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Conceptualizing Trinitarian Limits for Qualitatively Meaningful Expression

CAUSATION: What should best be conceptualized as "the" real or superior agency of causation? Such agency should not be presumed to be a "first cause," for that would merely implicate an infinite regression. It should not be presumed to be a thing-in-itself, for that would implicate a self-cancelling contradiction (a thing in itself would not relate to any other thing). It should not be presumed to be entirely measurable, for how may a cause cause a cause to be reduced to a precise and confining measure, without the quality of its causal property being thereby simultaneously changed? Thus, it must be that Causation abides as an enduring relationship among (1) things that are relationally measurable (quantitatives), (2) things that are immeasurable (qualitatives), (3) and things that regulate the measures themselves (maths), in respect of which measures there is obedience to laws of math and of conservation. Thus, Causal Will may correlate and associate with, but does not confine itself to, the perimeter of any particular substance or body or brain. Thus, Causation arises with the interfunctioning of (1) Quantitative Substance (reconciliation of present feedback among connected parts of an encompassing class and such limits as are defined and imposed for the class itself), (2) Qualitative Consciousness (associated and disassociative), and (3) Manifest and Potential Information (levels and layers of mathematical formulas and laws of nature). That is, (1) Measurable Signifieds of Nature (bodies of animates and inanimates), (2) Appreciative-Apprehensive-Signifier (Mind of holistic God and perspectivistic Humanity), and (3) Means of Signification (maths and formulas and laws of nature). Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Thus, Substance (measurable matter and energy, aka, Nature) avails causation, but it is not "the" causal agent in itself. Thus, Causal Will (sometimes inappropriately called "free will") is not confined to the perimeter of any body or brain -- although Effective Will may often seem therewith associated or channelled.

MATH AND FORMULAS: Ultimately, of what are space, time, matter and energy made? They seem to be defined in terms of one another and be dependent on renormalization to point of view and frame of reference (purpose, perspective, and context). They seem not to be made of any thing other than combinations of themselves. But it seems trite to say Substance is made of Substance. Other than themselves, they seem to be made of no other thing, or no-thing. Math is not a measurable thing, in itself, but a means for measuring, Math is a "no-thing." If space, time, matter, and energy (the measurable dimensions) are "made of" no-thing, that no-thing would seem to be math.

SOURCE MATH: A no-thing, in itself, is immeasurable. It is infinitely immeasurable. Math is potentially infinite and, in itself, immeasurable. Thus, the infinitely immeasurable Source of potential information seems to consist only of that with which we measure, which is no-thing more than math. However, math does not self measure, self formulate, self organize, or self signify. To exist meaningfully, Math needs a conscious conceptualizing Signifier -- to pre-set and contemporaneously trigger and activate preset organizations and formulations and forms of math, so that such forms can avail the present-ation of an unfolding apearance of meaningfulness. Thus, such unfolding would be in perpetual obedience to innate, conservational, reconciling requirements for giving expression to transitioning formulations of math.

MEANINGFUL SIGNIFICATION OF FORMS THROUGH FORM-ULAS THROUGH MATH:  For math to abide meaningfully as an organized form (or form-ula), it needs to be representationally signified, i.e., manipulable to qualitatively experienceable feedback. What the Holism appreciatively intends -- with each systematically digitized, triggering, conservational, synchronizing, reconciliation -- IT measurably achieves. What IT qualitatively appreciates thereafter is at a contemporaneous-contextual-correlative level that exceeds the limited cone of experience that any particular perspective can take in. The capacity of the Holism to function both as Encompasser and as Interpenetrater avails it to give to we mortals interpretations of form-ulations of math as if they were substances-in-themselves. As if the cosmos "really" consists of nothing more than combinations of particles obeying inanimate yet pre-set formulas within a medium of space-time. At least, for scientists chasing the devil's herd, it sometimes seems pretty to think so.

RENORMALIZATION OF COMMON DIRECTION: Given a relationally local body of signification of associative awareness of self, such a body will, imperfectly, tend to renormalize its experience of imperfect and local awareness to its encompassing context. It will tend to rationalize its origin, to conceptualize something like an originating Big Bang. However, it will not be able to see earlier than the Big Bang, nor reliably conceptualize to anything earlier than its rationalized Big Bang, for there abides no "real" origin of space and time, for space and time are derivatives of interfunctionings among: Formulations of Math, Significations of Substance, and Signifiers of Consciousness.

REAL ILLUSION: The appearance of a sequential direction and chronology in space-time is a "real illusion" that is renormalized to the experience of the sponsoring Holism and all its subordinate apprehensions. Because we share a same Holism, we share under its auspices a same practical, yet derivative, illusion. Because the physicality of our practical reality is not in itself real, our experiences of such practical reality are subject to interpretation, which easily varies depending on purpose, point of view, and frame of reference. The effect of Renormalization of Interpretation is that no two different perspectives of the cosmos, absent perfect collection of all manifested information, will ever measure, factor, or experience exactly the same interpretation. In part, this is because there are not of the cosmos things-in-themselves to measure. Rather, there are things (significations) to be related to and interpreted. And interpretation is always subject to being separately affected by relationally separate purposes, points of view, and frames of reference.

COMPUTATION: This is not to say, however, that the separate experiences could not be subjected to rounding constraints that would artificially "renormalize the renormalizations," so that each perspective could be constrained to a system that would renormalize to make their separate perspectives into a single renormalized perspective, for artificially limited and computational purposes.

COUNTING: In availing to us a common cosmos, the Holism avails to us a generally common interpretation of directional expansion and chronological sequencing. The math that is implicated implicates Counting, which often implicates iterative digitality, as in digital-based feedback between apprehensions of the perspectives of the parts versus appreciations of the whole. Thus, practical Trigger-Switches can be fashioned, based on yin-yang, on-off, positive-negative, yes-no, true-false, go-stop, attract-repulse, balance-tip. Thus, common laws of math-based relative-absolutes for form-ulations and for directional Bayesian reliabilities of statistics can often be made implicate, measurable, and practicably communicable. Assuming enough information were collected, each present perspective within our cosmos, because of dependence on a common connecting Holism, could presently share a same translatable calculation for a "practical age" of our present cosmos.

PRACTICAL FORMS FOR FORMULAS AND LAWS OF MATH: Even so, by thinking things so, we can experiment, tinker, and discover practical temporal models and devices, "as if" they were in themselves real. Infinite regressions, in themselves, do not really exist -- except as thinking makes it so.

TRIGGERING AND CHANNELING ACCUMULATIONS AND RELEASE OF ENERGY: How does a minute expenditure of energy in a brain-synapse trigger nerves to trigger large muscles to expend, release, and direct great energies that are stored in muscles? Or trigger stomachs to trigger organisms to restore food energies? The human body is a system of stored, potential energy that is fitted with complex triggers and complex synapses that can, upon apprehensions sensed through the brain, be correlated with Contemporaneously and Participatorily Willed directions for the release and reaccumulation of energies. At a meta or higher level, every substantive body or accumulation of energy and energy triggers may be a representation of complex layers and levels of formulations of Source Math associated with a Reconciling and Immeasurable Holism. If so, then the signification of Substance (measurable bodies, measureable to immeasurable consciousness) is derivative or correlative with Source Math and a Reconciling Holism. That is, Substance is not the building block of Substance. Rather, Substance is byproduct of a trinitarian relationship, as are the other properties of the trinity. Thus, Substance (Energy-Father), Math (Information-Ghost), and Consciousness (Appreciative and Apprehensive Reconciler - Son) are none of them things-in-themselves. Rather, each and all of them are emergent properties of an immeasurable Trinitarian Relationship. Thus, we can study and tinker with astonishing technologies of correlatives, but we cannot model a completely measurable ultimate cause. We cannot confine the God-Head.

TRIGGER POINTS: Trigger points for coordinating, releasing, and transitioning complex Formulations of Information can be signified with associated brains or computers, even so much as to associate therewith formulations for reflective awareness of self and other significations trigger points of selves. Thus, complex trigger points for significations may associate with locally bonded consciousness of self, while less complex trigger points may associate only with the then and there conscious Will of the Holism, which artistic Will may vary in quality from close emotive entanglement of an artist to the aloof indifference of a sleeper.

LEVELS OF COMPLEXITY OF COMPUTER CONSCIOUSNESS: All significations of complexity are transistor computers. The human brain is simply a transitioning computer that is self referential that it functions as a transitioning computer. Our bodies and brains are complex transistor-computers for apprehending qualitatives and availing the triggering of quantitatives in response. Conscious Mind is a quality that emerges and extends beyond the perimeters of our organic bodies and computational intelligences.

TRIGGERING ANIMATION OF ACTICE MATH: Math in itself is not a place, thing, time, quantity, or measure. It is a source means. However, under the triggering animation of a connecting Holism, math sponsors the kinds of relativistic contexts by which we experience a mirage interpretation of substantive territory, i.e., correlations among sequences of relativistic forms, which we interpret in respect of measurable contexts and iterations of space time matter energy. However, this territory, in its ultimate aspects, infinitely regresses and recedes, like a mirage. Its correlations renormalize to perspectives, like rainbows of relativistic constants. Like regressive searches for "first material causes."

THE CONNECTING HOLISM: The Holism may be conceptualized as connecting in order to experience Consciousness in two ways: particularly and holistically. The consciousness that each human perspective experiences may be a limited and imperfect perspective, which is channelled to the experience of the Reconciling Holism. But what of system feedback that is confluent or overlapping, but not necessarily experienced by any particular perspective or avatar of consciousness? Insofar as such feedback is qualitative (i.e., not quantitatively pre-set), is would seem on some level (from close interest to relative indifference) necessary to be experienced by the Holism, from its perspective as an encompassing Reconciler.

PERSPECTIVISTIC IDENTITY -- The One and only Being that has appreciative capacity to effect causation by triggering exchanges of Information or terms among organizations of math based formulas is the Meta Conscious Living Holism. IT does this through accumulated investments and pre-sets in relations among organizations of mathematical forms, i.e., avatars -- much as ourselves. We (our brains and bodies) tend to delude ourselves to believe we have separate wills, purposes, and consciously causal effect. In meta reality, we are correlates of The Causal Identity, limited to a here and now mathematically based point of view and context. It is the Holism, connecting all of us, that synchronizes, renormalizes, and reconciles our seemingly disparate conscious experiences of points of view.

BRIGHT DEMARCATION BETWEEN THE MEASURABLE PHYSICAL AND THE IMMEASURABLE METAPHYSICAL: There is no bright line to separate immeasurable qualitatives from measurable quantitatives. This is be-cause, in causation, qualitatives and quantitatives are always and necessarily experienced as accompanying one another. Although no bright measurable line can precisely separate the physical from the metaphysical, perhaps a bright separator can be conceptually apprehended or intuited.

IMMEASURABILITY OF THE CONNECTING HOLISM: That which the connecting Holism (Reconciling God) presents to a measurable context is, relative to arbitrary selection of context, measurable. However, the connecting Holism is not by itself measurable, for several reasons.

1. It is not a confined, contained "self." That is, it cannot express itself except by functioning as a connecting activator of the immeasurable source math of potentiality.

2. It cannot be completely confined or precisely measured relative to any present context, because it is the determiner, not the determined, of any present, pre-sent, or pre-set activation of context.

3. It is logically self negating to assume such a thing as a plural Class of One whose members would be entirely independent unto themselves while yet being measurable in terms of one another. There is nothing outside the connecting Holism which can avail any other connection by which to measure its eternal or perpetual potentiality. The potential of an Eternal qualitative cannot be measured simply by Presently summing incomplete interpretations of its particulars. A lever cannot leverage itself, nor can a clock check itself by itself for accuracy.


APPREHENSIVE MORALITY: As Avatars, we apprehend and enjoy a kind of vicarious responsibility and merit. We are temporal agents of a higher, encompassing, interpenetrating, synchronizing, and reconciling Signifier of Causation.


- (1) INFORMATION/SOURCE/HOLY GHOST/POTENTIAL: Potential for Information-- Source Math of potential information

- (2) SUBSTANCE SIGNIFIER/HOLISM/GOD THE FATHER/PRESENT WHOLE/MANIFEST SIGNIFIED/TRANSITIONER: Conservation of Energy -- Math activator and holistic manifester and qualitative reconciler of substantive information. Synchronizer, Conserver, Reconciler/Appreciator/Activator.

- (3) CONSCIOUSNESS/PARTICULAR PERSPECTIVES/GOD THE SON/PRESENT SUM OF PARTS/TRANSITIONEE: Feedback Experience of Consciousness -- Contextually renormalized perspectives of interpretations of formulations of math made manifest. Avatar, Observer, Recorder, Channeller, Apprehender.

-- FEEDBACK: Between Whole and Parts by means of Medium

TRINITIES: There abide various ways of conceptualizing trinities. Such as: Purpose (Sequence-Math), Frame of Reference (Substantive Context of Direction), Conscious Point of View (Relative Point)

COMMON CONFUSION REGARDING ROLES OF TRINITY: Confusion enters when roles among trinities are conflated.

OUTSIDE-INSIDE: The Source of Potentiality (Math-Nature) stands, in a sense, beyond and outside of space-time. That is, math does not experience itself, in time. Conscioiusness does experience math, as information made manifest by its triggering entailment. That is, math is made subject to activation by consciousness, in present time. Thus, the Reconciling Holism of Consciousness (God) functions causally and contemporaneously, in the perpetual present.

PERPETUAL PRESENT: The Perpetual Present consists in the digitized and instantaneous Feedback between the Holism and each contemporaneous Perspectivistic point of view, within the medium of Math. Substance, as manifest signification, is expressed and fed back to Consciousness, in present time. Even though Source-Math stands outside time, it did not "come before" Holistic Consciousness, for the Holism "has been" "perpetually present." The interfunctioning, existential dependence of Math-Information, Holism-Consciousness, and Signification-Substance is one of contemporaneity with the perpetual present, subject to such pre-sets as are presented to the present. Present Organization is Pre-set, even though no past-in-itself exists.

APPEARANCE OF PREVIOUS DIRECTION AND PREVIOUS SEQUENTIALITY: The investments of the Reconciling Holism in the Substantive are conserved and stored as its investments in the Information of the Source-Math. The significative manifest (Substantive) is sensed and measured as space-time-matter-energy. The non-manifest remains as Information that may be potentially accessed from the Source-Math. (May this be like "dark substance"?) Sequentiality is only remembered so long as, and in respect of how, the holism invests in it. Behind the illusion, only the present is eternal.

OMNIPRESENT NOT OMNISCIENT: Math, as the Source of Potentiality, abides. It neither learns nor forgets. The Holism, in investing in unfolding and contemporaneous and connected sequences for interpreting the possibilities and potentials of the Math-Source, may learn, forget, and appreciate -- even though it always has before IT the potential to read and rediscover from the Source. The Math-Source of Potentiality does not particularly appreciate. In that sense, it stands "outside time." Math abides outside time. It is only how Consciousness fluxes through Math, to experience and interpret it, that changes. Consciousness does not directly sense Math, except as Consciousness happens to be fluxing through Math. In feedback, Consciousness learns to adjust its fluxations, to present significations made to itself, holistically and perspectivistically. "Territory" arises and fluxes to signification in respect of the flux between Consciousness and Math.

BODYLESS HOLISTIC CONSCIOUSNESS: The Math Based Source of Potentiality is not in itself conscious or alive. The present temporal fluxing synchronizing reconciling Holism, in contemporaneously triggering qualitative apprehensions and quantitative appreciations concerning the Source, IS meta conscious and alive, at a level that ENCOMPASSES and SURPASSES each and every mortal. The potential storage of Information in the Source is eternally preserved. The accessing, experiencing, interpreting, and appreciating of such Information (qualitatively and quantitatively) entails fluxing, learning, and forgetting. Consciousness is a feedback-receiver-trasmitter of fluxing Information, derivative of the entailment of Consciousness with Math.

TRIGGERING AND ANIMATING MATH: The Holism of Consciousness, drawing on the Math Source of Potentiality, is what triggers, activates, and is appreciative of the causes of our expressions of power and our investments in points of view. Through our Perspectivistic points of views, the Holism DOES particularly appreciate. Mortals ARE the Holism's particular points of view, i.e., Avatars of renormalizing apprehensions and reconciliations. Beyond us, the Holism connectedly and comprehensively appreciates the interpenetrating, encompassing, entirety of the here and now.

DETERMINISM --- BODY CORRELATION V. MIND CAUSATION: We Perspectivistics (Avatars), insofar as our measurably signified bodies, CORRELATE. Our bodies do NOT CAUSE, although we apprehend AS IF we were causal agents in ourselves. This delusion is byproduct of our appearance of particularized separateness. We are iterative, renormalized representations of a correlating Sum-Flux. CAUSATION is effected as an upshot of Holistic CONSCIOUSLY SIGNIFYING WILL in combination with Source Math INFORMATION and information signified as manifest SUBSTANCE. The Mind that acts from different perspectives through each of us feeds back its individually particular apprehensions to its holistically reconciling appreciations. The upshot of such feedback is PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS of contemporaneous reconciliations of individual apprehensions and holistic appreciations. That is, consciousness of the role of apprehension and appreciation in availing CAUSATION. The Measurable Manifest is the here and now quantitative signification that is made from the Source by the triggering of feedback between the holistic and individualistic capacities of the Holism. The Immeasurable Manifest is the here and now qualitative representation that is so made from the Source. Neither the Immeasurable Qualitative nor the Measurable Quantitative appreciates, apprehends, or signifies any manifestation without the other.

DETERMINISM AND SELF-DETERMINISM: Unfoldings of experiences are caused and determined in respect of an interfunctioning of qualitative and quantitative aspects of Information, Consciousness, and Substance. Consciousness does not by itself determine itself. Yet, no-thing is determined without contemporaneous entailment and part-icipation of Consciousness. A pre-set domino-line of correlates may reliably and practicably be vectored. Yet, such correlates are not causes-in-themsleves. As Avatars, we do not have "entirely free will." But our experiences of Mind do have participatory and contemporaneous influence. Thus, meaningful responsibility and reconcilable merit. We part-icipate in the contemporaneous determination of that which has not been pre-determined by the Reconciling Holism, of which our perspectives of Minds are parts.

INHERENT COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: We can say what we interpret of things that appear, and we can say what we may fuss and care about regarding the appearance of things. But we cannot, free of dissonance, say what causes them to appear. We can have faith that morality and meaningful purposefulness abide, but we cannot, without dissonance, say why. For mortals, at least, there abides no explanation that can be derived for why Consciousness, Information, and Substance, together, abide. Because there is no explanation that is reasonably available, any concept that is pretended to be an explanation will be dissonant if tried to be completed. Whatever the Holism participates in making manifest, it cannot measurably do so, except by interfunctioning with Source-Math. Hence, regardless of what is done, it will be rationalized and renormalized to be correlative and consistent with math, statistics, and "scientific causation." Thus, seekers of the grand unified scientific theory of everything will perpetually fashion expnanatory models that are hoped to be complete, but which never can be complete, nor even useful outside limited practical correlative functions.

SUMMING AVATARS: Particular perspectives (whose experiences are shrouded from those of the encompassing and interpenetrating Holism, that may intuit the Holism but not directly appreciate IT) may not reasonably interpret their apprehensions of experiences as causative, but only as correlates of causation. Avatars do not themselves directly trigger meta-formulations of math, nor do they effect or experience causation. Their apprehensions do not directly, unfiltered through the appreciations of the Reconciling Holism, trigger formulations built up from the Source Math. To the extent Avatars interfunction, overlap, fuzz, and flux, and to the extent they are merely correlatives: Causations cannot be discovered simply by adding them. Merely to presently sum parts will not wholly explicate the causal properties of an encompassing, interpenetrating, and pertually present Holism. Thus, Ultimate Causation must be Immeasurable to mortals. Causation must be in an immeasurable process of digital feedback with the Math-Source, in appreciaton and apprehension of Consciousness, as between the perspective of the Reconciling Holism vs. the perspective of each particular Avatar for a point of view of the holism.

VISION: We can try to inspire a common, figurative, apprehension of receptivity to the the unfolding purposes of the Reconciling Holism. Assimilation in respect thereof will depend on inspiration, charisma, functionality, traditions, and developing fads and unfolding interests and technologies. So long as humanity retains dignity of being valued, vision should seek decent civilization that avails feelings of freedom of expression and enterprise.

APPRECIATIONS V. APPREHENSIONS: For sake of convention, the Holism may be said to appreciate, the Perspectives to apprehend. Appreciation relates to that which One knows and finds before Oneself. Apprehension relates to that which one pursues, avoids, or expects may come to him. If whatever the Holism apprehends is, in a sense, already known before IT, then to speak of apprehension to the Holism may be redundant to its appreciation. However, that seems to be an overthought and perhaps non-maintainable distinction. So, the main reason herein for referring to appreciation as an aspect of Holistic Consciousness and apprehenson as an aspect of Perspectivistic Consciousness is to distinguish between references to the quality of Consciousness of the Holism versus of the Avatars. The Avatars, in their "as if" illusions of unconnected separateness, do not know-appreciate the sum of manifest information, while the Holism does. The "knowledge" of Avatars is more in the nature of non-absolute apprehensions. The "apprehensions" of the Holism may be more in the nature of pre-hensions. Appreciation and apprehension have to do with how one participates in choosing to alert, coordinate, and shape ones's senses, observations, interpretations, and recordings.

PRE-HENSION: No Avatar, in itself, ever has Free Will. Avatars accompany significations and qualitative experiences of Participatory Will. For Avatars that may apprehend from favored vantage, there may be capacities to pre-hense unfolding correlates. This would not deny the Participatory Will that is associated with lesser avatars. A vantage may confer a favored perspective for pre-hensing how unfolding Participatory Wills may sometimes be found already to have been determined, subject to confirmational appreciation. Or, a position of vantage may give one's confirmational observations unsuspected causal influence in themselves, to SUPERIMPOSE a causal or confirmation bias.

FEEDBACK: To be meaningfully factored and reconciled, Feedback must somehow be determined. It may be pre-determined, contemporaneously determined, or randomly or indifferently determined (as by a non-random and pre-set random number generator), apprehended, and/or appreciated. When the consequence of Feedback is pre-determined, a Pre-Determiner is implicated, as well as a Sponsor for an orderly and sequential unfolding of events within an expanding medium of space-time. When the consequence of feedback is contemporaneously determined, a Reconciling Conserver is implicated. (A contemporaneous determination consistent with pre-determined laws of nature would just be a complicated way for conceptualizing a pre-determination, which, again, would implicate at some point a Pre-Determiner.) Mortal bodies are fluxing transitories for transmitting across the qualitative and the quantitative. Where conscious, we are contemporaneously participatory -- not eternally, perpetually, holistically, or conservationally reconciling. We are local, digitally-delayed feedback switches between the parts and the whole.

IS THE COSMOS SIGNIFICATIVE OF A SIGNIFYING GOD: Must the Pre-Determiner and/or Contemporaneous Determiner be like an appreciative-apprehensive Consciousness, with capacity to leverage perhaps infinite complexities of layers and levels of overlapping Consciousness? If the cosmos is like a computer, and if a computer can be made conscious, may/must the cosmos in main be consciously appreciative-apprehensive? Can the Holistic Connector-Reconciler qualitatively appreciate feedback and all that is confluent, overlapping, and not qualitatively experienced by any particularly identifiable avatar? Can the Holism appreciate, apprehend, or learn, as by trial and error, how to discipline Itself in order to trigger desired formulations from the source math? To my intuition, yes.

INTUITIVE BELIEF: However, this is a kind of intuitive belief that cannot be scientifically proven. Nor can the scientific method be pertinent to apprehending the reasonableness of such a belief or lack of belief.

INCEPTION, TRIGGERING, AND SWITCHING OF CONCEPTION: Even if not empirically testable, under what way of consistent and coherent thinking may it be intuited and conceptualized that a Reconciling Holism would interfunction in feedback with a Source-Math-Field to effect forms and patterns of signs and significations that are meaningfully and substantively sensed and communicated to and among Perspectives of Consciousness? What sort of field fuzz and flux may such feedback entail?

HOW PRECISELY ARE DECISIONS DETERMINED: How is feedback tested, apprehended, appreciated, focused, determined, and reconciled? May there abide a testing and renormalizing role for fields of virtual particles? A mortal cannot precisely control or predict a field decision for where an individual value for an individual particle will be expressed in relation to its field.

STATISTICAL CONTROLS: However, in relation to groups, patterns are often reliably and practicably predictable, within accountable ranges of statistical probability. Statistics, being presumed, can always be rationalized. Just assume enough worlds and universes. Moreover, the Holism can signify its interfunctioning with the Source-Math Field only in measures that are consistent with math -- of which statistics is a branch. Everything the Holism may effect that is measurable will necessarily be rationalizable and renormalized to math. This does not prove that the Holism, in how it appreciates and apprehends to interfunction lacks effective or conscious Will.

CONSCIOUS WILL: Consciousness, while it is expressed, has no choice but to express, apprehend, appreciate, and contemporaneously participate in, choice making. To fail to choose is to effect a kind of choice, i.e., a choice to abstain. To retain indifference is to effect a care to remain indifferent, like a pre-set caring. Or an assignment of caring to pre-set holding patterns of circuity, like patterns for folding circles within circles, gears within gears, or spirals within spirals, springs within springs. (A spring-string seems a more encompassing model, perhaps fitter for 4-D particle-field analysis. A spring-string seems to be more availing of locks, leaps, and loans among layers and levels of relations among spring-strings.) Or an assignment of such patterns to fractal-based algorithms of random generation. Thus, in relation to conscious caring, indifference may be analyzed as "pre-stored caring" or "caring indifference" or saving and putting up stores for assigning to subsequent caring and evaluation, so stores of surprises can be saved. Thus, patterns of pre-sets may be constrained to organizations, for potential triggering, release and harvesting at some later time, when the Holism may more contemporaneously appreciate, enjoy, effect, and reconcile choices among apprehensions of local avatars. Thus is availed the organization of potential energy that is stored to mortal apprehension as matter. Thus, the manifestaton of substance (matter and energy) is significatory of pre-decision by the Holism to preserve decisions, to reserve them to later evolving and devolving participaton by local perspectives of consciousness, to store information, energy, substance, potentiality in organizations at-the-ready for future evolution and appreciative guidance.

EVOLUTION: Thus, Evolution among organizations of pre-set bodies of Substance proceeds by way of feedback reconciliations of apprehensions and appreciations among and between local and holistic layers and levels of significatory participation. Thus, Evolution entails not just the preserving of the locally fittest to replicate, but also the reconciliation between the parts and the whole of the fittest for systemic participation in apprehensions and appreciations. We participate in determining our spring-string-wiring and the organizational evolution of our bodies and brains and means for effecting and expressing consciously intelligent awareness of Self.

SWITCH TESTING, FEEDBACK, AND TRIGGERING: A particle-field may, as with virtual particles, tickle-test, before it commits apprehensions to appreciations. An immeasurable tickle from the Holism may pre-dispose a stream of reserved logic gates. Thus, the System may make a decision before a local avatar (body or brain) is self aware that the decision has been made. If a trainman is in communication with his switchman, the train, if a switch is aborted, may send a feeler signal, to test whether it should proceed, slow, or stop. A brain that coordinates the actions of an organism may do likewise. Thus, a local brain will generally experience signal decisions, before the self-reflective, self-aware consciousness of the brain knows the decision was made. Or, a preliminary signal to effect a switch may be insufficiently powered, such as if the switch at the other end is contexted with unexpected resistance. The signal may then feed back, to seek a stronger transmission. Or it may effect an aborted switch, that, instead of switching lines, closes both. Or it may leave a train at risk of jumping tracks. Thus, the switch may be on, off, reserved, or destructive. A field may become conditioned or habituated. Switches may be disciplined to arise in connected sequences and branches. Operation of some switches may be held in reserve, like repressed drives and subconscious tendencies. Their subjective and conditional readiness may be exposed by Freudian slips. Otherwise, they may simply lie beneath conscious awareness, as non-articulate pre-dispositions for apprehensions and appreciations.

RECONCILIATION OF PARTICIPATORY EXPRESSIONS OF CONSCIOUS WILL: From whom or where is each decision made? Was it pre-set, so that its contemporaneous expression is merely epiphenomenal and rationalized? To my intuition, it is more meaningful to conceptualize that the Will to effect each decision was one of contemporaneous participation, reconciled among perspectives of the Holism.

HOW DOES COGNITVE DISSONANCE ARISE:  We give cognitive dissonance a pre-hold when we assume that particles of things can be subjected to complete modeling and measure, in themselves, rather than apprehended as evanescent experiences of apprehensions, renormalized to each field of view and perspective of consciousness by a Reconciling Appreciator of consciousness. That is, when we try to use "if-then" reasoning to freeze and crowd out all "now-what" reasoning.  When we give up unrealistic expectation to completely reduce the eternal to a limited here and now explanation, we need not give up the pursuit of happiness or unfolding technological prowess, but we will more likely acquire, instead of dissonance, a cognition that unfolds with a flux of creative destruction and participatory creation.


Anonymous said...

Every body of matter is an organization of stored energy. Every organization of stored energy is an organization of informational math. Every organization of informational math implicates an organizing mathematician -- whether consciously self aware or unconsciious. Every organization of unconscioius informational matter implicates potential for a conscious appreciation or apprehension of significance in the information.

Anonymous said...

And/Or/Reserve/Flux: Ambiguous logic gates. Affirmative/negativd,reserved determination/corrective determination.
Consider a railroad track witgh spurs and branches and switches along the way. The first switchman apprehending an approaching train could effect a track switch decision. This would affirm the opportunity of the train to one track, while simultaneously negating its opportunity to a different track. It would be an opportunity/opportunity cost decision. A second switchman may be along the main track. Unless the first switchman enables his branch, the switch that is potentially availed to the second switchman will be held in reserve. The second switchman has no relevant decision to effect until a determination is made by the first. However, switchman 1 may learn to be less vigilant if he learns he can rely on swithcman 2, further down the track, for back up.

Anonymous said...

And/Or: Precision/Ambiguity. Completeness/Dissonance: I like neither peas nor carrots, except that I like peas and carrots when taken together -- sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Math is incomplete without a Reconciler. Yet, the addition of a Reconciler does not, itself, complete math. So long as the purposefulness of the Reconciler recedes, no mortal can complete math merely by presuming to add the Reconciler. Nor by presuming to add a stand in for the Reconciler, like an idea of eternity or infinity. To renormalize to infinity is to renormalize to an absurdity, as if a mortal could calculate an end to direction, sequence, space, or time. However, for mortal purposes, a mortal may use calculus, to calculate an effect if a direction or sequence were presumed to be extendable to such a length as to make the significance of any additional length irrelevant to his here and now purposes. The problem would be in trying to line up discrete parts among different kinds of factoring infinities.