Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chain of Conception and Derivation of Oughts

There abide quantifiably conserved and measurable aspects, which we call Substance.

All such measurements (whether taken by instruments or by senses) entail potential for relating or representing each pattern, locus, or quality of Substance against all others.

Such measurements as can be made for relating representations of interactions among patterns of Substance constitute Information.

When Information itself is measured, it takes on an aspect of Substance.

For patterns to change and interact, it is necessary that they have capacity to sense or recognize one another.

The capacity in each pattern to randomly sense, represent, and react to another can be conceptualized as implicating a permeating involvement with an innate, low level of awareness (or consciousness).

In most aspects, such conscious capacity for allowed parameters of patterns to sense and react with one another is pre-set, having unfolded in respect of a shared singularity (or Big Bang). We do not know the Source of such Big Bang, but we reasonably believe all that subsequently unfolds is derivative of its occurrence or creation. To some, this seems reasonably to entail God.

When Consciousness is pre-set, it takes on an aspect of Information.

A higher level of conscious observance, perhaps arising from guided evolution, can be reasonably conceptualized as entailing awareness of self, with subsequent or evolving capacity to experience non-pre-set, wilful, apprehension, empathy, and choice making.

Such higher levels of consciousness, especially when merged in concert, enjoy capacity to divert unfolding patterns of reactions from their random paths.

Thus, it appears reasonably consistent and coherent to conceptualize and believe that God has availed us a universe within which to experience empathy and will. i.e., moral responsibility.

When Substance yields to guided uncertainty, it takes on an aspect of Consciousness.

Thus, Ought is not measurably derived from random, merely substantive Is, but immeasurably derived from a Beingness that associates with an interfunctioning of Substance, Information, and non-measurable, empathetic qualities of Consciousness.

@Thus spake Dlanorrenrag.

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Anonymous said...

To be grown up is, in main, to be independently responsible for your person. To maintain that no one should be independent is to maintain that all should be dependent, i.e., childlike, i.e., not grown up. To be not grown up is to be not properly taken seriously. It is to expect the world to be your momma. Thus, Democrats believe in a motherly Mother Nature (aka Big Gov), yet, they abhor a spiritual God. Why? Because God demands individual accountability and moral responsibility. It's much easier to whine that one is entitled to be paid reparations and cared for by others.

This is why everything a Democrat touches turns to trash. Take Obamacare. Nice childish dream: free medical care for everyone. Actual result: Medical advances and quality of doctors goes down the tubes. Take spread the wealth: Nice childish dream: equality for all, regardless of work, initiative, or effort. Actual result: Economy down the drain. Take Gay Marriage. Nice dream: Equal "rights." Actual result: Substantive meaning of marriage goes down drain, marriage becomes nothing more than piece of paper, conjugal cohabitations become polyandrous, responsibility for raising children is dissipated, bureaucrats step in, and individual dignity becomes subject to irrational smothering of bureaucratic momentum. Lacking experience, being given all, children lack understanding of how nature and civilization actually work. So, when they are given the vote and become the majority, everything becomes fit for a diaper.