Friday, September 21, 2012

The Secret

The economy has to do with both words and deeds.  Words without good deeds are dead,  while deeds unguided by good words are dry.  Too many Lefties only dream, while too many Conservatives only work.  Lefty science often balances on faith that the secret to happiness can be collectively achieved merely by thinking happy thoughts.  This may be why Lefties always have a crush on regimes that mask propensities for sacrificing populations to dreams.  Conservative science often balances on faith that happiness will rain down if only each individual will work to preserve proper forms.  Lefties' feelings covet things they observe; Conservatives' feelings work towards things they imagine. Lefties tend to be easily deluded, while Conservatives' individual dreams tend to be uncommunicated and therefore uninspiring.  Romney needs to crack a way to inspire Lefties' dreams by pointing up the value of happy thoughts about individual work, initiative, and opportunity.


Anonymous said...

The West must win! i.e., dominate. Dominate or be dominated. For that, I see three paths: (1) Win by gradual persuasion of ideas, feelings, and conveniences. (2) Win by neutralizing the Middle East and essentially colonizing or occupying it. Or (3) win by quarantining it.

The 1st path would take a century, perhaps even a millinium. Given nukes and technology, we probably don't have that luxury of time.
The 2nd path would require faith and determination in the rightness of our cause. That sort of faith, however, has been unraveled by the onslaught of the secular collectivist cause of communism/socialism/hive-mind swarmism.
The 3rd path is only theoretical, not practical. Even if the entire West could muster cooperative will to effect a quarantine of Islamic nations, Russia and China would simply move in to continue hosting and enriching Islamic parasitism.

I think human liberty does not prevail without taking path no. 2. However, that path would require a great turnaround of the ship of state. It will require a charismatic, skilled, insightful, and faithful leader. A modern Moses. However, even such a leader will need an assimilated, educated, ready following ... as well as a triggering event.

Most likely, we will muddle along, let Islamists get and spread more nukes, undermine freedom, lose our nerve, and be subjugated to collectivism. Even then, the resulting secular and sectarian branches of collectivism will fight. Absent some great spiritual insight and leadership, it does not seem that broad based human freedom and dignity are long for this world. That is hardly surprising, since abject servitude and mind subjugation have been the default position for the majority of mankind throughout history. Even so, the defense of liberty will be glorious. I would rather preserve the phoenix, the light of liberty, than surrender to the mind-death of the Red or the Green.

Note: Given the unraveled state of our institutions, electorate, and leadership, further pursuit of Path 2 at this time is bleeding us out. It is probably necessary, at least for awhile, to return to base, heal, re-educate, and re-invigorate ourselves. We need new strategies that will not play into the hands of those who want to bleed us out.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be much of worthwhile meaningfulness in either a purely individual or a purely collective weighing of temporary pleasures. Nor can one reasonably take a qualitative experience of individual pleasure and quantify it in order to reduce politics or economics to a calculation of the greatest pleasure for the greatest number. One needs to appreciate a qualitative connection between the reconciling field and each particle-expression that may find individual identity based on the context of its locus. There is more to empathy than love, more to purposeful meaningfulness than pleasure, and more to interest of I-ness than perimeter of skin. "Isms" that lose sight of that, that try to reduce every worthwhile pursuit to a number, lose their soul, i.e., their connection with the field of spirituality. I suspect the field "wants" to synchronize reconciliation between its own pursuit of qualitative meaningfulness and our individual pursuits. That reconciling connection is vital. Those Ism-addicts who hope to quantify and particularize every human concern as if connection with a reconciling field were irrelevant or meaningless become not only godless, but hopelessly absurd in their hopes.

Anonymous said...

I take it you would like to take fewer prisoners, so we don't need to feed and house so many at Guantanamo for such an extended period of time. Problem is, jihadis like martyrdom. That and Guantanamo seem to have recruitment effects. The Japanese don't compare, because they were a highly technological, advanced society. Not to mention that we had a monopoly on nuclear weaponry. And Japan did not have oil with which to run state capitalism in order to influence corrupt agents to buy American politicians. Moreover, by letting the Emperor live and getting his "mind right," we converted him not to resist the converting occupation. That situation does not exist in the Middle East. In Vietnam, even though hindsight suggests we were winning after Tet, the body count ratios lost the hearts and minds of Americans, given the mindset of Americans and the media. Unless that mindset were turned around, I don't see how changing the rules of engagement would help much. Obama already tends to target the leadership of Al Queda types, to kill first and ask questions later. Once extant American values are overturned, and strident collectivism is installed, then inheritors of Obama's collectivism may more forcefully alter the rules of engagement: against us.

Anonymous said...

Fluke is the face of a social anarchist. When you talk to anyone who reads regularly about immodest sex and gay marriage in the social liberal or libertarian blogosphere, you soon learn there is much "wanna" working without a net. More than 50 percent of voters seem to be easily led to trump thoughts with feelings, to rationalize wannas instead of to think rationally. First, the position of rationalization is that gays only want such rights as are enjoyed by everyone else, not polygamy. Then, you are told that polygamous relations need neither be encouraged nor discouraged, because they do not threaten the institution of marriage. Later still, you are instructed that marriage and families are not necessary foundations for decent civilization anyway. (So why do libs want to marry? Answer: To force adults to redirect government to the appeasement of lib wannas.) IAE, ask: Is ANY foundation necessary for decent civilization? If so, what are the choices for founding it? Brute force? Enlightened governance under libertines? (Lol.) State assumption of responsibility for the licensing, designing, and rearing of children (and the eliminating of the excess)? (Because, after all, Libertines can't be bothered. And why should they, since there is the State?) I can sense the feelings and crock of wannas. What I don't sense are the objective thinking and principles. Duplicity falls upon duplicity.