Monday, September 19, 2016

Photos of Libs



The alliance of crony moochers and prog cattle people has so poisoned the narrative-sphere that no one with common sense can dare to question even the most stupid of absurdities.  This is the iron fist of totalitarianism covered up with a velvety silk glove.  What good can free speech do, once the entire apparatus of crony-state-mush brains is institutionalized and primed to come down on your head?

Tyrants of the past displayed and shook their physical weapons of raw naked power.  Sophisticated, nuanced, girlyman lizzie-tyrants display their wagging pinkies while they make examples of dissenters.  (Be a shame if anything happened to your livelihood.)

When crony moochers have nothing else, they deploy their prog nuts to slow walk, to give them time to fiat-fund and "build a narrative" around racism. How much longer before even the slowest Prog figures this out?


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