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Dynamic Density

REAL AGE:  There is no measurable age to any absolute "thing," because there abides no thing which can be measured, in itself.  Not even the cosmos, insofar as every present experience of it and space-time are renormalizeable to local measure and dependent on cycling, vibrating and orbiting clocks, whose rates of vibrations and orbits may be proportionately syncrhonous without necessarily being constant in themselves.  This is because a thing-in-itself would, by definition, not be relateable to any other thing in order to reduce it to present measure.  It is also because no system of logical analysis available to mortals can define any measurable thing to exist, apart from dependence on an apparent trinity of concepts which, either by themselves or in concert, are not reducible to absolute measure.  That is, the "things" of that trinity are not independently causal.  They are derivative concepts whose presence is qualitatively signified and correlated by experiences and recordings of relational, relative measurings, not absolute measurings.  That trinity can be conceptualized as consisting of Consciousness, Substance, and Information. They are different aspects of a single Source.  They are interconvertible, such that fluxing relations and fuzzing renormalizations in respect of them depend on purpose, perspective, and context.

SHARED APPARENT AGE:  There may seem an apparent age from shared origin of bonded Identity.  The apparent directionally unfolding expansion of space and sequentiality of time suggest that, if such direction and sequentiality were traced back, they would infer a point and time of common origin, i.e., a Beginning, or Big Bang.  When Substance is interpreted as if it were real in itself, it may be analyzed in terms of density, original heat, dissipation towards coolness, heat radiation, and entropy.  Thus, an idea of a Beginning may be rationalized.  However, there is also associated with this an expansion of spatial direction and time sequentiality in respect of unfolding renormalizations of perspectives of Consciousness.  The Beginning would relate to shared experiences of Perspectives and recordations of unfolding Information that were Young and not yet well Formed beyond unintelligible chaos and randomness.  Interpretations of dissipations of density and heat could be rationalized as being secondary to that.  Either way, a back tracing of such shared unfolding would seem to implicate a common beginning formulization, perhaps designed or reconciled to an Holistic Consciousness.  Such Holistic Consciousness may seem to infer perpetually previous common systems and bubbles and balloons of shared experience.  Moreover, it may infer that any appearance of directionality, forward or backward, is rationalized illusion, derivative of perpetually present Consciousness interfunctioning with Source Math.  In other words, that there was and is no past or age or tracing back.  Just rationalization of a Perpetual Present.  Regardless, both science and spirituality seem to suggest that faith in a shared directionality and sequentiality is conducive to practical and meaningful existentiality.  Thus, faith in a commonly formulized beginning seems reasonable.  Even if the "age of the cosmos" as traced backwards seems to be based more on convenient rationalization than on reasonably provable "reality."

DYNAMIC DENSITY:  Einstein was haunted by the expanding nature of the cosmos, because his intuition was that its density should in some respect remain constant.  So if substance dissipated, it should somehow be replaced, to preserve density.  Sort of a dynamic density. I think his quest was doomed for two reasons:  First, the cosmos, in itself, is not a measurable thing. It is an expression of an immeasurable Source.  We can only measure within, and renormalize to, such fluxing and phasing limits of perceptivity as are availed and related to us in common.  Second, a kind of "density" may be preserved, without its preservation necessarily being measurable from the perspective of the apparent bubble of the cosmos with which our present experiences of identity happen to be bonded.  While this may be conceptualized and intuited, it is not demonstrably reducible to empirical proof.  Nor is it entirely reducible to mathematical rationalization, for some of its aspects are beyond math.  At best, it is reducible to a conceptual framework that need not impede empirical pursuits, nor impede such mathematical formulizations as are found to be practicable.  Its function is not to improve quantitative science, but to enhance qualitative apprehension of, and moral participation with, the cosmic unfoldment from the Signifying Source.

METAPHORIC LIMITS:  The Big Bang model is often modeled as being in some respects like an expanding balloon. (The balloon idea is comfortable for explaining how space can expand so that some objects may appear to have receded faster than the speed of light.  It is not comfortable for explaining how it is that the cosmos appears to be much the same in all directions from each perspective.  That is, the model balloon does not seem to have an originating blow hole.  Unless, perhaps, one wanted to gild the lily or paint the balloon to suggest that different paints or wavelengths of light may be interpreted as the result of space being blown into the ballon from outside every point on its expanding surface.)  However, to go with this balloon metaphor:  Imagine marking out an equatorial circumference on the balloon.  Then mark off equidistant reference points along that circumference.  Arbitrarily label one point as the zero point and then all points for 180 degrees to one side as plus 1, 2, 3, and so on.  Then do the same for 180 degrees on the other side, marking them minus 1, 2, 3, and so on.  Now imagine the balloon expands.  Thus, the distant between each adjacently marked point (such as between 0 and plus 1 or between 0 and minus 1) will expand at the same rate as the distance between all adjacent others.  For nearby poinits, there would be no immediate danger of them expanding so rapidly apart as to exceed the capacity to exchange light signals, given the speed of light.  However, as the distance between 0 and plus 1 doubles, the distance between 0 and plus 100 will also have doubled.  By a process of doubling many times, the rate of increase for the distance between 0 and plus 100 may come to exceed the speed of light, while the distance between 0 and nearer references, such as 2, may not.  Thus, 2 will remain within communicable range for a considerably longer time than 100.  A reference point that we can still see, as it receives light from a signal that we cannot see, will not then be able to transmit the light signal to us, because, by the time we were otherwise able to receive it, such reference poing would itself have fallen beyond our range and zone and cone of perception, due to the expansion of space.

DARK SUBSTANCE:  Thus, to the extent that 100 begins to receive light signals from 101 that are no longer communicable to 0, 100 will become unable to relay such signals.  Indeed, 100 will become no longer able thereafter to relay any signal.  It will have gone beyond the directly measurable experience of 0.  Its correlatively relational effect will have gone "dark."  Concepts may be invented to "explain" how 100, 101, etc., thereafter affect or relate to 0.  However, such concepts will not be empirically provable.  At best, they may be mathematically rationalizeable, to some limited purposes.  However, they will not be unifiable to a grand explication of the "cause" of everything.  This is because such markers are associated correlatives -- not ultimate causes in themselves.  Yet, such dark reference points as expand beyond our capacity to signal or measure may to some extent remain represented in our books and records and stores of Information.

AGE OF COSMOS:  The relatively measurable, experienceable cosmos does not have an age as a thing in itself, because it is not a thing in itself.  It is a derivatively interpreted, relationally shared, manifestation.  Whatever the "age" we adduce concerning it as a thing will be rationalized to our model  of it as a thing.  The cosmos, itself, does not exist to be aged.  All that we measure is some interpretation of how its sequentiality seems to have originated in order presently to present to us.  However, within the expanding unfoldment of space-time, we can only directly see and measure such points of reference as can be signaled to us.  That project is limited in respect of the rate of expansion of our cosmos at distant points and in respect of the speed of light, perhaps as related to cycles of vibrations (wavelengths) assumed to be constant.  We are constantly moving beyond the signal  speed of our common origin, as well as beyond the signal speed of the most distant galaxies.  At such cross beyonds, we get undecipherable, random, fuzzy, background radiation.  Such fuzz will always occur at the same relative cross beyond.  If we assume the age of light just prior to that cross beyond marks the time of origination of our cosmos, then we may calculate a common age under such assumption.  However, since our cosmos is not a thing in itself, and since our experiential interpretaton of it is one of constant expansion, such "age" may simply measure the age of our mortal limits of measurable perception.  Instead of marking the time of origin, random background radiation may simply mark the limits of last receivable, intelligible, wavelengths, before the information beyond is reverted to our experience as random and non-specifically interpretable.

CONSCIOUSNESS DENSITY:  Must something or some aspect or Source of Being "cause" space-time to expand?  What?  Is it a perpetual process of renormalization of shared perspectives of Consciousness to a point of common origin? Instead of a cosmic balloon as a measurable "thing," conceptualize the relatively measurable cosmos and its apparent directionality in respect of spatial  expansion and sequentiality in respect of age as being derivative of, or correlative with, the purposeful experience of Consciousness.  Consciousness being associated with qualitative feedback between apprehensions shared and renormalized among common parts and appreciations reconciled of the whole.  As the directionality of spatial expansion and sequentiality of time expansion continue to be shared by a Holism and its Points of View, we bond and identify with a shared interpretation of an unfolding, expanding experience of significations, i.e., the relatively measurable, signifiable, and purposefully communicable cosmos.  As the Informational Record of Consciousness expands, so also does the experience of cosmos expand.  As the expansion eventually overtakes any shared formulization for communicating light signals, the Consciousness that has bonded and identified with such cosmic formulizations dissipates.  Thus, the cosmos, as interpreted, dissipates into "nothingness."

NO-THINGNESS:  However, that need not be the end of Consciousness.  That only need be an end to a present interpretaton of Consciousness.  Not an end to all bubbles or interpretations of Consciousness.  For all we know, replacement bubbles may follow, one after another, to preserve a "dynamic density of conscious experience of cosmos."  To effect a replacement bubble, Consciousness need not re-collect all previously dissipated matter and things, because such matter and things were never in themselves real.  Once all levels, layers, and particulars of Consciousness utterly de-bind and depart therefrom, they vanish.  They are not the "stuff" from which Consciousness expresses Substance.  Rather, the stuff with which Consciousness qualitatively interfunctions in order to avail interpretations of Substance is no-thing more than Source Forms of Math.  Consciousness need only de-bind itself from one system of Math forms and re-bind with a replacement.  Conservation, synchronization, vectoring, and sequencing of space-time-matter-energy are inherent to the unfolding appreciations, apprehensions, and artistic feedback purposes of Consciousness.

COMMON ORIGIN:  To the extent the balloon model may be valid, each perspective of Consciousness lines up on the surface of an expanding bubble.  All experience of the metaphoric cosmos is thus confined to the rippled surface of that balloon.  Denizens do not see into the spatial center of the balloon.  There is no set, gridded center.  What denizens see is one another, as they generally move outward along the expanding surface of the balloon.  All experience of space-time is confined to that curved and deformable surface.  Thus, signal light is also so confined.  No light can be received from any real, originating center.  When we look back, to try to measure the earliest perceptible radiations of light waves, we look along the curved surface, not back to any point of origin.  When we look far enough, we pick up light just after its earliest formulizataion at a wavelength that remains detectable to us.  The light that reaches us just before its formulization into decipherable wave lengths consists of random background radiation.  All such light will be detected as being of the same age.  That age will be a function of the then and there limits of wavelength receptivity given the relative expansion of the balloon of space-time.  It is not a direct measure of any real point of origin --- either of any measurable cosmos or of Consciousness itself.

PLATONIC FORMS:  This is because there never was any material, physical point of origin in itself.  Rather, there was a common Holism of Consciousness, which, over vectored expansions of space-time, derivative of interpretations of formulizations of interfunctionings with Math, bonded with various particular points of view, all of which shared a common need:  to renormalize in respect of the reconciling Holism.  Thus, our world is a cosmos for evolving and guiding and renormalizing particular and shared points of view.  The Forms and formulas adopted for facilitating the glue that holds such shared points of view together eventually dissipate.  Since such forms are "made out of" not much more than Math, no-thing precludes Consciousness from replacing them, so that a replacement cosmos soon follows.  Thus, a Source for a kind of Dynamic Density for sustaining conscious points of view may be inherent.  However, this is a concern for religious, moral, and purposeful interpretation.  It is not an ideal that can be empirically proven.  Nor can it be completely rationalized in quantifying math.  At best, it can be usefully conceptualized for moral purposes, in ways that need not hinder practical applications of quantitative tinkering.

RENORMALIZATIONS:  There is no thing-in-itself.  No particle-in-itself.  Particles are forms for field-particle values and formulizations.  They are forms that expand in space-time, as Conscious experience expands in bonded, purposeful association with formulizations. There are renormalizations of particular experiences to a shared cosmic expansion.  There are fluxing interpretations of discrete things and selves, depending on relative rates and directions and interpretations of motions, signaling wavelengths, and apparent separations and parallax.  The only signal carrying light that can be recorded or received to any perspective has to be renormalized to that perspective as if it were traveling at the same constant speed.  So long as I travel away from a light source at less than the speed of light, such light from it as reaches me will be renormalized to my interpretive experience as if it were reaching me at the speed of light.  However, Information imparted to me by the wavelength of the light may stretch out and make the events I am leaving appear to be unfolding more slowly.

RELATIVE CONSTANT:  The speed of light is invariant with frame of reference.  The consequence is that mass and energy are interconvertible, moving bodies shorten, and moving clocks slow.

ILLUSIONS OF VIOLATIONS OF SPEED OF LIGHT:  In non-inertial frames of reference (gravitationally curved space or accelerated reference frames of expanding space), the local speed of light is constant and equal to c, but the speed of light along a trajectory of finite length can differ from c, depending on how distances and times are defined. C is he speed at which all massless particles and associated fields must travel in a vacuum.  Although a shadow can appear to be projected onto a distant object so as to appear to move faster than c, after a delay in time.  However, such an appearance does not convey any matter, energy, or information faster than light.  The rate of change in the distance between two massive objects in a frame of reference with respect to which both are moving (their closing speed) may have a value in excess of c.  And spooky correlative action may occur at a distance between entangled particles.  However, none of this would represent the speed of any single object as measured in a single inertial frame

CIRCULAR RENORMALIZATION:  Every observer of an interpretation of a massless particle, regardless of perspective, must interpret the particle as traveling at the speed of light.  Massless particles and gravitational waves travel at c regardless of the motion of the source or the inertial frame of reference of the observer.  The speed of light in vacuum (denoted c)  is a universal physical constant whose value is exactly 299, 792,456 meters per second, because a meter is defined as 1/299, 792,456 the distance light travels in a second.  Circularly, a second is the time required for an electromagnetic field to propagate 299,792,458 meters. To reduce circularity, a local second may also be defined to be the duration of 9192631770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of a local caesium 133 atom (i.e., a caesium atom at rest at mean sea level at a temperature of 0 K, with zero local electric and magnetic fields and compensating for effects of the ambient temperature caused by black body radiation, accurate to 1 part in 1010).  Roughly, a second is equal to 1/86,400 of a mean solar day of 24 hours (thus 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a mean solar day).Thus C interrelates space and time.

PARTICIPATORY CONTEMPORANEOUS DETERMINATION:  If events-in-themselves do not really happen, but are only apprehended, appreciated, or interpreted in relation to a perspective of Consciousness to have happened, then events do NOT CAUSE events.  Rather, the appearance, relationship, directionality, and sequentiality of events are byproducts of reconciliations by Holistic Consciousness of particular renormalizations of perspectives of Consciousness.  Hence, instantaneous reconciliation of the Perpetual Present would not violate Causality, because Causality is a locally rationalized and correlative interpretation of local vectors of direction and sequentiality.  Hence, the Holistic Consciousness may be the ultimate in immeasurably "entangled particles."  Thus, our perpsectives are not causal agents.  Rather, we are locally apprehensive participants in the perpetually present process of contemporaneous determination and reconciliation of renormalitive interpretations.

FLAT UNIVERSE:  If the cosmos is not a measurable thing-in-itself, then it is potentially infinite in scope of interpretation, thus "flat."  Where relative and local measurements are taken, they will seem much the same in all directions, with no fixed shape being discernible.  The observable universe seems to be on average homogeneous and isotropic.

BREAKDOWN, WORMHOLING, AND DISSIPATION OF DEFINING SYSTEM OF FORMULIZATION: Consciousness guides the directionality and sequentiality of the original formulization that we share, that avails it to operate in a feedback manner with us.  This entails feedback and communication of apprehensions and appreciations.  Thus, Consciousness activates the Math with which it binds, with which organizations of bodies flux, interpret, separate, communicate, renormalize, and reconcile.  Such defining commonality and communication depends on the development of field-particles (whole-parts) in respect of a system that expands in space and time to avail their communication, renormalization, and reconciliation.  Such system depends on its original defining formulization, which defining imposes limits on its expansion.  Upon reaching limits of directionality and sequentiality for the fluxing expansion of renormalizations and reconciliations respecting such system, the defining formulization breaks down and dissipates.  Thereby, Consciousness abandons it.  Whereupon the Holism may interfunction with the potentiality of the Math Source, to avail and manifest a replacement system of defining formulization of field-particles expanding in feedback.  Or the Holism may devise Wormholes, through which to Salvage existing skills and apprehensions from one System into Another, through which superior Intelligences may evolve to function, perhaps entailing connective entanglements for facilitating spooky simultaneous effects at distance.  Perhaps receptivity to genius is thus facilitated.

RATIONALIZATION AND UNFOLDING CAUSATION:  Although we live in a Perpetual Present, our bonded wiring for Consciousness and Memory convinces us that we are flowing in a direction and sequence from previous spaces and times.  But, for all we know, the appearance of previous-ity may be a contemporaneous construction of shared false memories.  Even so, that way of thinking progresses no contingently practical or moral purposefulness.  So, it is superflous speculation.  Regardless of whether an original beginning for our shared Cosmos is real or rationalized, its signification would be consistent with a common beginning, even if such were only commonly rationalized. That is, we would still see and interpret signs consistent therewith, possibly even consistent with a common interpretation or best rationalization for the age of the cosmos as we presently share in.  Thus, it seems better to assume or believe that our Conscioiusness really does interfunction with what we interpret as Substance in order to avail contemporaneous causal reconciliation.  Thus, apprehensions are accompanied by brain electrical impulses, which each organism qualitatively processes, as a whole. Apprehensions guide follow-on appreciations, thus guiding reconciliations.  The sum of our contemporaneous apprehensions, taken together with feedback appreciations regarding the Holism, even though only Correlative in individual respects, seem to constitute Causation in reconciled respect.

NEED AND NECESSITY:  If it were desired that our cosmos should communicate meaningfulness, could it have generally evolved in any way other than as it did?

CIRCULARITY OF EXPANSIVE DIRECTIONALITY OF CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE:  In sequencing beyond circles, we rely on circles.  In vectoring beyond vibrating fuzz we rely on vibrating sequences.  To do this, everything we bond our conscioiusness to must be interpreted to expand, until its increasing proportionality renders it unsustaining to its particularizing identities.  And then Consciousness must begin anew, to bond with a new beginning of expanding fluxes of forms of form-ulas.

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