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SCIENTIFIC LAWS: There are facts about sequences and relationships among events. Some such facts abide as laws of substantively measurable nature. They can be reliably represented in formulations about physics and substance.

WHOLE AND PARTS: In considering specifically defined and limited relationships among Substances, one finds that they are conserved and balanced, much as a mathematical formula. Conservation will rule all coordinate measures of specific relationships to all measured out orders of significance. Considering the sum total of substance, however, is different, in that such a constant and continuous totality of flux cannot be measured, since measuring it would necessitate a perspective outside it. That would necessitate a perspective that no mortal observer can take. This does not mean that the cosmic sum has no measure. It just means it does not have a measure that can be apportioned to mortal comprehension.

CONTINUOUS COMMUNICATION OF FEEDBACK:  The state of the connection or bonding between the Substance of an avatar (the body of a being), the Informational representation of the accumulation of its experiences (memory), and the quality of its Consciousness (feelings concerning its sensations) is affected by the internal organization of the avatar (attitude of purposefulness), the receptive tuning of its senses and memory (point of view), and the context that is external to it (frame of reference).  The quality of the information that the avatar receives from the wave of potentiality that is external to it is affected by the qualitative and measurable internal organization of its receptors.  Attitude affects one's receptors.  Receptors affect what one receives.  What one receives affects one's attitude and one's receptors.

SPECIFICALLY UNPREDICTABLE EFFECTS OF OBSERVING AND TAKING MEASUREMENTS:  Particular apprehensions affect fluxing presentations, which affect appreciations, which affect apprehensions, and so on, fluxing and unfolding as the whole of the field and its constituents and parts communicate and feed back and forth with each other, each affecting the moral purposefulness of the other.

INFINITY AND ETERNITY: To our apprehension, every presenting sum of the cosmos can apparently be represented and subjected to an infinity of divisions of perspectives in accumulations of information in space-time. Re-presentations may be finite, yet unbounded in context, infinitely divisible, and re-combinable.

DIFFERENTIAL RECEPTIVENESS: To each perspective whose point of view is from a slightly different frame of reference and different accumulation of filtering information, each presentment of an event is interpreted differently. Even so, each such event abides as a representation of an underlying factual relationship among an immeasurable flux that is shared in common with every perspective that has potential to sense or measure an aspect of it.

COMPOSITIONAL FACTS OF FLUXING FIELDS AND WAVES OF POTENTIALITY: Composite facts, although indeterminate except as considered in relation to an interpretive context, are preserved in a sequential record of the past. The observation and recordation of a measurable and measured fact "collapses" its wave of potentiality and determines it with significant part-icularity, so it can be re-presented and communicated as a part-icular fact. Facts that are not observed or measured remain in a general flux of indeterminateness and potentiality. Every fact that is collapsed to the measured determination of a perspective or recorder, contemporaneous with its communication, such as to another observer, must first be renormalized to the perspective (point of view) and context (frame of reference) within which such other observer habituates its identity (avatar). Every measurable fact that is communicable as such is broadly renormalizable to every perspective that can receive a communication relating to it. Facts do not exist to measured sensations except as interpretations of events. For interpretations, facts exist in a multi-flux of renormalizable ways. All measurable facts abide as composite fluxes of future potentiality of renormalizable communications.

FOUNDATIONAL HAPPENSTANCE: No non-trivial fact abides as a fact-in-itself, that can be observed, measured, or purposed in exactly the same way from every perspective and frame of reference. Every interpretation and derivation of a natural law concerning measurable facts needs to avail practical renormalization to each perspective that applies it. Natural laws that happen to be most foundational to shared perspectives will tend to be most precisely reliable. There is an aspect of renormalizing self-fulfillment in such precision. Such natural laws would not be foundational had the perspectives that find them to be foundational not happened to share a situation that happens to make them so. It is in respect of sharing such a foundation that different perspectives have capacity to reliably communicate renormalizable measures of unfolding fluxes of substance among themselves.

SCIENTISM AND PRACTICAL TRUTHINESS: However, apart from shared natural laws of physics, many facts are less foundational to communications. Manmade divisions in property assignments are not known to foundational nature. Such divisions are chosen by members of a society. They are related to manmade laws. Studies in psychology, sociology, economics, government, polling, prophecy, language, and history generally relate to such manmade conventions. Such studies are often conflated by confusers, deceivers, and abusers. The practical reliability of their formulations tends often to be much influenced by circular conditioning, sometimes random and sometimes contrived. The contrivance of formulations for making predictions and advocating policies in such fields can be abetted by vague terminology, tests picked to aid confirmation bias, bribery, intimidation, and deception. Such contrivances are more bad-faith Scientism than good-faith practical Science. Their "truthiness" is more in confusion and contrivance to purposes than in accurate description of substantive facts.

HARVESTING POLITICAL CONTROL OVER PEOPLE WHO ARE KEPT AS PERPETUAL CHILDREN: A "science of self fulfilling polls" can be connived and coordinated via dishonest pollsters, lying politicians, corrupt cronies, trained dupes, and fraudulent voting machines. Such faux-science that operates more like scientism may dupe naive or senile people, young and old, with unskilled or cherry-picked statistical data. Thus, practitioners of scientism can offer a mask of science to cover fraud under a system that uses inappropriate, inane, or corrupt peer review to give a veneer of respectability. For example, by infantilizing adults, governmental elitists may make it a self-fulfilling argument that government, not parents, should be made the primary overseers for raising children. In practice, this has become the sad fact in many neighborhoods that are comprised of minority welfare families. The self-fulfilling effect of such governmental intrusiveness tends to be to make more parents so incompetent as to need governmental intrusiveness. The effect tends to be that the children, instead of growing up to leave the nest of their parents, simply squat in the nest of government controllers. The effect is to stifle the freedom and dignity of many people by precluding dupes from becoming individually competent adults.

POSITIVE THINKING: Scientism can also reinforce self-defeating or self-fulfilling prophecies, so that what is decreed by opinion and fad leaders soon becomes akin to practical fact. Norman Vincent Peale understood the power of positive thinking. People who are inspired to believe they are smart, pretty, athletic, or caring can, by skillful conditioning, be led to become smart, pretty, athletic, or caring -- both quantitatively and qualitatively.

SPIRITUAL EMPATHY AND SELF FULFILLING MORALITY: Science cannot very well guide progress for our spiritual unfolding so long as we presume science should or could trump spirit.

SPIRIT OF THE LIVING COSMOS:  No part-icular fact exists in itself.  Every fact that is specific or particular to a locus must be sensed or recorded as being contemporaneously re-normalized to the situation of each observer-recorder by the re-presenting Holism (Spirit) that abides and fluxes as the apparently paradoxically finite yet unbounded cosmos, i.e., the Changeless Changer.  No part-icular fact exists for present-ation except as it is communicated (re-presented) by the Spirit of the fluxing ("living") cosmos.

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