Friday, March 9, 2012

Imperial Communism

A spoils system rotted Rome from the head down, and is now on course to rot America in the same way. Except with courage united with vision and fortified in comprehension of history, there will be no escape. Eventually, a spoils systems, like that of Caitline, Crassus, Caeser, and Antony, will always get around to toppling the likes of a Cicero. A spoils system seems always to be about consolidating power by falsely promising to redistribute equality and wealth. The liars who lead either the rulers or the ruled tend hardly to abide any notion of a truly educated or middle class. Of the list above, today's counterparts, respectively, might be Obama, Soros, Putin, Jintao, and Gingrich/Rush. Because Gingrich/Rush is/are hardly Cicero, and not even Cicero had much of a chance, what prayer have we now, against forces gathering to bury any hope for a viable, free, educated, middle class? Recommend Imperium, by Robert Harris, for considering parallels with our present situation.

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Anonymous said...

Politics is imagination insighted with history, willed into signification. Apart from capacity of imaginative Will to apprehend signification, does the past, i.e., history, in any other respect, actually exist?