Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Needs To Be Done


It comes down to this: Among candidates who are willing to turn over the tables of the establishment of swindlers, which are electable? Well, provided the people understand the evil aligned against them and do not lose faith -- in God, themselves, and their chosen leader -- any are electable.

So who is WILLING to overturn the tables? That appears to be Trump, more so than Cruz. Both have taken dramatic stances, and both are questionable, so this is a matter of judgment. To my judgment, Trump is more willing to call the corruption and stupidity of the establishment corrupt and stupid. Both deal. Trump talks about deal making, while Cruz continually says one thing to the people while dealing another thing with the establishment. So the establishment media burns Trump, while it holds Cruz at an unwashed arms length. If Cruz is ELECTABLE, it may be only because he is willing to submit to the establishment, even as he pretends not to.

Trump is willing, but he will not be electable unless the people hold faith, form a phalanx, and refuse to allow themselves to be routed by establishment wolves. Cruz may be barely electable, but only because he is willing to break faith and sell out the people. Trump may have the will, but so far does not show the polish. Cruz may have polish enough for the establishment, but his polish tends too quickly to become oleaginous to people who listen and watch.

Trump is 70. If he is, like Moses, to deliver us, he needs to learn more about how and what to speak. He is naming counselors and likely appointees. If they are good, maybe they can educate him.

Educate meant to lead out of; to bring out of a person the preexisting and innate truth. Not to indoctrinate to falsity and evil. There abides an Innate Source of Reconciling Empathy and Morality. For that, there abide fundamental principles that are true, respecting what it means to become a fully formed human being -- decent, dignified, and free. Trump needs to be open to that, without wearing it falsely and oily on his sleeve. Then he can lead us to the promised land, of human beings and citizens who are courageous, wise, just, and moderate.

If Trump names brave, courageous, wise, and just counselors and likely department heads, that will be a signal around which real Americans can rally and hold faith -- against all the forces of hell and the evil establishment.

At some point, it would be well for Trump to identify the evil that is at the heart of the programs of Hillary, Bernie, and the Establishment. First, however, he had best put in place some means of protecting against his, ahem, physical elimination. The Establishment is more wily in terroristic intimidation and elimination than the most devout ISIS jihadi. Indeed, the Establishment uses jihadis as so many useful idiots.


For a long train of reasons too numerous to count, every decent, thinking, aware American is beside self with anger. Trump is among them. We must forgive some human excesses that are bound to overflow from righteous anger.

I have defended Cruz' eligibility to the utmost and have been reserving final judgment in order to accord Cruz every legitmate benefit of the doubt. The time is coming, however, when either Cruz must clearly demonstrate that his instinctive proclivities are on the side of Americans, or he must be cast with the tares to the outer darkness.

Cruz, without proper mentoring, simply does not have the kind of instincts, resources, or backing that could lead a restoration of the representative republic. Moreover, every time he attacks Trump on some detail that, in the comparative scheme of human events, is trivial, he loses moral credibility.

Cruz must face the existential crisis facing the republic and subordinate his own ambitions. He must extend an olive branch to Trump. If extended in good faith, Trump must accept it, and, acting together, free of Luciferian (crony, commie, pagan, musloidian, materialistic) influences, Trump and Cruz must put the evil that confronts America foursquare before the eyes of Americans.

Otherwise, there is every probability that neither will be elected, and the republic will be lost. The opposing forces are far more powerful, aligned, and able to coordinate and signal a united attack against all human freedom, decency, and dignity than nearly every person may imagine. As a starter, see https://youtu.be/3jaUdNUIGs4.

For some time, I have reasoned that the pillow-over-the-head stuff was meaningless, because it is not uncommon for people to shield their eyes while they nap and anyone who suffocated a person with a pillow would need only a moment to pull it away when done. However, the more I see the in-your-face nature of the evil opposing Americans, the more it makes sense that the opposing Evil would WANT to signal its ruthlessness to concerned people. In every case of intimidation, there will be the iron fist, covered for plausible deniability to the public by the velvet glove. Our "elites" have many training grounds for learning every device of terrorism, indeed, even for using terrorists. As Obama and Merkel do. We have met the terrorists, and they are thick as thieves among our political and PC elites.

The countdown for Cruz to see the light or to be cast away is ticking. Cruz must immediately stop the nonsensical and trivial attacks against Trump and his supporters -- who are most justifiably angry. No more fillibustering, false equivocating, or evasive wind baggery. Either get American or get lost -- now!

In honest humility, Trump and Cruz must jointly lay out the staggering challenge that is before Americans and the world.


Basic Course in Nullifying the Republic 101:

In a two class society, there are the Governors and the Governed.  Together, they conprise the Aino-Rino-Dino Party, whose purpose is at all costs to prevent the rise of a destabilizing and independent middle class. 

Corrupt Governors must buy support from the stupid Governed by making unrealistic promises, pretending to have tried to keep them, and warning that Independent Conservatives would overthrow "progress."  Governors must keep enough of the Governed fit enough to work, but not so fit as to be able to stop working or to have time to work to alter the politics of the system.

The easiest Governed are content so long as they have state provided diversions and drugs and are not made to feel inferior in comparison to others who are more talented or energetic.  They do not care about, and feel little respoinsibility concerning, enlightenment, philosophy, lasting art, or future progeny.  If they have a god, it is a pagan god of present or material gratification and power.

Governors (Rinos) and Governed (Dinos) are aligned in preventing a destabilizing middle class of independent strivers and thinkers.  They have sought control over every social institution and, in main, have acquired it.

The consequence is this:  The Unitary Party of Corrupt Rinos and Dinos will always use every means needed to prevent its overthrow, and it has vast means because it has control over every institution.  This is demoralizing to human beings, i.e., competent and independent thinkers of individual conscience.  The Rino Wing will never consent to or support a candidate for President who does not support its established order against free thinking human beings.  It will lie and pretend, but, if and when it gets down to the lick log, the Rino Wing will actively help undermine every candidate who is a Conserver of Individual Liberty.  This is an Iron Law for the Establishmentarian Uniparty.  It will help discredit Conservatives as mean, unfair, against fun, against recreational drugs and sex, against free expression of pagan religions, against women's control over their good timing bodies, against "free trade" and un-walled borders; against more fair minded and "sharing" cultures; and against the re-diversifying and re-balancing of "over-privileged" white-male-Christian-straight-working people.

Working together, the Crony Rino and Commie Dino Wings will deploy PC Police to harass, fire, fine, discredit, hound, and neuter every independent minded Conserver of Liberty.  It will confiscate arms.  It will use exensive monitoring and profile banks to ensure profiling can never be effectively used to overturn the Uniparty Regime.  When independent and rational thinking threaten the established order, the Uniparty will use every means to short circuit it.  It will use media, academia, and nutbag profs to mangle every brain. It will use databases to call in flash mobs and thugs on an as needed basis.  It will audit and tax Conservatives mercilessly, and funnel the proceeds to favored and reliable cronies, commies, and multicultural dividers.   It will use command centers to prevent border and immigration laws from being enforced.

And they will vote.  Their dead will vote.  Their illegals will vote.  Their motorists will vote.  Their machines will  auto-correct vote.  Early and often. And, if voting were to promote a candidate not to the liking ot the Regime Machine, it will simply nullify the vote and install its own selection.

Rinos have done a heckuva job convincing Conservatives not to go to a Third Party, even as they reserved the power to nullify Conservatives' selection of a candidate.

Every day, the Uniparty tightens its grip to ensure that human freedom and dignity will forever be crushed under the fascist boot.  Meanwhile, femimen, feminazis, pansexuals, pervs, perps, choomers, pagans, brain rotted students, treasonous profs, and Democrats celebrate Bernie-Hillary and denounce Trump-Cruz.

Soon, the Tree of Liberty will either die or it will be watered.

The truth about Islam is obvious and can only be missed if one is diverted from it.  One may be diverted by people farmers who sense opportunity for gain in division and misery.  One may be diverted by mass fogs of delusion.  And one may be diverted and misshaped by Stockholm Syndrome.

Adherents to Islam are mass victims of Stockholm Syndrome.  That syndrome mangles their brains to condition them to use deceit and every possible means to divert other people into their mass delusion.  Fanatics want other people (1) to accept their faith, (2) to be sacrificed as examples in order to mangle the brains of others, or (3) simply to be eliminated.  Fanatics serve their delusion and only their delusion.  Among the 3 alternatives, they have little preference.

The means deployed by fanatics produce mass fogs.  This creates opportunities for False (Rovian) Guides, who have no idea how to escape the fog, but they know how to dupe vulnerable people who are slow learners, whether young or senile.  And they learn how to leverage opportunities by attracting corrupt funders -- people farmers.  False Guides have abandoned time-proven alternatives that offer decent and humane ways forward.  They have traded away all decent faith, family and fidelity for the pleasures, promises, and mind fixes of mass hysteria blown big under fogs over truth.

So it happens that a few victims of Stockholm Syndrome diffuse a fog of mass hysteria over easy victims and opportunizing and absolutely faithless and corrupt people farmers.  Over time, these fogs become institutionalized in media, academia, politics, banking, business, and churches.  Sideshow artists proliferate.  All manner of "educational" and "informative" documentaries, courses, and "studies" jump out -- all profaning truth.  The fog eventually overlays upon maze after maze of impenetrable nonsense, all masked as ways to "progress" towards "truth."

Yet, there are always a few anti-establishmentarians who can see the established fog clearly.  They can see that what is passed around as conventional wisdom is demented nonsense.  Problem is, how can they convince others to follow them?  Especially when so many others are so deluded, brain warped, conditoned, or utterly faithless and corrupt?

Suppose a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz tries to tell such people, "Wake up! Grow up!  You're being farmed.  Your leaders are stupid and/or corrupt.  You're being mass deluded beyond a point of no return, beyond which there is no hope this side of Earth." 

Well, all the forces of people farmers will be brought to bear, to suffuse the minds of all those who have been pre-conditioned by years and years of abuse under agents of mass delusion.  Every faithless and deluded institution of media and academia will be volleyed and thundered against every such anti-establishmentarian.  PC police will divide, fire, fine, audit, hound,  and punish all their followers.

For every decent, thinking human being, there is only one course:  Unite among ourselves, spread the word, nullify, COS, and, if need be, secession and watering of the tree of liberty.  For Americans, there are no minorities. Only anti-Americans.  Hillary-Bernie?  Hell no!

Bottom Line:  Trump and Cruz must be sternly instructed that the Republic and all decency are at stake.  They must stop warring in nonsensical terms.  Neither one of them is proficient, energetic, or smart enough to bring the monsters against them to bay. They must promote a common vision.  Then they must ask thinking Americans to choose between them. 

Trump is an experienced manager.  Cruz is smoother and more articulate.  For the love of Pete, they must stop the nonsense and start leading the fight against the hydra headed monsters and people farmers that have been nurtured in mass delusion and hysteria.  They must stop disavowing support for one another.  In that, Cruz is the biggest offender.  He needs to be brought to the light, to support Trump, provided Trump is educable enough to put Cruz on his ticket as Veep.  Unfortunately, a Trump/Cruz ticket may be about as likely as birtherbrains growing a faculty for common sense.


Americans will lose their birthright of liberty unless they immediately elect a President and representatives who will do the common sense things necessary to sustain liberty. Those things are not controversial to anyone of the least common sense. They are pretended to be controversial only because people-farming interests have seized the seats of power in most of our institutions, especially of media and education.
Things we need to do that should not be controversial to common sense include:
- Stop radical Muslim immigration.
- Stop failing to identify radical Islam as a dangerous and psyche damaging cult.
- Kill ISIS.
- Stop propping up Islamic regimes.
- Stop most immigration until our nation recovers its identity as the land of the free and the home of the American Ideal.
- Confront the lying whereby crony sell off is called free trade.
- Close down many Fed departments and redistribute power and responsibility to the States.
- Get the Feds and ACLU the hell out and restore school curriculula to parents and local schools.
- Restore free speech and tell college snowflakes to grow the hell up.
- Stop demagoguing sensible profiling.
- Identify anti-American oligarchs and establish ways to hurt their pocketbooks when they try to corner political power over American markets.
- Put safe passengers on preapproved flight lists.
- Find and appoint another Scalia.
- Hold a COS to promote passage of the Liberty Amendments.
- Stop apologizing (to oligarchs, shills, goofballs, metrosexuals, gender-benders, prog profs, and commie-crony pols) for having common sense.


Domestic business investments and profits ought not be taxed at all. Instead, tax personal consumption. Use tariffs to protect Americans from being reduced to compete with slave laborers. Tax money exports. Don't tax money imports. Don't enrich or empower states that sponsor islamic jihad or international socialism.
America can compete without pushing Americans into slave labor. But only if the Establishment is forced aside by an awakening political movement that finally calls bs to put a stop to the NWO-OWG crony-commie-despot alliance.
Stop Fed agglomeration and overregulation. Redistribute power to the States. Knife through the crony-kickback stranglehold on the central apparatus.
There may be one place where the Feds could or should coordinate sensible private markets: Healthcare. Somehow, we need to relieve businesses from the burden ot paying for health care. They can hardly compete against foreign businesses, when those businesses don't have to foot healthcare costs.
Finally, a lot of cronies, shills, and oligarchs need to be identified and perp walked.


Defend the borders; defend against pandemics and catastrophes; work with allies to set tariff policies and to preempt threats; coordinate standards for infrastructure; preserve a common currency; make block grants to return revenues to the States; preserve the Bill of Rights. There's not much else that the Feds should be doing.
Most of the Federal Departments should, in main, be shut down. Education; Energy; Commerce -- gone. Most of the work of the Feds should be defensive, not affirmative. To suggest there are three affirmative Fed functions is a trick question. Apart from defensive measures, there are few legitimate affirmative Fed functions. Trump mentioned education and health care in terms of returning functions to states and coordinating to return competition to private markets.


Chivalry was foremost a Western Idea. Strong, competent males would fight one another to protect the virtue and honor of damsels. I wonder how much chivalry has been dirtied, to disfavor the good aspects and to favor the bad aspects?
"Damsels" has now expanded to include all women, butch women, metrosexuals, femimen, minorities, and non-Westerners. No white western man dare question the virtue of any neo-damsel. Moreover, these damsels are entitled to be satisfied in all their wants, and all white western men (who are not femimen or pinkie waggers) must fight one another for the honor of providing for all these neo-damsels. (Including the most butteugly among them that strut their stuff with their pants on the ground.)
Minorities used to rage when called "boy." Now they need their "safe spaces" and want to be protected as damsels: D for Democrat, A for anti-American, M for Muslim, S for socialist, E for Eunuch, L for looter, S for satanist.
We don't need "minorities." We need Americans. If you ascribe to human freedom and dignity, you are an American. If not, you are a blood sucking parasite.


The Left never seems to stake out a viable principled position. They're always touchy feely about some vague notion of "fairness." However, when you analyze their applications in pursuit of this fairness, they are always driven by demographics. There is some kind of evolving consensus of a sliding scale by which to assign a demographic-diversity value to each and every person.
Points are always subtracted for being male, math-competent, white, European or American, Protestant, Republican, Conservative, non-co-dependent, non-metrosexual, skilled, and responsibly employed. Points are added for everything else. Female, Black, Hispanic, Arab, Native American, mixed, tribal, Muslim, exotic, pansexual, exhibitionistic, chooming, socialistic, reparation-minded, open marriage, individual disarmament, anti-American, etc.
Someone should do a random study of leftist and feminist (liberty killing) causes. I suspect it would show that the side taken by leftist leaders will almost invariably favor the person who has the highest "diversity score." The only "principles" that will emerge will be those that are rationalized to a conclusion: to favor the person(s) with the highest diversity score. Such a study should be recommended reading for everyone who majors in "Studies." Problem is, by definition, they would never understand either the math or the principles shown.


So called "free trade" conducted by smiling lying shills for the enrichment, empowerment, and weaponizing of international cronies, commies, and jihadis is far from "free."
Free trade is a slogan that is being used by connivers to pull human freedom and dignity out from under free countrymen everywhere.

If you place no value on the freedom and dignity of Americans, if you believe all cultures are equal, if you don't mind enriching and empowering nations, despots, and NWO swindlers and syndicalists that want to reduce Americans to serf laborers, and if you believe such profiteers have superior claim to all the resources of the republic, then the article "makes sense."
Otherwise, no! Soros would be proud: The worldwide open bordered open society of Morlochs for perpertual open season on Eloi! A human praxis for a smoothly rotating globe of desperate peasants. A veritable buyer's market for people farmers.

Competition can be allowed to do its job without reducing Americans to compete with foreign laborers whose masters have converted them to starving serfs.


Trump appeals to real Americans. The Establishment divides squishes and then harvests them. The things Trump (and sometimes Cruz) wants to do are, in main, the things every decent American of good sense would do. However, the donor class absolutely does not want those things done. It wants a NWO-OWG where national boundaries and cultures are either rendered meaningless or completely divided. It wants a smooth, evenly spinning globe, so people farmers can find all the cheap people they want to farm. No boundaries, no borders, no responsibility. To the lying Donor Class, "free trade" is euphemism for cheap people farming by crony-commie oligarchs, who are out to cannibalize and destroy every last representative republic.
To be a human being is to want to be free to think for yourself and to be responsible for the consequences. To promote a society that promotes human beings is good. To promote a society wherein humans are to be farmed is evil.
Every course of media, instruction, advertising, regulation, and spiritual indoctrination has become infested with people farmers and their shills and dupes. A principal will likely lose his job for correctly diagnosing why his students and their families are failing. A whinny commie "journalist" sues because she was brushed away after the Secret Service warned her not to get so close to a candidate. Bleeding heart progs can't get enough of musloid refugee invasion. Students who are made uncomfortable in the subject matter of their studies are required to be provided with safe spaces. Profs run scared of offending students' feelings. Grades are inflated to meaninglessness. Colleges build empires by handing out worthless diplomas paid for by fiat money charged to future taxpayers.
The ideas of faith, family, and fidelity that inspired brave, dedicated, and smart people to build America are despised by the Choomer in Chief and all his acolytes. They may as well be Oz monkeys for people farmers.
The test for an American politician should be this: Does his platform sustain and defend America as a land where human freedom, dignity, and decency are promoted? If not, he/she is anti-American trash.
The test for which oligarchs and NWO promoters and dupes should be likewise: Are they undermining America as a land where human freedom, dignity, and decency are promoted? If yes, they should be rounded up and dealt with, harshly. Or, at a minimum, not rewarded.
The task for every real American is to not let the Establishment and all its institutions and Oz monkeys buy and install a barrier between the people and common sense. We are in a war. The war is between good and evil. Between real Americans and faithless Oz monkeys for corrupt, anti-American oligarchs, shills, cowards, dupes, and squishes. Goodness, freedom, and dignity are on the side of Americans. Fiat money, duplicity, corruption, choomery, thievery and evil are on the side of the Establishment. This war is very dangerous to the last chances for human freedom, dignity, and decency on Earth.


Anonymous said...

IF Cruz were able to fund his campaign without getting so deep in bed with the establishment, and if he were more consistent behind the scenes, then, based on how he presents himself, he would be my candidate.

I do wince at some of Trump's come backs. Watching him do a town hall with Anderson Cooper, looking at the people on the screen behind him, I could not help but think that I would be quite concerned about a lot of them if they were on my jury. That said, he is right on many points, and the establishment probably won't be able to control him. I worry about who he would nominate for Scotus.

I think the viciousness between Trump and Cruz is harmful to both of them and to America. They need to debate issues, as gentlemen. (Problem is, that may be a first. There was little that was gentlemanly about debates among Adams, Jefferson, Burr, Hamilton [I know he was not a candidate, but he carried a lot of water], John Quincy, Jackson, Wilson, Taft, TR, LBJ, Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc.) We are at such a tipping point that we need some decency so whoever becomes the nominee will have a chance.

When Trump has been in a race among three or more, he has been good at increasing opponents' negatives enough to beat them. It is not at all clear that he would be able to do that in a two way race. If he faced Cruz one on one, would Trump prevail? That is doubtful, and so it is concerning whether he can beat Hillary by increasing her negatives. Especially since the media will not likely volunteer to help him do that. So, what could Cruz do, to neutralize Hillary enough to beat her?

Although Trump is not a good debater on arcane points (well, even on non-arcane points), he will not shy from going after Hillary. He has funding. He probably has more appeal to a wider base than Cruz.

We would have a clearer picture if we could have some substantive, one-on-one dabates between Trump and Cruz -- to test who would most likely be able to defeat Hillary and the corrupt establishment that she fronts. I don't see any candidates, other than Trump and Cruz, who could supply what we need to redirect the establishment.

Both Trump and Cruz carry big deficiencies, but they are still head and shoulders better than anyone else. And both are probably considerably better than anything we have been served since 1988. It is because of all the wrong kinds of vetting that many of us have been made so squeamish about both of them. It would be great if a billionaire were to say to Cruz, "Don't worry about funding. I've got your back. Just do the right thing by the American people."

Anonymous said...

To my mind, we don't directly sense God. The only sense we have of God is not through quantitative senses but through our qualitative sense of beingness. A person can be in good faith and be receptive regarding the innate and spiritually empathetic guidance of the Reconciler, without having committed to memory all the various and wondrous figures of speech as are set out in the Bible (my fav being the KJV).

So I don't consider Donald a failed Christian merely because he, like myself and every human being, is a sinner or an infrequent church goer.

To my sense, Donald wants to salvage America from an evil Establishment. The America he wants to salvage is one that, under God, respects and accords human decency, dignity, and freedom. Donald gets it, that without respect for God, America is less than nothing. So I think Donald DOES have the spirit of God residing within him.

Concerning the fruit of his life, I noticed a woman at one of his rallies, suffering from terminal cancer, came to thank him for his encouragement to her. Have not his employees, including women, also rallied to say he is a good employer? Has Donald tried to make money by betting against America, while using influence to hurt America in order to improve his bets? Does Donald not want to restore America as a beacon of hope for humanity and what it means to be a human being?

Who is the most shallow: those who judge unctous snakery to be pro-woman, or those who by their works actually serve women, as well as America?

My idea of evil pertains to anyone and anything that is devoted to farming people as cattle, by putting a fascist boot on their necks in order to exert power and extort plunder. I don't care if the fascism is dressed in fine clothing and unctous promises: fascist reduction of human freedom of thought, speech, expression, and action is the epitome of evil.

As near as I can ascertain, Trump is against all those things. That makes Trump the opponent of evil. Quite unlike the kind of leaders so admired by people of the persuasions of PC, choomery, open borders, apologetics for evil and musloidism, reparations, forced redistribution, gov "charity," socialism, minority supremacy, pedophilia, open marriage, marriage to the gov, and regulation out the wazoo.


An example that bums me: I get that minorities, especially Blacks, have been groomed by the Uniparty to feel entitled to demand to know of candidates: What will you do for me and "my kind?" I want to grab them by the throats and shout: Scum! If either Trump or Cruz were to salvage the republic, that would avail your freedom and dignity! That IS servicing your kind!

Also the low class "WOW" people. They ask: What will you do to serve women? Look, dammmit! If the republic is salvaged, that is as good a service for women, as well as for every other citizen, as anyone has a right to expect of the Fed Gov.

Somewhere along the line, chivalry took a wrong turn down a rotten alley, where it got hijacked by all manner of multi-culti special snowflake entitlement-mongers.

If, like swarms of parasites, Farmable People (Commies) persist in helping the Establishment (Cronies) bite the Producing Class at every possible line of attack, the host will die. And the void will be filled by subhuman rapists, murderers, plunderers, and jihadis.

They think they are SO CLOSE to completing the fundamental transformation to socialist utopia. In reality, they are SO CLOSE to destroying human freedom and dignity for a millennium. Open season on the open society by the open predators and parasites. But heyboy -- minorities and feminazis -- just keep powdering your hair, perfuming your buttes, wearing your pants on the down low, voting Dem, and slamming Conservers of Liberty.