Monday, November 3, 2014

Growing Up versus Perpetual Children

When people are kept as perpetual children, it's safe to assume someone is harvesting political control over them.  A "science of self fulfilling polls" can be connived and coordinated via dishonest pollsters, lying politicians, corrupt cronies, trained dupes, and fraudulent voting machines. Such faux-science that operates more like scientism may dupe un-wise, naive or senile people, young and old, with unskilled or cherry-picked statistical data.

Thus, practitioners of scientism can offer a mask of science to cover fraud under a system that uses inappropriate, inane, or corrupt peer review to give a veneer of respectability. For example, by infantilizing adults, governmental elitists may make it a self-fulfilling argument that government, not parents, should be made the primary overseers for raising children. In practice, this has become the sad fact in many neighborhoods that are comprised of minority welfare families. The self-fulfilling effect of such governmental intrusiveness tends to be to make more parents so incompetent as to need governmental intrusiveness. The effect tends to be that the children, instead of growing up to leave the nest of their parents, simply squat in the nest of their government controllers. The effect is to stifle the freedom and dignity of many people by precluding dupes from becoming individually competent and morally responsible adults.

Scientism can reinforce self-defeating or self-fulfilling prophecies, so that what is decreed by opinion and fad leaders soon becomes akin to practical fact. Norman Vincent Peale understood the power of positive thinking. People who are inspired to believe they are smart, pretty, athletic, or caring can, by skillful conditioning, be led to become smart, pretty, athletic, or caring -- both quantitatively and qualitatively.

However, science cannot very well guide the progress for our spiritual unfolding so long as we presume science should or could trump Spirit.

I recently read Popper's The Open Society.  Popper explicated that facts pertain not to things-in-themselves, but to events-in-flux.  This may lead one to consider how the cosmic flux is presented to each observer-participant. Think about how, within a system that makes a rainbow or universe, there is no measurable or determinate end-in-itself of any thing-in-itself. One is not availed to see any brick wall at the end of the universe.  Rather, all relational ends and events are constantly and continuously renormalized to each perpsective, depending on the relative locus and vector in space-time of each fluxing event, perspective, and context. The cosmos fluxes to present facts by constantly and continuously paying attention to renormalize their presentation to each perspective.

This seems to implicate a Spirit of Living Cosmos, such that no part-icular fact exists in itself.  Rather, every fact that is particular to a locus must be sensed or recorded as being contemporaneously re-normalized to the situation of each observer-recorder by the re-presenting Holism (Spirit) that abides and fluxes.  It seems that no part-icular fact exists for present-ation except as it is communicated (re-presented) by the Spirit of the fluxing ("living") cosmos.  The cosmos presents facts to us, but they are facts that are renormalized to whatever the situation that we happen to share.

People standing together in much the same situation will see the end of a rainbow as seeming to be at the same place.  Science does not consist in particles-in-themselves, but part-icles as they are collapsed out of a field of potentiality and presented to the measure and apprehensions of observer-recorders who happen to share a situation.

In respecting how the cosmos entails itself in feedback with its particular creations, people may accord more respect to its spiritual, living aspect and be more conscious of the potentialities of being receptive to its guidance and to innate empathies among its creations.  As I look at the ISIS cretin-children in the bodies of young men bartering over the sale of captured slave girls, it strikes me that they have been twisted by an evil meme to forget and neglect the innate guidance and empathy that is availed through the living Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

Obama the Great Lying Equalizer. Even some sheeple are waking up that the only income gap Obama wants to close is the gap between the working class and the welfare class. He absolutely does not want to close the gap between the wealthy and powerful class that rules versus everyone else. Soros, Gates, and Buffett are his good buddies. They all want a cheap and servile labor class, and they do not give a d a m n about any borders of any republic. They want to reduce the working and welfare classes to a common servile class, devoid of freedom, dignity, or political influence. They have perfected divide and rule and bread and circuses. You are nothing to them but a footstool. Nations, families, and faiths are to be destroyed by thousands of insulting and divisive cuts. The only religion to be allowed is the religion of despotic power. That religion cloaks itself under various names. Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, BLT, CRT, and Sharia. In a nutshell, Obama is nutting but a tool for despots. He is a walking perversion against God, good faith, and human decency. You have to be schooled by some truly ignorant and corrupt elitists to become as gone as this walking insult to humanity.