Saturday, December 31, 2011

Common Sense

.Common sense needs to be aired, without fear of being ridiculed as conspiratorial or denounced as politically incorrect. It's common sense, not conspiracy-mindedness, to recognize predators and gangsters are keen to sense one another and stake off territories! It's common sense to recognize animal nature, i.e., that sizeable proportions of unenlightened blacks, women, rednecks, Jews, Baptists, etc, support one another simply because of some common indicator --- whether skin color, gender, culture, dogma, whatever. It's common sense that indirect techniques and subliminal methods of mass persuasion are studied and applied, scientifically and profitably. It's common sense that success breeds success. My beef with Paul is not that he's always wrong, for he's frequently right! He stands for some principles that he won't sell out. My beef is that some of his principles are fundamentally dangerous. The crux has to do with the nature of government. Government will always fill the vacuum, so size is not the issue. The issue is centralization. Most governance needs to be decentralized so it can be responsive to people locally, so they can be responsible for it. But some governance needs to be centralized, like national defense. I agree it's a waste and disgrace to spend blood and treasure trying to nation-build in the Middle East! Boo Santorum! But I don't agree that decent nations can ignore weapons amassment by insane regimes and despots. Boo Paul!
If Paul believes far too much power has agglomerated in a centralizing NWO, I heartily agree. I think it deep denial to fail to recognize that. Paul is right that the Fed IS being used to further that agglomeration! This problem won't be resolved by letting violence-prone, chat-chewing, opium-deluded, moon-paganites tell adults to mind their own business. Nor will it be resolved by appeasing generation after generation of trustafarians who think not even local authorities should take a hand in teaching them what to do. The world doesn't rain down peace and manna just because more and more people seek escapism from disapproval of those who must live around them.
We participate in availing freedom, but no one has complete freedom to finger neighbors' eyes. The problem with Libs is they don't want central government taking fun things away, but they do want central government telling all other levels of society they have no say either. Notwithstanding history, Libs actually believe this mode would sustain civilization. So we end up with central government forcing local schools, even parents, to tolerate or teach fourth graders in all manner of exotic pleasures and tolerance for the unraveling of social mores and individual responsibility. Why else would one take on the badge of being a Lib, rather than an American Conservative?
OZero and friends mean to realign, to appeal to elites who want to rule ignorant and corrupt masses, and ignorant and corrupt masses who want to be ruled. He's throwing ordinary American workers under the bus, hoping they won't realize it until the election is over. But he can't prevail without bringing along enough Libs (Liberals, Libertines, and Libertarians, i.e., people who value entitlement to pleasure diversions more than sustainable civilization). So Zero means to dissolve the weak attraction of Libertarians to Conservatives. The trivalently-to-be-aligned Dark Side is plenty smart, but utterly unwise. If cheap, short-sighted bribery can convince enough Libertarians, before Conservatives can lead them to put on their decency caps, there will be four more years of ObamaRaj. If you thought you had your fill of happy-face-on-a-dogmastick-suckuping-and-moonbeam-promising, you ain't seen nothing yet. Conservatives need to call on prodigal, ordinary Americans to come home. Call on self reliance, liberty, protection of family, culture of mores, local governance, national defense of borders and infrastructure, and smart trade. Emphasis on protection of family, culture of mores, national defense, smart trade, and smart (decentralized) government will cost some Libertarian votes. Those votes will have to be made up for --- by bringing home ordinary American workers. The alternative is almost too awful to contemplate.


Anonymous said...


-- "Ron Paul does not have the right stuff to be president." True.

-- But for Ron Paul, many Repubs would have lacked insight and backbone to raise consciousness about the danger of the Fed and the NWO. Also true.

-- It will be very hard to find a candidate with Paul's insights who will have the right stuff to be President and also the capacity to attract adequate campaign financing. Also true.

-- NWO Rinos and Dinos will do all they can to discredit Paul's consciousness-raising regarding the Fed and the NWO. Also true, and also an extreme moral hazard.

Bottom line: So long as Paul does not run as a third party candidate, he will have performed a remarkable service in consciousness-raising. Even so, it is one thing to recognize limitations arising from our debt; it is another thing to discount the hazard to fundamental human liberty that will occur when Iran gets nukes.

What would change my opinion? Since Cain self-destructed, if Romney blithely discounts the hazard of the Fed and the NWO, only then would it become a close call. At that point, close analysis would be in order of the kind of people each of them attracts and would likely appoint.

Too many Paulies are prone to be Truthers. Too many anti-Paulies are prone to be deep in denial about the Fed and NWO elitism. Pray for your country.

Anonymous said...

In rare instances, moderation might take temporary root against Islam, but only upon inordinate investment of blood and treasure. Even then, the effect is temporary, not a cure. The investment is Not Worth It! Let the mind rabies of Islam fester and stew under its own poison. I would sooner temporarily live in a toilet than permanently live predominantly among Muslims. Why is the West freely trading with and enriching Muslim societies? Answer: Short sighted entertainment of cannibalistic, sociopathic greed. Crony political opportunists don't think twice about ransoming off civilization. This kind of "free trade" is one-way freedom to sell civilization into permanent madness. There's no point to pitying a rabid dog. Best to quarantine it. I don't judge all dogs. Some may be rabies-resistent. But I do judge rabies and its pathognomonic signs. Problem is, this requires intelligent fortitude, which lickspittle Western elites are furiously degrading by "educating" masses to be good sheep for the new world elite. Exhibit "A": Ground Zero Mosque madness. Those elite who want to build a world-wide Frankenstein are either so misguided as to believe they can control it, or they simply expect to be able to party long enough so that they will be dead before the bill comes due. Party on, dude-bro dumas. Meanwhile, dude-bro "genius" atheists see no difference between modern values of Judeo-Christian cultures versus Islam. Round and round the prickly pear.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Anybody but Mitt is Obama." I think you're right. It's why I don't spend so much time anymore worrying about it. I've taken to reading excellent literature on my electronic book reader. And listening to audio books on the drive to work. The political writing is on the wall. Hell, the entire NWO agenda of a broken middle class throughout the West is on the wall. The only candidate who sees that is Ron Paul, and he seems clueless about the need to defend the actual territory of America (i.e., the border and infrastructure against illegals and bomb pirates). More than that, most Americans (even at A.T.) remain clueless about the things Paul IS right about --- even going so far as to castigate him ... for the things he is right about! So, what's left? Romney. By default. After all, I don't want nation-building by Santorum or Bachmann. I don't trust Perry since the toll road debacle in Texas. I don't want a glib Huntsman appointee of Obama's. Gingrich has said some great things. Problem is, he's also said and done some crazy zanies. Maybe our electorate has become so diversely crazed, infested, and infiltrated that no electable candidate can sound consistently competent. Maybe big funders don't really want leadership that would revive a decent, viable, politically-responsible middle class that would decentralize the agglomerated power of elites. So, it's back to the great books for awhile. Everything we see, politically, has been seen and written about before. The old books are more current, insightful, and better written. The political stuff has gotten boring. Elect Mitt. Elect as many non-crony responsible Americans as possible to Congress. Push to empower local populations to recall congress-people who have lost the confidence of their constituents. It's gonna be a long haul. In a few years, I'm gonna retire and maybe join a POOF bike club ... comprised of Pissed Off Old Farts. Maybe we can take our local hot spots and electronic books and occupy some lib/elite lawns. Ayers, Wright, Obama, Brooks, Matthews ... Conservative Elders. Not AARP cannibals.