Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eternal Resurrection

The question of proof of heaven-hell has tortured many people.  I suppose you have your take.  Here's mine.

By most people's definition, the idea of heaven is supernatural, beyond natural evidence or explanation.  For such people to ask for physical evidence of that which is beyond physicality can make no sense.

There does abide some thing that is not supernatural, because it accompanies physicality, yet in a way that is immeasurable by physicality.  That immeasurable thing is consciousness.

Of that, there is no more physical evidence than the same self evidence that one's conscious identity bonds and emerges with one's body. Consciousness is that consciousness is.  It is the same thing that it is, yet it can be experienced in many contextual relations.

To talk of evidence, one must accept what evidence implicates:  That information from the past remains charged with present effect; that is, existential value.

If one supposes the information of the past remains charged with existential value, there's no reason to suppose the past ceases or that it does not in shades recur. There's no less reason to suppose your conscious apprehension of identity will recur in other contexts than to suppose an explanation for it's ever having occurred at all. Self evidence indeed is circular in that way.

One does not receive physical evidence of the supernatural.  However, in faith, one may find self-fulfilling meaning in believing in receptivity to guidance from a Reconciler among perspectives of consciousness.  That receptivity is not through any particular sense, but through the willing entirety of one's "sense of beingness."  Some may find meaning in that; some not so much.

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