Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Much of media has evolved under thumbs of progressively more worldly and sinister masters.  Their palliative is:  He who dies with the most toys wins.  Therefore, "what difference does it make," no matter how many you need to deceive, injure, or even kill?  However, everybody looks for some kind of palliative, that is, some satisfying explanation or purpose.  When finding it exceeds their capacity or patience, they seek it in diversions:  such as ridiculing the seeking of others, or dope, or recruiting innocents as coping companions, even initiating them into cults of physical or spiritual death.  As if nirvana or enlightenment should be found in exploring meth, gay sex, or ganging up to take from whitey.  Many scientists seem to seek their palliative, exclusively and ridiculously, in science, as Marxists and Muslims seek it, perhaps even more ridiculously, in the State or Umma --- even while they ridicule those who seek it in some spiritual religion, or inviting God, or some mystical or meditative appreciation of the cosmos. All who seek, while they seek, implicate an assumption, belief, or faith that a "correct" palliative can be found.  None is able to say anything worthwhile about the alternative, that is, if it cannot be found.  Excepting those who believe they have found it, or are on its scent, all who mock, mock uneasily.  If a correct or best palliative can be found, I doubt it will be captured in force of science or despotic religion, as opposed to insight that is patiently pursued, self reliant individual by self reliant individual.  Was there a time when most media competed to present information for the appreciation of individuals, rather than for shaping, deceiving, and dividing people in order to provide kabuki heater for entertaining tyrants?

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