Monday, November 9, 2015

Fascist Socialism

Before Hitler gave fascism a bad name, it seems to have been well received among Mussolini loving Progs. For a list of Progs who had nice things to say about fascism, see

See also Mussolini was the first pop star politi­cian in the age of mass com­mu­nic­a­tion and had a global, fren­zied fan-base. The American poet Ezra Pound was besot­ted, Cole Porter penned a song which helped turn his name into a super­lat­ive, ‘You’re the top!… you’re Mussolini’ (the Duce-worshipping lyric was actu­ally writ­ten by PG Wodehouse for the London ver­sion of ‘Anything Goes’). Pope Pius gush­ingly IX described him as a ‘man of Providence’. Before he left the Italian Socialist Party even Lenin spoke approv­ingly of him.

Note: Ezra Pound believed fascism was a vehicle for reform and wrote antisemitic material for Italian publications. He said that Hitler was "a Jeanne d'Arc, a saint", and that Mussolini was an "imperfect character who lost his head." He may have been as besotted with Mussolini as Sarte was with Castro. P.G. Wodehouse seems to have been lacking in political awareness.


Progressives are beginning to drop all pretense that to them the ideals of Enlightenment liberalism such as the right to free speech and freedom of conscious (sic) were ever anything but useful tools for accomplishing their goals when classical liberals (who, ironically, are called “conservatives” in the United States) were ascendant. They have played according to the formula Frank Herbert described in Children of Dune:

When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.
Countless times on these pages Progressives have argued that good and evil do not exist as objective categories. Instead, they insist that good is defined by the consensus of a society. Yet even this limit is a dodge. Every time the people have voted on the “right” to same-sex marriage they have rejected it by fairly wide margins. It is not the law because there is a societal consensus that it is right. It is the law because five members of a nine-member committee of lawyers decided they have the power to impose it on the rest of us and by God they are going to use that power. This is about as anti-democratic as it is possible to be. Yet progressives celebrate the decision. Why? Not because the outcome is “legitimate” even by their own standards of legitimacy (i.e., societal consensus), but because that is what they want, and they don’t care how they get what they want so long as they get it.

Bottom Note: Socialists, Collectivists, and Progs lie. Fascist Socialists beat and kill you while they lie. Reasoning with them is futile.


Fascist crony crats have been given humongous access to funds, which they don't use because the market has no way to give a good return on them. 

What we have seems to be the effect:  Established interests want for the foreseeable future to continue to import cheap labor.  That importation will keep wages low.  There will be no financial trickle down.  The only trickle down will be on account of improvements in technologies.  So, more and more people will be kept as debt serfs.  (Except, that is, those who are content to live on the welfare and black markets and vote for a living.)

Thus, labor the new financial rulers need will be done by wave after wave of newly imported cheap labor.  This will continue until the U.S. is reduced to the same two-class serfdom as every other banana republic.  In effect, the select few to whom all this fiat money is accumulated are made perpetual money ministers for the NWO. 

How can this banking system of feudalism be sustained?  Well, it can be sustained only if the U.S. currency is not replaced as the world's reserve currency.  That will require war, since China and Russia are making moves, both financially and militarily. 

But, even without war, this system cannot be sustained except on the bones of periodic inflictions of mass forfeitures and die-outs, so ever more replacement labor can be freighted in.  Only with death panels to such extent as the NWO requires can the lifestyles of the cronydom's new class of feudal lords be sustained.  Maybe the wars are being planned to facilitate that?

What satanic mind is ahead of this curve?  Could it be the guy who at 14 helped the Nazis dig for gold fillings?  Meanwhile, Obama besmudges the Constitution with his pen, while Hillary cackles.  And Congress sits, whle Scotus effs itself.


Authoritarians are elitists who claim they want to control the masses for their own good. However, because they tend to be godless, they tend also not really to believe in altruism.

Totalitarians are elitists who want to control the masses for the good of the planetary system. Because their God is the State, they believe in planetary statism, and to that end all people are readily expendable as mere tools to the cause. Except by way of deceit, they do not believe in altruism because they only have room in their imaginations for planetism. Feelings for the planet trump all logic and sense. Mindless Lysenkoism morphs into Carbon Creditism. Zion is replaced by Utopian Borgdom.

Authoritarian Rinos and Totalitarian Dinos are both fascists. Rinos are corporatist fascists; Dinos are statist fascists. Corporatist Fascists will eventually war with Statist Fascists, much as Sunni Fascists war with Shite Fascists. Taken together, these godless and godforsaken factions comprise the Establishment. Taken together, the entire anti-human establishment is at war against all spirit of individual freedom, dignity, decency, and altruism.

And so the age of Obama-Merkel follows the ages of Pilate-Herod, Mohammad-Khan, Robespierre-Napoleon, Hitler-Mussolini, Stalin-Mao. What will be the next spiritually stupid spawn of Soros-Buffett-Beavis-Butthead, et al?

Proverbs 29:18 King James Version (KJV): Where there is no vision, the people perish.


A lot of people have high capacity for being quick to be led to blame their deficiencies on targeted groups of competent people. That's why Islamic "refugees" are so fist-pumping animated against the idiotic Euros who are inviting them. That's why people of the Black culture are so fist-pumping animated to blame all the whites, who they think did not sacrifice enough lives for them in the Civil War, and have not given them enough welfare, and do not give them enough respect on demand. Black movements often demonstrate this propensity, but they have no monopoly on it. Robespierre exploited the same propensity among the French, as Hitler did among the Germans, as Lenin did among the Russians, and as Mao did among the Chinese. And as La Raza is now doing among "the race."

This deficiency is part of lower human nature. Responsible people who have all their lives repressed it and become successful do not often understand how easily this propensity can be promoted to rouse masses against all decency. Nor do they understand the snowball effect as more and more media outlets go for the easy money in exploiting the sensationality of blaming an unexpecting, clueless, responsibly working, silent majority that sends its kiddies to be radicalized by community organizing sociopaths who have grand delusions of self justification.

The best indicator of how fat and clueless the silent majority are consists in their sheeple like zeal for expending fortunes to send their kiddies to schools-of-idiocy to be radicalized against their country.

How do droids seek pleasure?  I mean, what's their motivation?  Being programmed to create problems and then seek to solve them?  Like a RMensa party?  A world that sponsors contests among AI robots, to see who's quick and who's dead?  What would excite a droid's appreciation?


Anonymous said...

If you're not the lead Husky, the view from the back is always the same. Crony Elitists, whether they be capitalists, corporatists, socialists, commies, fascists, or jihadis, all want to put the masses in chains and halters. Americans want to break the chains. Any decent person who doesn't want to put established elitists back in the romper room is not paying attention.

At some fundamental level, pervs don't like ordinary people. It's why they want to destroy everything. They have no other way to make themselves special.

Goat forny is such a mainstay of ME muslim culture that mocking it will soon be admonished as culturally insensitive. To stop the bullying, federal overseers will make our farm children safe by instructing all kids in the fine points of bestiality. Hasn't Pinker written about this? S/

DC, Hollywood, and Academia are overflowing with evil. For anyone to admit to being a Republican would be seen as being a Traitor to the Entity. That is hazardous to career prospects if one wants to be a journalist, actor, or tenured prof. I wonder whether being a well known Republican may affect one's prospects for being published in scientific journals?

Angela Merkel is no more clueless than Justice Roberts. They are both simply the captives of evil.

Affirmative fast tracking will always go to those who have been most comforted by an established suck. Whatever the howling Greek chorus or rap posse that passes for media, that is sucking and collectivizing mankind towards enserfed loss of freedom, dignity, and humanity, it has become so established and solidified that few can be fast tracked to lead present institutions without first selling their souls and kissing a swirling ring of evil.

Relief cannot likely come from joining institutions that have been sucked into a black hole of corruption. We will not be salvaged by political candidates who seek to lead or please such institutions. Salvage must come with outsider candidates, their followers, and new institutions that seek to smash, defund, and decentralize the chains that bind many such institutions.

Comfort zones will have to be axed. Meanwhile, our elites busily forge links by which to shackle themselves and their progeny together, towards oblivion.

Anonymous said...

See quote from

Prior to 1934, U.S. citizen mothers could not transmit U.S. citizenship to children born abroad; only U.S. citizen fathers could do that. In 1994, Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Technical Corrections Act, which added INA 301(h) (8 USC 1401(h)) which granted citizenship to people born abroad to a U.S. citizen mother before 1934:

The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:
[...](h) a person born before noon (Eastern Standard Time) May 24, 1934, outside the limits and jurisdiction of the United States of an alien father and a mother who is a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, had resided in the United States.

This section was specified to apply retroactively to the date of the person's birth.

From what I can tell, Winston Churchill was not a (non-honorary) U.S. citizen according to the law at the time of his life, but is considered to have been a U.S. citizen from birth according to current law.


Obama, as a fascist, marxist, muslim sympathizer, is a triple threat to the American Ideal. Yet, his backers got him elected. Infiltration and infestation have buried America deep in fascism. All the while, fascist youth project and holler that it's the ordinary Americans who simply want to conserve liberty who are privileged to be fascists. Nuts.

NWO Candid Dictionary: Safe Space
(1) A place where people against the American Way can flashmob, loot, polar bear hunt, and rape, at the behest of any fascist who wants, without fear of any armed defender, to stomp out individual freedom of expression, association, enterprise, and faith, to replace them with such "affirmative rights" as any elite fascist may feel best.
(2) Any one of innumerable places being planned by coordinating committees, so usefully indoctrinated idiots can be sent forth to agitate for the destruction of human freedom and dignity and the installation of a new world peonage (NWP).

Anonymous said...

The reason 18 to 21 is an ideal age bracket for military drafting is because those kids tend not yet to be saddled with families, jobs, responsibilities. Plus, they are less experienced, less informed, and more susceptible to media controlled indoctrination. So they can make ideal cannon fodder when a Democrat is in power who can appeal to idealistic youths, before they learn how much they have been hoodwinked.

IOW, what makes that age bracket ideal for drafting is precisely what makes it unqualified to vote responsibly. Unfortunately, the centralizing fascists passed the 26th Amendment. Precisely because the fascists do not want representative gov. They want fascist string pulling. And you will never convince most 18 year olds that they do not already know all that they need to know. (Jennifer Lawrence is quite sure that Republicans are not good.)

The more gov is centralized, the bigger the role of central agencies, the more the central regulations, the less the capacity of any elected officials to control the central behometh. Eliminating a lot of central agencies and functions would have the salurary side effect of restoring sense and representative supervision to central lawmaking. As things stand, lawmaking is a joke and Congress is just a bunch of stooges and grafters with their hands out.

Fascists want to deny parents the right to apply the only kind of discipline that can work for them. Fascists want parents to use only such motivational tools as would be used by an "expert." But, since parents are not experts, fascists want the State to take over the raising of children.

In effect, fascist knowitalls have made the perfect the enemy of the good. What does that tell us? Well, it tells us that the fascist knowitalls did not really know much at all. But there they are, with their knowitall profs and knowitall prog students, in nearly every college, coordinating agitations all across the nation. The coordinated agitations of our class of knowitalls is our prelude to the swamping of our values, borders, republic, and humanity.

Anonymous said...

The road to hell is paved with the "good intentions" of Progs, who want to pay for their good intentions with other people's money. This produces a system of dehumanizing irresponsibility and entitlement mindedness. What it produces tends to be reversible only upon systemic collapse. Obama's pigeons inevitably return home to crap all over everyone and everything.

My Mom would have had a very hard time raising several boys if she had been unable to say, "Keep it up and I'm going to have to tell your Dad when he gets home." In later years, I thought that was kind of unfair to my Dad. But I don't see how my Mom could otherwise have coped. Maybe if we had been attending church in those early years?

I watched "Gifted Hands" last night. (I admire Dr. Carson, even though he is only my 3rd or 4th choice as a candidate.) A factor that helped give his family a chance was early involvement with church exemplars. Problem is, churches nowadays seem as tolerant of bad behavior as the most looney of Leftists. The kids of coming generations are losing out on learning discipline and responsibility precisely when broader forces will be putting them in most need of such instruction.

Re: "We have to convince young ladies to not start families before they get a diploma, to graduate, to have children only with their husbands."

Until we recognize that genetic and cultural drag are real, what would be the point? The more we teach responsibility at home, the more we seem to invite irresponsibility to flood us from beyond. Forced, collectivizing teaching that all cultures are of equal dignity will be the death of every humane culture. Promoting insanity in the name of humanity is still insanity. If we don't pull our heads out, we will be replaced by a culture that has for hundreds of years promoted inbreeding among cousins.

Everywhere, we have gangs fronting fascist elites, whether they be Corporatists, Progressives, Communists, or Muslims. All such elites believe only they represent the "objective truth." Because they take their truth to be objective, they believe they have a "natural right" to force it on everyone else -- by all means necessary.

These fascists call on their collectives: "Hey, can I get some muscle over here?" So individual rights and freedoms are sacrificed, without the batting of an eye. Individuals and individual rights are to be replaced by "collective rights" -- which is a misleading misnomer that really means: Despotic elites Do Not Care what you think. So, they Do Not Care whether you lose your First Amendment freedom of speech and your Second Amendment means for defending the First.

If we are unwilling (as we should be unwilling) to open our borders to the refuse of dysfunctional cultures, then why should we disincline to help such cultures establish birth control? When cultures beyond cannot nurture the populations they produce, why should we be encouraging them to continue to produce more, and then to send the excess over our borders? Nuts.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the phrase, "self-deportation." It was the lack of conviction. We needed a Reagan to say, "Mr. Obama, stop building an empire for evil!" But Romney could not credibly do that, because, as an establishmentarian, he is part of the empire building.

One of the worst among the effects of the illegal invasion is this: It has led most people to feel no shame in lining up for unearned handouts. (During Halloween, you used to be able to say to a kid, "Take two." Now, if you offer the candy bowl to a lot of kids of a certain poorly churched persuasion, they will grab all that a hand can hold.) This attitude, this loss of individual pride, is one of the most regrettable of losses to America. It's an indicator of the breakdown of social capital.

Once the hoodlums are a significant number, you cannot shame them by addressing them, "Stop behaving as hoodlums!" You will only get the most obscene of insults in reply.

The Rinos cherry-picked and stunted perspective makes them wrong on at least 3 counts.

Not Infeasible: It is not infeasible to remove or neuter the voting of illegals and their families. Ike did it. And physical round up is not necessary. Just make employers liable for hiring illegal laborers and then enforce that liability. Make states stop sanctuary cities. Cut off welfare for illegals. Don't let illegals register in colleges. Do those things and illegals will self deport.

Not Immoral: It is not immoral to remove illegals. It is immoral, in practical effect, to invite hordes of illegals to help provide cover for the infiltration of terrorists. It is immoral to facilitate college profs in perverting the argument in order to misdirect the minds of each generation of new citizens. It is immoral to use illegals to destroy our representative republic in order to service an immoral cronydom that is bent on devaluing and dehumanizing our nation's citizens, as advocated for by the treasonous Chamber of Commerce.

Not Unfair: It is not unfair to remove illegals. It is unfair to let illegals put people who want to immigrate legally at the back of the line. It is unfair to use illegals to drive down wages, reduce the value of citizens' investments in their own educations and careers, dumb down the electorate, and help the cronydom reduce the world to a two class system of peonage.

OPC -- Other People's Careers: It is wrong to spend OPC in trade for improving the prospects of illegals. If Progs want to make sacrifices to improve the prospects of illegals, let them sacrifice and trade their own prospects and careers. If they want collectivized charity without borders, let them volunteer to work for low wages for other peoples, in their countries.

Anonymous said...

You nailed why it's hard for the best substantive leader to be elected by a pack of toddlers raised on Capone's confidant, Saul Alinsky. Trump has to defeat adults in the primaries, so he has to beat them with adult methods. But then he has to win the general, where he will compete against toddlers who are Alinsky devotees, who will use his specific committments only to nail him. And the media (agents of crony corporatists and satan) will help them. After all, we only crucify the best amongst us.

(Odd, that two of the biggest promoters of Obama and Hillary, neither of whom seem to be in the least friendly to Israel, happen to be of Jewish ancestry: Schwartz Gy├Ârgy and Saul Alinsky. Not to mention Karl Marx and Vlad Lenin.)

With 70 % of American Jews showing little more sense than 90 % of American Blacks, it's getting harder and harder to value the "Judeo" part of "Judeo-Christian" values. If all these Jews are so smart, why have not more of them grown up to become responbsible adults? What kind of water are they drinking?

Can Progs think? Would walking away fast in order to avoid having to interact with grievance mongers constitute reportable hate speech? Should it be addressed by mandatory sensitivity training? Should whites who hear blacks kid one another for acting white report that as hate speech? Should Maddow and Cooper be assigned to a reeducaton camp for having referred to tea partiers as tea baggers? Do ugly guys have recourse when date requests are turned down? Is there a grand unified theory behind prog speech that makes any sense?

In every case, the intelligent answer is, eff no.

Anonymous said...

Why would any morally sane woman marry a muslim? Why would any morally sane female leader of a nation marry it to a horde of muslim invaders? Why would any morally sane woman want to travel to become a bride for ISIS? Evidently, Merkel loves madness more than she loves decency. She swoons for Satan, because her "charity-mindedness" goes out to invading thugs, but not to her own countryfolk. Nuts. For this, America fought to free Europe? The Obama-Merkel combine is proving to be the antithesis of the Reagan-Thatcher combine.

Illegal immigrants do serve the consumption cycle. That's complicated, however, in that they tend to consume on the underground economy and to send much of their money to their homelands. Those homelands are the markets in which big corps like to dump their excess production.

The NWO will be built on erasing national boundaries and dumping excess production into rising economies. When all countries reach a lowest common denominator in which all political influence of the middle class has been erased, then the NWO expects its two-class system will move to its final solution by reducing populations.

How consumption will then be managed as a driver is beyond the scope of my crystal ball. All I see is a fuzzy cloud of manic interaction among AI machines.

So then, all these fat cats have humongous access to funds, which they don't use because the market has no way to give a good return on them.

What we have seems to be the effect: Established interests want for the foreseeable future to continue to import cheap labor. That importation will keep wages low. There will be no financial trickle down. The only trickle down will be on account of improvements in technologies. So, more and more people will be kept as debt serfs. (Except, that is, those who are content to live on the welfare and black markets and vote for a living.)

Thus, labor the new financial rulers need will be done by wave after wave of newly imported cheap labor. This will continue until the U.S. is reduced to the same two-class serfdom as every other banana republic. In effect, the select few to whom all this fiat money is accumulated are made perpetual money ministers for the NWO.

How can this banking system of feudalism be sustained? Well, it can be sustained only if the U.S. currency is not replaced as the world's reserve currency. That will require war, since China and Russia are making moves, both financially and militarily.

But, even without war, this system cannot be sustained except on the bones of periodic inflictions of mass forfeitures and die-outs, so ever more replacement labor can be freighted in. Only with death panels to such extent as the NWO requires can the lifestyles of the cronydom's new class of feudal lords be sustained. Maybe the wars are being planned to facilitate that?

What satanic mind is ahead of this curve? Could it be the guy who at 14 helped the Nazis dig for gold fillings? Meanwhile, Obama besmudges the Constitution with his pen, while Hillary cackles. And Congress sits, whle Scotus effs itself.

Anonymous said...

For anyone to succeed as a human being, it is necessary that the nation be put on the path to success. For the nation to get on the path to success, its citizens must respect the Protestant work ethic. To be against an exemplar of the Protestant work ethic ("acting white") is perhaps the most counterproductive position that can be taken by those who pretend to advocate for the downtrodden. The downtrodden do not seek to emigrate to nations that have failed to advocate for a work ethic. But once accepted, many do seek the hammock. Especially when the establishment wants to pay them to vote.

To survive, a socialist state must take away from churches the function of charity. To survive, a representative republic cannot allow the state to take away from churches the function of charity. To survive, a socialist state must replace God with itself -- and the powers that hide in plain sight behind it. In a fascist socialism, the public good becomes what the rulers say it is. The scientists just rationalize it in bafflegook. When the bafflegook loses its power to convince, the Great Mandela will turn.

As the Great Mandela turns, socialism will destroy itself and produce its successor, and so on. The big wheel will keep on rolling.

A representative republic cannot survive without a citizenry that is fit to it. Once faith, family and fidelity are killed, the representative republic has to be "fundamentally transformed." Unless faith, family and fidelity can be restored, you can kiss America goodbye.

Dems want the Feds OUT OF drug enforcement. Except they want the Feds INTO healthcare, to help against the adverse effects of drugs.

The Brits made addicts out of the Chinese to perpetuate benefits of the Opium War.

Soros, the frontman for the Cabal that owns the Dem Party and a large interest in the Rinos, seeks to make addicts out of Dems-Progs-Socialists in order to benefit from turning them into debt slaves. He sees them asking to sell their financial souls, so he makes himself available to buy them. He's the friendly neighborhood soul buyer. He'll give you the security of soma, and all you have to sell is your liberty. Besides, most people need an elitist to show them how to run their lives, don't they? S/

It's a matter of intuitive self-fulfillment that, if you believe in a meta-spiritual connection of empathy, you will tend to be more inclined to altruism. It's not a matter of scientific study. So called social scientists will invariably find ways to twist stats to argue what they want to argue. The trick consists mainly in adjusting the range and scope (distance and duration) of the field selected for study, and then redefining or limiting terms to fit one's purpose. (Cherry picking.)

But many moral concerns do not belong to science. This is a point that scientists, engineers, and secular hedonists tend never to get. They don't get it because their identities are so bound up with an idea that all of nature can eventually be explained in math-based laws.

The point they don't get is: What if The Law-Giver communicates only in the language of math? In that case, nothing can occur except that which is consistent with math (including geometry and statistics). Nothing can be apart as a special miracle, because the entire unfolding is the special miracle. In that case, the role for God/empathy/morality is based in intuitive appreciation (sometimes called "spiritual love") -- not in scientific hermeneutics.

Why can spiritually devoted kids tend to be qualitatively "more" altruistic than math worshippers? The answer is: Because that's the way they are inclined.

Would a representative republic whose citizens had not abandoned institutions of faith, family and fidelity tend to be "more moral" (or more respectful of human freedom and dignity) than the NWO system we are now tending towards? You betcha.

Anonymous said...

The economy for the NWO can only be built on the bones of wave after wave of people who are to be made debt slaves to pay the costs for the healthcare and social and disability insurance of their elder elitists and then worked to an early death.

If the new debt slaves have any money left over after having it extracted to pay for the NWO (lol!), then they can invest in a 401K. The underground workers send their disposable money back to their home countries.

The hammock-louts who live on welfare and/or the underground economy and vote for a living seem similar to the jewish building tenders for the Nazis, who, like Soros at 14, help the new fascists extract all the gold fillings as they reduce the population burden on the planet.

Summary: The economy for the NWO depends on wave after wave of disposable labor, towards a reduced world population. This means open borders and war --- financial and real. Disposable labor is to be worked and then eliminated. That's the new financial model for the NWO. If you ask how the trillions of debt are to be paid, the answer is: They are not to be paid. They are to be carried forward so they can be used by elites to pyramid on piles and piles of dead bones. This is the security our femi-citizens are trading for our liberty.

Anonymous said...

Freedom leads to bullying. So crybullies who cannot tolerate freedom insist that no one else is to tolerate freedom, either. The groups most represented by such crybullies are blacks, hispanics, and muslims, but that is a fact that no one can mention, either. All hurtful facts that are subject to scientific verification are racist. Science that does not esteem crybullies or organized groups of crybullies and their fellow traveling multisexual multiculturalists cannot be tolerated. The feelings of crybullies are to trump everything else. New courses in sensitivity training will be devised by fascists, in which everyone else is to be forcibly trained until they get their minds right. Eff off. S/

Look at the fist pumping Muslims invading Europe versus the fist pumping La Raza people. Both groups seek to conquer. Meanwhile, clueless kiddie multisexuals imagine they just want to come here to have a chance to help us build a stronger multicultural society. There is no way any center to this pyramid of crap can hold. Sensitivity conditioning to multisexual multiculturalism needs to be whacked about the head and shoulders with a stout 2 by 4 wake up call.

I do like Trump's thinking on anchor babies more than Cruz' position. Indeed, I think Trump should go further. I don't think even legislation is required. I think the present practice of confirming citizenship in anchor babies is unsupported in reasoned law and should be reversed by executive order.

Anonymous said...

Progs often have a pathological need to prove they are on the cutting edge of truth and that everyone who doesn't see it is beneath them. They groove on massaging one another's feelings of superiority. To keep this pathology going, they have to force the muggles to accept outrage after outrage and perversion after perversion as being normal. Everyone who does not evolve to their truths is a truth phobe. Many deviant, vile, and hideous organizations attract these pathological Progs. Together, they form Evil's vanguard against all human freedom, dignity, and decency. Their organizations shapeshift among legions. ACLU, CAIR, BLM, OWS, OFA, ACORN, OFR, MB, ISIS, CPUSA, LGBT, WOW, NAMBLA, and on and on and on. Something about the human genotype makes its phenotypes highly susceptible to being traumatized and hijacked by gross meme-o-types. Whatever the hideous fascism that results, the sadomasochistic hijacker-hijackees will convince themselves they are the very models of truth. They operate over the bottomless pit of the inferno, with no safety net. I would pay good money to see Obama take his last leap, holding aloft his outstretched middle digit.

Upstarts, too unbeholden to sheiks, too eager to rule the new caliphate? What happens when chimp tribes come across one another, after having grown distant?

Roach out may be even more descriptive. Of all the tribes, cultures, races of the world, infernal muslim roaches crawl from the lowest depths of hell. When humanity is long departed, cockroaches will still be here. They're "superior" in that way. Dar al Cockroach. Crunchy at all temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Obama has stirred up and armed Sunnis. Now, as Americans resist him, he dares to say we are the ones who are inciting them. Obama expects he can tell any lie and his assistants in the establishment will convice as many useful idiots as are needed. Meantime, he imports Muslim "refugees." The establishment is committing bald faced treason, and it is daring Americans to try to do anything to stop them. Congress sits and says it can do nothing against the establishment because, after all, whimper whimper, alien hand syndrome.

Congress suffers from alien hand syndrome, imposed by the establishment.

We need Trump/Cruz to defend America from alien hand syndrome.

Holy Shades of Lincoln, Patton, JFK, MLK, and RFK!

The Establishmentarian Fascist Left, which is owned by corrupt, arms dealing, billionaire establishmentarians, relies mainly on force, bribery, deceit, and killing. It only turns to fact based reasoning when it can be cherry picked and strained through food tasting shills and profs. Otherwise, the Left simply shouts you down or pulls the plug. When that does not work, the godless Left will not hesitate for a New York Second to kill you. Whack is faster than fatwa.

Pray that Trump has good security.

From the article by Bill Bennett:
Don't you ever wonderwhy the GOP has never tried to impeach Obama? Don't you wonder why John Boehner and Mitch McConnell talk a big game, but never actually try to stop Obama? Don't you wonder why Congress holds the purse strings, yet has never tried to defund Obamacare or Obama's clearly illegal executive action on amnesty for illegal aliens? Bizarre, right? It defies logic, right? First, I'd guess many key Republicans are being bribed. Secondly, I believe many key Republicans are being blackmailed. Whether they are having affairs, or secretly gay, or stealing taxpayer money, the National Security Agency knows everything.

Anonymous said...

BO suffers from a mental condition that should perhaps be called MEIE Syndrome (misdirected excess of infantile empathy). Infants bond with and rely on mommies to protect them from dangerous others. But Obama's mommy was a mess of leftist ideologies, misdirected to be blamed against a villainous "other" (white conservative men who hold jobs and help raise responsible families, whose individual competence attracts, i.e., "colonizes," employees). (Imagine the result were Marie St. Clare, of Uncle Tom's Cabin, to have raised a child without the help of a husband.)

The consequence is that Obama's empathy will always go to himself and perhaps others who, if they had been his child, would look like him. But he will never overcome his antipathy for those who actually produce what he consumes, provide the jobs by which he is supported, and defend the country in which he lives.

Obama will always think first of himself and those in his image, i.e., the sufferings of cultists who seek new homes (where they can subjugate the minds of new serfs, slaves, and wives). He will remain forever blind to the sufferings that will be imposed on countless persons, now and in years to come, as they are forced to bend under the rule of the demented, non-fixable fascists and cultists that he wants to sponsor.

Education is how the Left indoctrinates each new wave of young gullibles. And the Left gets ordinary Americans to pay for the cost of much of it. Trump has a different idea. Build a wall, and get the Progs in Mexico to pay for it. This is sort of like the former slave telling her massa' to wipe his own hinny. Kind of rocks them back on their heels a mite.

There's a season for everything under the Sun. Stupid absolute laws cannot always reasonably guide us. But regard for the absolute Reconciler can.

Reductio ad absurdum: Colleges are being hoisted on their own constant stressing of academic diets based on fecal nuttiness.

So now we have ex falso quodlibet (from a falsehood, anything follows). From there, we will soon be en route to the dialethism of infinity and beyond (which accepts that there exist statements that are both true and false).

Why not degrees in Black Jabberwocky?
Yo Beware da Jabberwock, muh motha effin' son! da jaws dat bite, da claws dat catch! Beware da Jubjub bird, an' shun da frumious Bandersnatch!” an don't make me pull mah gat!

If you want to see how incompetent Prog philosophy is for guiding indecent society, just look at what a mess it makes when it tries its hand at the easier task of trying to guide decent society.

Everything ObamaProgs touch soon turns to the crappy diaper. Everything. Apart from a fistful of diaper stuff, no infant has power to demand security until he is first taught how to manage and preserve his liberty. How long must we pull around with Obama until we can change him and his fellow infants?

Anonymous said...

Something about the state of being for the world stresses and entices many people, especially among professors, actors, and Progs, to believe that around the bend, bull goose, tazmanian, daffy duck nuttiness is wisdom. After all, it certainly works to get journalists noticed.

EDIT: In their self absorption, Liberal snowflakes often remind me of the character Marie St.Clare, in Uncle Tom's Cabin. But no "self respecting" Prog would ever want to read that book!

Anonymous said...

Hillary can't say illegal immigrant, can't say radical islamist (I know Islam is Islam and that all Islam is radically murderous, but I am noting that Hillary cannot say that Islam itself is radical, much less say that any Muslims are less than moderate) , can't say all lives matter, can't say fraudulent voter, can't say welfare mother, and can't say we should believe the women her husband raped. Hillary cannot draw a picture of all the abuses of Mohammad and his followers. She cannot defend the First Amendment. She will not defend the Constitution. She will sell the nation to crony cannibal perv rapists and human sex traffickers posing as caring sheiks. And for that, she will continue to cackle all the way to the bank.

What is is about the human condition: Why do women who are born into Islam stay in it even when they are put in situations where they could easily escape? Why do women vote for fascist fems like Obama and Hillary? What in their experience leads women to believe fascist fems will actually improve their security? Has Obama made us physically or financially safer? Why do so many men want to serve fascist fems? Why do so many college men, at the very beginning of their intellectual and collegiate journeys, surrender their rights as human beings to think and speak for themselves, PC be damned? Why do they not see any connection between becoming non-thinking swine and acting like swine?


The main difference between the fascist 1000 year Reich and the fascist ISIS Caliphate is that the caliphate is much worse. (At least you could draw pictures of Hitler, and half the population was not brutalized.) In both cases, the fascism of feel good, progressive socialists all but invited our invasion by ever worse fascists, by trading with the enemy and greasing our fall into worldwide brutalization.

WWI and the most cynical of trade in its aftermath led to WWII. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq led to destabilizaton, cynical trade, more destabilization, more influence by arms merchants, and more trade in political kickbacks (favors to Blumenthal, to depose Khadafi, to funnel arms to radicals, to import Muslims, to flip demographics, to elect Progs, to lay the throat of Western Civ open to ever more extreme forms of fascism).

Godless fascism descends into godforsaken, sucking fascism, with nary a light in sight. Thus, gaily godless and stony godforsaken fascists combine to subjugate faith, family, and fidelity to the most subhuman and brutal of memes imaginable.