Saturday, February 19, 2011

Communal Inspiration vs. Elitist Lawgiving

In the absence of institutions for enacting and enforcing an all pervasive system of laws, people tend to come together of their own accord in order to seek and sustain shared sympathies. They often assimilate and bless the upshot as being divined in respect of a source of higher values. They may intuit that they were receptive to some kind of guiding function or field. They may even refer to its source as "God."

Some people want to take that away, to say no one should find inspiration or charity, except in respect of material and measurable facts, reason, and science. Perhaps, as the "science is settled," they mean to replace voluntary communal receptivity to God with a system of laws, migraine inducing in their intrusiveness, as reasoned and meted out to us by our elite betters. No thanks.

I prefer good faith receptivity to a shared idea or source of higher, guiding values. If, in some instances, that devolves into mafia like cults of religious abuse, the solution should not be in banning or ridiculing "God," but in bringing the wider community, with its own modes of pressure or law, then to rein in the abuses. That is the time to apply law and force: when religions, in their actions and incitements, become abusive. Not when they merely pay homage to a caring, guiding, higher Source of values.

Is there a changeless yet changing standard, against which morality can or should be measured? May it consist in the human form? Or the well being of the human form? Or some imagined evolving apex of an organism? I doubt it. As pressures change, the change in our niche, form, and material appetites will accelerate in their changes. If the needed changeless yet changing standard cannot prevail against the withering rate of material change, then what sort of changeless yet changing standard may meet our need? May it consist in a standard that is merely intuited, beyond material, even qualitatively superior to quantitative material? I believe yes. I believe there abides such a standard, a sort of encompassing, synchronizing, field of present and stored conscious will, unchanging in its capacity, yet changing in its "mores" and in how it "appreciates," in feedback (prayer?), a quality of interfunctioning with various limited and inferior perspectives of itself.   Respect for that Source is vital, if we are to avoid the inhuman encroachment of law spouting oligarchs, who invariably confound our lives, all the while considering themselves above the law.


Anonymous said...

America is sometimes like a nice house in a decent neighborhood. At other times, the house comes to be overrun with sociopathic abusers. It gets almost to the point that it cannot be nourished or defended without empowering its victimizers. Presently, we seem to be hosting degenerates bent on corrupting our own children and either turning them against us or weighing us down with their habits of degenerate (victimless?) pleasure. As our neighborhood becomes a slum, we sense a need to defend our borders, revive our trade, restore our children to decency and industry, and rekindle good values. However, how do we do those things, without simultaneously strengthening the parasitic, international corporatists we are hosting, who are weakening and devouring our carcass?

International corporatists among us have learned how to hedge and enrich themselves while stirring hatred against America --- as if it were the decent, hard working, middle class Americans who were the danger to the world. They now have such control that: when we invest in new military technology, they promptly benefit by selling it to those who are hardly our friends; when we repulse against the rot of Hollywood, they simply increase the volume; when we try to inculcate our children with values, they use government money to undermine us with mal-education from government programmed teachers; when we try to end the abuses of unions of public employees, they nationalize control of industries under czars. It would be good to bust unions, if our government truly fostered competitive enterprise; it would be good to preserve a strong defense, if our controllers were not using the military industrial complex to increase the private power of those who truly own our government.

Yes, defend America. Just recognize that such defense necessarily entails starving the worms that have insinuated themselves inside our guts.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Gay Marriage: Everything that survives discriminates. A state comprised of citizens who want a decent society to survive must discriminate in favor of those ideas, values, traditions, cultures and laws that are necessary or helpful to the sustenance of decent civilization. There is no such a thing as a sustainable, completely non-discriminatory anything. To tolerate everything is to tolerate one's own destruction. It is one thing to tolerate gays, addicts, crony capitalists, communal utopians, and Islamic chauvenists. It is another thing to force decent civilization to bow before them. To put it plainly, gays, addicts, NWO crony capitalists, fellow traveling utopians, and Islamic chauvenists have no natural right, and should have no legal right, to forcibly subjugate society to their agendas. These people have largely unrestricted opportunities in America. But they have no right to draft the law to require that all must celebrate their agendas. The work of the law should be to facilitate a sustainable society that can facilitate maximum freedom. This necessitates respect for sustainable family values. Knocking off marriage and turning the rearing of the next generation over to communes and bureaus is not a path for sustaining freedom. It is one thing for Walt Whitman or Cole Porter to celebrate themselves. It is another thing to expect to force all of society to applaud. We become what we celebrate. No sale, but two words of advice: Grow up.