Monday, October 29, 2012


You cannot force respectable people to love one another.  To succeed in forcing love is to turn the forced into something other than respectable people.  You can force people to pretend to work according to their ability, but you cannot force them to actually work according to their ability.  You cannot expect those who control government to give to each according to need, any more than you can expect the wealthy to willingly spread their wealth.  What you can force is a loss of freedom and dignity.  But why would any decent, sentient person want to do that?  Why should I feel any shame at all for not loving any person who wants to force me to work for them?  Fascist rape is not love, forced redistribution is not charity, forced pretense of belief is not religion, parasitism is not enlightenment, and collectivism is not American.
Tests for whether new hopey-changey regulations are sheep bait -- Ask: Is the cost of this new program worth going into the debt it will put Americans under to China? Is this program not a back door to reward crony corruption among National-Capitalists (NWO and Chinese Nacis) and the siphoning away of middle class decency and influence? Will this program not induce intrusive regulation by bureaucrats over American families? Will this program sustain itself without harming the Constitution and the freedom and dignity of the American people? If the answer to any of such tests seems negative, then don't prostitute the law to enshrine the new program.

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Anonymous said...

The National Capitalism practiced by China and admired by Obama is much less messy and much more effective than the National Socialism of Germany ever was. Why leave a trail of gore when you can simply buy up politicians and cronies with their own printed and laundered money? Gives new meaning to Chinese laundry. There has evolved a competitive niche for despots who are skilled in keeping their serfs poor while manipulating currencies and politicians. This is not a niche in which traditional, respectable, individual entrepreneurs can compete. But a properly kowtowing Chicago thug might get invited to the party.