Tuesday, June 16, 2015



TRICKED OUT FLATNESS: We seem to be on a sphere, on the surface of which is projected a holograph.  The surface is such that we seem to live and perceive entirely within the appearance of the 4-D projection that constitutes the holograph.  No physical means, particle, light, or field avails us to sense or look up and out beyond or into the sphere.  Being dependent on the means of perception availed for appreciating the fluxing projections on and within the holograph, it is made to seem to us that our universe is generally equi-dense ("flat") in all spatial directions.

SHARING LINKS BEYOND MEASURABLE SOURCE: Living in the holographic projection, we notice:  Appearances change in generally predictable patterns and ways.  Underlying commonalities pervade such changes.  (1) One commonality is that they all seem to obey math imposed constraints and rules for kinds of spins and vectored projections. Orbits, rolls, revolutions.  Even when spins seem to be "around" points too tiny to measured or communicated as ordinary spins to our order of magnitude, they still seem to be entailed with math-based values that can be called spin-values.  (2) We also notice that patterns seem to be entailed to repeat, often like accompanying fractals within fractals, like a kaleidoscope. (3) Repetitions suggest an underlying nature, that is fractal-based, applies not just to forms in space, but also to sequences in time. (4) No matter which way we look, the general shape and density of fractals seems remarkably similar in all directions.  (5) Although space and time seem to be expanding, and distances between large bodies of matter seem to be uniformly increasing, we are unable to see any dissipative edge to the expansion.  Rather, appearances seem much the same in all spatial directions.  We look "out" and imagine we may see to or beyond the edge of the cosmos if we looked far enough.  Or, we imagine that by looking out far enough we may double back and thereby look back to find the "place" of the center of the origin of the cosmic sphere.

ETERNAL META BUBBLE:  However, appearances do not support our imagination of the cosmos as a simple balloon or bubble, with an originating center or a surface edge.  Our balloon model for explaining the expansion of space aids explanation only if we imagine all matter and energy is on the surface of the balloon -- not inside it, not near its center, and not beyond its surface. And, in "looking back," we need not look in any particular direction.  If we look far enough, we will detect information carried in the most ancient of available light -- but we can do this by looking in any direction.  If there were a "real center," one would expect to need to look towards it, not to be able to look to any direction.  It seems that observers separated across the vastest reaches of the cosmos, by looking in any direction as far as they can see, will see interpretations nearer the time of an originating "Big Bang."  But they will not find the "place," nor will they be looking in the same direction.  Under what conceptual model can this make any sense?

FINITE YET UNBOUNDED: How should we model a balloon, both of whose center and surface we cannot non-regressively see, measure, or describe?  The idea of a balloon may make sense only in respect of something we cannot directly see, measure, or prescribe confinement or size. How may a fluxing pattern of fractals be conceptualized to abide in respect of definitively finite yet fluxing space and an infinitely sequenceable time?

HOLODEK ON A BUBBLE:  Imagine a closed bubble.  Imagine its surface is a holograph, on which the center of the balloon projects an interconnecting flux of repeating fractals.  The fractals are, at any common and encompassing fractal, limited to the surface of the bubble.  However, because they are subject to a constant and continuous flux of projection, the fractal pattern is made infinite with the addition of time.  Imagine each level and layer of fractal is linked with all others, coordinate with the oscillation and flux of the projection from within the bubble.  In their repetitive, synchronized, and changing iterations, the fractals have properties of both continuosity and discreteness.  Projected on the surface, they fluz, distort, entangle, and spin.  Their entanglement is coordinate with entanglement within the "projector."  Entanglement entails resistence within spheres and fields of influence.  Spins and fields of spins.  But these spins, ultimately, are not measurable as "spins in themselves."  They are coordinate with spins projected from the Projector.  Living within the projection-holograph, we have no way to measure the "stuff" by which the Projector projects.  It is "meta" to us.  Yet, we sense and intuit that "something" connects the fractal patterns we are able to perceive to our conscious observation of them.

RECONCILING MORAL PURPOSEFULNESS: Perhaps the projecting is how the Projector acquires feedback by which to appreciate its idealizations from variously iterated, separated, linked, fractaled, and renormalizing perspectives.  In effect, it projects its consciousness among various levels, layers, spins, combinations, and coordinations of avatars of conscious perspectives.  As avatars sensing contexts within holodeks, we experience the different pesrpectives.  As Projector, it experiences and reconciles all perspectives, and modifies its projections accordingly, even as its chosen modifications of projections necessarily accord with rules of fractal math. Our participations as perspectives of consciousness are experienced, factored, and reconciled.  We are neither independent determiners nor pre-determined.  Yet, we are morally responsible part-icipants, being reconciled by a Meta Projector projecting from a meta center of a meta bubble onto a meta holodek.  Ultimately, the spins being projected are not in themselves of any substance.  They are fractals of spins linked within fractals of spins, with which they are relationally measurable and renormalizeable --- but with no ultimate substance-in-themselves.

FIFTH DIMENSION -- CONSERVATION OF C FACTOR:  For there to be reconciliation between the sum of perspectives of consciousness and the Projector of Consciousness, there would seem to be a conservation, so that whatever consciousness is projected to the holodek is in some way reflected to feed back back to the Projector, so that the total of conscious spin in the holodek is generally preserved.  There must be some dimensional axis of spin that is not directly measured, but that may be termed a C property (C factor).  A math law of conservation relates to matter, energy, gravitation, and inertia, which applies to some properties of measurable spin.  However, there must be another axis, apparently immeasurable, for another property of spin that relates to preserving a balance in the flux of a C property between the Projector and the holodek.What is projected may be called the "C property," which avails links among fractal-spins of consciousness, which are projected to the holodek, to avail: spectral separations; representations; interpretations; collapses; fractals; matrixes; organizations of organisms; and avatars of consciousness.  The C property must in some way be quantifiable, perhaps beyond mortal measure, yet a dimensional axis of "spin."  Perhaps C is the 5th Dimension for spin:  3D space, 1D time, 1D consciousness.

SEPARATIONS AND PERSPECTIVES OF CONTEXTS: To project C outbound from a center source, and yet to conserve it back, is to put C into separate iterations of twist-spin-link-fractals.  Twists and wave-destructive interference produce spectrally apparent separations, which yet remain linked for functional interrelation.  This produces separately linked and fluxing contexts and spin-absorbing perspectives of contexts.  The appearance of gravity not folding or collapsing back is a derivative of the superior folding back of consciousness -- the C factor.

FRACTAL PULSES:  Will the eventual entropic dissipation of the apparent mass with which our shared perspective of the cosmos is measurable result in the stripping away of all apparent and particular charges, masses, and forms?  Can enregy have any form if all mass is removed?  Would the result be a void of nothingness, suited to a next pulse-series of C factor?

FRACTAL MEANINGFULNESS:  What defines my interests and unfolding is such that IT also defines what unfolds all around me, in fractal symmetry, phased both in space and time.  What has come to pass before will, in different translations, come to pass again.  What seems scaled far above me is, in many fractal respects, scaled similar to me.  What coordinates my I-ness coordinates all the waves of my context.  What translates me will in many respects translate me again, again, and again. "I" am a unifying sum of patterns and interests that will repeat in countless iterative translations.  "I" will be, and yet each new iteration of part-icipatory I-ness will be spectrally separated from its predecessor and neighbor.

BREAKING AND SEPARATING FRACTAL SYMMETRY:  I am of the I Am, yet spectrally apart.  Thus, I am not the entire definer, controller, or Reconciler. In reconciliatory feedback, my conscious apprehensions are conceptually both causal and caused. "I" do not entirely cause the cosmos, yet a C-aspect of the Cosmos meaningfully synchronizes and responds with my participation.  In maths of iterative presentations of fractals in space and time, the I-Am-Reconciler is universally and presently finite in holodek-like expression, yet as infinite in perpetual potential as the unrepeating iteration of Pi. Thus, the C factor is iterative, repeating, responsive, meaningful, connecting, personal.  I affect it.  It responds to me -- via fractal iterations and connections.  "I" am puny, yet meaningfully powerful in fractal potentiality.


Anonymous said...

The nature of our world is one of perpetual pattern connection, feedback, flux and reconciliation. Fractals, arising and fluxing out of nothing more than a spiritual hand. Those who are in denial about connectivity and feedback with God tend to seek to achieve connectivity and feedback with a hollow God replacement -- which is Gov. Since Gov is hollow, many people try to fill the hollowness of Gov with worship of themselves.

These hollow people seek gov position to serve themselves. Believing they can rely on no appeal to higher reason or assimilating morality, they appeal to base and diverse gangs, marked by trivialities like skin color, tattoos, gang signs, or spottings of common prey.

Thus, Gov becomes rule that alternates among competing gangs. So, a godless or god perverting coalition of race hustlers and corporate cannibals marks Whitey, Jews, and America as common prey around which to plot depredations. This method of divide and rule has been tried and found true for all gang bangers, sub-groups of gang bangers, and fluxing alliances among gang bangers. The most common tactic of a leader among godless or god perverting gang bangers is to accuse other people of wrongly forming gangs. Obama-ilk see patterns of depradations by "Whitey" everywhere, but never see any contributing cause in themselves.

Followers of divide and rule gangsters always produce cultural hell holes. I saw a snippit where Maher had before his thinking-challenged audience three drones debating Coulter. One made her point for her, that corporate America is inviting all the cheap laborers.

Three points never dawn on Coulter's detractors or the godless and god perverting Maher audience: (1) Cheap laborers cost more in taxpayer paid benefits than they contribute to the economy; (2) cheap lobor will soon be replaced by machines, but the cheap laborers will still be upon us; and (3) importing ever more cheap laborers and their families and relatives is an unsustainable pyramid. As long as godless and god perverting audiences remain in denial, their appetitie for idiocy will continue to be bottomless, until America is reduced to a bottomless hell hole.

The reason "Whitey" produced an economic miracle is because Whitey assimilated a decent republic and Christian culture in respect of God. The reason Whitey tolerates being abused is because of misled ideas concerning Christianity. The reason a coalition of race hustlers and corporate cannibals is without conscience in taking down the miracle Whitey produced is because the coalition is essentially godless or god perverting. America has lost her way.

Anonymous said...

People value their time. Pollsters should cut to the chase. They need ask only two questions:

Do you favor a two class solution for the world, so elites can better govern people who need the help of government?

Do you favor having elites put a ring through your nose, to make it more convenient to lead you to all the good things they intend for you?

If yes to either question, please return your identity information and a sizeable contribution in the envelope that is enclosed for your convenience. Working together, we can make government work for our governors.

Anonymous said...

The memory hole assault on free speech and historical sensibilities is getting ridiculous. People can find all kinds of words, flags and symbols to get offended about. Among confederate flags, people who want to control thought crime can get offended about quite a number. The Stars and Bars, the Stainless Banner, the Blood Soaked Banner, the Bonnie Blue, the Sovereignty Secession Flag, the Navy Jack, the Flags of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, and so on. The more the inroads made by the offended, the more inroads they want to make. Their regs and bans never stop.

First they come for flags. Then they move on to license plates, school mascots, personal flags, family crests, letterheads, letters, guns. If the test is whether a segment of society voices its subjective feelings of being offended, then in how many ways does the right to be offended and to ban the stuff that offends flow?

Anonymous said...

The thing that is working marvelously well for Dems is Big Lie Demagoguery. Just ignore all bs detectors, keep your head down, and keep drilling the lie. This worked for incompetent Dems when they made Blacks their sacrificial scapegoats. It works for incompetent Dems now, as they make decent Americans their sacrificial scapegoats. Half the electorate now simply repeats what its approved media elites say, and they just keep repeating lies, shamelessly. Half the population probably still believes in the meme, "Hands up, don't shoot."

The OJ Jury acquited on the meme, "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit." When a lawyer has a case that won't stand up to bs detection, he will tend to just keep calling witnesses to repeat the same stories. Tell the jury what you're going to tell them; tell them; then tell them you told them. Once you get a jury that declines to identify with the opposition, you can keep the opposition's credibility baniished by simply ignoring its points and ridiculing it for not believing your lies.

See the Jon Stewart School of Debate: When all else fails, you can say something like, "Nambla, Nambla, Nambla." But see http://www.breitbart.com/big-h.... So, I wonder how often Jon Stewart makes anything of Conservatives being shouted down at liberal colleges while seeking to exercise their First Amendment Rights?

DemProgs just keep hitting on every episode that involves their client base being picked on, and ignore every episode of the opposite. Once they have selected enough fools for a jury (electorate), the Big Lie technique becomes nearly foolproof. Dems don't need no stinking thinkers or bs detectors to win!

Now, if you're wondering, isn't this an indication that society has gone almost completely amoral, well ... yes, it is. That's kinda expected when you run reasoned moral faith out of the public square. It sets us up for evil, demagogic rulers (with aclu apologists), pretending to be humanitarian elites. It's also effective for recruiting nutcase jihadis for ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Ours is to try to make the best of difficult situations. There is no cure simply by disarming oneself and entrusting the entirety of one's management to fallible elitists. Obama and musloid ilk would like everyone else to dhimmi themselves to elitists' pretended superior management. Doing that would make matters worse, not better. Indeed, it makes far more sense to blame Obama for the increasing divisiveness in our society than it does to blame Tea Party types who seek to reinstill more sense of personal responsibility. It is less the empowerment of personal and local responsibility that ails us than the empowerment of sophomoric, multi-faced, lying, centrally commanding demagogues. If we took the drift of Obama's advice and urgings, the republic would be dead in less than a fortnight.

Anonymous said...

We need to inspire a recovery of the true and worthwhile spiritual values that are behind the religious metaphors. There are moral principles that are meaningful and valid; the stories are parables. That, however, is reason to discuss parables in context. It is not reason to toss out all parables wholesale. The decline of the Christian Church is a tragedy preliminary to a fall.

All communications are based on models (metaphors, parables, constructs). We try to make the models as suitable as we can. They evolve with our understanding. The impulse to throw out the parables of Jesus, the Great Commandment, and the Golden Rule, has become like a tsumani that overpowers every material thing and then recedes to show a debris field of desolation.

Into this field, extremely depraved philosophies and memes have been organized and made ready to take advantage and to take the field. This is not "progress." It is prepatory to rapine and plunder by primitives, who only call themselves "progressives" to cover their corruption and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Agree. The main problem I have with "Libertarians" is that they too often seem so in thrall of their immediate pleasures that they are rendered oblivious to a need to preserve a culture that will instill the decency to protect children. Look at the "liberalness" of most inner cities. How's that "social liberality" working out for their kids? What responsible adult would entrust the "village people" (or public school teachers) of an inner city, multi-culti slum to help look after the moral upbringing of their kids?

Anonymous said...

How to explain the harm that has been done by dividing America into false tribes based on race, gender, and orientation. What is the cause and motivation? The correlation seems to be in the decline of spiritual faith and the rise of narcissistic demagogues. Those who have lost or never had faith, who wish only to serve their own pleasures, have leveraged ways to confound the faith of others and to twist it into the service of pimps for faux-sciences of "critical" racism, bigotry, and doublethink. Evildoers have sought to replace God with Gov under their own claims of "scientific" elitism and feelings for the pains of others (with Left leaning hands feeling for wallets).

Corrupt people and institutions have arrayed to divide and corrupt Americans. It is often pointed out that 95% of blacks voted for Obama. This is surely more indicative of corruption that has infested our information-disseminating institutions than any innate deficiency on account of being black. Yes, black culture needs to change. But to do so, it will have to overcome the culture of progressive corruption that encompasses and abuses it. Behind the lying smiles of Dems, there abide the tendencies of malignant narcissists. Cynical farmers and baiters of resentments and race.

There's blame and shame to go around. The way out is not with financial inducements for more of the same. The way out is to apply shame while pointing to a new direction. Colin Flaherty is helping to apply the shame.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, it's hard for children to find responsible fathers to raise them, without the corruption of gov. A family that is responsible, that makes its own way, tends not to be able in time or money to afford to raise more than one or two children. Certainly, the Prog Lobby frowns on incentives for traditional, responsible families. Indeed, it is working as fast as it can to dedefine and dismantle families to replace them with gov overseers and guarantors of anti-bullying and unearned self esteem.

So, who is having all the children? That would be the unemployed class, that has a parent, even if single, home most of the day. That would include single welfare mothers, welfare muslims, and illegals bringing their relatives and families across the border. Ignorant metrosexuals and monstrous muslims. Parenting is down among responsible Americans because, to have more children, they would have to surrender their mores and become more like the base of the pyramid of cheap and corrupt labor that is expanding before our eyes and becoming of such weight as to sink us all into a morass of individual irresponsibility. Indeed, responsible parents are being taxed more and more to pay the welfare and to provide the soldiering to defend the ignorance and corruption of the Dino-Rino Complex.

This is an out of control pyramid scheme that is being built under swamp water. The NSP -- Newly Swamped Pyramid -- symbol of strength in the corruption of stupidity. Replacing the eagle with the bottom feeding catfish ... with concrete fins.

Anonymous said...

There are repeating fractals in space and time. They are connected, and we can appreciate, learn from, communicate about, and inspire guidance in respect of them. There is nothing superstitious about the effects of learning or failing to learn from the history of unfolding patterns. What comes around eventually goes around. Whatever defines our experiences, it has been here before, and in various sequential progressions and permutations, it will be here again.

Instead of Plato's Cave, I would model our experience of the cosmos as more like a derivative of a balloon, with a thin hologram on its surface, expanding in respect of nothing more than a projection from the meta center of an immeasurable C factor, which projection produces the appearance of space-time and variously separated and linking fractal folds on its surface. Either that or a high stack of turtles on a meta turtle at the bottom. Lol. The neat thing is this: Even if you believe in no-thing, it turns out that your no-thing is apparently some-thing.

Anonymous said...

I expect most kids understand games of pretend. I doubt many don't know it's their parents putting stuff under their pillow -- not the Tooth Fairy. Playing with dolls is healthy for little girls. Playing "you're IT" is healthy for all kids. All of measurable existence arises out of breaking otherwise nothingness into asymmetries. That is, God playing pretend.

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp'd tow'rs, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.
-- The Tempest Act 4, scene 1, 148–158

Anonymous said...

Any justice who thinks and says there is no reason to defend traditional marriage other than bigotry exhibits precisely the kind of corrupted brain rot that will twist in ever faster bits to turn all self rule over to world elites. Can you say hello to my leetle hell hole?

Anonymous said...

If Scotus wants to preserve the republic that is essential to Scotus' relevancy, then it will kick the marriage issue back to the States. If Scotus is overpowered by elitists who don't care about the republic and who expect their power to be reinforced by the NWO, then Scotus will not mind prescribing an elitist poison pill to help kill self rule by the people.

Every thinking person who looks at the indoctrination of common stupidity that is being blasted against the citizenry, who looks at the gangster connivery in trade and demographics that is going on among republic-destroying elitists, should be in fear for the republic. New world metrosexuals would sooner kill themselves than give up their enthrallment with national suicide by sex based asphyxiation. The way things are going, the children who replace the next generation will by far come from the most irresponsible of parents. Adios borders, adios responsible families, adios faith, adios America.

Anonymous said...

Something has facilitated the build up of a pattern of expectation or hope that Yellowstone will not erupt tomorrow. You may call that "something" Superstition. Or Statistical Analysis. Or Jesus. Or, as I sometimes prefer, the Author of the Cosmos. I have no problem with that.

Patterns, cycles, orbits, revolutions, spins. Repeating Fractals. If they're no-thing, they're a strange kind of nothing. If non-sense, quite as strange. IAE, not my creation --- just my observation. If you like terming it "nonsense," that's fine by me. I certainly don't claim to have a scientific or perfectly quantifying explanation for the "bottom turtle." I simply believe the bottom turtle is not confined to the bottom, but abides with every flux of every pattern.

Anonymous said...

The obvious is that when something no longer works, it stops working. Then we move on to something else. What is going on in DC may cause the plan as laid out in the Constitution to stop working. Then we cycle on to watering the Tree of Liberty. That is not merely implicit; it has already been expressly stated. It's not a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Read the book. Then see if you are still dissatisfied. The idea is to leverage local control. Levin and the Founders believe a convention of states can do that. We happen to think the Founders were pretty smart. By your reasoning, the Founders' provision was mere surplusage. As things stand, especially with advantages of incumbency and support from monied bribers, local interests take a far back seat. If each local state is invested, there is more attention paid and it's far harder to buy the system.

Levin's not making a guarantee. He's saying this: What we're doing has failed us. This is a chance to grab a branch before falling into the abyss. If the branch doesn't hold, well, you're falling anyway. Is this hard? Have you got an alternative? Do you think we're not tipping over now? Sorry, but I just don't get your point, if there is one.

The despotic oligarchy has contrived numerous weapons and ways to kill the republic and push us to a two-class, hell-hole world. Immigration, trade, banking, debt, false equalities, revolving door elections and appointments, race baiting, divide and rule, on and on. Levin has a number of ideas. I think most of them are good, even vital. When a person is coming at you with a knife and a gun, it does little good just to disarm one weapon. A convention could consider: What must we do to disarm those who are set upon killing the republic? You may have particular favorites, with which I probably agree. I am probably for each and all of the cures Levin proposes. If other people prefer that we just do three or four of them, I would also be good with that.

Right now, people need to rally and understand: What are the problems? What are reasonable solutions? How do we begin? If Congress as it is, as corrupt and bribed as it is, can accomplish some solutions, great. Problem is, we are being beset from all sides by an evil, corrupt, lying, two-faced oligarchy. A simple toss of a bone is not going to fix Fido.

Anonymous said...

I think the murder rates per 100,000 citizens are about 1.3 for England, 2.6 for Scotland, and 1.3 for Australia. The U.S. does have a higher rate. We also have a border with Mexico and perhaps more diversity and ghettos. IAE, depending on year compared, the rates are probably about 4.5 for U.S., 4.5 for New Jersey, 4.3 for Texas, and 3.3 for New York.

For guns of Americans ever to be confiscated, the event would probably be secondary to a fast left turn to despotism. We probably would agree that the point of the 2A is to counter that potentiality. Given our ghettos and porous borders, a fast turn to despotism may well be accompanied by an increased rate of "example making." At least, the Weather Underground seemed cavalier about that potentiality.

Despots have learned since the days of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Fidel, and Che. Given modern technology, it's possible they may be able to consolidate power in a "kinder and gentler" way. So your implied point is not without merit.

Much would depend on how docile people would be about sacrificing autonomy to despots. I suspect a lot of rural Americans would not be docile. Someone provided a chart a few days ago that compared gun ownership in the US with pretty much the rest of the world. We have a lot! I doubt the England, Scotland, and Australia models would work for us. But your point is interesting. Let's post about it if more info is found.

Anonymous said...

Launderers have always washed the grubby hands of criminals. McConnell can reach across the aisle to work with fellow crooks. It's the Conservers of Liberty that he can't understand. In Rino-Dino land, you can be a carnival barker or a mark. But you can't be allowed to escape the carnival.

Anonymous said...

Progs never want solutions that entail personal responsibility. Progs want to find problems, make matters worse, demand gov to fix, make matters still worse, demand more gov to fix. They want a new world ghetto where they get to be the hustlers.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Oprah, for some reason, have a need to stick the N word in Whitey's face. They know metro-libs will be stirred to self flagellation by it. Being twisted, many are. But then they want to splash their act onto ordinary Americans. No mas. Most of us have learned that a lot of this stuff reeks of Dozealian calculation.

Who uses the N word nowadays? Dozealians looking for sympathy. Actors looking for publicity. Prog politicians looking for people to blame. Libs wanting to act out the guilt they have been taught in progschool. Absent race hustlers like Obama and Sharpton, who want to act out so they can hear the N word, when is it really used nowadays in an intentionally hurtful way?

Anonymous said...

Whatever is bad for the republic, DC (District of Corruption) as presently comprised can be counted on to get around to doing it. I suspect oil and drug wars are part of a game of rot that is played on several levels. At higher level, partners in crime take care of their money launderers. At even higher level, candidates take money from despots in return for promises, if elected, to gift weapons and technology. Few honest people need apply. Corrupt leaders have a stake in helping other corrupt leaders retain power. McConnell, for example, knows how Dems think. It's the principled Conservatives he can't do business with.

The whirlpool of nasty rot in DC is not conducive to much that can be good for a republic that poses as one that is supposed to be of, by, and for the people. These oil and drug wars (and episodes of social justice warrioring to establish "equality") are what put the sewage in the cesspools of Orwellianism. Our Constitution, in the hands of DC trash and their godless "smart" prog metrosexuals, is lost unless a convention of states can save it.

Anonymous said...

Something has facilitated the build up of a pattern of expectation or hope that Yellowstone will not erupt tomorrow. You may call that "something" Superstition. Or Statistical Analysis. Or Jesus. Or, as I sometimes prefer, the Author of the Cosmos. I have no problem with that.

Patterns, cycles, orbits, revolutions, spins. Repeating Fractals. If they're no-thing, they're a strange kind of nothing. If non-sense, quite as strange. IAE, not my creation --- just my observation. If you like terming it "nonsense," that's fine by me. I certainly don't claim to have a scientific or perfectly quantifying explanation for the "bottom turtle." I simply believe the bottom turtle is not confined to the bottom, but *abides with every flux and every fractal of every pattern.


*Whatever particle (or "turtle") is next to the bottom-most particle (or ultimate explanation or bottom turtle), to be next to the meta aspect of the ultimate particle, such next particle would itself have to have a meta aspect. And so would the particle next to it. All the way up. If it's "turtles all the way down," then it's also turtles all the way up. To recognize that a meta quality haunts and permeates any ultimate explanation is necessarily to recognize that a meta quality must also permeate every non-trivial practical explanation. The meta, spiritual, "Holy Ghost" aspect of our existentiality is simply unavoidable. IOW, our cosmos is not in itself complete or in any practical way "closed" to God. No matter how scientific or non-superstitious one may profess to be.