Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chronology Protection Mechanism

HAWKING’S “CHRONOLOGY PROTECTION MECHANISM” IS AN ILLUSION. THE PAST IS AN INFERIOR “REALITY.” THE RECORD OF SEQUENTIALITY LEADING UP TO THE “PERPETUAL PRESENT” IS CONSTANTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY RE-NORMALIZED: Sequences do not in-themselves-exist, nor are they necessarily preserved in a constant Record. Rather, their existence is dependent, derivative, and relative. Sequences are constantly and continuously re-normalized to such conscious experiences as happen to share a re-normalizing, reconciling cone of experience. (Compare virtual particles popping in and out of quantum reality.) When a space traveler departs at high speed and returns much later, he will have pushed the envelope of the Shared-Cone-of-Sequential-Information and manifested experience. Each shared cone of manifested experience will always be balanced and re-normalized, to the perpetual conservation and preservation of all perspectives of consciousness that happen to share it. The cone will be re-normalized, both for the stay-at-home and for the traveler. The continuous re-normalizing will often produce differentials in perceived experiences of age rates. Yet, the experience of all will always be re-normalized to a common, perpetual nowness. The process of re-normalization will always establish adjustments in accumulations of Information that are stored and shared. However, the adjustments from an assumed constant Record will not be subject to empirical confirmation, because any otherwise means of empirical confirmation will also have been adjusted. There is no favored, constant, physical grid for the Cosmos (nor any stable fulcrum by which Archimedes could move the world). Rather, Information regarding sequences previous to the present are constantly and continuously re-normalized to the present, to preserve an Illusion-that-chronologies-are-protected in a constant Record. This is not because the Meta-Source (God?) maliciously “tricks” the Record. Rather, it is because the Record is inferior to the Source. Because the record of the shared system of signification is constantly and continuously updated, there is no “record-in-itself” that can be consulted in order to prove that the present appearance of it is consistent with “substantively measurable reality.” This is because the Superior Reality is not that which is Signified, but that which is Signifying. By definition, the superiority of the Signifier cannot be proved by means that assume the Signified is superior. The proof of this is qualitative, not quantitative. The “proof” is only in self-awareness, intuition, and perhaps the character of math (or the Mathematician). "The Perpetual Present" conveys purposeful meaning only in respect of its potentiality for facilitating measurably significative and qualitatively appreciable communication among perspectives of consciousness.

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Anonymous said...

You ought to be frightened. You ought to be more frightened that the totalitarian Left was cheered by the performance. If not a totalitarian usurpation of individual liberty, what is the detailed, forced redistribution that is sought by the Regime and that it calls "equality"? It was like the debate was before O'Brien at the Ministry of Love in Room 101, where Ryan was held down by a thought-police moderator while a clown in a cage smirked all over him. Forced equalization is forced enserfment. It's a way to make the public love Big Slaver. Forced equalizaton is the "Positive Right" that is lovingly offered by the smiling O'Brian/Obama twins. If not stopped at this election, the plantation will probably have won for the millenium.