Saturday, February 5, 2011

Millennial Fall of Decency

Millennial Fall of Decency:

American middle class producers (aka, Whitey, or minorities acting like Whitey) have failed to confront evil.  Now, they catch double hell.  We already know the middle class tends not to be effectively represented.  This is because an unholy alliance of Ainos (Dinos and Rinos) looks out only for (1) the cheaply bribed among the entitlement mongering class (Progs) and (2) the oligarchs who bribe them, using tax money (Oligs).

This is insult enough.  But wait, there's more.  Injury is added.  Know-it-all Progs combine with Oligs to represent America abroad, as if it were the American middle class that is the problem of discontent in the world.  This is hubris unbounded.  It's like punching your baby sister and then blaming your brother.

When our elites blame us abroad for acting imperial and profiting from selling arms, who, pray tell, is reaping such profits ---  if not our elite corporatist-military complex?  When our industry is sent abroad, our energy independence choked, our secrets squandered, our infrastructure left rotting, who, pray tell, benefits from the ensuing cannibalization and sell off?  When the Scandinavian and Low Countries are held up as models for moral socialism, pray tell how those models will survive, once the Oligs get on their scent, and begin dogging their cultures and institutions in earnest?  What will make their middle class any more resistant against the alliance of Progs and Oligs?  What lines will their representatives find the moral backbone to enforce?

Unless decent people rally in respect of higher purposefulness, those who know no decency, the Progs (brawn of abusers) and Oligs (brains of abusers), will continue to prey upon and reduce all influence of the middle class, everywhere.  Some among the middle class are finally waking up.  Can they assimilate in time to stop the indecency?  Can they find common ground, to fight the corruption allied against them?  They are massively out funded by the Oligs.  They lack the heavy handedness, the numbers, and the corrupt will of the Progs.  Unless they rally, they will remain handicapped by disorganization and their own sense of decency.

So what can they believe, to inspire or rally them?  The evil alliance against them ridicules and demoralizes all appeals to higher morality, and it constantly tells them that they must choose among corrupt gangs of political hoodlums, telling them, in effect, that wolf gangs based on self interest by abusing others are the only "higher morality."  Thus, the middle class may be destroyed --- economically, politically, and morally.


Anonymous said...

Obama is nothing if he is not a priest for the Cult of the Supreme State. Taxes are the sacrifices we make at the alter of Gaia. Angels of Gaia do not ask for our good deeds and contributions; they force and take them. Obama is a "Christian" who can't rely on Christian charity. Government programs are the only answers to prayers of pagan statists. They can never admit that their programs do not work, without signaling that they are children of a lesser god. It's all they've got so long as they're dis-illumined of anything else.

Anonymous said...

Before the legal profession can profit, it must first stir controversy. Its first need is that there be as much controversy as possible. For that, Big Gov is its pot, and legal vagueness, complexity, and the tort system are its ladle. The results of lawyers' arguments for applying law are intrusions against individuals, to be enforced by sheriffs. The half that are sued already don't like lawyers. Of those, if their defense lawyers are average, another half will lose. So 3/4 of defendants will be disposed not to like practicing lawyers, The remaining 1/4 may tolerate them. When lay arguments, such as at A.T., pressure for changes in law, the intrusions are targeted for or against society, generally. In this over-papered society, for self defense, we're all required to be lawyers now. When we've had enough of religious and legal intrusion, we'll topple the system to clear the way for despots and their pretended moral scientists. If Obama gets to appoint another justice to Scotus, the Obamanots soon may not need any stinking law.

Anonymous said...

Allah ordains that unbelievers be tormented. The only duty of a believer is to entirely submit his or her will to Allah. Having submitted, he has no will, no mind, and no moral responsibility of his own. He thus becomes a zombie agent of Allah, pbuh, to torment the unbelievers. Unbelievers are easily identitfied, because they are the ones being tormented. Life is easy once you sacrifice your mind and thus become not responsible. When you're in zombieland, do as the zombies do. Death becomes a blessing. How has decent society allowed this death cult to get such a grip on the walking unsane? Islamists worship Allah the moon god; Leftists and Obamanauts worship Gaia the earth god. No wonder they're aligned against common sense and human decency. A pagan is a pagan.

Anonymous said...

Re: If everyone knows that obama is killing america, why are we letting him?
For three firehosing reasons:
(1) Billionaires tend not to identify with ordinary Americans and tend instead to fund the rule of elitists (so, the Obamanauts have ready made funding, and, they may control the capacity to buy pols and print money -- to bribe votes and pay kick backs in political favors to crony capitalists);
(2) much of our citizenry (even many of our Christians who seek to do their version of good with OPM extracted by gov thru taxes) has been maliciously de-educated to believe Big Gov rule is "charitable," just, and in reparation of entitlements; and
(3) the tea partying middle class has been too preoccupied in going to work and in raising their families to notice and organize (they tend to be coopted, back and forth, by reigning Rinos, Dinos, Libertines, and family unfriendly Libertarians.)
This firehosing confluence may already have pushed us beyond recovery. Still, we can do ought but keep faith and rally to try to turn this back. If we don't, our grandkids should never forgive us.

Anonymous said...

I suspect much of our challenge is inspirational. In previous run ups to victory, we had some assimilated idea of what we believed in, that it was worthwhile, and what it would be like if we lost it. We had challenges at home, but they had not usurped all our major institutions. And, key players had not bought into a NWO with a center of gravity moved outside or beyond the U.S. Sometimes, it's hard to tell who's undermining our own culture faster --- our home grown advisers or our enemies. Mr. Meyer's analysis is outstanding. It would be more inspiring if we had ground to believe that our admin were actually interested in looking out for us. As things stand, we're mid leap in our own revolution at home. Until we reach some solid ground, we don't have much to push against, in order to push back. And everyone else who is in mid leap knows it. Basically, we're in survival mode, until Obama and his "fundamental changers" can be deposed. In two years, it's going to be a mess, and the clean up won't be nice. We need to preserve enough to have a decent chance when the clean up commences.

Anonymous said...

P.c. people tend to be blinkered when it comes to absolutes, like never or always. Never burn a book; always be tolerant. Like Hell. If our media police did not require us to be so tolerant, if SouthPark could poke fun at Mohamet just like any other blight on humanity, if MSM would do a better job at ripping the Koran, then perhaps there would not be such need for people like Jones to strike a dramatic pose. Once media does a proper takedown on a book, like Mein Kampf, there is little need for burning. The remedy becomes not less speech, but more speech. Unfortunately, speech about Mohamet and the Koran is unfree, plastered over as it is with p.c. upon p.c. As by MSM calling anti-Koran people "bigots." As if it were "bigotry" to state truth about clear evil. Test: Replace "Allah" with "Crime Boss." What then would our thought police do about all the sanctuaries teaching how, in service to Crime Boss, to reduce, take from, diminish, torture, and kill all who have not pledged their loyalty? Instead of burning, perhaps Jones should have given a book an atomic wedgie. Free speech being plugged and diverted, the lid finally boileth over. Or, if not, what horrors would continue to gather steam?