Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Visions

A Tale of Two Visions

There are two competing myths or visions for America: The shining city on a hill, and the dying carcass of colonial abuse, to be cannibalized and sold to the gathering rulers and elites for a new world order or caliphate. Those who would serve the first vision need to depose the entire existing regime. The regime does not expect that will happen, because it has its own goals, its own estimate of the extent of its infestation and chokehold over the carcass, and its own strategy for dividing and keeping the carcass from getting back on its feet.

Against internal infestation, American technological inventiveness cannot save the first vision, because chokers will simply give every significant invention over to enemies and bastions salivating for the second vision. Economic industrialization cannot save the city on the hill, because international corporatists have infested citizens' minds with lies of environmental disaster, installed a regulatory strait jacket, and leveraged advantages overseas. Elites do not expect a rise of decent, middle class Americans to save the old America, because they have the big corporate funding and the means to agitate the zombie masses, reduced to slavering, useful idiots. The infestation is animated and coordinated. It expects to meet every reaction. If decent Americans try to restore fiscal sanity, it will simply tell each divided sector: Why should you be singled out or go along with the discipline, when (install here some version of Whitey) is still getting his? Why should you suffer a reduction in your AARP social security or medicare? Why should you be called "illegal?" Why should stock traders get gold plated bonuses while union members get little? In this way, NWO elites expect an easy path to smother the last breaths of the old America, to replace the "imperialism" of individual initiative with the "caring" of crushing international legalism and corporatism.

However, I suspect the game will not be that easy, and in fact will remain in doubt. I expect elites have underestimated decent Americans and the vision they share. Unfortunately, this does not bode carefree times. Rather, it bodes a long and calamitous struggle, during which, this time, I am deeply saddened that the homeland will not be spared. Regardless of the outcome, all who denigrate the value of faith, myth, and assimilated visions of moral purposefulness will soon be washed over.


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Maybe our problem is that social conservatives and libertarians each carry among them those who have a liberal (fascist) bent, in that they would deploy government to intrude where it ought not. For example, value-conservative Christians seem split between those who believe big social programs are a proper form of "charity" and those who do not. And Libertarians are split by those who deem it less important to get our fiscal house in order than to deploy government to address such shattering needs as, you know: government sponsorship of gay marriage; repeal of DADT; rights of Muslim (and other) polygamists; accomodation in the public square of Muslim sensibilities; and the active use of government regulations and ACLU money in order to ban any accomodation in the public square of Christian sensibilities. Indeed, it gets weird sometimes, how some Libertarians twist the trends, to make it sound like it is only social conservatives who are frenetically using government to force a reshaping of social values. It raises the suspicion these so called Libertarians would toss fiscal concerns in a heartbeat and join with the openly Progressives if they sensed by doing so that they could put Gaia on top of God, once and for all. There is one very big reason why this controversy Is Not going to subside very much: It needs only one more twisted Supreme Court Justice to put America into a state of utter degeneracy, permanently. Beware the faux fiscal conservative in libertarian clothing.