Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moral Villains

Everyone carries a cross. Everyone endures challenges and inadequacies. Some are born with gross brain deformities, some are born idiots, some are traumatized with physical limitations, some are cast into bereaved or bizarre families and relations. Many are taught to parade their crosses as if they constituted entitlements for asking for, even demanding, reparations. Many are taught that their material wants have nothing to do with individual initiative or merit, but are simply entitlements. None the less, they are taught they are entitled to self esteem and respect, even though their philosophy admits of no basis for meriting such esteem and respect! Go figure. And so, 95 percent of blacks vote for Obama for no other reason than that he is black. Likewise, among many Hispanics, "the race" is all. Same for skinheads (though one hardly senses why minority racists should believe they have principled standing to complain of skinhead racism). Each racist is fond to say that those not of his race cannot relate to his difficulty, hence have no basis to refuse his demands for reparations and revenge. And so, to question a minority person's racism is to be racist. To promote decent values is to be a "phobe." This is moral insanity! Because it tries to divide the quantifiable by the non-quantifiable, it is equal in its insanity to a like assertion that Minorities (especially among those enamored with Obama?) cannot possibly hope to comprehend the responsibility entailed in establishing and preserving a culture of principles for identifying and rewarding merit, nor comprehend the freedom of expression and enterprise that such effort necessitates. Whites saying Minorities lack social responsibility is not so different from Minorities saying Whites lack social understanding. The associated moral blindness is greedily acculturated; it's not strictly genetic. It's acculturated and reinforced by institutional and aristocratic inbreeding that produces generation after generation of small minded, morally blind, "elite" leaders. What is needed is not nihilism, but a thorough delousing. Less coddling, more manning up from adolescence, and a thorough re-examination of moral villains versus exemplars.

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Anonymous said...

People are being trained to want to dinstinguish themselves in superficial ways, then to assert that such distinctions entitle them. This is a cheap way for "leaders" who sell such bunk to obtain influence. The last thing a person of color would want to do would be to give up his/her color. Yet, everyone else is supposed to be off balance about it. Feel pity. No, that would be racist. Feel the pain. No, you can't comprehend, and thinking you may is racist. Instead, accept your historical sin, your moral inferiority, and understand that no matter what you do, if you're a white male, it's gotta be wrong. And if you resist and say, Enough! well, then get ready to be crushed by Race Baiters, Inc. This is evil, but it's an evil young people starting out cannot very well afford to confront. Retired people are the ones who need to blow the whistle on this scam and keep blowing it until it's evil is blown out. As long as we continue to allow racists to upend decency by calling anti-racism racism, we will never face the important issue: what is needed to be done to facilitate broad adult freedom of expression and enterprise?