Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fairness and Diversity

You gotta see this:  https://youtu.be/iKcWu0tsiZM

No no no!  It's ever so much more important to be culturally sensitive.  Grading must be made at least a two step process.  First, teachers should grade against a standard.  Yes, that means all the submissions get an F.  However, it is important to add points to curve the grades to cultural sensitivities. Each student must be assigned a handicap based on genetic mix, success of parents, degree of ugliness, personality type, social popularity, and fluxing social needs.

Every school should have a staff of human resources personnel.  No final grade should ever be set or released until it has been processed through the human resources staff, to add all appropriate handicaps and subtract privilege points.

This model should be applied throughout our society, to police arrests, criminal charges, court sentencing, governmental job applications, and ALL those private businesses that benefit from governmental funding.

The model should also be made a part of international law, trade agreements, tariff arrangements, war protocols, and rules of engagement.  U.N monitors should ensure that civilian and military competitors spot opposing forces with fair handicaps.  Skynet should monitor the monitors.

Fairness dictates that the imperial colonialism of competent people must be stopped!  Help stamp out all White Privilege!  End Western Civ -- NOW!

Signed:  El Jefe Obama, U.N. Presidente, Gulag Especial-pelago


The corruption under the Blue Model sounds a lot like the idiocy under the Big Short. The lying, faithless, corrupt Elite live beyond their means by conning Dupes into believing they have their best interests at heart. No one ever went broke underestimating the madness of crowds. No nation ever sustained its health by mortgaging the future of its children. Although, in our case, our elites don't have children, and they think they have found a way out by mortgaging the future of immigrants. As if immigrants will want to continue to come to America once it's no better than any other slum that smug knowitalls have driven into the mire. That's not cream that has floated to the topmost rungs of social power.

In this sense: I didn't say mortaging their present, but their future. To gull anyone to try to sustain a lifestyle that is beyond their means is to mortage their future. Even a parasite, when it undermines the health of its host, is mortaging its future.
The point: Our leaders are so into living for the pleasure of the day that they don't care about their own children. Indeed, they usually don't even have children. They learn about narcissism, not about empathy. Ordinarily, their narcissism would die out with the consequences of their lack of children. But they have devised a way to extend the term of their narcissism by importing immigrants. They see immigrants as a cheap way to preserve their utterly dishonest lifestyles based on serf labor. In effect, immigrants are their short term way of extending their ponzi pyramid scheme.
But for the immigrants, ordinary Americans would by now have rebelled from the ponzi elitists. By bringing in cheap immigrants, elites corrupted ordinary Americans to sponsor the ponzi scheme a bit longer. The bubble grows bigger, but not healthier. It will burst a little later, but with much more force and despair.
Don't think for a moment that a great debt will not soon collapse America, including its parasites. And the collapse will be all the more despairing because of all the more ponzi abuse. The sugar high will have cost much more than its temporary pleasure was worth. Everyone, including immigrants, would tend to do better by investing in honest work instead of in ponzi schemes hatched by NWO elitists who build little more than rot on top of socialistic promises.


The purpose of the DHS is easy to understand. Its mission is to divert your attention and mislead you into thinking the NWO/OWG international crony political crime syndicate gives a fig about your nation or your participation as a human being. The DHS is really the DHSM -- the Department of Human Serf Management.

It's unlikely that Trump did not know that, for nuclear bomb deliveries, we rely on ICBMs, submarines, and B52s. He just did not know the system was called a triad. I'm not sure that's a big deal.
As to "30% of the salaries and benefits of the 28K troops that are stationed there" -- What's so great about that? Why only 30%? Why not at least the full cost? In olden times, empires sought actual profits from providing defense services. If South Korea does not want to pay the cost, why are we there?

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