Saturday, December 3, 2011

End of Full Employment

People are beginning to expect an end to the days of productive free enterprise. New enterprises and gadgets will tend to be about manipulating existing technologies in order to accumulate control over people by reorganizing, repressing, stealing, and buying up competition and politicians. A large labor force will no longer be needed. The tip of the spear will be to control the flow of content, advertising, propaganda, and media. In large part, this Chinese-style reconsolidation will be accomplished by lying and making cheap bribes to gullibles and by making insincere promises to wannabe cronies. We are in the days of heady narcisissim and deception. Our leaders will become those most practiced in telling us whatever we want to hear, while preserving plausible deniability against being called flip floppers. The Asian mask. Once control is consolidated, the masses will have little choice but to do as they're told. Obamanauts who find this appealing tend to think two things: First, that they are entitled to control; second, that the masses need to be controlled for their own good. This is because it is thought (1) that a full labor force is no longer needed, and (2) that free enterprise can no longer avail full employment.

True, Obama does not believe in productive free enterprise. However, nowadays, what Rino or Dino does? Elites, fearing that idle masses are the devil's workshop, are looking for ways to corral people like doggies --- by controlling regulations, cheap bribes, and disinformation. Desperation is in the air, and desperate measures born of lack of vision almost always fail. The desperate measures of Obama and his fellow Leftists will collapse jobs to such a point that no vision will suffice to save us from the harsh hands of nature and history. The problems with Obama are: (1) he has no vision (he looks instead to failed philosophies of Marxism and Islam); (2) he is too indoctrinated to learn; (3) he finds solace in blaming Americans for their own failing, on account of not having been willing to engage his failed philosophies. The more the millions who perish, the more self satisfied and justified Obama and all ilk who admire Mao and Stalin will feel. It's absolutely imperative that Obama be gone in 2012! Pray for leadership of much better vision, for there is no best tactical way out. It's silly to expect Republican nominees to lay out a clear path to get us out of this. The best we can do for now is to lay out the factors and the possible ways to address them. We're going to need a talented American navigator, able to adjust to whatever unfolds, for some very changeable and stiff winds are on the way.


Anonymous said...

Newt, Mitt, and Paul. It's not going to be Paul. Unfortunately, Cain's a goner. There's a point to bashing Newt and Mitt. It toughens them up. After awhile, though, things settle down. Any of the Republicans would improve the job picture better than Obama. But no one's going to return us to full employment. Many unskilled jobs are going to machines. Most graduates don't have skills for high tech jobs. High tech jobs are being consolidated. No one is going to advocate letting people die of hunger or exposure. So the safety net will have to be expanded, making it decent, without making it attractive or permanently indenturing. The electorate is not able to perform that degree of fine tuning. Elites will not perform it without a good deal of corruption. Some way of spreading a safety net will have to be found short of government printing millions to give to poor people and billions to kick back to international cronies. This will be impossible if government remains beholden to militant atheists. Church charities, such as the Salvation Army, need to be encouraged. Crony, secular charities tend to be fronts for crony control and indoctrination. Church charities will need to stop attempts to slow third world population growth. Economists will need to fashion models for declining production, jobs, and populations. A responsible economy cannot be based on a never ending pyramid of what is labeled as "growth." Show responsible people a more sustainable vision, but don't regiment it with know-it-all government bureaucrats. The new ethos needs to be about people learning to live within their means. It's time for the American middle class, as Americans, to move beyond phony labels and crony party shibboleths, towards asserting common sense and adult supervision. This will necessitate taking some toys away from wannabe aristocrats and fellow traveling dopers.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Notorious, an old black and white movie, circa 1946. It stars Ingrid Bergman as a spy recruited to infiltrate some Nazi uranium dealers operating out of Rio. Even when the Nazi (Claude Rains) who marries her finally learns she's a spy, he cannot break her cover without showing his incompetence to his fellow thugs. That's where the Dems are. They will have to stay married to Obama until he can be escorted from the White House. Meantime, I suspect more than a few will be trying to push him out without fully exposing their own incompetence. There's a big difference, however. Obama, in concert with willing whore-reps, remains in position to reward the most foul and corrupt. Ironic that the Senate Majority Leader at one time ran for mayor of Vegas. The Obama thugs are not in it for the 1000 year Reich. They're just in it for the big paydays and payback thrills they get from bringing down a country they despise. It's not just Obama. It's most of the dirtbags he's brought with him.

Anonymous said...

Every pattern is a kind of distortion that bubbles out of the "non-empty void." A decent civilization seeks to allow the pattern of individual freedom of conscience to unfold within reasonable parameters. Its members want citizens to assimilate parameters as mores, needing little regulation under force of government. The more the government, the more the distortion away from decent, responsible, individual citizens. The fewer the decent citizens, the more the trend towards tyrants as leaders. Replacing accultured mores with government imposed solutions ALWAYS distorts self-regulating civilization and always debases individual freedom of mind. It turns human beings into cattle. Losers who seek to force unnatural equalities by joining in order to steal from others under guise of government are agitating, stupidly, not just for the destruction of general freedom, but for their own enslavement under tyrants (euphemistically known to the left as "strong leaders"). Read The Time It Never Rained, by Elmer Kelton. I'm not saying government is never needed. I'm saying: Central government ought not be resorted to absent compelling, carefully considered reasons, bearing in mind that government -- especially central government -- always produces unstable distortions. Indeed, I wish we had a Constitutional Amendment to require that Congress can conduct no business except upon each member's being required, regardless of party affiliation, to write in his own hand every morning, before transacting any business: "Central government ought not be resorted to absent compelling, carefully considered reasons, bearing in mind that government -- especially central government -- always produces unstable distortions." Alternatively, shorten it to say, "Live free or die!" Or, "We don't need any more stinking laws!"