Monday, June 29, 2015

Renormalization -- How Is It Tricked Out

We are connected in respect of a perpetual Nowness, that involves constant and continuous feedback between a Holism and its constituent and particular Perspectives.  A conceptual model for this may be framed as if the Holism were a Projector of a C-factor (Consciousness?), that twists, spins, and reflects back and forth between it from the center of a meta sphere to a thin holograph at the limit of its surface.
We can model the unfolding of the Nowness as being entirely preset, partially preset, randomly set or preset, or uncertainly and participatorily set.
To harmonize practical empiricism with purposeful moralism, it seems intuitively best to model the unfolding Nowness as being participatorily set.
All measurable and apparent forces are renormalized local derivatives of this feedback-spinback, and are therefore pseudo forces.
The curvature of space-time (Gravity) has instantaneous effects, but ripples (gravity waves) in it transmit information at a constant speed.
Light (EMR) is renormalized to be experienced as transmitting information at a constant speed.
Causality is from a higher source.  Substantive measurements are mere local renormalizations for correlative and placeholding signs.
The measurably limiting speed for the transmission of renormalizing information in empty space via EMR and Gravity Waves is the same.
What we mortals measure are correlatives that are renormalized to our experience in respect of common chronologies.
The strong and weak forces are pseudo forces, derivative of spinback of the C-factor between the Holism and the Holodek.
All pseudo forces are measurably derivative of spin factors that are derivatives of the projections and reflections of the C-factor.
All measurables are derivatives of spin factors for angular momentums.
All mortal experience may be modeled as taking place on the surface of a holograph that is curved all around a center projection of the C-factor.


Anonymous said...

I pay close attention to the words attributed to Jesus, who spoke in parables. The words of others, I take in historical and cultural context. I decline to believe literalistic interpretations of obvious metaphors, especially when reliably recurrent empiricism tends to disprove their literalistic application.

I believe in a Godhead whose guidance we can intuit. I think the Godhead signs to us in the metaphors of the Good Book, and also in the fractal regularity of the cosmos. I have no reason to doubt a hereafter, but I don't presume to know its shape or contents. I admire the exemplar of Jesus. His life and death were essential for Him to be that exemplar. I believe in an original gift of participatory will, but not so much in an idea of original sin. I think we need guidance to overcome the ill effects of some of our participatory choices. I think I am a Christian, but I recognize that many would incline to deny that I am. That does not trouble me.

I think it is important for every capable adult to mature towards a personal relationship with the higher Principler. I do not defer for moral instruction to any mortal merely because of his title within some artificial hierarchy. I think the purpose of a spiritual forum should be to invite intelligent moral reflection among mature adults. For any one person to presume to know the mind of God by imposing his idea of a strict interpretation of words attributed not to Jesus but to others and within a different cultural context tends to be obnoxious to me.

For example, I raised two wonderful and responsible daughters. I would never advise them, on account of passages that were meant to be respectful within a different culture, that they MUST subordinate themselves to their husbands or cover or not cover their heads in any context. I am not too troubled, however, by people who take a different view -- just so long as they do not seek to impose their theocratic view under the secular law.

As to support for traditional positions concerning marriage and family, in main, I find enough of that in this test: What is presently needed to sustain a decent representative republic that tends to maximize human freedom and dignity, as God intended? To me, the answer consists in these factors: Faith, family, friends, and fidelity. Bottom line: I am very supportive of the need for effective spiritual forums -- provided they respect the need for each participant to walk his own path with the Reconciler. Which is why I find Islam to be anathema.

Anonymous said...

If the Pope is simply noting that international (global) corporatism (capitalism) tends to be devoid of moral values or respect for representative republics and their citizenries, then the Pope is straight on target.

If the Pope is suggesting that central govs should assume more responsibility for charity by promoting socialistic equality in the distribution of goods, that would be a different thing.

I cannot tell from the article which way the Pope is being characterized. IAE: I Do Not Think It Is Socialistic To Express Concern Against The Buying And Selling Of Govs By Global Corporatists! If that is all the Pope is saying, then that message is a good one. If the Pope is complaining that global corporatists are promoting un-charity and anti-republicanism, then that message also is a good one.

If Rick agrees that free enterprise is preferable to crony capitalism or corporatism, then he should not be conflating attempts to restrain global crony capitalism as if such attempts were socialistic or anti-free-enterprise. The reason is this: Neither free enterprise nor socialism can survive global crony capitalism (which is really fascist corporatism).

When defending decent Christian values, it's necessary to try to keep one's mind and one's sword sharp against all attackers -- both the corrupt and the confused. I am not a Catholic. I have some issues with Catholicism, but I have issues with most religions. That said, I consider myself to be oriented in the Christian tradition, and I do not believe decent civilization would have evolved without Christian traditions.

Anonymous said...

For whom was the Pope's message intended? If intended for already banana, two-class societies, then it may make some small sense to urge more tempering of oligarchic fascism with clerical despotism. If intended as a fix for societies with relatively strong middle classes, then the message is wrong headed. For societies with strong middle classes, all that is needed is to check better against cronies of all kinds, whether clerical or corporate.

There will always be capitalism and inequality in the world. It would be malicious demagoguery to pretend the material world could even exist without asymmetrical inequalities. If the Pope believes otherwise, let him be the first to "go equalize himself." Otherwise, it should be obvious that the Pope simply wants to exchange his clerical and commie central usurpers for the oligarchic and corporatist central usurpers. Either way, it would still be crony capitalism all the way down.

America's founders conceived a third way. It could be called free enterprise under a representative republic, with sustainable checks and balances that are sufficient to neutralize commie and corporatist capitalism so that they do not undermine human freedom and dignity. Christianity does not have to lead to despotic clericism or fascistic oligarchism. Indeed, early American Protestantism was largely behind the American miracle. (He that will not work, neither shall he eat.)

Why, then, do so many modern church and state people of the Establishment foster the Obamanesque Lie that Christian morality necessitates central gov command over the equal redistribution of other people's money? Let's move away from collectively abandoning all responsibility to pretending elites (like Prezy, Pope, and their fellow travelers) and instead reclaim responsibility for our own individual relationships with the Reconciler. Let pastors lead the way to that, instead of interloping to pretend expertise in parceling out "equal" doses of spiritual and material goods.

A free and intelligent people needs to avoid both clerical central command and oligarchic central command. Both lead to a banana republic, either as despotism or as fascism. Obama needs to be nullified or impeached. Corporations need to be checked and regulated so that their operatives are not empowered to undermine republics by buying and selling pols and govs. Central power needs to be broken up and dispersed. Lobbying needs to be regulated or taxed. Pols who sell out for personal gain to foreign lobbying from international corporatists need to be tried for treason. A convention needs to promote Levin's Liberty Amendments. The Pope needs to restrain his fondness for banana republicanism and focus on his Bible reading.

Anonymous said...

How about we just stop raiding the treasury to pay for benefits for all these newly invented classes? You're not keeping up. The problem is not lack of freedom to do whatever deviance you wanna. We already have that! The problem is how to draw a line to stop newly minted classifications of relationships from asserting a fundamental and equal right to raid the treasury on account of such relationships, now or soon to be Constitutionally enfranchised in the eyes of the law. We are being run over by pervs demanding payments and reparations to finance their relationships. And they never, ever stop. Meanwhile, our elites tell us, like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, "All is well. All is well." Animal House is morphing into Animal Farm before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Our Constitution now means only what wealthy and influential people decide it means. By themselves, mere words have no lasting meaning. Because we are in effect no longer a representative republic, the people at large and their culture do not count and are not represented. If the people resist, just open the borders, flip the demographic, redefine the newspeak, and coordinate the propaganda media/academia.

Anonymous said...

If marriage is a fundamental right, irrespective of nature or biology or sound politics, then presumably a person who gets married can get married again, to anyone he or she wants, without even having to tell his or her other spouse(s). We can have tangled webs of marriages all across America and the world. How will anyone sort out visitation rights, inheritance rights, liabilities for spreading disease, and liability-sharing obligations in such a web? Why continue with marriage as an institution? Why not just cohabit with whomever you want and let the gov assume responsibility for any children? S/

Anonymous said...

It is beyond doubt that an international establishment of evil, self-godded, demented, crony oligarchs is bent on destroying every representative republic and reducing them to serfdoms for their cronydoms. No overt conspiracy was necessary. Evil-dar has always been able to recognize its agents. And so, while ordinary Americans sat complacently and trustingly, Evil-dar have consolidated control in all institutions of persuasion, especially including mass entertainment, division and diversion, media and academia, faux science, fiat banking, pain distribution and pleasure addiction. They have trained and armed various Oz monkeys (judges without compasses, demented SJW, radical terrorists, idiot commies, militant atheists, and militant fecalists) and set them loose against decent society everywhere.

The NWO establishment is united against independent Americans. All three branches of our gov are now infested and ruled by NWO elites over a drowning electorate. Voting has been made a fraud. Truth has been made a hate crime. Spirituality, morality, and common sense have been driven from public square. Technologies have been perfected for monitoring and controlling the general populace. Money has been turned into fiat coupons and chits under the controlled dissemination of favored elite hedgers. The religions of fear and punishment (Islam and Communism) have been enlisted to replace the religion of peace (Christianity). Gov has been put under the territorial control of international crony syndicates, which have now been empowered to force the grooming of children. The NWO is now a self-sustaining, kick-back, mutual support society. One example among legions: Clintons selling nuclear technology to Chicoms in exchange for back door contributions to Clinton Foundation.

The only things that can salvage America as a free and representative republic are a grown up restoration of faith, family, friends, and fidelity.

Anonymous said...

Across the country, the best and brightest are being covered in coal dust. The Feds now have or will compile a data base that identifies each person by color, culture, party, gender, orientation, basic intellect, criminal history, job history, internet contacts. The Feds use data when they get it. What could be the usages for which the Feds plan to manage and use this data?

Well, the Feds ratchet all ideas of "fairness" one way: towards central control. This data will be used "to force the people to be fair." God invites people to be good. But Gov forces people to be good, as Gov defines it. The force will gradually intensify, beginning as seed money, cheap bribes, and favors, "progressing" to threats, fines, punishments, suspensions, loss of jobs, loss of kids, confinement, firing squads.

You WILL live in a diverse neighborhood that is "fair," as your superiors in the Fed apparatus define it. Your individual freedom of association as an American is dead. Killed by the ACLU girlyboys and the sulfuric stench of godless, oligarchic, fecal people who farm people like they were all manure.

Anonymous said...

Well, to make oneself one's own god is too much an invitation to sociopathy. If civilizing morality has meaning, its meaning is tied to a Reconciling Principler that extends above and beyond oneself. If one's only principle consists in one's personal wannas, then one has no principles.

The idea of a meta Source (god) does not lend itself to scientific proof or determination, nor to any merely mortal mouthpiece posing as a direct interpreter of god. While one may intuit that a Source of morality abides, its instructions in any specific context are not codifiable beyond intuited, general guidance. Each thinking individual is responsible for himself, in good faith and good will, to seek to intuit (hear the still quiet voice of) guidance from the Source. To say that no such guidance is available is to say that no moral principle abides.

I think you are too hung up on literalisms and the pretenders who claim to be God's mouthpieces for specific instructions. Whatever the Source of morality, it avails your beingness. If your beingness transitions through all time, you will encounter contexts through such time. Whether you wish to call the unfolding continuation of such encounters by labels of rewards, tests, or punishments is your affair.

IAE, it makes little sense to call a spiritual meta Source that is beyond measure the same as whatever despot or wolf that happens quite measurably to be at your door.

Perhaps you are allowing your thinking about the meta Source to be unduly warped by too specific literalisms that have been propagated by mere mortals around you? Perhaps you need to take responsibility to do some of your own thinking, rather than blaming discordances of others or comparing immeasurable spirit to measurable substance and calling them "the same"? Maybe try tempering your reading from the Good Book with a reading from the Book of the Cosmos?

It is participatory thinkers who are suited to representative republicanism. The Obamanite believers in scientific morality are more prone to seek to promote elites in "social science" to order us about, "for our own good." The believers in earthly Sharia and mouthpieces for god are much the same, except they seek to promote despotic elites in divining the specific orders of god in all things (sex, diet, rituals, clothing, chants, etc.)

Regarding "invitation to do good": One may conceptualize the cosmos as being some combination of causally-preset, randomly-patterning, or participatorily-feeding-back. I don't believe in free will, but I do believe in participatory will. Like an unfolding dance of appreciative feedback-spinback between the Holism and its variously limited perspectives.

I discern no good reason to believe in a god who is not powerful enough to change His mind, nor in a god who has little better to do than think up ways to impose horrible and eternal punishments, nor in a god whose idea of heaven is comprised of wind-up toys of no participatory will that play the same recurrent harp music in endless repetition.

If you want to believe your only choice is between belief in a despotic god versus belief in legal systems of mortal despots, that is your affair.

Anonymous said...

Across the country, the best and brightest are being covered in coal dust. The Feds now have or will compile a data base that identifies each person by color, culture, party, gender, orientation, basic intellect, criminal history, job history, internet contacts. The Feds use data when they get it. What could be the usages for which the Feds plan to manage and use this data?

Well, the Feds ratchet all ideas of "fairness" one way: towards central control. This data will be used "to force the people to be fair." God invites people to be good. But Gov forces people to be good, as Gov defines it. The force will gradually intensify, beginning as seed money, cheap bribes, and favors, "progressing" to threats, fines, punishments, suspensions, loss of jobs, loss of kids, confinement, firing squads.

You WILL live in a diverse neighborhood that is "fair," as your superiors in the Fed apparatus define it. Your individual freedom of association as an American is dead. Killed by the ACLU girlyboys and the sulfuric stench of godless, oligarchic, fecal people who farm people like they were all manure.

Anonymous said...

An insane hubris has infested the West: That elite "social scientists" can and should design a best system to rule all intricacies of our beingness. This is "for our own good," since everyone else is thought incapable of functioning as an independent moral being, and since elites fancy themselves to be the enlightened benefactors of the planet. So, elites greedily agglomerate ever more central power. Whatever information DC gathers, and it is gathering astonishing amounts of information, its elites will use -- "to manage us."

Forget god, because elites, through gov, fancy themselves the new god. Forget individual responsibility or freedom to make your own choices, because there is too much danger in that of hate speech or hurting the feelings of snowflakes. Forget freedom of association, because every snowflake has equal dibs on your work and companionship -- even if your smiles are only cover for pretense and force. The more personal information that is entrusted to the central apparatus, the more despotic it will become.

In the federal republic as envisioned by our Founders, the central apparatus has No Business acquiring most of this personal information. This ongoing rush of central control cannot do other than lead to the destruction of every vestige of a federal republic that is supposed to represent the interests of a competent citizenry, as opposed to a kept sheepdom. The Progs are destroying everything that is humane about being human. In place, we are farmed and groomed to be mere glands -- to absorb nourishment and marinate in pleasures of dope and dopamine. Walking Genitalians, to be tended by elite waterers according to the best scientific principles. Thanks be to Harvard. The world will end not with a bang, but with an ahh.

Anonymous said...

There is no shortage of hollow souled cronies who are concerned about little more than to acquire material wealth so they can get ahead and look down on all they have surpassed. The toys (and the political slogans) they acquire are less important in themselves than the fashion statement they make. These people acquire expertise in sizing up what their superiors want and what their supporters will abide. Anyone with room temperature intelligence who is willing to be as double dealing as a crony can be as successful as a crony.

As far as independent competence or actual thinking about truth, crony people are hollow. They have zero interest in learning much outside their echo chamber or in considering much beyond the perspective of "what's in it for me." Interview them about the broader range of any issue, and they are clueless. Look at the comment history sometime of a Prog (especially a gay troll), to see how limited and demented their interests tend to be.

These are the takers of booty and the stealers of valor who come after the makers of republics. There is little truth in anything they say. Every statute they propose tends to be named after a deception. Every treat they promise is baited with poison. Every slogan they espouse drips with condescension. These are the Progs -- Hollow Souls. Use them only if you must, but do not pity them.

Anonymous said...

It's sometimes hard to figure out who works hardest of all to remain stupid: Our fancy panted, fiat siphoning, latte drinking, metro libs, or our pants on ground, welfare grabbing, ghetto rats.

Anonymous said...

The congregants would risk being denied their deductions for tithing, but I think they would deem the risk worthwhile. I would prefer a church that stood for something more than being a stooge to help gov claim moral authority to redistribute its idea of fairness.

Anonymous said...

I suspect, with no tax exepmptions, Churches also would be unleashed.

War against liberty and decency is the remedy our elitists have chosen, and now, in all our institutions, nearly won.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
"Havoc" is a military order permitting the seizure of spoil after a victory.
Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy.
Blood and destruction shall be so in use,
And dreadful objects so familiar,
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quartered with the hands of war,
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds,
And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war,
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

Anonymous said...

Thinking people are tired of the Big Lie Technique. They are tired of Progs saying things and not substantiating them. Tired of one set of laws and weaponized taxes for the little people and lawless muckery by Prezy, Congress, Scotus, and the Bureaucracy. Tired of Progs whining that life is not fair. Tired of elitist metrosexuals trained in high pinkies and abject foolery playing dressup as if they were transvestite wise men. Tired of endless reparations being extracted from producers to throw into ungrateful mouths of perpetual rats. Tired of Progs wanting everyone to bow to gov so the wizards behind gov can treat everyone as if they were clueless snowflakes. Tired of bad people yelling they want power so they can redistribute goodness. Tired of decent church people being bum rushed from the public square. Tired of ponytailed ACLU stupidity and anti-liberty evil. Tired of bad church people telling themselves they are good for helping to make big gov the new little god. Tired of oligopolized media and academia teaching corruption as if it were social science. Tired of elitist ponzi schemes for impoverishing and ruining entire nations. Tired of being ganged up on by the most vile, sexually stunted, perpetually adolescent, mind abusing, child twisting, system corrupting, choomed out, self godded, horse snickering, non-practicing jewish, loudmouth comedian, anti-Israeli, trollish wiseguys. Tired of the vote being frauded, intimidated, manufactured. Tired of watching the Republic, Constitution, and next generations being sold down the river. Tired of snowflakes buying Prog propaganda. Comes a reckoning.

Anonymous said...

If I'm caught robbing a bank, I'm not committing a crime until I'm convicted? Doesn't the conviction merely confirm that what I was doing at the time was a crime? When an, ahem, undocumented person crosses our border in violation of the law, isn't he doing so, ahem, "illegally?" If a lawless regime coordinates with sanctuary cities to invite "undocumented" persons into the country in violation of our laws, is the regime in some superimposed or infinite regression between law and non-law, maybe half-dead-law? BTW, can you call a person "undocumented" before you have established that he's undocumented? Or is everyone just presumed to be undocumented unless they wear their documentation on their T-shirts? But can misleading or improper documentation really constitute a state of being "legally documented?" Are you an ACLU dude? I just want to be pc about this.

Anonymous said...

I'm appreciative that we tend to have good people in our military, police, and fire departments. As to whether they should be unionized, I do not think they should. That's just my opinion, but it is unlikely to change things.

IAE, it sounds as if your source material is no better than mine, if as good. If you have something to cite, I would be happy to look at it. The firefighters among my California relatives who are retired and/or on disability do quite well in terms of health care and retirement benefits. They travel extensively and live comfortably. I suppose a lot depends on the city and state.

Like you, I myself am not a retired firefighter, so I tend to rely on news and online reports. Until a few years ago, double dipping by retiring and then rehiring was not uncommon among gov employees where I live.

Is the following online information misleading, concerning pay, retirement, social security, health care, and relative occupational danger? See:


It appears most call outs tend to be for things other than fires (hazardous spills, vehicle accidents, EMT backup, medical emergencies, false alarms).
("While firefighters' working realities have changed profoundly in recent decades, their government structures and operating protocols remain largely frozen in bureaucratic amber. Add to this mix near-universal citizen approval, tradition and powerful unions, and incremental improvements, when they happen at all, are often contentious and add even more costs.")


"The nation’s astoundingly well-paid public firefighters insist that they receive their high salaries and pensions (averaging around $175,000 a year in total compensation in California, with age-50 retirements and schedules that allow them to sleep on the job and work only a few days every two weeks) because of the terrible dangers they face on the job. They do face occasional and serious dangers, but according to a new National Public Radio report, such dangers are well below those faced by most of America’s workers.

The average death rate in 2011 was 3.5 per 100,000 workers for the average American worker. Fishermen had the most dangerous jobs with 121 deaths per 100,000, followed by loggers and pilots. Firefighters die at a rate of 2.5 per 100,000 workers, which is slightly above the rate for cashiers (1.6). Yet not many cashiers — or loggers or fishermen or taxi drivers, for that matter — receive “3 percent at 50″ retirement plans courtesy of taxpayers. Police officers died at the rate of 18.6 per 100,000, which is significantly below farmers and just above construction workers, although well above the national average. About half of the police deaths are because of car accidents."



APD Officers Top List of Overtime Hours in Austin APD Officers Top List of Overtime Hours in Austin
KTBC FOX 7 | Austin Texas News | View on www.myfoxaustin.comPreview by Yahoo


Anonymous said...

It would be like letting the laity read the Bible. It would put power back towards its source. Derivativa potestas non potest esse major primitiva.

Anonymous said...

The day to day decisions in running the central apparatus, have been delegated to the Bureaucracy, headed by Executive appointments, filtered through a sewage oligarchy, insulated by a lawless Prezy, ignored by a lazy Congress, and licensed by an arrogant Scotus. The Devil has always flourished in the details. In effect, the Devil has taken charge over the details of our lives. You can keep the First Amendment if you want the First Amendment. S/