Sunday, September 23, 2012

Universal Nowness

RIDDLE OF NOWNESS AND FOLDING SPACE-TIME: The Big Bang idea postulates an expansion of space, without which a limiting speed of light would not make sense. The idea of a Bubble Warp Drive is to control such phenomena artificially, by expanding and contracting space as desired. 
Can consciousness bond with material avatars and push them beyond the otherwise limiting speed of light by manipulating foldings (expansions and contractions) of bubbles of space-time? If a perspective of consciousness did so, would it thereby have altered the past? I think not, because ITS EXPERIENCE OF THE UNFOLDING PRESENT would always accompany whatever bubble it rode with. If it traveled from Earth to a distant star by contriving to exceed the speed of light, it would arrive at such star in such bubble's coordinate PRESENT. It would affect the light that emanates from such star to us only from that point forward, and that light would not until then have left to venture towards Earth. However, if it is possible to so fold space-time, then there is an implication: That the cosmos does synchronize to a UNIVERSALLY UNFOLDING PRESENT. In that respect, the cosmos would seem to share in common a "universal chronological protective mechanism" ("age"), i.e., NOWNESS.
Am I wrong?
QUALITATIVE FEEDBACK BETWEEN HOLISM AND PARTICULAR PERSPECTIVES:  If there abides a universal nowness, then there would seem to abide a universal FIELD that SYNCHRONIZES it and instantaneously enforces mathematically geometric based rules of CONSERVATIONS with respect to it. What then would guide such FIELD? Qualitative appreciation of FEEDBACK in respect of perspectives of that which it unfolds?

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A black hole need not signify a violation of conservation. The general mass it seems to absorb is simply signified as having been generally spread and smeared out. A black hole may, however, warn intelligent organizations of avatars to keep their distance, and it may mark a locus within the geometric logic that we happen to have been induced to share where mortal interfunctioning with significations may not tread beyond.