Thursday, February 3, 2011

Towards A Rational Model of Consciousness

Towards A Rational Model of Consciousness:

There abides a perpetual Field, or quality, of potential information.

There abides a Meta means for extracting from such potential, to store such extractions as meaningful manifestations of measurable information, i.e., substance, or mass.

There abides a perpetual, inter-functioning Feedback between such Field and such Means.

Such feedback entails experiential, synchronized, appreciation and sharing of unfolding parameter limits.

The unfolding that is accompanied by feedback constitutes a process for driving the making of particular choices (of meta consciousnes) or determinations (of inanimate but animating meta forces) regarding both the direction of the whole and the flux of its sum of overlapping layers and levels of patterns and components.

There is no empirical explanation for why the Field and the Means "ought" so to abide or function. That they not only abide, but perpetually interfunction, may be considered as inexplicable, or miraculous. Their interfunctioning feedback gives constant and continuous expression to a quality of appreciation. That is, the Means apprehends the Field, effects choices, appreciates such choices, and, in feedback, continues to make further choices, and so on. The feedback is appreciated, perhaps meta-emotionally. The feedback is also synchronized, availing a shared, parameter driven, ground of being.

Result: In semantics, all determinations may be conceptualized as being made manifest in concert with "meta conscious choices" or "inanimate but animating meta forces." That is, a role for metaphysics cannot be banished merely by wishing it away. Whether conscious or animating, the Means is necessary precursor to the kind of consciousness we associate with complex, brain-stemmed, living organisms. Its quality for availing expression of "meta consciousness" is innate to its interfunctioning with the Field of potential, extractable information, and, perhaps, inherent to beingness.


Anonymous said...

Scratch a progressive worshipper of Statist Religion and find a suck up to Cult of Personality.

There are those who consider evidence for the worth of any model by which to map reality to consist only in that which can be empirically tested, falsified, or reliably demonstrated. They would consign all metaphysics, such as regarding that quality of consciousness which is beyond direct sensory weighing or measure, to the flames. Problem is, much of reality obviously relates to that which, in qualitative aspect of its experience, remains beyond quantitative measure. For example, we have no means by which even to imagine any empirical scale of morality, by which to prove that which is most moral for the context of our shared universe. Can we say that tests presented to us --- of love versus hate, mind verus matter, word versus claw, being versus being --- are without unfolding meaningfulness?

There being no such an empirical scale, there is no mechanism, determined by Gaia or known to us, by which to determine or will any purely empirical measure of morality. (No nation pretends effectively to measure itself based on Gross National Happiness.)
Obviously, roles of observers --- subjective qualities of observation and appreciation --- have much to do with determining which among the field of possibilities and potentials are selected for actuation into empirical manifestation (i.e., imbued with measurable mass or vector).

Still, the devotee of analysis of substance-based (natural) law, or its imbument within a cult of personality, restricted to pure empiricism, blinds himself to obvious aspects of our beingness. He tends to extend his blindness even to ideal-based (man-made) law. Thus, the blind, empirical reformer seeks to reduce, ridicule, and replace all notions of meta-based (God) morality with an entirely empirical-based moral landscape.

He seeks to explicate a political system made perfect by banishing God, effecting a total replacement, simply by fashioning a perfect system of legal checks and balances. He imagines his perfect system could not fail to work, if only all backward societies could be enlightened to see the folly of their god beliefs.

Anonymous said...

There is hardly a society unpermeated with ideas of higher forms, qualities beyond measure, superstitons, and religions. The anti-God legal reformer will never enlighten society, and will never be without excuse for failing to have done so. Instead, he will harrangue with 2, 3, 10 thousand-page bills, and billions of pounds of regulations, vowing that we shall submit, and that when we do, there will be legal heaven on earth. Of course, his tower of law falls under its own weight, so his false utopia always gives birth to dystopian despotism.

His dystopian enlightenment blinds him from seeing that we do not obtain pure happiness, or pure political justice, but only pursue them. He does not see a qualitative aspect in the hearts of mankind that makes it futile and monstrous to contrive to shoehorn any society, much less every society, into Chinese lotus shoes. He does not see, when we come to reason together in respect of a source or ideal of values higher than any contrived notion of perfect Statism, that we have far less need of his smothering regulations.

While he remains blind, he gathers his lawyers, technicians, and scientists. He sends them to cabinets and czardoms, to blind us with political correctness and to control every function of every social institution --- politics, news, entertainment, education, language, health, energy, food, banking, religion ... even the air (carbon credits). He recruits fellow devotees of his "moral empiricism," and he promotes those among them who are most hateful of all things morally qualitative.

Their ultimate measure of success has to do with whether they save Gaia from those who believe in a quality of decency that is higher than the State they run. In their pitiless pursuits, Gaia worshipping Statists have much in common with Allah (once a Moon God? []) worshipping Sharia'ists. When all who believe in a higher, caring, decent God or ideal are demoralized, terrorized, liquidated, or subjugated, the final solution will be installation of an Uber Mensch cult of personality. Except for this: If and when they are done, they will have sold their souls.

Anonymous said...

Useful idiots always believe the leader of a socialist movement has their interests at heart. So, a vision of ever bigger government is installed, replete with scientific notions of checks and balances. Problem is, once government becomes so big, intrusive, connected, and nervously watchful, it takes only the first despot to render all its promises asunder.