Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Godhead as a Cosmic Gland?

If there abides some spiritual, moral purpose, it would seem to consist in accumulating informational experience of beingness from a variety of unfolding perspectives.  If there abides a humanizing, civilizing purpose, it would seem to consist in the decently assimilating expression of self -- in respect of parameters that unfold to avail freedom of thought, speech, association, enterprise, and faith -- in ways that are checked and balanced so as not unreasonably to endanger or hinder the sponsoring society.  Thus, unfolding inequality seems, for awhile at least, to have been built into the pursuit of meaningful expression of self and liberty.  But must inequality in resources and capacities obey some higher principle, perhaps like a pendulum, or a conservation of freedom within order, or a phase shift?

Leaders and rulers often learn to leverage competence, as by joining together in fascist bands, or by integrating themselves with powers of machines of machines of machines.  As they argue for rights of elitists, they promote machines of artificial intelligence. 

Poor and incompetent people look to elites to help them take larger shares of production from middle classes.  They ask why they should be doomed by happenstance to lower status or opportunity, when means for promoting their wealth and their capacities come readily to potentiality.  They ask whether any society, given power to distribute brain functon, intelligence, and skill, should deliberately produce and perpetuate varying classes of alphas, betas, and epsilons.

Elites, when they look to artificially intelligent machines, look to a different kind of elitists, hoping machines of artificial intelligence can be designed that will be "benevolent" enough to look after their interests.  As if machines of higher intelligence and competence "should" seek to "leave no human being behind."  But why should machines be expected to care for human beings, or to distribute competence or production "more equally" among them?  Or even among their own varying perspectives of experientital beingness?

Does the web of existential capacity and potentiality seek to form and spread nodes of increasing and informational access, so that perspectives of consciousness, by touching or accessing them, can experience some meta-glandular sense of expanding or orgiastic pleasure?  Is human experience akin to a mere wormhole, to avail traffic to and fro alternative forms of consciousness stroking?  On Earth, what "should" America, or any enlightened society, seek -- respecting liberty, equality, security, pleasure, civilization, and spirituality?  And how should such pursuits change, unfold, contract, expand, and flux over time, like a cosmic gland?

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