Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It gets tedious seeing Progs denigrate southern schools by comparing average statewide SAT scores, as if local political attitudes and lesser amounts spent on education were the causes, regardless of demographics.  However, look at the JSTOR study for 2000, at  If,you compare the SAT scores for 2000 among white test takers, you find that Texas averaged higher than, for examples, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and equal to New York.  Only by lumping the entire population of test takers do those states show a higher average.  However,  the percentage of test takers who are black is considerably higher in Texas (10.5 percent) than in Vermont (0.4), New Hampshire (0.6), Rhode Island (3.7), and it is even higher than for New York (9.9).  So,what is so superior about the Progs, and what value are they getting for their money?  (Note: the study did not appear to factor for Hispanics, but a dose of common sense may suggest something about this.). Conclusion:  Progs lie --- at least as much as anyone else. 

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