Saturday, September 26, 2015

Managed Decline

Why would not managed demographic decline be a good thing?  Our need for replacement workers to support aging generations can be met by robotics.  A decline in human consumption would seem a less painful way to restore a kind of planetary balance of which so many people dream.  As techniques improve for extending human life, why should we need so many billions of largely redundant homies, whining metrosexuals, and uninsightful personages?

Perhaps the fear is that nations with small populations become attractive to plunderers.  So, why empower nations that are prone to plundering and exporting their surplus populations?  Why trade with them or enrich them, only to increase their potential to become plunderers?

What are the alternatives?  (1) Quarantine them.  (2) Enrich them without requiring any change in their culture, governance, or metaphysical insanities. (3) Colonize and rule them, without expecting them to be able to assimilate to Western mores.  (4) Seek, find, promote, and spread Truth and understanding. (5) Invent and dictate "Truth" under a borderless NWO that is ruled under the syndicated power of contesting oligarchs and international corporatists. (5a) Orwell World.  (5b) Huxley World. (6) Accept that humanity is depraved and as much as possible enjoy the ride. (7) Inspire a new awakening to potentials that accompany pursuing cooperative meaningfulness under The Reconciler.

I tend to ascribe to a mix of 1, 3, 6, and 7.


Anonymous said...

The people who support Obama, who claim he is an example of Christian charity and tolerance, seem to be far less Christian than confused. The mind of a toddler can push any concept to voidness and absurdity, including concepts of Christianity, charity, and tolerance. A philosophy whose adult defenders fail to take care for the coherence of its components is let to unravel into the void.

Anonymous said...

Considering the published exploits of those muslims who love goats, rape young boys, and marry 6 year old cousins, there does not seem much that is unusual about a black man becoming a gay chooming parasite while being raised in a dysfunctional and depraved household. Nor is it unexpected that a nation of dysfunctional and depraved voters would promote such a person as their leader.

Moreover, it is entirely expected that they and their profiteering apologists would resist with all the clanging and noise making at their disposal ever electing a conservative American who wanted to restore human freedom, dignity and decency under a functioning representative republic.

Some profs think bestiality is fine, as long as you don't physically or emotionally hurt the beast. If a beast can give informed consent, why not a 6 year old? After all, Mohammad married a 6 year old. As Jon Stewart taught: Why hate Nambla just because it wants to lower the age of consent? And so it goes.

Is this sick? Yes, it it. The Left lacks common sense and is spiritually insane. This is so fundamental it is beyond science. To not get the evil of this is simply to be so devoid of common sense as to be fundamentally evil. There's a lot of that nowadays.

The elitist, fascist, socialist and knowitall Left is and always will be tolerant. Tolerant of "lowering the age of consent." Tolerant of lowering the age of marijuana use. Tolerant of Sharia mutilation of female genitalia. Tolerant of brothers marrying brothers. Tolerant of polyamory. Tolerant of bestiality. Tolerant of illegal immigration. Tolerant of anchor babies. Tolerant of the destruction of America. Tolerant of historical revisionism and reinvention. Tolerant of lying about how enlightened, scientific, and inventive Muslims have been. Tolerant of cop killers. Tolerant of entitlement minded bums. Tolerant of pants-on-ground disrespect of adults and elders. Tolerant of partial birth abortion. Tolerant of funding for the harvesting and selling of baby organs. Tolerant of banning of spiritual mores from the public square. Tolerant of destruction of Western industries. Tolerant of profaning every one of the Ten Commandments. Tolerant of lying media, lying profs, lying historians, and lying scientists. Tolerant of farming people as if they were cattle. The Left is tolerant of everyone who agrees that it knowsitall.