Saturday, December 10, 2011

Political Tipping Point

Americans, having so long been professed at by left wing professors, can use a fiesty right wing professor. It's not like we're on the right track. Beside morals, TR wrote about the fight in the man in the arena. Newt brings that, even unto impetuous audacity. George Washington's career began in impetuous, ill starred audacity --- at Jumonville Glen and Great Meadows ... contributing to the instigation of what has sometimes been called the First World War, i.e., the Seven Years War. Washington learned from hard knocks, but did not lose all his audacity when audacity was most needed. Thus he came to Cross the Delaware, else there'd have been no America. When Americans declared Independence from the British, we didn't choose mild leaders. America now arrives at another tipping point, testing whether our government is to work for the people or our people for the government. Now is no time for mildness against Marxist Muslims. In this context, I give little damn about Newt's marital infidelities. I generally like Mitt, but I'd rather he attack Obama's policies than rely on surrogate attacks on Newt's infidelities.

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Anonymous said...

Re: "As Dennis Prager says, some ideas are so stupid, only an educated mind could believe them."

Well, an educated person generally has to work really hard to become so stupid. That's why being smart is not the same as being wise and why values are more important than intelligence. Reagan was smart enough, but the key to him was his values. Obama is not dumb, but, like Carter, he is incredibly unwise. Obama is utterly clueless when it comes to preserving a nation that avails freedom of the mind, without which he would lead us to become subhuman. Problem is, the entire country has become infested with the educated unwise. Why worry about freedom of mind when you can spread enough dope to wipe all minds? Why else would so many people have thought it so overwhelmingly important to elect as leader of the Free World the "first black president"?! Maybe soon we can have the first doper president. Excellent, Dude! Too bad Obama was not around when the Brits replaced Chamberlain with Churchill. Why worry about WWII when you've got an opportunity to elect a first minority (take your pick) leader? Nuts. A nation of elite coconuts.