumanizing NWO.

Anonymous said...

We need a Trump/Cruz ticket. Headlined by Trump. Trump will inspire and draw from a larger base. He will take some blue collars away from the Dems. And he can fund himself even if the Rinos take a walk. And if they do take a walk, and Trump draws enough of a new base, a new party will in effect be born. It could be called the Republican Non-Rino Party. And the GOPe can be told to GTH.

Re: "Freedom of all forms is anathema to Islam, which is squarely based on total submission to the dictates and will of Allah. Muslims must obey Allah and His Messenger."

The meme for how to impose regimented, fascist rule is time tested and well known. A wealth of history shows how to get floaters instead of cream when everyone who is promoted must be a go-along-get-along higher-up-kisser vacuous-happy-face-on-a-stick. And this kind of subhuman non-thinking is precisely what our culture, academia, and media are promoting, with their lying memes, campus speech codes, hate speech laws, and efforts to neuter the First Amendment.

Progism also would be ripe for abandonment -- if we did not allow its adherents to import and indoctrinate new adherents and to fortify themselves against free thinking Americans by importing mind enslaved Muslims.

So long as Progs are invited and given welfare and Muslims are nurtured to breed, free thinking Americans will continue thereby to put themselves at risk of extinction.

I'm reading Schopenhauer. He makes considerable sense in many areas, although he pushes too far in some areas and has at least one blind spot in another, to my sense.

I was exploring some ideas with Malatrope that may relate to the doctrine of sufficient reason.

The superior locus for every experienced and experienceable event is, I believe, not in a space-time locus, but in a Godhead locus. Space-time is maya. Some trinitarian aspect allows the alpha and omega to exist, yet also to be experienced anew. Some aspect of the Godhead "knows" the alpha and the omega; another aspect guides, reconciles, experiences, and appreciates it anew. Jesus wept. Somehow, the present abides with eternity and infinity. The manifest abides with all potentiality.

Our conscious identities, our brains, depend for their definition of apparent locus (maya) in respect of a surrounding field of significance. We tend to think we make our choices with only our brains, but the field affects us to pre and re normalize those choices. Our very identities are bound up with Something that is superior to our bodies. Superior even to the measurable field around us, since that also was originated from Something else.

No mortal experience of an event, conceptualization, sensation, or experience can abide absent a renormalizing reconciliation with the Godhead -- which therefore is always at least one step removed from our direct perception and experience. I mean that an aspect of sufficient cause must always remain at least one step beyond our kin. Its completion must reside with some Source that abides beyond our direct and empirical measure.

Yet, we can assimilate in an attitude of meaningful appreciation by coming to reason together in respect of it. That is the potential value of respectful and assimilative spiritual communion. But that potential value is disrupted and damaged when it is invaded by knowitall dogmatists who wish to impose their belief ideas on everyone else, even at pain of death upon disagreement. Dogmatists hope to relieve their cognitive discomfit and dissonance by forcing other people to sing to them harmonically, in strait jackets of ommmm.

Anonymous said...

So far, I am led to think (I am just beginning to read him) that Schopenhauer saw the Source as a brute, blind, determining and predetermined "Will." He called it "Will" -- even though it is not a Will that is caused or animated by any body or energy that we can measure. That "Will" would refer to a conceptualization for that which "caused" our cosmic bubble.

Partly because my approach is as a trinitarian, I think Schopenhauer's approach, while very illuminating, is not well coherent or consistent. I don't think the source thing-in-itself is a single meta substance (Will). I think it abides as a fluxing trinitarian Godhead. And I don't think all aspects of it are brutish or blind. While I conceptualize that an aspect of the Godhead is predetermined, I conceptualize that another aspect reconciles experiences anew. The Trinity may be conceptualized as Substance (that which is manifest, albeit, to us, only insofar as our limiting perspectives -- Father), Information (that which is cumulative of all past measures and events -- Holy Ghost), and Consciousness (that which abides with present observations and appreciations of unfolding events -- perspectives of the Reconciler).

Substance relates to that which is contemporaneously manifest. Information relates to all that which is, and has been, potentially available. Consciousness relates to that which observes and chooses. It is renormalized via the Reconciler. I suspect much of this, and more, was blindingly obvious to the eartly re-presentation of Jesus.

This way of modeling is not intended for empirical proof. It is for conceptualizing how to come together in decent respect for one another's freedom and dignity, such as under a representative republic that is founded on respect for the Godhead.

This process often poses both music and noise, uplift and aggravation, anticipation and fear, seeking and resignation, empathy and hate, nurturing and torturing, art and empiricism, competent spirituality and rock brain. Islam is rock brain. It is dualistic, not trinitarian. It divides people into Muslims and infidels. It claims perfect, knowitall, dogmatic knowledge in its spiritual domain. It cannot play well with others, and so it forces that others must either be subjugated or not play well with it.

Assuming the Reconciler pursues empathetic meaningfulness, it does not seek such meaningfulness in torture for its own sake or in turning people into fearful mind slaves. Insofar as Islam does seek to turn all people, worldwide, into subjugated mind slaves, forbidden to think or speak freely for themselves, it is adverse to the path of the Reconciler. It is the sub-humanizing anti-Christ.

If you want clowns, go to Art Carney for JEB!. Clarabelle Cow for Bernie Sanders. Buffalo Bob for Rubio. Howdy Doody for Kasich. Church Lady for Carson. Krusty for Hillary. Andy Devine for Christie. Marcel Marceau for O'Malley.

Anonymous said...

Let Islam find its own way to cease to exist. Quarantine where possible. Jail where needed. Neuter when called for. Exterminate when you must.

You said what needs to be said many more times, until some day it sinks in: "Islam cannot be reformed in any sense without making it not Islam."

They breed and nurture second generation Muslims that often join the immoderates.

Without trauma to the point of lobotomizing brains, Islam would die. That there are billions who claim to be Muslims is indicative that horrible mind trauma has been inflicted to make billions of mind slavers and mind slaves. This moral outrage goes far beyond the grossest works of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

When Blacks convert disproportionately to Islam, it's just one more missed opportunity to leave the plantation. Progism, because it also indoctrinates people to become mind serfs, is just a paler shade of the moral outrage of Islam. That's why Progs and Muslims find one another, to try to make use of one another. But they are both parasites, and neither could do diddly without hosts.

Islam and Progism are not innocent belief systems that should be welcomed by thinking Americans. Islam, because it is a more virulent form of Naziism that is running mad under the cloak of "religion," should not be tolerated. Since Progs' The Communist Manifesto is amenable of debate, Progs need not be excluded, but their idiots, shills and liars do need to be called to account.

Anonymous said...

The more I look at DC and its water-carrying media and academia, the more I see of moral idiots, shills, and liars. They inculcate culture-killing memes. Like, "Hands up, don't shoot." And, "It's unconstitutional to exclude non-citizen foreign Muslims." And, "That's not who we are."

They help divide us and keep us divided, and then try to convince us that foreign Muslims will somehow assimilate and become good Americans. They try to use our feelings for charity and the Golden Rule against us. They are for motherly breast feeding, with no age limit. They are so metrosexualized that they have no insight concerning fatherly tough love, that teaches a child how to become a good and competent individual worthy of freedom and dignity and being an American.

They coddle newcoming socialists and Muslims with welfare and tuition (indoctrination) benefits, so they never have to learn how to become competent Americans. They use media and academia to school Americans, newcomers, and the world to believe forced tax rdistribution conducted by cronies and vig-taking despots is "charity."

They close their eyes and minds so they never get the point: That, although a very few Muslims are redeemable, most Muslims and the Muslim culture as a whole are impervious to teaching people to become good and competent individuals, worthy of being entrusted with freedom and dignity.

And no wonder! since our ubiquitous home-bred idiots, shills, and liars, themselves, promote the fascist socialistic two class rule of elite cronies over the mind-slaved masses. To trust mind slavers to teach mind slaves to become worthy Americans is as unsound as it is insane. And yet, the machine of DC indoctrination by idiots, shills and liars never stops.

Many among the people have torn the scales from their eyes. They now see the idiots, shills and liars that have infested everywhere and everything, like alien cockroaches. The problem is: Are they now, given voter manipulation and frequent voting by the dead, the electoral "majority"? Certainly, you cannot turn on the TV without being assaulted by their slick, air brushed madness.

In a land gone insane, Trump is "un-Ameircan." Nuts.

Go Trump.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Congress declines to impeach Obama is because they are both doing the bidding of an international donor class establishment. Most of Congress consists of sell outs or traitors. First, they help the establishment dumb down the electorate. Then they intimate that the electorate is too dumb to be attended to with anything more than kabuki lips. And that, my friends, can be called "high tech mugging.

Probably the main things that bothered people concerning Obama was the lack of vetting, the opaqueness of his records, and the radical aspects of his upbringing. Given the opaqueness, no one could be sure whether his mother had given up her citizenship or whether she had lived within the U.S. the requisite number of years before Obama's birth. Add to that the mass confusion concerning the role of place of birth in determining citizenship. That is, was place of birth a determinant, or was it only a factor in some instances and not others?

Work has been done since then to explain how place of birth is irrelevant under U.S. law when statutes confer citizenship based on a parent's status and length of residence. At most, place of birth becomes relevant only when a non-citizen parent is legally domiciled within the U.S. and has a child while in the U.S. And even that may be subject to modification by Congressional legislation. If Stanley Ann had not resided the requisite number of years in the U.S., and if Obama had been born in Kenya, then he would not have been able to claim citizenship --- whether based on statute or based on having been born in the U.S. from a parent who was legally domiciled here.

As it turned out, the Birther attacks on Obama backfired and probably helped him win the Dem primary and then go on to win the election. Those attacks helped Obama make his opponents look desperate and foolish. When Obama produced his fake birth certificate, that was a high tech reverse mugging (by Obama). Trump is a master at the same art, except Trump mugs America's enemies, not Americans. To see the technique, watch Home Alone. Sadly, Obama's high tech muggings are aided and abetted by a treasonous establishment and media class.

IOW, Birthers probably helped elect Obama. And now, to add insult to injury, Birthers may try to disqualify Cruz. The difference is, the media will not so much stand in their way as they do their voo doo against Cruz.