Saturday, July 9, 2011

Innate Consciousness Associated, From The Inception, With Every Pattern

Some patterns seem directly to bounce off or change each another.  Others seem obliviously to pass through each another.  I am oblivious to much of that which a dog hears or smells, a spider feels, a whale sings, a bat senses, a snake tongues, or a migrating bird orients.  Some people are immune to diseases that ravish others.  Not every virus shapes a key to unlock every immune system.  Not every pattern is quantitatively reactive with every other.  Yet, every pattern of substance that becomes manifest and that conveys mass seems to preserve information to record how its mass has been sequentially conserved.

Conserving limits are often shared to local fields of influence, but some may extend inter-galactically. Wider fields may induce organizational phase or cycle shifts within encompassed fields, even within bubbles of universes within universes. By what Source or Principle is Substance set to conserve and churn in such reactive patterns?  Except as an act of Will, how does a quality of void of infinity produce and preserve a qualititatively fluxing bubble of quantity?  What can we say, other than that It is that It is?

Mostly, quantifiable packets of Substance are composed of fields of energy and empty space, yet organized as self conserving or reactive patterns or relative forms, such forms in part depending for their present associative efficacy on the purpose, perspective, and context of whatever other substance, information, or consciousness may then and there recognize, quantify, and come within their field or pattern of influence. Quantitative interactions among such packets seem to be manifested or best conceptualized as bits or packets of various levels of particles charged to spin within various levels of spins within spins within spins, all in keeping with the conservation of various mathematically pre-set relationships regarding mass.

Self conservation of mass for each packet depends upon preserving its relationship with other packets within a formal organization. If the organization for a pattern is broken or changed, a new one is instantaneously substituted, so that some quantifiable aspect or mass of the total of all pattern organizations of substance is conserved. Yet, apart from the mathematics of its conservation, we know not what mass is, what is its origin or cause, or how it is transferred, apart from mere associational relationships.  Even so, every substantive aspect of every packet recognizes, obeys, and is sensate-reactive to (aware of?) a constant, conserving limit --- both for itself and for whatever it may sense or react with.  In other words, a minimal level of pre-set conscious direction seems to permeate and accompany all of matter and energy, from the beginning of the Big Bang.

Questions of intuitive, connective, moral, and empathtic, import:
Does some aspect of consciously pre-set sensate-reactiveness in obedience to conserving limits (God?) continue from time to time to guide the unfolding fluxing and evolution of such pattern reactions?
Regardless, has guidance or chance, via evolution, brought earth to a point of nurturing expressions of non-pre-set, active, subsequent, conscious wills, through higher forms of self-aware perspectives of consciousness?

@Thus spake Dlanorrenrag.

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Knowledge gained too soon leads easily to power that spills beyond society's moral capacity.