Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Abiogenesis v. Matter accompanied with Consciousness

QUESTION:  How are substantive relations apprehended to relate to other relations in order to effect perceptions of change within a system whose holistic potential does not change?

Conscious beings sense, know, and interact with significations of Substance only in relations.  By definition, a relation is not a thing in itself.  How could a (Substance) relation-in-itself exist without violating the logical law of non-contradiction, apart from some extra-qualitative or non-quantitative capacity or potential to record (Information) or apprehend (Consciousness) it?  How could a relation-in-itself exist in order to affect other such relations, apart from some non-quantitative capacity or potential to record or apprehend it?  A non-substantive property cannot very well substantively collide with or push a substantive relation.  So, HOW do relative perspectives, or capacities to apprehend relations affecting relations, INTERFUNCTION in order to experience, affect, or cause changes in such relations?  Must consciousness itself, whether holistic or particular, carry some meta or paranormal power to collapse, direct, signify, or change perceptions of relations?  How is it that such changes are holistically synchronized to the shared, measurably common experience of various perspectives of consciousness that abide in proximate space-time?  HOW does one exercise or practice in order to enhance or enlighten one's meta power or receptivity for immeasurably channelling, guiding, apprehending, or affecting significations of substantive relations?

How do SENSES AND MIND work?
HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS --- seems to consist of awareness of self awareness of representations of representations.
However, how do quanta, particles, atoms, molecules, cells, bodies, cycles, information, codes, language, qualities of consciousness, and phases of patterns transpose, recur, reproduce, change, and evolve ... so as to have availed HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS? Did some scientific aspect of a Big Bang assign to quanta all such properties as were needed in order for our universe, as it is thrusted outward, to evolve all the forms of substance with which it is comprised? Is all derivative of, and preset in obedience to, a first force or bubble, spreading outward thereafter? Or is there a feedback process, so that patterns that follow are uncertain until randomly collapsed and evolved under a chaotic, complex, fluxing system, out of which are eventually propagated those patterns of individuals and groups which then and there are somehow most fit to survive and replicate? Does this process of cyclic reproducton and change arise purely from quantifying, scientific properties of Substance? Or does it implicate, at every step along the way, qualifying properties of Information and Consciousness? Does every relative form of Substance --- to sense patterns with which it can communicate in order to effect change or reproduction, to consume other forms in order to produce new forms --- require associations with some qualities of Information and Consciousness (whether preset, guiding, subsequent, or unfolding)?

I doubt that Substance, by itself, could preserve forms that can react with or make representations of other forms of Substance.  Still, Substance is requisite to avail means to mark, hold places for, and quantify interactions with other Substance.  I suspect the capacity, conservation, and amenability of Substance for that function is pre-set and pre-willed, subject to evolution of complex systems, to be associated with, and availed to, apprehensions of subsequent accountings of perspectives of Will.  In other words, the conserving appreciation and feedback for a system or world or universe, as a whole, is guided under a dance with aspects of Information and Conscious Will, the forms of conservation being both holistically pre-set and subject to subsequent and particular unfolding.

It seems not to be Substance-in-itself that represents other Substance. Rather, it seems to be representation of self awareness of representation of representation of Substance that represents other Substance. There do not seem to abide Representations of Substance that would enjoy a "property of existence," independent in themselves; it seems there abide only representions that can be used to hold places for, and mark current or potential relationships with, other representations within a field of conservation.

HOLISTIC CYCLING --- If matter were to dissipate to such a point that the Source of Holistic Consciousness were no longer appreciative of, or interested in, conserving it, so that the law of conservation it sponsors were to vanish, then all patterns, mass, and Substance would soon, perhaps instantaneously, phase shift, collapse, or vanish. Then, what would The Source do? Would it entertain itself with a new Big Bang? From perspectives of particular beings, would not the difference in time between death and revivication seem a mere instant?

DARK SUBSTANCE --- To the extent some such shared capacity is absent, each pattern of Substance will be "dark" to the other.
ENTANGLEMENT OF SUBSTANCE, INFORMATION, AND CONSCIOUSNESS --- Consider patterns of waves, destructive and constructive reinforcement and mutual obliviousness.  To associate in order to interreact, must not patterns get within place-held, measurable ranges of significance or fields of influence, in respect of locus, speed, direction, frequency, and amplitude?  But then, what about polarity entanglement?  Could Substance, by itself, because of polarity-entanglement, implicate capacity to represent/model/effect Brownian movement? Must one thing somehow "represent" another thing, in order to be measurably sensed to react with it (or to have reacted with it)?  For one pattern to be so polarized or charged --- electronically or magnetically -- to transmit, receive, amplify, muffle, or annihilate another, it would seem to be availed a PRE-SET capacity to represent and translate math (Information) for the representation of such other.  If not at least potentially able to recognize, model, replicate, communcate with, measure, or document a pattern, then does such pattern, relative to you, substantially exist?  May it intuitively exist, potentially or qualitatively?

Re:  Plant communication --- Research in The Secret Life of Plants confirms the ability of plants to experience and respond. Missing is clear evidence of mental consciousness.

Re:  Patterns of communication within populations --- see -- Variability of the Quorum Sensing System in Natural Isolates of Bacillus sp.:
"Intercellular communication plays a pivotal role in the physiology and development of living organisms.
Many bacterial species, long thought to live the life of single cell existence, coordinate their physiological responses at the population level."

Re:  Sensate Matter --- see

Re:  Abiogenesis --- Early TUBULAR EVOLUTION, leading to abiogenesis:  Counter:

Re:  Quantum Mind Theory --- see and compare;

Does matter represent those pre-willed patterns which Holistic Consciousness has pre-set, with apparent capacity to be interacted with by Consciousness in ways that conserve matter?  Is matter necessarily derivative in association with patterns imaged by Will, rather than derivative solely of patterns of other matter?  If matter itself is derivative of an association with Will, then matter is not, in itself, sentient.
Rather, even when pre-willed, matter (Substance) is accompanied by Consciousness.  But, such accompanying Consciousness seems often pre-willed, or pre-pre-willed (for random evolution of complex systems).  How is pre-setting of Will reflected or stored in matter (as Information?).  Can matter, when it interacts with other matter, be reasonably conceptualized as being accompanied with a capacity to represent (or mirror, model, or sense) such other mater?

Matter would seem not, in itself, to be imbued with pre-will, animation, sentience, or potential for expressing consciousness.  Matter (Substance) seems necessarily and dualistically to be accompanied with Consciousness.  Indeed, quantifiable communications between perspectives of Consciousness seem to abide only in respect of trivalent associations among Substance, Information, and Consciousness.  A (self aware) representation of a (aware) representation of a (information) representation of a (substance) representaton seems not to be recorded or experienced as quantitatively existent Substance or matter, but as qualitative Consciousness.  It seems not to be Substance in itself that interacts as representions interacting with and sensing other representations.

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