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Potentiality of Platonic Forms

All the possibilities for Plato's FORMS, i.e., FORMULAS, exist in present potential.  Forms are signified into manifestation, as needed for iterations of perspectives of consciousness to be coordinated to adopt and inhabit.  As apprehensions of each perspective are fed back to The Originating Iterator, forms continue to unfold before each Observer's experience.  As observations of perspectives are coordinated and reconciled, the previous FORM-ATIONS of the "past" become set into the present IN-FORM-ATION, so that available permutations for the future may seem to a path of conscious experience to be diminished.  As potentialities and possibilities collapse into manifestations, the next subsequent choices that are available seem to become clearer, as they seem to become more limited.  As more and more Observers coordinate to appreciate and view the extent of the cosmos, more and more of the paths of light through the cosmos are reconciled so as to reduce potentialities to manifestations.  Thus, the ongoing feedback of perspectives of consciousness continues to reduce mere potentialities of equations and formulas to presently set information.  Thus, our apprehensions continue to participate in the contemporaneous unfolding of the possible into the manifest.  The "meta energy" that drives the unfoldment of experiences in space-time consists in the contemporaneously coordinated identification of perspectives of consciousness with apprehensions of possibilities as they collapse into manifestations.  That is, the quality of consciousness makes equations of quantities meaningfully manifest to interpreted significance, by passing consciousness through equations, by apprehending and "possessing" them.  By itself, no intrinsic or extrinsic formula is causal.  However, in pairs, formulas may avail a field that passes from potential to manifest as perspectives of consciousness pass their interpretations through such equational terms as they, by their reconciled apprehensions, contemporaneously and presently adopt.  Thus, experience of infomration is sequentially added to experience of information, as such information continues to be agglomerated into a shared interpretation of the PRESENT, or cosmic nowness.

MANIFEST -- To What: If existence is conceptualized as that which is manifest, then ask: To what is existence manifest? To "existence" itself? To an inanimate, meta recorder? To an encompassing and/or reconciling consciousness ("intrinsic math")?

INNATE: The innate, meta capacity of Intrinsic Math ... transitions and flows from being paired with the extrinsic math of the present ... to the extrinsic math of the present ... to the extrinsic math of the potential. Thus, consciousness agglomerates and organizes information into the present.

FORMS AND FORMULAS:  Formulas and equations do not manifest in themselves, either intrinsically or extrinsically, but only as intrinsic and extrinsic PAIRS ("Active Math").  Extrinsic formulas ("things" and significant contexts) require intrinsic formulas ("perspectives") in order for formulas to manifest and function among themselves.

MATH -- INTRINSIC V. EXTRINSIC: Consciousness emerges with intrinsic versus extrinsic organizations of math. Intrinsic math is not "in" the measurable body, but in the immeasurable mind. Dreams derive of operations of intrinsic math, with intrinsic math assigned to a body. Manifestations arise of operations of intrinsic math with extrinsic math, associated with a body.

EXTRINSIC: Manifestations and experiences of "THINGS" other than consciousness are sensed only as signs and interpretations, derivative of formulas with which consciousness then and there happens to be identifying as being outside its Mind.

INTRINSIC: What is intrinsic to a perspective of consciousness depends on how it identifies (adopts, transitions, appreciates, focuses, and fluxes) with forms and formulas, without making them part of the organism or body to which if is bound.

CAUSATION -- Changeless Cause of Change:  Formulas do not exist in themselves, so they are not causes in themselves.  Manifest causation occurs only as intrinsic formulas apprehend extrinsic formulasFormulas function only as potential pair-correlates, for experiential manifestations for perspectives of consciousness. Because manifest consciousness and equational potentialities exist only as necessary correlates, neither is coherently conceptualized as the cause of the other.  Thus, both are subject to CHANGE with regard to that which is sequentially manifested, but both are also CHANGELESS in an attribute:  their necessary dependence upon one another.  Except in the attribute of potentiality, there exists no changeless identity. (Change is the only non-trivial constant.)  Even the most fundamental formulas (which may define and limit the parameters of space-time, fields, and the substantive particles for the cosmos we happen to share in present manifestation) seem subject to potential phase shifting and change.

Manifestly Intrinsic, within, and sensing --- conscious observing identity.
Manifestly Extrinsic without, and sensed -- thing being observed.

ACTIVE MATH:  Every where and every time math is contextually reconciled to express intrinsic and extrinsic parity, there is contemporaneously and correlatively expressed innate capacity to Image and to Interpret.

ORGANIZATION -- of FIELDS of values of Math: How is each particular perspective of Identity organized? From a perspective of consciousness, such question is qualitative. While being experienced as a qualitative, an organization for a perspective cannot be entirely quantified with regard to its formulistic organization.

ORGANIZATION -- of Identifiable PARTICLES and Things:  An organization of equational information, for signifying a perceivable organization of substance, i.e., an organism.

BINDING ITERATIONS:  Consciousness may bind with intrinsic, inward organizations of math, for the iteration and propagation of additional perspectives.

EXISTENCE AND BEING:  Consciousness does not endure through "time" or perdure through "time."  Manifest experience of Consciousness simply is.  It ABIDES, with the Present, as cyclic feedback between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Math.

GOD IS EMPATHY (not the same as love):  Without pervasive empathy on some level, there would be neither competition nor cooperation.

RECONCILING --- Consciousness and Math --- Imagination by God of Iterative Perspectives:  Pairs (digitals) of intrinsic and extrinsic Math enable perspectives of limited, severable, and transitioning perspectives.

KEY TO COLLAPSE --- of Wave Functions:  Each perspective of observation can only bind with, absorb, affect, be keyed to, and feed back to such organizations of math as are then and there organized to be compatible for being affected by its level of organization.

PRESENT:  Consciousness always operates in the present, and agglomerates and organizes Information under formulas within its shared propagation and civilizing and organizing of the present.  Each iterative perspective of consciousness abides only in the present.

EXISTENTIAL TRANSLATIONS: Extrinsic math does exist within a porous compartment of the potential, where it may only be fuzzily apprehended by Intrinsic math of consciousness. Intrinsic math can move it from the potential and the fuzzy only by pairing with it in such a way as to make it manifest. Beyond pairing and hypothecating, Intrinsic math leaves unpaired Extrinsic math compartmentalized in the realm of the non-manifest potential. The transitory bridge to conversion of the potential to the fuzzy to the presently accumulated manifest occurs as Intrinsic math hypothecates, apprehends, and substitutes aspects of its bonded, paired allegiance.

TRANSITION:  Perspectives overlap and transition because the subformulas with which they identify overlap and transition, as appearances of particulars that appear to fade in their endurance and perdurance, through what is identified by perspectives as the apparent time and space which appears to define and divide their identities.

SEPARATENESS OF IDENTITIES: This fundamental incapacity of any particular identity to simultaneously experience the entirety of the quality and quantity that is associated with any event in the sequential unfolding of our shared state of affairs marks the separateness of each perspective from all others and from the common Reconciler. While an identity, as a perspective of consciousness, is focusing its apprehension to the manifesting expression of a quantity, it cannot itself simultaneously experience a quality to such quantity. While an identity, as a perspective of consciousness, is focusing its apprehension to the experiencing of a quality, it cannot itself simultaneously experience a quantity to such quality.

SEPARATE DIGNITY: Participatory, conscious will's separateness allows us not to be entirtely predictable to one another. It leads us to develop empathy and it helps justify our separate dignity. It dignifies us with severable experiences of contemporaneous participation in deciding and determining how to unfold that which we appreciate.

STABLE YET CHANGING IDENTITIES: Ways abide for perspectives of consciousness to give sequential feed back, to entice and apprehend transitions, for altering across limitations, which otherwise would define and separate each perspective of each perception in such a way as to preclude such transitions.

POTENTIALITY -- in STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS:  The ultimate potentiality of consciousness may not change.  Potentiality that is reducible to manifestation does change to the experience of perspectives.  Yet, there abides renormalized or apparent chronological continuosity in each perspective's stream of consciousness.

TIME: "Time," in the sense of "things passing" does no exist except as delusion, if the things thought to be passing do not exist except as delusions (with qualities that, as qualities, are not reducible to quantitative measure, as opposed to qualitative interpretation and appreciation). Things, apart from transitory relations being fed back between intrinsic math and extrinsic math, are delusions. Thus, things and times, apart from formulas and maths, are qualities of delusions. To Active Math, "time" is merely a derivative of math. Math is the mirror of reality, which, ultimately, is qualitative. That is, the manifest reduction of reality to present experience is derivative of a qualitative interfunctioning between intrinsic math and extrinsic math.

CHRONOLOGY Protection:  Previous sequences in space-time no longer exist, except in their potentiality to recurr or to inform the present, so as to illuminate next sequential possibilities and choices.  Neither the past nor the future exists, except as potential, or as chronological presets of equations of possibilities for present consideration.

SPACE-TIME:  Space-time does not exist in itself, but only as a correlate of severable experiences of iterations of perspectives of consciousness.

MANY WORLDS: Not an infinity of manifest worlds, but an infinity of potential worlds, some of which may in infinity be chosen for expression, and some not, depending on how consciousness decides to cycle through them.

MORAL PURPOSEFULNESS:  The only changeless and meaningful purpose is to appreciate,  judge, value, communicate, and be empathetic among whatever perspectives of consciousness happen to be reconciled to devolve. This idea seems to relate to the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule.

Perdurantist view:  an individual has distinct temporal parts throughout its existence.
Endurantist view:  an individual is wholly present at every moment of its existence.
My view:  An individual perspective abides only with the present, and only as a derivative of Active Math.  The only real existent is Chronologically Active Math, with no knowable beginning or end.  This is because Active Math can trick memory and sequential recordation.

P - PROPERTY --- Maths (Number and Equations) abide only because they are carried with them a property for transitioning their potential into the manifest at the juncture of the conserved present.

A- ALGORITHM -- COSMOS -- The present algorithm -- in respect of which Active Math has determined the limits for conserving and defining the manifest -- is what defines the cosmos which our Perspectives have been determined to share.

A + P } PM
Algorithm plus Property yields Perspectives of the Manifest
A (Nature) + P (God) } Moral Purposefulness

INTUITIONS OF GHOSTS:  By itself, Math would neither exist nor produce measurable Substance.  By itself, the Property by which Math junctures at the Present to produce measurable Significations, is also not a measurable substance.  Considered separately, such Math and Property are like GhostsIntuited and considered together, they are the Source of all that is measurably experienced by each separate Perspective.

IN THE BEGINNING:  If the past does not exist as such, then there was no beginning.  There is only an abiding present.  Information does not exist as a thing in itself.  The only Information that is preserved is the Information that happens to be agglomerated, organized, and preset for application to the present.

OPPORTUNITY COST:  As to the manifest present, each reduction in potentiality to the present entails, for each next possible sequence, a qualitative and immeasurable loss of opportunity that is offset by a qualitative and immeasurable gain of opportunity.

QUALITY OF SPIRIT:  Quality of spirit is the medium of the perpetual Present, which medium does not itself change, as medium, but which facilitates and conserves exchanges between intrinsic and extrinsic organizations of mathematical values, as they are mediated to relate with one another.  Such Spirit is the medium which facilitates placeholding relations among positive, negative, neutrally bound, and random organizations of values of math.

QUALITATIVE EXPERIENCE IS NOT DIRECTLY AND STRICTLY CORRELATIVE WITH QUANTITATIVE EXPERIENCE: The quality of experience of mind by a perspective need not precisely correlate with how quantifiable values in the field of significant experience are relationally arrayed and organized. That is, a perspective may apprehend, desire, and pray for a collapse of wave function to a particular or general result, yet not fully apprehend the kind or degree to which the Reconciler may mediate to grant or deny the prayer. That is, the synchronization by the Reconciler, among the desires of its sum of perspectives, will often result in wave collapses that are far from being precisely correlative with what was generally desired by each perspective. This, however, does not mean that the perspectives' desires or prayers were of no contemporaneous pertinence to the eventual reconciliation that becomes manifest. The difference between what the prayer was for, versus what was granted, allows the qualitative experience in apprehension to be not precisely correlative between desired will and reconciled manifestation. Thus, in the feedback between and among Perspectives and Reconciler, different manifestations may often be accompanied with similar qualities of appreciation, and similar qualities of appreciation may often be accompanied with different quantities of manifestation.



CAUSATION V. CORRELATION: How can a unitary quality, soul, and mind measurably "cause" (preset, push, impinge, move, catalyze, or instigate) a reorganization or translation of a physical body (measurable signification)? By what non-mechanistic means may meta consciousness (mind) induce, guide, choose, or choose to choose, mechanistically measurable changes?

INDIRECT CORRELATION: In relation to a concept of mind, which directs and reconciles minds, by which placeholding significations are manifested and reconciled to measurably sensed communication and qualitative apprehension, there can be no connection that is quantitatively measurable as opposed to being, intuitively, qualitatively correlative. Thus, mind is not caused by, or inferior to, measurable substance. Rather, measurably substantive changes are indirectly correlative with apprehensions communicated among severable qualitative experiences of a reconciling Mind.

FUZZY CORRELATION: The correlation between qualitative apprehension and collapsed quantitative manifestation cannot be mathematically or directly mapped, because the sum of all severable apprehensions is necessarily fluxed, directed, and conserved in respect of a Reconciling Function or Functioner.

NON-MAPPABLE CORRELATION: A mortal perspective cannot mathematically map the holism of the Reconciler. Hence, a direct mathematical correlation cannot be perfectly controlled solely by a severable perspective of mind.

QUALITATIVELY INTUITIVE CORRELATION: Yet, a correlation that is subjected to higher reconciliatory feedback can be intuited, believed, and one can endeavor to be qualitatively mindful and receptive in one's apprehensions in respect of such Reconciler. A Holism, relating from severable mortal perspectives, need not map for each perspective a causally direct relationship between mind and body.

GOOD WILL: One can endeavor to communicate civilly and in good faith and good will among such others as also seek to be mindfully receptive to such Reconciler. One can intuit and seek to communicate with others in receptive good faith and good will (empathy for the Reconciler and empathy for severable perspectives).

KEY TO COLLAPSE --- of Wave Functions: Each perspective of observation can only bind with, absorb, affect, be keyed to, and feed back to such organizations of math as are then and there organized to be compatible for being affected by its level of organization.

MORTAL LIMITS: A mortal, while mortal, is confined to limits of being mortal. A mortal can sense, experience, apprehend, and measure practical experience of, unfolding correlative organizations and associated feedback of qualitative experiences.

INNATE CAPACITY OF THE FIELD: The Field's capacity to qualitatively contextualize empirically measured and consciously sensed significations is INNATE The Field perpetually functions to choose, collapse, and reduce measurable significations of the possible Potentiality to the perpetual Present.

MORALITY, LIKE CONSCIOUSNESS, IS AN INNATE EMERGENT, NOT A THING IN ITSELF: Morality is not to be adjudged as a thing, but as an emerging aspect of a relationship --- from a perspective, for a purpose, in respect of a context. No state of affairs is meaningfully to be adjudged as being of positive, negative, or neutral moral value, except in respect of some perspective, purpose, and context.

UNCONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS SENSATIONS: Innumerable sense impressions, too minute to be measurable, may produce an aggregate qualitative effect. Such as cilia hairs combining to avail auditory effect. ( See also Gene Man, regarding Particles of Consciousness?)

MORALLY BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS? All that unfolds, at the time of unfoldment, seems deemed, in some aspect, to be not inconsistent with morality of the Reconciler.  However, as to the purposes of mortals, there is no such thing as morality, per se, as such. There only abides morality to a perspective, for a purpose, subject to a space-time context.

PERFECT MORALITY: For God, intuitively, it would seem that the purpose and function of every particularly relational perspective of consciousness would be to avail God's feedback: Appreciativeness of qualitatives, based on due order of signification with quantitatives. For mortals, it would seem that the only "real good" would consist in trying to be receptive to the reconciling aspect of the spirit of the cosmos. Apart from empathy for, and receptivity to, God (reconciling source of empathy), there would seem to abide no higher law, even though such law often necessitates competition, creative destruction, suffering, and death. Each mortal retains empathy before God to consider responsibly whether a civilization should be preserved, improved, or replaced. It is to make of ourselves an easier fit for civilization that we condition citizens to bind themselves to respect "objective" moral and legal laws.

ANALYTICALLY BEST MORALITY: It is a delusion (often shared among analytical philosophers) to expect, via mathematical and empirical investigations, eventually to reduce all valid concerns among perspectives of consciousness to a single set of rigorously objective moral answers. A mortal cannot pretend to identify with the holistic reconciler, without simultaneously and hubristically trying to downsize the Reconciler to one's mortal self. Thus, man-made law needs to be far less ambitious in trying to set universal moral maxims in concrete in ways that would overpower every individually conscious choice.

CIVILIZING MORALITY: Given evolution of a society of true equals, as among them, there may come laws of civilization and morality that implicate "aspects of objective application" among such subjective beings. However, an organization of laws that would remove all pain and envy would remove all individual dignity as well, It would reduce all citizens to a lowest common denominator (which would be akin to universal death and perfect dissipation into conscious-less nothingness). When an organization so levels the environment as to forces every individual not to feel pain or envy, the organization therewith destroys much of individual consciousness that is purposefully worthwhile.

PRACTICAL MORALITY: May there abide a better kind of morality, that would not analytically make the perfect the enemy of the good, that would counsel us to cease trying to become God, or an elitist-godlike -factoring-reconciler (i.e., Ivy Idiot), and instead seek only to serve a function for the form with which one's consciousness has bonded, therewith to be guided to follow and serve that which intuitively seems to be assigned to such form? It would seem that unconscious states of potential being are often endowed with moral status, worthy of being preserved or prepared for appropriate application in due course. Deconstruction and death are means by which present states of being are morally sacrificed to the potentiality of future unfoldment. No mortal is privileged "to know" whether he is in empathetic good faith and good will. (If he could know, he could know whether or how to be in perfect faith and will. But then he would not be mortal.) Thus, committment, belief, self examination, and consenting to reason about contexts with others would seem the practical way. One may seek to know in one's relationship with the cosmos, without ever reaching complete true knowledge while mortal.

UNBOUNDED POWERS OF EMPATHY V. DISTRUST:  In Space and Numbers, to what Purpose, Limits, or Teleology is the Reconciling Source headed?  The qualitative limits of organizations of organizations are as unbounded as Space and Numbers.  From mortal standpoint, if I have hope to fathom, it may consist in this: although complex qualities of experience may multiply exponentially, that multiplication will be braked or collapsed by the needs of empathetic survivors among particular perspectives.  That is, Moral Evolution will need to limit technological capacities so they do not mismatch corrupt perspectives to overcome defenses of empaths.  When two super powerful entities or organizations of entities collide in distrust of one another's purposes, the result may be something like a Big Bang "do over."  Despite all, the seeds of moral pursuit, throughout perpetuity, remain to grow organisms for a purpose: To be empathetic.


IDENTITY OF INDISCERNIBLES: Can an ORGANIZATION of fundamental units, each an exact replica of all others, even each is charged to organize with variouis others in respect of external relational fluxings, partake, as an ORGANISM, of some inferior, formulaic, charged, present Identity? In that way, it seems Identities of Organisms can become Discernible, even though, at most elemental level, composed of Indiscernibles.

IDENTITY:  Is the only real identity the necessary relationship between consciousness and formulas? Can a thing retain its internal intrinsic identity while its external extrinsic contextual niche changes? Can a context retain its identity while a thing within it changes? In kind or degree or purpose?
SYMBOLS ARE IMAGED OUT OF THE STUFF OF THE SOURCE SO AS TO BE STRICTLY CORRELATIVE WITH NUMBER VALUES ASSIGNED TO RELATIONAL VECTORS: In synchronizing relations among forms (geometries of organizations) and formulas (organizations of numerically charged vectors), the Reconciling Source has innate capacity continuously to reduce future potentials in order to represent presently apprehended and conservationally relational vectors. That is, the determinants for present unflodings are purely mathematical, but such math is synchronously represented, via nathematical vectors that are formed out of irreduciby digitized units of the Reconciling Source. Such irreducible units can be switched back and forth, relating from positive plus to negative minus, depending on happenstance or choice of qualitative context of quantitative values (i.e., relational orbit, rotation, spin; i.e., point of view, relational context, and consciously rationalized purpose). However, the "stuff" of such irreducible units cannot in themselves either be subdivided or measured. Rather, they are the digitizeable means by which every other substantive quantitative is measured and organized. From relations among organizations of qualitative charges for such irreducible units, ZOOs of properties emerge to our apprehension and indirect measure, using maths upon maths, stats upon stats. Thus, our senses can experience and graph appearances of continuous curves and waves. Thus, our experiences, although at bottom qualitative and irreducible, are contemporaneously signified and represented in rationalizations of math, in general, statistical, Bayesian terms.
FIELD OF NUMBERS: Thus, sensations of numbers are innate to the irreducibly qualitative field of the Reconciling Source. Thus, the Reconciling Source is qualitatively coterminnus with a Number Field, by which quantitative values and charges are organized to represent and give communicably appreciative expression to values within a number field, organized in respect of fluxing values of plus, minus, neutral balance, and apparent but not provable randomness. Thus, qualitatively apprehended relations among individual particles of math yield emerging aspects of severable perspectives of consciousness and form, secondary to their organizational relationships. Thus, values of positive attraction, negative repulsion, and charge bindingness are organized in number fields, and such fields are relationally fluxed to give expression to severable perspectives of Beingness and emergent levels of conscious pleasure, pain, purpose, and indifference.
MASS:  NUMBERS are symbols of Reconciling Mind.  Identical UNITS of relational-izable, organizable VECTORS are symbols of Mind.  Taken in numerical sum, such Units constitute the meta organism that fluxes to represent the qualities of apprehension of Mind.  By themselves, such Numbers and Units of Vectors, individually, have no quality of Mass.  Fluxed together, as Mind, they avail Present Perspectives of consciousness, with capacity to sense and communicate in respect of organizations that flux in measurable significations, i.e., they avail fluxing, derivative, apparent placeholding records of Mass.
QUESTIONS:  Is there a SET NUMBER of such "Identical Units of relational-izable, organizable Vectors"?  Can such number be discovered, even though no one of them, in itself, has measurable size, form, or mass?  Can their limiting relational speed be discovered, even though no actual location, speed, and direction of any one of them can be discovered?

ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHERS: Intuitively, an Innate Quality of a Reconciling Source seems to reconcile  its one-ness in a way which accounts for all quantities. Thus, its seems not to be a unifying Quantity which accounts for all Qualities. Rather, it seems to be a unifying Quality which accounts for all Quantities. Thus, many Analytic Philosophers tend to take a wrong path at outset, by presuming to use logic based on quantitatives to try to analyze non-objective qualitatives, in "pure objectivism," rather than proceeding with direct intuition to a rationalism that is consistent both with conscious conceptual insight and quantitative empiricism.

APPEARANCE OF DUALISM DERIVATIVE OF MONAD:  Math cannot presently exist in itself, without consciousness presently doing or experiencing the math, on some level, kind, or degree. Ordering and focus of operations among terms within equations. Flip, feedback, focus, adoption of perspective of purposefulness. It is the necessary relationship between consciousness and defining and limiting formulas and feedbacks of sequences that avails continuity to present experiences of perspectives. The relationship is necessary; not perspective in itself. Apart from relationship, there is no changeless Identity.
MONAD:  A meta source abides, which is a sum of irreducible units, much like a field of number values, which has innate qualitative potential for fluxing and for reconciling its fluxes. Thus, as to the meta source,  (1) it has innate capacity for reconciling among its irreducible units; and (2) its irreducible units are in flux that feeds back (in perpetual reduction to quantitative equivalency with a present organization of a field of numbers). In other words, the appearance of physicality is inferior to a qualitative field (MONAD), which in itself cannot be confined to closed mortal measure. Thus, the irreducible UNITS of the Monad and its digitized expressiveness of organizations of NUMBERS (fields of formulaic functions) are of One Ultimate Reconciler, not Two.  (Even the numbers of numbers are counted. That is, even the Potentiality of future expressions and apprehensions of numbers exists only in respect of the quality of flux capacity that resides with the Monad.)
DARK SUBSTANCE (?):  A single photon may be massless.  However, would a number of confined photons increase the mass of the confining container?  Suppose a Reconciling Source were to dedicate to a "bubble" a set number of fundamentally massless units under a hierarchical system of fluxing formulas.  Perhaps the bubble would be equally beset all around by potentialities for sustaining it, such as against other potential bubbles.  The hierarchical system of fluxing formulas that sustained it would similarly be beset all around by potentialities for undoing it.  So long as the bubble and its sustaining math were preserved, every functional change within the bubble would be "in respect of, or set against," all externalities to the bubble (even if such externality consisted only of an immeasurable potential of the Reconciling Source for Image-ing).  May the aspect of being "in respect of, or set against" correlate with indirect measurements within the bubble of "dark mass?"



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