Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leap of Faith

Regarding Profs vs. Parents:
No human being has the ultimate unifying knowledge of the truth about how physics or purposefulness are organized and determined. What we have are models that seem to be practical to levels of accuracy that are contrived to convenience. Because we are so far unable to unify the models to any rigorous completion, we learn to compartmentalize and live with the cognitive dissonance.   At best, we "reconcile" the dissonance by resort to figurative interpretations and great circles of parables. Much of religious and moral training is filled with seeds of cognitive dissonance, with which children are nurtured and learn to cope. So, to whom should children be expected to yield, as the main authority for helping them learn to live with whatever leaps of faith may be necessary in order to cope with what seems to be inherent cognitive dissonance? For examples, does any non-trite or non-circular understanding or connotation come to mind when one discusses such concepts as: contemporaneous determination, fetal rights, free will, moral purposefulness, epicurean pleasure, freedom of association and choice, discrimination, profiling, judgment, charity, killing with kindness, fairness, property, allocations based on merit, and "material progress"?   Can such concepts really be applied in any consistently scaled or linear way?
When an authority, in triteness, says to a child that he should take such and such on faith, "just because," and the authority seems to be in conflict with others, then to which authority should the child ordinarily be expected to yield? To cronies, government, elites, profs, parents, peers, chance, convenience, or inner conscience (however undeveloped it may be)?
The trend is one of consolidation of power to confound free thinking by bending minds, or at least by bending the free expression of minds. Islamists bend and subjugate minds by threatening death for apostasy or "dishonor." Profs bend minds by dropping "hints" about how grades are determined. Governments bend minds by picking the models of thinking which they will fund. Cronies bend minds by controlling governments and employers, by nurturing political correctness, and by creating and funding hostile environments of ridicule against all families and parents who may think against the trend of the regime.
As mind control is consolidated and centralized, the authority of parents is necessarily undermined. For a representative republic whose citizens are accustomed to freedom to think for themselves, the question is: To whose comfort, convenience, and control should such citizens cater? That is, should parents and families consent to the undermining of their authority by a police state (even if it is supported by elitist apologists)?   If not, how can the thinking middle class of parents possibly hope to unite to resist the great weight and financing of the cronydom that is so obviously agglomerating and quickening against them?

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Anonymous said...

There needs to be a way to clearly confine central, Fed power to encroach against States. However, the trend has been towards consolidation, with Feds using general and vague powers to provide for commerce, taxes, and the general welfare in order "to preempt" fields of control. For example, States are not allowed to coin money. Moreover, as things stand, States are not allowed directly to defend their borders, or to test voters for literacy. Soon, States probably will be forced not to discriminate against homosexual marriages that other States have deemed "equal." What happens when a State legalizes polygamy, or marriage to minors: Must other States then legalize it, in respect of according full faith and credit? States will find it increasingly difficult to resist end runs by cronies funded by international corporatists bent on undermining local control.
While the Internet enhances contacts and communications, it also enhances pervasive spying. Individuals will find it quite difficult to stand up against unprincipled and stateless crony corporatists, who can easily fund and direct punitive legal and illegal raids by bureaucrats and flash mobs in order to isolate and destroy local targets.
The trend to an open, borderless society is against self governing localities. The trend is more towards open season for cronies, for reducing most people to cheap labor and concordantly moving the resouces and industries of the lands they occupy. A well endowed cronydom has consolidated control by deploying powerful algorithms, propaganda media and academia, monitoring devices, drones, banking systems, political systems, and private police and mob forces. A locality that tries to rule itself in such a worldwide environment is a voice without power, crying in the wilderness.
The check against such consolidation of absolute power was the America that protected its borders and had assimilated common and familial values. Now, the borders are porous, and there are no assimilated family values. Rather, the family has been replaced by the government recognized "new family," and children are taught that their parents' resistence is "hate speech." So America is almost entirely replaced with "New Oceania." It would require a massive awakening of the middle class to have any hope to reverse the new syndication of worldwide serfdom. And that would require a miracle --- which is hard to come by for a faithless people.