Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Consumption Tax v. Crony Republic

Evil promotes and fast tracks itself. Once a tipping point is reached, conservatives are ousted from academia, honest people are ousted from media, decent people are ousted from gov, objective people are ousted from science, good people are ousted from religion, children are ousted from their parents, and responsible people are ousted from their homelands. A precipitous change is upon us.

Something is agitating and generating ever larger and repetitive waves of violence and invasion from and among certain muslims and minorities. That something has been closely associated with the rise of Obama, Soros, Progs, Establishmentarian Ainos, One-World Oligarchs and Hedge Artists. I see a bad moon god rising. I see trouble on the Left.

The reality is, the establishment class perpetuates its position by stacking the deck to ensure that most producers will remain debt slaves (or "transincomed") for most of their lives. When too many workers start to get ahead so that they need not work so hard, the establishment simply changes the rules and resets the goalposts.

The fact is, X workers are needed to sustain the lifestyles of our ruling establishment, and that number, whatever it needs to be, will not be allowed to retire on a pipe dream of stocks in a golden goose owned by everyone. This becomes especially true as each generation has fewer and fewer children (future taxpayers).

To survive, a representative republic needs more than the promise of eggs from a golden goose. It needs to protect itself against the rise of a godless, amoral, conniving, international class of entitlement-minded, a-loyal, treasonous oligarchs and their useful idiots.

I much agree to the importance of the Protestant Work Ethic. However, it needs to be tempered with a realistic appreciation for checks and balances against the depraved nature of whichever humans come to positions of power. A missing check is to deter the rise of a crony ruling class. It's one thing to recognize how crony capitalism hurts us. It's another to devise checks to deter it.

Our republic is being destroyed before our eyes by an amoral crony class. When do we learn from this?

What's the commonality among crony corporatists and commie nomenklatura? Answer: They both farm the little people.

What's the quickest way to grease the rise of a ruling crony class? Answer: Let it snowball wealth by trading in gov as if it were a commodity.

Solutions to salvage a representative republic: Reduce the incentive for crony corporatism by getting the central gov out of most domestic regulation. Impose term limits and revoke the 17th Amendment. Tax national outflows of money, but do not tax inflows. Do not tax domestic business costs, investments, or profits. End the income tax. Do not tax savings. Tax individual consumption and retail purchases.

The only progressive tax should be a tax on individual personal consumption. Lobbying expense should be imputed as a personal consumption to be progressively taxed to whichever agents or corporatists may have authorized it. Foreigners should be prohibited from funding lobbying, and violations should be punished by draconian measures. For a candidate, politician, or his foundation to arrange financial contributions from foreigners should be punishable as a treasonous high crime. Inheritance of corporate stocks should be taxed at a rate sufficient to deter the rise of a permanent class of crony corruptocrats.

Central revenues should be applied to enforce the border, defend the nation, maintain interstate roads and navigation, fund public works for facilitating infrastructure, and paying down national debt. Most fed lands should be surrendered to the states. Gov salaries should be tied to the median private wage, and gov pensions should last no more than 8 years.

To end PC political indoctrination for the crony-commie alliance, the feds should be completely banned from the public schools.

The nomenklatura, mullah-odure-a, and crony-manure-a have scented one another and joined in one big feces-flinging fest -- the NWSO (New World Serf Order). The consequence is imprisonment of the human conscience.

This abomination of fling-it-all collectivists, statists, parasites, and predators is bound also to come to America -- unless responsible adults of strong Christian good faith and good will see it coming and start taking action now. Trump/Cruz.

What's the point or incentive of taxing low income people while paying them more in welfare? Why not just pay them less welfare? When a person contributes zero, what's the point of multiplying or dividing by zero? That way lies delusion and madness.

Trump has the best answer: Reduce spending on welfare (that's an incentive to work, by the way), and shut the border.

As to taxes: The reason our nation is in the toilet is because wealthy oligarchs have turned gov into a trading commodity. By impoverishing the middle class, the wealthy class has tipped political power. To add insult, it uses its gov finagled fiat wealth to buy votes and power from the "free stuff" class. Then, to freeze its gains in political dominance, the wealthy class makes everyone else into permanent serfs by flooding the nation with illegal, alien, liberty-illiterates.

Our problem is what to do to stop oligarchs from raping our borders so they can pillage our government and poison all decency in our middle class. The solution is not in allowing oligarchs to continue to trade in gov as a commodity. We may already be past a tipping point, whereby the most vile people have been selected for fast tracking to fill most positions of influence in all our institutions of significance, especially gov, chamber of commerce, academia, media, foundations, and churches. When a culture makes the most vile its "most fittest," its devolution is at hand.

So how do we stop that? We haven't been able to stop it by directly regulating financial contributions or speech, by criminalizing drugs, or by trying to improve education (indoctrination) with fed oversight. And we won't stop or deter it by failing to progressively tax the consumption and hollowing out of our nation, as if it were a commodity for oligarchic cannibals.

All things considered, on all the most important issues -- immigration, PC, stopping the cannibalization by oligarchs -- the clearly best candidate is Trump.

Why don't we see what is clearly before us? Well, because oligarchs have a vested interest in clouding our vision and judgment. If it's time to get tough and time for truth, then It's time to peel off the cataracts.

Whether in gov, business, science or religion, it's hazardous to trust people in affairs with which their financial interests are closely attached. Too many times to count, history has presented examples of mass movements among dedicated people that turned out to be flat wrong. Without verification, I tend to be less interested in what careerists think than in what independent, competent, objective minded persons think whose interests are not tied up with self promotion or promoting a common hoax.

Central gov does a much better job of protecting its well placed cronies and bureaucrats than it does of protecting the disposable people at large. Which is why conservatives in academia, honest people in law, and competent people in gov tend to be as rare as they are. Just look at the people who are as fast tracked with gov as gangrene is with filth.

By centralizing social, political and economic power among oligarchs, we will soon lose fundamental freedoms essential to human dignity. Elites are moving quickly to enforce their programs as PC. Speech, association, and enterprise are all endangered. Climate change deniers will be prosecuted as social heretics. Businesses that decline special services for pervs, deviants and polys will be fofeited and their owners will be sent to anger-management diversity-appreciation camps. Enterprises that are not halal compliant will be shut down. Children who are not taught proper PC will be taken from their parents. Scientists who do not advocate for trans-sexualism, carbon credit banking, agri-fuels, forced vaccinations and bio-monitoring will be stripped of their funding and positions.

Meanwhile, from Drudge: BBC: Philippe Verdier has been publicly condemned by just about everyone. And he’s been taken off air. He denounces what he sees as a conspiracy of interests linking government, NGOs, science, media and religion – all coming together for the vast and expensive annual shindigs which are the COPS. (It stands for Conference of the Parties)… But worse, he then wrote an open letter to the president, essentially accusing him of hypocrisy for turning the environment to political ends… But he says that just proves his point: that nothing can challenge the official view. “COP21 is a bulldozer,” he said in an interview this week. “And I was in its way.”

My take: The ACLU poses as guardian of individual rights by relying on the central power of Scotus in all concerns. But the more the ACLU and Scotus centralize the "protection" of our rights, the more powerful the central apparatus becomes and the more rights we lose. Everytime the central power expands some right, it bulldozes two others. Every time it opens one door for individual rights, it closes two others. Worldwide enserfment is at full steam. Rights in serfs are a charade.

If we want rights, we need to restore respect for faith, family, fidelity. We need to decentralize gov. We need to kill PC with extreme prejudice. We need to tell Progs to grow the hello up. And we need to tell their elite masters to s t f up. We need to get in their faces, less with law than with high dudgeon.

Our present system is based on keeping productive and ponzied masses on a debt enslaving treadmill. The people who milk this system from both ends do not want the producing workers to get off the treadmill before as much work has been milked from them as possible.

For as long as conducive to elitist interests, producing workers are falsely promised (unaffordable health care used to attract cheap voters), punished (businesses confiscated), and blamed ("white privilege").

Meanwhile, the electorate is managed with fiat money and liberty-illiterate (cheap hispanic and muslim) replacement labor. All the better to bury the representative republic, forever, and to replace it with a NWSO (new world serf order). Well connected crony elitists expect to be protected on private islands when the grand pyramid collapses and the real serfdom begins.

A person may be heretical of established dogma (as am I, also) and yet believe a source of moral priinciples abides.

But why do Soros, Gates, Buffett, the Chamber of Commerce, et al, want to use illegal immigration to destroy the representative republc?

I think it's because they are evil, greedy godless, godforsaken, narcissistic, fascists who were conditioned over their lives to get their psyhcological payoffs by exercising power over others. Their "charitable foundations" tend to be covers for extending elitist fascist power over the masses. Godless or morally unprincipled goons, and there are a great many of them, will want to get their kicks in this way:

“The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.” -- Genghis Khan

Trust godless and unprincipled narcissistic headcases? I think not.

Forty years ago, Progs at least had to keep their masks on. Now (or very soon), Progs run openly on socialism, equal funding of poly marriage, equal celebration of Muslim holidays, open borders, forced attitude-adjusting reeducation camps, importation of thousands of Muslims, etc.

Progs no longer bother to hide their evil -- they drop the masks and leer. Indeed, they drop their pants. Bald faces, bald cheeks, bald ... whatever. They are at last completely out of the closet, out of the bag, and twerking in our faces. They get their kicks by insulting ordinary, responsible Americans. And then they call racist (or BLM, white privilege, bitter clinger) when responsible people complain.

Why? Because Progs are evil. And because they know they now have 47% plus enough motor voters and fast-tracked, well networked, Ivy-poisoned pervs and cheats in high places to get whatever the he*l they want. And they expect there's nothing we can do about it! Although ... they're starting to get a little worried about Trump and Cruz.

I am so tired of these bald-faced, bald-buttocked bastids and their weenieized fed judges. Were Muslims to start slapping some of their publicly displayed bald buttocks, a lot of us may not be terribly upset. Unless we had to attend anger-management, diversity-appreciation training.

People may consume less on credit once they can no longer get credit. But people are ingenious about finding ways to get credit.

As by pawn shops, payday loans, stealing, pushing dope, selling labor on the black market, lying to get disability and welfare, taking on foster kids for gov assistance, "liberating" property during mass lootings, lifting from the collection plate, rallying for gov handouts from fiat made money, "earning" fiat money by sheltering gov sponsored immigrants, making deals to marry foreigners in order to sponsor immigration status, setting up auto whiplash lawsuits, seeking refuge in prison on the taxpayer's money, running guns, lifting credit card info, gang shoplifting. When all else fails, the gov will guarantee increases in mimimum "tax refunds."

I think, to improve quality of life by freeing more people from debt slavery, we need somehow to get off the pyramid devices that are used for expanding the economy and find ways to live with a diminished and stable population. To move to a more balanced population that is not based on serf labor, we need tax schemes that encourage otherwise serfs to save more without reducing their disposable income or standard of living. This necessitates ways for reinvesting some of the crony wealth, as via a progressive tax on yearly personal consumption.

There are time and place limits on everything. The enormous power of the media is driven by those who, among other things, are able to fund Super Pacs. Agglomerating elitists are always planning for ways to hoodwink and control the general populace. Ways are needed to restore some semblance of political balance. Direct regulation, however, is at odds with our republican values.

- Progressively tax the hell out of political funding that calls itself free political speech, and then use the proceeds to enforce the border.
- Define clearer and far more restrictive limits on the central regulating apparatus for domestic purposes. (Make control of the central apparatus less enticing.)

The hollowing of the middle class was the prelude to turning the masses into sheeple for the class of godless wolf cronies. The wolf cronies now turn their attention fo metrosexualizing and hollowing out the men who used to function as the body of Christ. This is the consequence of failing to slow the agglomeration of central fascist power.

Giving too much power to the Feds tempted and attracted too many fascists. Failing to renormalize the wealth of the wolves left them with the power to dehumanize the masses. Encouraging people to work by letting them profit is one thing. Letting them accelerate profits by turning the masses into cheap serfs is another.

We need less debt, more saving, less gov spending, and more discrimination in consumption. The way to incent that is not with a tax on income, but with a tax on consumption.

We need less agglomeration of central crony power and more dispersal of political power to localities. The way to incent that is with a progressive tax.

We need more saving, less consumption, and more dispersal of political power. The way to reconcile that is not with a progressive income tax, but with a progressive consumption tax.

Either we progressively tax the consumption of crony gov as if such were the consumption of a commodity, or we continue along our path --- which is the path to the replacement of the republic with a godless, godforsaken, crony-syndicated serfdom.

I often espouse a test: What is needed to establish and sustain a decent and surpassing republic that tends to maximize human freedom and dignity?

The problem is that the test must be applied to a moving target. The more we learn, the more surprises we come upon. Each situation surpasses the previous, continuously. We have few certain answers to non-trivial concerns. I don't know what guides us or should guide us. For lack of a better name, I tend to call the guide a source of intuition and empathy.

I don't see many rules or rights as applied to specific situations (that can reasonably be set for extended times by law-givers) that can be free from evolving exceptions. More important than legalistic rights are ways for reconciling differences that will help perpetuate human freedom and dignity.

To refer every kind of controversy about rights to a central apparatus is to weaken our local problem solving skills. The more we diversify and disassimilate our culture, the more we tend to defer to central elitist legalism. The more our "rights" come to depend on crony elitists, the more they get buried under masks of legalism that are really more dependent on arbitrary and conniving elitism.

Every so often, the overgrowth of legalism needs to be burned away, so the soil and blood can replenish the tree of liberty.

Education, health care, establishing codes regarding criminal law and rights of self defense, public licenses and orderliness and sanitation, child welfare and delinquency, public projects, taxation, standards for food and drug quality and the like, seem to me to be appropriate matters to entrust to the states. I don't quite see how respect for the Tenth Amendment in such matters would violate "individual rights." The Constitution guarantees a republican form of government. Not such all-pervasive "equal rights" as exist only in the mind of a busybody elitist.

Rather, when ACLU elitists stick their noses in to try to use the force of Fed courts to make every issue one of allocation of "equal fairness,"tolerance, or individual rights, in all matters, then I think we have descended into anti-republican madness. That doesn't work well, except in a land of wonderful mushrooms.

Authority needs to be delegated to the lowest practicable and reasonable level, but it still needs to be authority. For example, children do not have authority in all matters to disobey their parents. Freedom of thought, speech, assembly, association, enterprise, and faith need to be respected, but not every twist needs a federal precedent. For example, the idea of a Fed enforced "wall of separation" between faith and the public square is an invitation to Fed tyranny. The more important wall of separation is between Fed and state powers. As things stand, the Fed and ACLU ideas about freedom, fairness, equality, and rights are becoming more Orwellian every day.

I see where Fed courts are more and more ordering business owners they deem to be politically incorrect to attend mandatory diversity training. As if elitist instructors had a handle on the best way of thinking. This tendency makes them ever closer to fascist reeducation camp directors. It leads not to individual rights, but to an elitist-run fascist state. No thanks. No camel nose in the tent. Central fascists out!

To preserve individual rights, the best defense is a well armed and well educated local citizenry. Not a billionaire-funded, central-crony apparatus.


Anonymous said...

I smell the ordure of Soros. There's far more to this outrage than mere insult. It's part of a calculated assault. It shows how the establishment divides and rules the masses. Everything it does to poison faith, family and fidelity is "enlightened." Everything conservers of liberty do to preserve faith, family and fidelity is "beknighted." Obama, Soros, and Progs are backed by all the institutions that corruption and fiat money can buy. The Establishment has declared war on the American Ideal. Americans are not armed to fight a war against terror because they are under assault by a war against human decency.

It's time. Time to get tough, time for truth, and time to peel away the cataracts. The establishment, all the way to the fraudulent, marxist, chooming, pansexual, perverted, anti-American pos in the wh (POSINWH) is rotten to the bone. Until Americans throw off this bad case of scurvy-mange, we have no moral standing to be interfering in the affairs of any other nation. A revival of the Renaissance begins here, or it dies for a millenneum. To the rotted establishment, that is "reactionary."

If we could trust scientists not to have been pulled into this corruption, it may be possible for objective minded psychologists to discover more about the source of collectivizing evil. Something about the maths of nature allows us to be made regularly vulnerable to mass outbreaks of viral corruption. Something about banning God from the public square weakens our moral antibodies. It's one thing to wrongly conflate the Reconciler. It's another thing to try to war against Him. When push comes to shove, who you gonna trust? The godforsaken ACLU, or the Reconciler? Liberate your conscience! Free your mind!

The establishment is not engaged in mere diversion. It's engaged in full scale war against faith, family, fidelity. It's purpose is to farm quiscent producers as if they were cattle. Every affront that weakens our culture is to that purpose. The people-cattle that are content to low for their soma are already captives, but they are such useful idiots that they have no apprehension of it. Once faith, family, fidelity are undermined, there will be no escape from the cattle farm. Diversion my foot! If we don't rise to shake this off, we won't rise to resist anything.

Anonymous said...

Progs tend to be moral zombies. Meaning, they believe their souls are dead. Souldeads and Progs share considerable overlap on any Venn diagram. Since they believe they are souldead, they want to be exempt from all attempts to "legislate morality."

Politicians already had a built in incentive to keep public wages competitive, so they could retain voter loyalty. There was little appropriate need for unions. The unions just facilitate another path for political kick backs, to the further rotting of the central apparatus.

A description of current appearances. As we know, this appearance will remain accurate only while the analysis is restricted to particular individuals in present times. When the analysis steps back so responsible adults can look at all individuals who are represented by public unions, the increase in pensions and benefits will tend more and more to be funded by fiat pyramid money that will soon enough exceed the prospects of the central apparatus.

The excess received in pensions and benefits will last only for one or two more generations before the pyramid will collapse. At that point, it will become evident that the net financial gain by the individuals who then will be shouldering the work burden will become negative across the board. They and their progeny will soon lose not just liberty, but also the value of money. A race for greed that is sponsored by vote-buying up the public trough, with no responsible adult supervision in sight, soon enough brings us all tumbling down.

Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. -- Ronald Reagan