Saturday, March 24, 2012

Replace Standard Model with Connective Model?

Towards a Connective Model --- instead of a Standard Model / CONCEPTUALIZE:
1) Relationals within a holistically connected system of fluxes --- instead of Particles
2) Rationalized communications of experience and purposes --- rather than derivations of entirely precise maps of substantive control
3) Meta-living cone or field of shared synchronizations of experience --- instead of cone of perception of entirely dead substance
4) Synchronization based on feedback appreciation of perspective, context, and purpose --- rather than on parameter-phase limits of substance
5) Evolution based on synchronization of appreciations of feedback --- rather than on niches of particle-bits of happenstance condensing out of chaos
6) Levels of mathematical certainty and predictability and degrees of freedom based on general direction of rationalizations of synchronizations --- rather than on pre-set forces
7) Fuzzy byproduct of synchronization of fluxing and receding purposes --- rather than Higgs boson
8) Moral synthesis of the reality of the qualitative with the quantitative --- instead of imagining the qualitative to be entirely derivative byproduct of the quantitative
9) The eternally present now of fluxing feedback of apprehensions of qualitative perspectives of consciousness in respect of the quantitiatively signifiable infinity of local frameworks of space-time --- instead of a beginning or end of time or space
BOTTOM LINE / such a connective model: (1) respects but does not impede objective understanding; (2) rationalizes the seeking but never grasping of receding purposefulness or of the final perfection of a completely objective model; (3) respects the domains of the subjective moral versus the objective substantive.
PROBLEM:  For consciousness to fashion new ways for manipulating a cone of beingness, it often needs to imagine and act AS IF there were precise objective particles.  It needs to act as if there were a common beginning or reference point for instigating communication in respect of a unfolding cone of shared perspectives of consciousness.  Even though ways to fashion recede, communication along the way depends on sharing "as if" assumptions.  Thus, even if a precise Standard Model cannot be achieved, appreciating a Connecting Model often requires one to assume as if a Standard Model were achievable.  While there is no precise universal coordinate for the local drug store, day to day communication requires one to assume a common meaning for directions to it.  Scientific tinkerings and adventures proceed in like fashion.
If all relations were holographically synchronized by a single projecting holism that avails no degrees of freedom (neither quantitative nor qualitative degrees of freedom), then there would be no chance for any local perspective to have any causal influence (or "free will") that were not mere subjective delusion.  Not so, however, if determinations made by the synchronizing holism were influenced by qualitative empathy (or meta-digital feedback) with local, subjective apprehensions and observers ("the measurement effect").  In that case, such apprehensions, even though of non-measurable aspect from our mortal perspective, would affect unfolding relations with the holism.  By definition, such a back and forth dance of  relational effect would never be reducible to empirically quantitative proof.  To "prove" that what is given to consist of the non-measurable qualitative cannot be measured is not to prove that it does not abide, but is only to "prove" a dancing, circular tautology:  that the quantitatively non-measurable is not quantitatively measurable.  Alternatively stated, the only "proof" or reasonable basis to believe that the qualitatively non-measurable carries causal potentcy is necessarily qualitative, subjective, intuitive, ... insightful.


ULTIMATE BUILDING UNITS:  Some seem to suppose mass can be modeled as consisting of piles of a limiting unit or particle of quantifiable substance.  For some purposes, this "building block notion" serves practical needs; for other purposes it does not.  We simply don't have an integrated conceptualization, model, map, or metaphor with which to account for every practical purpose.  There does not seem to abide any single model of reality that can quantitatively, consistently, coherently, and completely account for every purpose, thing, and context.  Indeed, our concept of "reality" itself seems to flux.  Do we suppose that, in reality, every conscious experience that is qualitatively subjective is merely the derivative byproduce of some objectively measurable substance?  Or do we suppose that, in reality, every experience of measuring substances objectively is merely the derivative signification of some synchronizing and reconciling qualitative?
Nothing in our practical science demonstrates that evolution is other than the consequence of a conservation of God's investment in a conversational experience among iterations of God's perspectives of consciousness.  Nothing demonstrates that material substance is other than the figurative consequence, signification, and logos of unfolding communications of a mix of negative apprehensions, neutral non-apprehensions, and positive appreciations among iterations of perspectives of God.  For a perspective of God to love the ideal of the holistic God is to respect the holistic sponsor and counterpart to one's qualitatively much more limited self; to love God is to respect the author of all iterations of consciousness. The consequence of good faith in God is good will among men.
It seems to be because quantitative significations of qualitative interests of the Holism are synchronized and reconciled in obedience to mathematical constraints of conservation that we take and rationalize such significations in their sequential order AS IF they themselves were causally related, back to a primordial first mover or beginning. However, we have no way of knowing whether there are/were beginnings before beginnings, or futures after futures. Even though sequential, all sequentially measurable significations are associational, i.e., associational with unfolding fluxes in the interests of a holistic, synchronizing, reconciling, Experiencer of consciousness.  If so, substantively quantitative causation is illusion, secondary to holistically reconciling qualitative causation.  If substantive causation is ultimately illusory, then searching for the ultimate building block with which to quantify substantive causation is a chasing after a receding rainbow.



Anonymous said...

The Left cannot live on its own merit. It needs to to be supported. Indeed, philosophically, the Left does not believe in merit, self will, or any meta source of good will. Most self sustainable people don't like to volunteer to be hosts for parasites. It requires a demagogue to force them. The demagogue acquires power by convincing enough parasites that they are entitled to bend hosts to fulfill their habits. This requires a host to blame. Led by race baiters, such blame will swarm upon any focusing event, the facts be damned. That host will be whomever has blood for the sucking. Presently, the fat and easy target is Whitey. Among parasites, this is less a matter of racism than of the facts about parasitism. In the past, the convenient target for people who were not self sustaining were often Blacks. Presently, however, without Whitey, demagogues and their flatterers would have to -- ugh -- actually work. The Left acquires power as self sustainable people grow complacent and attractive as targets. The Left will never be very happy, for it either does not believe in just deserts or it knows it is not deserving. Its faux happiness is that of the tyrant who has learned to behave as a tyrant for believing that otherwise it would be reduced to serve a tyrant. The Left has no other sustaining faith, and the faith it has (BLT and the selfish gene?) is simply not very sustaining. For a conservative to try to talk sense to a Leftist is like Plato trying to talk sense to Dionysus.

Anonymous said...

Learn from populist rule under cronies of Caesar, as opposed to republican rule under Cicero. Consider police non-diligence in Zimmerman's situation. If primarily driven in respect of connections of his family to the courthouse, then such non-diligence was not primarily driven by racism, but by general cronyism. It is standing ready to counter sporadic cronyism with mass, unionized, racist cronyism that IS racist! Indeed, pre-organized, pre-meditated racism ... laying in wait for opportunity to spring traps. Thus, Dems pre-organize collectives and victim-mongers to extract doo-dads for followers, while siphoning millions to themselves. Enter pros, to shovel billions out back doors. Pros of populism organize and incite communities to erase boundaries of decency and to surrender individual responsibility to the hollow soul of the international, collective beast. The collective beast is thus tamed to amoral lusts of the most sociopathic and narcissistic of despots.

Plebe-Dems rely on populism among masses, while Patrician-Repubs rely on money and cynical lust for power. An old, repetitive pattern. Soros is simply playing maxi-Crassus to Obama's mini-Caeser. The game doesn't stop, short of everyone kneeling at their feet, as serfs. In effect, Dems --- especially of the Black community --- are used as the tip of the spear for demolishing individual liberty, merit, and responsibility. "Freedom" is conflated with release from individual moral restraint, for everyone to reach for every lust --- subject only to veto of reigning despotism.

Even within such a Pandora's box, there remains strong medicine: hope. It consists with an innate, spiritual quality, which utterly defies scientific quantification. Unfortunately humanity tends not to reach for spiritual hope and faith until at utmost extremity. Faith is first despised before it's finally resorted to. That's where we find ourselves. To reduce rampant cronyism to decent good faith, we need to re-learn a few things. Things populists, atheists, and know-it-all-scientists-of-morality utterly despise and degrade. Stiff necks will prevail until we reach the end of the road: to vomit, fornication, and defecation in the middle of main street ... with children and animals.