Sunday, September 27, 2015

Perpetual Stalemate Among Fascist Regimes

There's often a close connection between elitism or pretended elitism and fascism.  America is filled with poison ivy elitist schools.  In science, medicine, and technology, elitism makes sense.  In history, religion, art, fashion, politics, and political correctness, elitism tends to make far less sense. 

America began as a representative republic that was designed in main by broadly educated, wise, and good men.  Put some emphasis on good.  They had ideals concerning what was good that transcended personal pleasure and self interest.  The problem with modern elitists is that many of them seem to have no such transcendent values.  Many believe in social Darwinism or close cousins to it.  Many believe in group evolution.  As in, may the best hive-minded, goose-stepping, self-promoting fascists survive and replicate.  Oceania consists of crony corporatists.  Middleasia consists of insane jihadis.  And Eastasia consists of crony socialists.  Under this view, Earth is like Darwinia, to self-create and test conditions in which each fascist system can flourish. Under this view, Representative Republicanism is banned from Eden.

Modern elites, unlike most of our Founders, say they don't need religion or God to have moral values.  Yet many also say there is nothing moral about referring values to evolution.  Apparently, they believe in a reference that is higher than evolution, but what is it?  They are "too elite" to suggest it may be something like God.  So what is it?  Well, it seems to be the State, as designed by elite fascists.  Elite crony fascism promoted worldwide.  Dynasties among fascists, wearing masks of states.

Ordinary mortals need not apply, nor need they be given more than lying lip service by smirking, crony owned media.  According to the "moral code" of modern elitists, "God" is the State run as a crony owned commodity.  They mean to pull down the ideal of representative republics, worldwide.  Their simple "Drano" technique:  Print money, bribe voters, open borders.  Thus, reduce the masses to desperately competing laborers in markets where labor is cheap and being replaced by machines.  Their calculation is that you are too stupid and/or corrupt to notice that all ideals of America are being flushed by Drano before your eyes.

America cannot win a victory as a representative republic because America is no longer a representative republic, and has not been one for a considerable time.  Review Orwell's 1984, to understand perpetual stalemate among and between fascist regimes.


Anonymous said...

In a debate that was meant to inform rather than titillate, we would learn more about Carly Fiorina, her relation to Agenda 21, Corporate Oligarchism, love of social fascism, admiration for methods of Islamists, and deal making with centrally regulating cronies.

So long as the "debates" are run by establishmentarians in their venues, we will not be informed about what is needed to preserve America. Instead, we will be "educated" not to be "ugly" (patriotic) or "bullying" (free thinking) Americans.

All the forces of hell and establishmentarians are being brought to bear to erase the American Ideal and install a flattened, two-class borgdom of corrupt enserfers and breeding stock serfs, to be phased into robotics.

If one were to analogize to The Matrix, we are on the precipice of devolving to a system of mindful operators and machined tools ("batteries"). Maybe Trump, Cruz, and Carson can be analogized to Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo, to lead America back to Zion. Agents Smith, Brown, and Jones are JEB, Hillary, and Rubio.

Trump, Cruz and Carson need to "free their minds" and become sentient and insightful enough to expose the brain rot of the Agents of the Established Matrix and their "journalist" sentinels.


I consider myself deeply religious. But I am not a bible thumper. NBC people and bible thumpers have a lot in common. Sort of like William Jennings Bryan, reprising his "cross of gold" act into a NBC cross. They want to hang America on a silly definition of NBC, even as the republic is being destroyed. They conflate logic with law, bless their hearts. Hoover was a great engineer. Not such a good president.


Anonymous said...

Tax revenue has to come from somewhere. We live in a time when the chasm between the very well to do and everyone else is widening, even as industries and jobs have been exported. Now that corporations have made profits by using cheap labor abroad, they want to bring them home untaxed. The chasm in wealth and political influence has caused the ruination of the political process, giving us the establishmentarian, two-class rule of the anti-republican rino-dino party. To restore liberty and the republic, we need to change what we have been doing.

What would be the point of increasing taxes on the lower 50 percent during a time when the chasm in wealth and political influence is widening and jobs have been exported? Would that not simply empower the establishment? Is that not what has heaped so much crap upon us already?

If the author is so concerned about excess immigration, why is he not more concerned about Cruz' position on STEM visas? If the author is so concerned about fair taxation, why is he not more concerned about the widening chasm in the distribution of wealth and power? If the author wants less welfare for corporations and the poor, then why does he want to increase taxes in ways that will necessitate increases in regulations and welfare redistributions? Does anyone actually think about what is needed to sustain a decent republic of free thinking citizens, as opposed to a cacaphony of contending and corrupt cronies and commies?

Cutting taxes on the wealthy is not a perpetual panacea for every every evil. If it were, we would tax the poorest to the point of death, to forever sell their bodies and labor to the wealthiest. Even cattle need to be nourished. The idea of diminishing returns pertains to most factors, so that simplistic, linear slogans simply cannot reasonably suffice.

Close the border. Lessen central gov and regulation. Cut spending. Think about how to maximize efficiency and production. Lessen the grip of the crony oligarchy and corporate and political aristocracy. Don't instigate tax policies that decrease revenue, or immigration policies that flip the demographic into serf-minded social-fascism. Go Trump.

Anonymous said...

The big gov sjw ows blm wow blt lgbt bm cair aclu people are nearly always against the rights of ordinary, free thinking Americans to be left alone. Big central gov wussies are gangsta bullies who are trying to destroy liberty and create a new serfdom worldwide.

Libs consider it "bullying" no matter how you go about correcting their stupidity. They see themselves as the teachers, there to instruct the producing class in how to be better serfs. To resist their instruction is to be a "bully." For them to acknowledge that you have a point is to give up their position of assumed superiority, which rests on nothing more than infantile narcissism.

Our society promotes the most metrosexualized of the metrosexuals. Very few among those who are promoted in any of our institutions can in any reasoned sense be taken seriously. Our nation is not respected because it does not deserve to be respected. It has become a land of over-regulated, over-protected, over-indulged, fearful of being bullied, wussies.

Our Prez, Veep, Speaker, Secretary of State, Majority Leader, and Generals are all passive-aggressive, calculatiing, hedging wussies. That they are also liars hardly matters, since wussies cannot be taken seriously in any event.

Our troops, workers, and producing class are waking up to this. Patience with blow-dried pundits ssm sjw blm ows mb metrosexuals and goat lovers wears thin.