Wednesday, June 3, 2015



What are consciousness, space, time, spin, mass, points, forms, transitions, transfers, math?

These things seem to be more than they seem.  There is no settled consensus regarding the meaning of these seemingly fundamental terms.

Each particle that can be observed itself, in its spin, represents a locus wherewith the Source has adopted a perspective of consciousness.

As particles come to share a field of aggregating influence, they may become organized to share common and empathetic apprehensions and purposes of survival, replication, and niche preservation --- as levels and layers of organisms and perspectives of consciousness.

As such organisms organize complex perspectives of consciousness-of-consciousness-of-consciousness, they will exhibit emerging awareness of themselves and their societies and states of affairs.

Not every organization of clusters of particles is constituted to adopt and express awareness of self that is coordinate with a localized emergent.

Not every potential for spin is manifested to conscious factoring or even to potentially conscious factoring.  Some "causes" effect determinations from beneath the consciousness that is availed to mortal avatars of consciousness.

A spin may not become practical or detectible to "nearby" organisms unless and until they become aware of it, and factor for its inference, in a reliably useful or predictive way.

A spin is not meaningfully existent to mortal consciousness until it (or its track) becomes manifest in association with statistically reliable and testable signification.

Spins seem to represent fields that can be organized to amplify their mutual preservation modeling, to sustain and replicate emerging patterns that host meaningful and empathetic perspectives of consciousness.

With each sequential revolution of a spin, the Holism expresses its capacity to count.  That is, "to math."

How may a complex system of spins that becomes an organism that gives experience to emergent self and empathetic awareness feed back its emergent apprehensions, to be appreciated by the sponsoring Source?  If the Source can count revolutions and sequences of spins, may it appreciate emergent qualities of empathy with complex loci of consciousness?  On the other hand, if the ultimate loci is not really in any local space-time, but in the Source itself, then how could the Source NOT appreciate the derivations and creations that are inferior to IT?


Were there no measurable thing, there could not occur any measurable spin, without there first occurring immeasurable consciousness.  No consciousness, no spin.

Were there to abide no thing of which to be conscious, there would be no consciousness.  No spin, no consciousness.

Empathetic apprehension and modeling emerges with consciousness of spin.  No consciousness and spin, no model for moral empathy.  Spin entails some level of conscious empathy.

There is no spin without a resonating capacity in or of a field in which the spin is nested.

No field could influence a first spin unless there abode a symmetrical field for a second spin, and vice-versa.

Unless and until potential for spin symmetry were broken, there would be no capacity for overlap or transmission of communication of information among sub-spins.

The concept of spin can model both (calculus) continuosity (in space-time) and (statistics) discreteness (in number and sequence of revolutions).

Every measurable complex of spins, whether continuous or discrete, is definable only in the flux and spin of its equational translations with and between other mediums and complexes of spins.

Things become what other things, in empathetic resonance, make or think of them.

The substantive nature of every thing, as a thing in itself that is apart from consciousness, is a receding illusion.

The apparent "separation" of spins in space-time is an indication of decreasing capacities among local fields of influence to relate to "nearby" fields of influence.

Such separation is an indication that the Source, in aspects, cycles among periods of spinning "sleep" (potentiality) versus periods of spinning "awakeness" (measurable manifestations).

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