Monday, September 28, 2015

Ponzi Math and Money

Well, work is a kind of tax.  It taxes (expends) energy in trade for desired goods.  So there is no way not to tax workers.  Inherently, taxes have to be paid to support the desires of workers, as well as the desires of retired and supervising workers.

As to the grease of printing money:  How long can a ponzi scheme (quantitative easing?) go on?  Maybe the economy is like a cosmic ponzi pyramid of fractals, perpetuated via a meta-printing press that consists of some non-quantifiable stuff that expresses itself out of nothing more than pure math.   OK, back to Earth.

So long as the population of workers and consumers constantly expands (or bill collectors are "offed"), such population can be greased along its way with ever more printed money.  If the population of workers were to diminish, the weight of the retired and longer-living portion of the pyramid could not be sustained by the working class.  Then, printing more money would come to inflate costs, without producing enough to sustain the pyramid. 

The only ways I can think of to get off the demand for an increasing population and expanding economy are to kill bill collectors and old people, or to invent machine workers that can produce more desired goods than they consume.  If intelligent machines can come to harvest solar energy, a civilization based on machines serving the pleasures of a declining population of human beings may eventually become sustainable.

There are unknown issues.  Will a leisure class of humans that is serviced by machines retain enough gumption to propate any pleasures?  Will a machine class that is intelligent enough to serve the evolving pleasures of the human class remain content to do so?  Can or will a "magic" of printed money grease our path to a sustainable and evolving balance between humans (and super humans) and the machines that pleasure them?  Will the cosmic field allow our return to a kind of Eden?  Can a pleasured Eden summon will to last beyond the asteroid that surely has Earth's name written in its destiny?  Hmmm.  Where did I put my hat?


In effect, the Fed has power above the republic and the law to proportionately redistribute wealth so that crony establishmentarians will never lose power. Crony bankers have self-help means to protect themselves from having to rely on tax reform. The republic, to survive, needs counter powers and institutions to militate against the continuing rise of the unholy alliance between corrupt crony deceivers and usefully idiotic commies, which is reducing workers to serfs and destroying representative republics worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Free trade may exist among like minded free republics. Otherwise, "free trade" is mind rot to dazzle those who are prone to believe in a land of unicorns. It is cover for transferring wealth from America to banana republics and islamic and fascist despotisms, with commissions to outfitters like George Soros and the Clinton Foundation. On what philosophy of "rightness" should we want to enrich commies, cronies, and jihadis at our expense, even as our borders, language, and culture are being debauched before our eyes? Obama told us he wanted America to be just another country. Now people are figuring out that he meant to reduce us to just another Mexican people farm. Let's make all of America just like another inner city pest hole. Obama -- the King of cockroaches.

Other nations laugh at the gullibility of ordinary Americans to free trade snakeoil much as Putin laughs at Obama's red lines. Meanwhile, America is being eaten from the inside out. But, after all, isn't that the NWO plan for one worldism? Free trade has become newspeak shorthand. It means open borders for the plundering and abolition of independent and free thinking republics. Free trade means the Clinton Foundation greases the sale of military technology in exchange for channeling kickbacks to crony cannibals, as they devour the republic.

Obama is focused on the tender feelings of pansexuals, pandopers, panhandlers, pansyasses, pan pagans, and Peter Pan profs. This is Obama's idea of having "right" on his side. (From what deep crev-ass does he get his philosophy of the right?)

Except to add gas, this treacherous and treasonous genius doesn't have time to worry about minor stuff, like nukes for insane apocalyptics, currency devastation, economic suicide, international fascist despotism, thought police, breakdown of law and order, rampant organ selling, child abuse, seething social distrust, jihadi female dehumanization, citizen enserfment, and complete destruction of families and the republic.

Behold, a tan shade of Manchurian! Obama is the Manchurian Candidate x 100. Congress, Scotus, and the higher ranks of our military are now filled with his tools. Go Trump.

Merkel and Europe seem to be oblivious to mortal danger and to the fact that Obama will not save them. Putin means to control the fuel flow between their esophagus and their digestive canal. Has Germany already forgotten its WWII eastern front lesson about its need for access to oil? Meanwhile, Merkel consults with the Face Bird Kid to stop hate speechers from questioning her importation of more jihadis. This is her version of consultiing with Venezuela's Talking Bird.

Anonymous said...

The problem is one of education: The remote consequences of bad behavior must be made more concrete and immediate. That often requires pain. Jump start work ethics by ending imported cheap labor. Replace hammock welfare with infrastructure workfare.

What we are lacking and losing is social trust and confidence. People are panicking to "get theirs." Much of this is caused by importing disloyal non-Americans and jihadis. Much is also caused by international corporations that are perceived to be not just a-loyal but actively disloyal, crony, and one worldish.

Some of our most important institutions rely heavily on social trust. They cannot function well when the people see that their fellow Americans have become so morally corrupt and multiculturally unraveled that hardly anyone can be trusted. The Obama regime and its critical race theory sentinels have set back individual competence, family stability, social cohesion, social trust, and race relations by 30 years or more. The cost to our economy has become incalculably high.

Handing out welfare money leads people to prefer that the gov continue to print money and to encourage businesses to hire cheap, disloyal, and imported labor to do the hard work.

How many trillions short will we be if Trump is not elected? Isn't Trump wanting to: (1) motivate people to get off welfare by reducing gov benefits and increasing infrastructure workfare instead of welfare; (2) reduce regulations and uncertainties to encourage businesses to invest in producing durable goods in America; (3) avoid excessive increases in taxing businesses in order to make needed capital available; (4) level the playing field to help make American labor more competitive?

Aren't those the right ingredients? Aren't those ingredients adjustable, depending on how the economy reacts? Why presume Trump the businessman would not learn to adjust the ingredients if his cakes continued to collapse instead of rise? Economies are affected by worldwide markets. The "stove temperatures" for our economy will react to fluxes in economies worldwide. Isn't any plan, to succeed, going to need to be nimble, rather than robotically frozen?

You're not really "exempt" from the ravages of big gov if it produces less national security and poor services in exchange for fewer jobs, lower wages, and increased costs of goods, are you? So, isn't the problem more one of waking up, educating, and avoiding the bananazation of the electorate?

What businesses feel secure under Obama to make major investments towards producing new durable goods in America?

Anonymous said...

People whose minds live in economic fairyland have tended to like socialism. But socialistic mindsets soon want to regulate everything, not just economics and taxes. Soon, they regulate away every freedom. Freedom of thought, expression, association, enterprise, faith.

Soon, thought and expression are replaced with pc, speech codes, and hate speech punishments. Association is replaced with mandates, quotas, and forfeiture of business to damage claims based on assertions of infliction of mental anguish. Enterprise is made to pay for diversity brainwashing, arbitrary environment taxes, and family destroying and budget busting health care. Faith in a God that entertains free will, conducive to liberty and representative republicanism, is walled away from the public square while faith in a religion for justifying fascist and despotic monstrosities is waved in.

Socialism, as a faith, is bad for puppies and human liberty. There is no reasonable comparison to be made between Trump, the crony establishment, the commie establishment, and Sanders.


Obama, like our establishment, is too much a pantywaist to stand FOR anything. Our problem is not so much that Obama is FOR Islam. Our problem is that he is AGAINST us. The only thing Obama is FOR is flipping the demographic to make it as narcissistic as he is. An army that is shaped to be only AGAINST its own people will not be used to actually defend its people. A demographic that is flipped to be of no challenge to an elitist establishment will not protect against the establishment. The establishment, through its many ingenious fronts and institutions, will simply pull up the ladders as it redistributes cheap treats in ways to keep us corralled, divided, dhimmied, and enserfed.


By now, every thinking person should be awake to the anti-American nature of the political estalishment and the Chamber of Commerce. Everyone should know that it wants to keep our borders open, undermine our sovereignty, permanently divide us into multicultural ghettos of cheap labor, reduce the representative nature of the republic to a charade, and replace it with a permanent elitist and crony oligarchy.

Every one of the candidates is sold out to that oligarchy, except, to some extent, Trump, Cruz, and Carson. It is entirely possible that Trump may sputter out if people begin to feel too uneasy about his thin skin for criticism. Carson is a great human being, but may need more experience in management before pushing into the main job. If so, if Trump and Carson show to be too unlikely, then Cruz would be the last man standing to defend America between the devil and the deep blue sea. Unless, that it, the follies of the NBC people sink him, and with him, perhaps the last hope for America for this milleneum. The war is now. We don't have time to wait for the perfect candidate.

I will be relieved if any of the three, Trump, Cruz, and Carson, are on the ticket, in that order. Meantime, the establishment will deploy every device to divide us and produce a figurehead ticket.

Anonymous said...

The fundamental change that Obama wishes for the fate of Israel, he also wishes for the fate of the former U.S. This is change that amounts to utter subjugation. This is quite Islamic of him, sniggering all the way, with brutal ladyboy folded legs. What we are seeing is deliberate instigation of violence all over America and the world, followed by the most hightly developed taqiyyah, deception, and disinformation that years of practice under Islam and Alinskyism can produce.

Apart from being free as a bird and much more effective, how is Obama better than an instigator of psychotic crowd shooters?

In America and across the world, why is there so much violence, strife, divisiveness, and festering uneasiness? Of what are Romney's "47 percent" comprised? Mainly, Blacks, Hispanics, and Liberals, with the occasional Corrupt Crony Rino.

Inner city Blacks have mainly been abandoned by fathers, raised by mothers who have been paid welfare to screw they system, taught by pimps to feel no moral purposelessness beyond immediate gratification, and baited by race hustlers to feel entitled to hate America and Americans with jobs. Illegal and liberal Hispanics often share many of the same defining conditions, except they may be more likely to be raised by Socialistic Catholics, taught to dislike independence, and taught to blame Americans for most evils that have festered South of the border.

So what may explain White Liberal-Socialist-Fascists? Why do so many of them unite against America -- sometimes to the point of seeking to make a grand swan statement by "death by Cop?" Who are these creeps, that dwell in basements, defecate on streets, protest with OWS and BLM and PP, shoot innocent children and people of good faith, join in saggy-panted solidarity with Blacks-keeping-it-real, celebrate transvestites and transexuals and pedophiles, join with Muslims to destroy and replace Christianity, and work to register illegals to vote to replace Conservative pols with Socialists? In what sort of dysfunctional, metrosexualized, or broken homes were these people raised, to learn to celebrate getting high on violence, sex, drugs, rap, rebellion, and acting Black? Aside from their parents, who else has taught them to opine that Islam is equal to or better than Christianity, and that Socialism is better than Free Enterprise? Who has taught them idiot slogans under childish concepts of grand social statements, critical race and gender theories, white privilege, and bad America?

All these aggrieved groups have come to look upon Americans-with-jobs as being bad. As not having earned their jobs except by being bad. As "not building that." They have been taught by media, college and Hollywood to replace virtue with pleasure, to blame cops and soldiers, to blame any authority who is not "down for the struggle," and to blame society and America -- anyone but themselves. So all these rotters admire Socialists like Sanders and Obama. Many want to join a social cause to reform GOV, since they do not represent a philosophy or religion to reform PEOPLE or to promote loyalty to faith, family, or country. They have not done the work to attempt for themselves to think out any consistent or coherent philosophy of moral purposefulness. In that, they, like the masters they serve, have a corrupt sickness of faith. They are numbed to feel little more than immediate pleasure or pain. They serve little more than those who justify immediate narcissistic feelings.


Anonymous said...

May those factors, at least in cumulation, help explain why our society has become so violent, divided, uneasy, and faithlessly corrupt and purposeless? Why have our NWO leaders worked so consistently to divide, diversify, de-define, and de-legitimize typical, traditional, and assimilative values, families, ideals, language, and culture? Why do they want to replace American good faith and good will, representative republicanism, and free enterprise with centrally and oligarchically run one-worldism? Why have America and the world produced Obamaism?

Aside from those factors, may there be something else in the air, water, and culture? What accumulation of stuff has led to drops in IQ, jumps in rates of autism, gang banging, addiction, whining, incompetency, and rottery? Why do so many Obamailk sulk apart, taking in rotten music and entertainment and opinions, whining for gov to serve them? Why do so many prefer politically to blame and enserf others, rather than to seek responsible jobs or to attend to churches that actually serve others?

Conservatives may postulate the accumulation of factors as set out above as explanatory, perhaps with an eye to testing some of these factors by a process of allergic elimination, to see which may account for the most pronounced effects.

For Libs, however, the "analysis" tends to be far easier. Simply state: "Obviously, the gun did it. Whitey did it. Whitey won't give up his guns." So, Libs prey with parasitism, predation, fascism, and weirdly-sexed sado-masochism. They seek one worldism under central-commanding, goose-steppping, fascist-socialists with easy solutions under simple slogans. They seek to explain every tragedy and to ignite every crisis as justification to further divide the people, disarm the people, and tighten screws for socially ruling the people -- worldwide. In a metrosexualized, kinder and gentler sort of way.

Every time there is a tragedy or crisis, as certain as night follows day, we will see the pos-i-twh go on TV to read from Totus to place blame on Jews, Whitey, or the availability of guns. And on the unwillingness of people-who-produce to "Say Uncle," confess in an auto-de-fé that they are the cause of misery, and accept blame and servitude to redistribute justice. Never will Obama admit that we are divided and stressed because the plan for enserfing us relies first on dividing and stressing us. Soon to be followed by collapse, explosion, round up, re-education, enserfment, and elimination. Behold, a tan shade of Manchurian BS! We can't flush Obama fast enough!