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At the Intersection of Math and Essence -- Faux Time Simultaneity and Synchronicity

At the Intersection of Math and Essence -- Faux Time Simultaneity and Synchronicity

If the cosmos as a whole has an essence, it is not known to man except insofar as man apprehends renormalizations. To the extent man does not have insight into "dark" renormalizations, the cosmos as a whole may not be measurable to man. And to the extent our cosmos may be fitted into an imaginable infinity or eternity, our cosmos would seem, in its relations beyond our kin, immeasurable.

As two similar perspectives stand close together, they will tend as apparent fact to believe and perceive an apparent end of a rainbow as being near a same place, perhaps over an horizon. They will tend to feel that the rainbow is a real thing that occupies space for a receding and definite time. Relative to their perspective, the existence of the rainbow occupies a measurable time. However, it is not a time-in-itself. There are no particular things-in-themselves. Not even bits of time. Neither space nor time nor space-time exist as granular bits or part-ticlelizable things. They seem to be continuously divisible to orders and levels of significance only because, as appearances, they are renormalizable and renormalized to perspectives of observer-recorders that happen to share similar contextual situations. Outside focal ranges for renormalization, perspectives break down and their observation-recordings concerning appearances of space-time and measurably encompassed substance become fuzzy, ambiguous, incoherent, and eventually not meaningfully existent to any presently potential perspective.

May space-time and substance-information not be things-in-themselves? May they be only appearances, that is, may they be facts only when considered as sequences of events? It seems that sequences of events abide as facts only to the extent they are measurable in respect of orders of significance for focal limits that can be renormalized to be representable to perspectives of consciousness. It seems that particular "facts" can reasonably be conceptualized as nothing more than flux-events that are renormalized to orders of significance for the apparent representation to observer-recorders. Such a conceptualization may be made in a way that is consistent and coherent, without impeding empirical methods of science. Such a conception may help inspire positive empathy between and among the essence of the cosmos and its renormalizing constituencies of particular perspectives of observer-recorders.

Such a conception may reasonably be applied to rationalize that space-time and substance-information are not real-in-themselves, but that they are made to present and appear to be real by an unknowable essence that fluxes in respect of mathematical formulizations and algorithms. The unknowable essence fluxes to express aspects of Consciousness, Substance, and Information (CSI). The Substance aspect obeys (scientific) formulas of conservational calculus and renormalization to perspectives of observer-recorders. The obedience is confirmed by a cumulative record of sequential information (the past).

This may help mankind conceptualize how there is not really any favored fulcrum, and no favored frame of reference, and no simultaneity or synchronicity in time or space. This may help explicate how the appearances of particulars of space, time, substance, and information are derivative of a fluxing essence that effects particularized perspectives via fluxing and renormalizing maths. I suspect there abide no particular things-in-themselves. I suspect the separation of apparent things, in terms of apparent space and time and causal or predictable entanglement, is not really due to space, time, substance, or information. I suspect the sequential separation versus entanglement of apparently separate things is a byproduct of an immeasurable essence that fluxes to effect mathematical renormalizations that produce perspectives of Consciousness, measurable conservations of Substance, and accumulations of Information (CSI).

The source-essence is God. The math is the world. The CSI is the trinitarian con-substantialism of God, i.e., the three faces of God. The message and logos of Jesus may be analogized to the reasoning and understanding Consciousness. The reconciling and judging God may be analogized in the mathematical conservation of Substance. The comfort of remembrance in the Holy Ghost may be analogized in the cumulation of Information.

Particular things do not take space or time to come together to cause or influence one another, because particular things do not really exist. What intersect to come together are the fluxations of an essence that is immeasurable in itself, but whose fluxations are renormalizable to apparently local and particular mathematical calculus and measure. As maths of fluxations of the source-essence intersect, the appearances they sponsor appear also to intersect. The sequences of mathematical operations in respect of the fluxations of the immeasurable essence account for the apparent distances and separations in the potentialities of space, time, substance, and information. Chronologies are protected within what we perceive as our cosmos because the algorithmic functions that the Source-Essence applies to express particulars and potentials proceed along a generally set vector of math.

There are no particular things.
Therefore, there are no things to exist simultaneously or synchronously.
There are only appearances (re-presentations) of particular things.
There are particular facts concerning events, which are observed-recorded to all orders of significant measurement.
There are appearances that are renormalized to perspectives, as if they were experienced in renormalizable sequentiality, simultaneity, or synchronicity.
There is no actual, granular segment, bit, or particle of time or space.
Among particulars, there abides no commonly shared nowness.
There are renormalized resolutions of renormalizations, under which not all information can be recovered to every perspective.
However, subject to renormalization, orders of significance can be recovered, up to the limits of fuzz and ambiguity.

Particular experiences and perspectives of Will do not feed back contemporaneously in time, because time as such does not exist. But they do feed back in contemporaneous mathematical function. The source-essence tests, apprehends, and appreciates its fluxations in sequences of feed back, between and among itself as a holism and itself as a sum of perspectives, experiencing each perspective as being renormalized to its particular orders of qualitative and quantitative significance. The capacity of the source-essence to function as a holism-sum and as a changedless-changer is inherent to its singular character and nature.

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