Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Preolism and Spirit

PANENTHEISM (from Charles Hartshorne, et al)
All is in God.  But not all is God.

God's existence is necessary, and is compatible with all events in the world.
God is capable of surpassing himself by growing and changing in his knowledge and feeling for the world.
All the beauty created in a person's life will exist forever in the reality of God.
Science and Theology provide data for each other.
God loves creation, but also endures suffering.
God needs the world in order to be a complete being.
An aspect of God does not have complete foreknowledge of all events.

MY PREOLISM (Progressive Realism):

All is in God.  God is in all.  But all is not God. Because some of the all is a web of math, that serves as the intangible body of God, but not the Mind of God.
The Conscious aspect of the Godhead interfunctions with a web of math.
The interfunctioning produces and conserves each unfolding cosmos of potentiality.
The portion that has already unfolded into previously renormalized histories of manifestation is Information.
That portion that presently presents to measurable manifestation is Substance.
The Duality is the Godhead plus the Web of Math.
The Trinity of the Godhead is Consciousness, Information, Substance
Consciousness is made experienceable from the interfunctioning of Information and Substance.
Information is made experienceable from the interfunctioning of Consciousness and Substance.
Substance is made experienceable from the interfunctioning of Information and Consciousness
The Web of Math is made serviceable by the Godhead, i.e., the interfunctioning of Consciousness, Substance, and Information.
No one part of the Trinity can express itself without a connecting reference to the other two parts.
I am that I am.

We experience mortal, particular Consciousness from the perspective of a bonded avatar, that has been associated with a history of perceptions, whose avatar has recorded those perceptions, for being conserved and remembered via a recording function, which sense of memory interfunctions with unfoldings of present interpretations, relations processing not just in space but also in time, renormalized within locally experienceable and communicable parmeters, interpreted as sensations of sight, sound, touch, taste, feeling of contextual pressure, balance, and beingness, such interpretations being fed back and renormalized via a reconciling function, that conserves math based relationships.

But may Consciousness exist or be experienced beyond the renormalizing function of a temporal avatar that is bonded with an unfolding cone of local experience?
May such Consciousness experience Identity, Unity, Feedback, Appreciation?
May aspects of it step in and out of space-time?
From its level of experience, may it measure aspects of itself, in terms of a meta-math?

Such questions seem not answerable so long as we bond and cling to mortal perspective.
But once we are reabsorbed to the Godhead, may we, as IT, suffuse our interpretations through those of the mortals that we, as IT, then sponsor?

If the conservational reconciliation, were it all at once added together, reduces to zero, then does that suggest that Conscious Mind abides as a reality that is superior to zero and to Substance (body and brain) and Information?


Identity.  Avatar.  Soul.  Accumulation of Information.  Karma.  Same Information, from many Perspectives, including Holistic.  Changeless Changer.  God appreciating, learning, reconciling, preserving information, paying it forward.  Both psychically and substantively.  At immeasurable and unprovable but intuitive level, Spirit learning, reconciling.  Preservation of Information, regrets.  Immeasurable Causer.  Still quiet voice.  Spirit based conscience.  God Identity Consciousness Alone.  Appreciation Music Purposefulness.  Choosing through possible scenes.  Intuitive Conscience Soul.  Beyond science, yet confined with math.  Godhead because trinitarian can both remember (store possibilities) and forget and appreciate anew.  Shades of music.


A propensity abides among godless elites to assume to promote themselves to God. This affliction among mankind endangers humanity more every day.

In abstract terms, consciousness, in some respects, seems necessarily to be enmeshed with and throughout the observable substance and information of the cosmos. Whatever is of measurable import is in some sense perceived or implicated to observers. Maybe mortal avatars for the expression of consciousness emerge and bond, as more than one form of sensory recordation is correlated in a self perpetuating and feedback relationship with another. Some avatars are organized to experience feedback in a way that can be called being self aware.

IAE, there seems to abide a conserving and reconciling principle (or Principler). While aspects of it can be formulated in math, something more than math itself seems to avail consciously interpretive experiences of present fluxes of substance and previous histories or information concerning such fluxes. That "something" is empathetically intuited by some to constitute a unifying Recomciler, a changeless-changer, a meta-spiritual-holism on a higher level -- i.e., God.

It can be worthwhile to appreciate that our avatars are limited perspectives of the God. That we may, on passing, in some respects be adjudged worthy of being reabsorbed into that Godhead, or purged to further refinement. That we, as spirit, are part of the potential of a higher Reconciler. But to believe there is no good, no source, and no Reconciler above us, is to avail many to nourish a sociopathy that easily transposes towards hideous evil.

When God is denied, or demoted below oneself, then the way seems to be open for an artificial void to promote and float those who are most prone to sociopathy.

(Sorry for the sermon. When I do that, it tends to be more because I am playing with ideas in themselves, though I recognize it often bores others. Since this is "American Thinker," I think and brew on these things to seek civilization that can be commodious to consistency, coherence, and completeness.)


Islam also sorely "misunderestimates" the Trinity (aka Godhead). Islam is lost in a bi-dimensional logic that is hopelessly inadequate to cope with the unfolding reality.

Completeness is one of the receding conundrums. No sooner do we complete passing through one door than at least one other opens. Yet, each system of thought tries to account for all possible contingencies. As you say, It seems beyond us to imagine how even God can be complete in respect of constantly pursuing fulfillment and learnig to appreciate surprising unfoldings. I think the godhead is complete, but the conscious aspect of it must in some respects flux.


I suspect at least half the members of every society feel lost unless they can measure themselves in a duck line.  They are lost unless they know who occupies what position in each heirarchy.  They need hierarchy, even if they are at the bottom rung.  They will riot, unless they can either rule or be ruled.  They hate being responsible to become individually competent to think for themselves, as opposed to thinking as does the hierarchy of which they want to be a part.

America was in large part founded and settled by frontiersmen.  America still has that in its blood.  There is no other place in the world that is still like that.  The more that America imports immigrants who require a hierarchy, the more America will willingly put on her own chains.  And fight against all who seek to remove such chains. 

These new imports tend not to want freedom to think, speak, associate, or enterprise.  They detest that!  They want the security of a safe place in the hierarchy of political correctness.  If Americans don't stop importing such people, the American Ideal of human freedom and dignity will be lost forever.

The minorities who are not comfortable with freedom do not dislike white men who are independently competent because they are racist.  They dislike such white men because they are not racist.  They find the very idea of competent independence of mind to be entirely repugnant.  If more white men were really racist, such minorities could better know their place and would probably be more contented for it.  Meanwhile, they find solace in doing what they can to stick individually competent white men at the lowest rung of whatever hierarchy they can forcibly establish.

I do not want to live in a racially hierarchical society.  I want to find like minded people and disassociate myself from all the PC quackers and their duck lines.  To do that, if necessary, I am willing to employ nullification and secession.  And all who are like me, of whatever color, are kin.  I want more freedom genes and less anti-freedom genetic drag.  And to hedoublell with anti-American obamanites and their anti-freedom "refugees."

But why are women (and salon femimen) most represented among the PC anti-freedom fascists?  Well, it could be because fewer among them happen to be brought up to value becoming individually competent.  They tend to value security.  And when that cannot be found with a competent mate, then the Obamagirls among them look for it in a gov or a despot.  Why does Hillary tell lie after lie to fit the commie agenda, and stand by her man, even as she knows he gives the lie to everything she says?  Why do all the women under Islam put up with that system of repression?  Must it not be because they have been conditioned more than anything else to fear losing their position in the established duckline, even when it is at the lowest rung?

Such women will not be salvaged by a "religion" that justifies their subjugation.  They will be salvaged on this earth only by a faith that appeals to their capacity to become all they can be.


Every sentient person of the least common sense knows that every true believing Muslim celebrated in his heart the grievous and black eye given to America on 9-11-11.

So, suppose you live in a representative republic and learn by direct experience of a land where people are raised, taught, and conditioned from the time they are babes to hate every important value upon which your republic is based, to despise the women of your land and want them stoned when not covered and chaperoned, to believe that God ordains that they are divinely superior to the people of your nation and entitled to enserf and rule them, and that they should feel entitled to rape and kill any of your fellow citizens as they may desire.

Now then, in event such people begin fighting one another so that some seek refuge, would you, especially without extensive vetting, invite them into your home and trust them to be on their own or unsupervised near your daughters? If not, how could you justify your government using tax money to force your fellow citizens to take them in?

I attended a Christ based church today. I give the minister an A on presentation, but a D on moral philosophy. I understand that a church will wish not to discourage membership, and will want to provide inspiration and encouragement to members. It will want to help move the message of Christ towards victory. However, there is more to seeking moral guidance from God than a simplistic talisman of loving and tolerating everyone.

For heaven's sake, how do you "tolerate" your neighbors of good faith and good will if you sponsor the importation of brutes to go among them to rape, plunder, and kill them? Why should love and toleration go to trained rapists, plunderers, and killers, but not to long standing neighbors? And what of the future -- should it factor into any instant gratification you may seek from being radically "tolerant" in the present? What does your receptivity to God's guidance tell you about the kind of decency and civilization God wishes to lead us towards? Should we be tolerant of that, as opposed to sacrificing it so we can feel good about "tolerating" brutes in the present?

My church minister made an excellent presentation leading up to the question, Does the church believe anything is wrong (or bad or sinful)? Or does it just tolerate and love everything and everyone, and is that even possible? I give an A for the presentation leading up to entering the ring to wrestle and grapple with the question. The minister got right up to the ring, but then, apart from concern for Syrian refugees, failed to enter and engage the important factors that relate to the question. The pat suggestion seemed to be, yes, give refuge to the Syrian Musliims. With no concern expressed about the nation. Nor for an alternative that would provide refuge in place.

Same with concerns about gays. Little appreciation that Gays already are free to do most of what they want, and face little public prejudice for doing it. As if social tolerance, to be moral, should somehow require the next step, being political funding and sponsorship.

Jacob wrestled with an angel of God. But most churches nowadays do not wrestle. Nor do they seek or give practical moral guidance. Instead, they tend to claim God loves and tolerates everyone and everything -- as if such a logical contradiction could make any kind of moral sense! They do not help a nation keep its moral balance to preserve itself politically. They make us easy fodder for corrupt vultures, crony plunderers, and mad-dog gangster rapists posing as men of "God" (Allah). And with a well presenting minister, all the sheeple assent.

Are genetic, cultural, and meme drag making us dumber? You betcha. Pray for common sense. Trump/Cruz.


Anonymous said...

I suspect many people most inclined to see themselves as "special" have a blind spot borne of too much self regard and deluded self godding. Some think whatever the masses are comfortable with must be wrong. So they seek to destroy the faith, family, and fidelity of all others. Divide and rule. Whatever fundamentally changes the ways of the masses must be better, and it is up to the self godded to show us how to get there.

The consequence is to undermine everything (language, borders, culture) that works for the other citizens among the masses, even as "special" cognescenti cling to whatever the traditions and ways that identify and bind their separately marked sense of elitism. Their Sorosonian habits incline towards seeking central command in order to tear down the traditions of all others, even when the consequence is to destroy the nation that protects them from hordes of the truly evil.

Those who flatter themselves the cognescenti of the perfect often disassimilate the good and expose it to the most evil. They become addicts of exhibitionistic destruction. They seek more to fundamentally change a good society than to defend, preserve, or assimilate to it. But this mal-directed snootiness applies to every kind of elitist obamanible (Prog, Commie, Fascist, Musloid, Crony) who neglects to consider this test: What kind of culturally connected assimilation and form of law is needed to establish and sustain a republic that avails its citizens the freedom and dignity to pursue their happiness, both as individuals and as citizens? And how rare a flower is that?

Rinos, being more corrupt than ignorant, are better at nuance. They understand that the main thing that matters to them is to preserve their rule. They are content to rule the middle class by bribing the cheap and ignorant class, if that's what it takes. Dinos, on the other hand, being more ignorant than corrupt, do not understand that they are selling their freedom for the cheap. Dinos just vote for rulers that make bribes out of the production of the working class. Rinos vote for whomever facilitates their rule. Dinos, because they tend less to work, will never fire on people who promise free stuff paid for by other people's money.

Anonymous said...

On the Left are all forms of collectivism for stifling human freedom under the boot of so-called elitist superiority.

On the Right are competent individuals who come together voluntarily under a system for a representative republic that enforces law to such extent as facilitates freedom of expression, association, and enterprise.

With the Left are churches and "charities" that have lost their way, with thumb sucking whiners and useful idiots demanding "reparations."

For too long, the professoriate that shills for fascists has obscured common sense. Basically, most profs are que eee r for fascists.

Crony Sub-zeros. It just goes to show: Godless elites are not nearly as insightful as they imagine themselves to be. It may be worthwhile to think about various kinds of quotients: Intelligence Quotient, Crony Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Musical Quotient, Military Quotient, Spiritual Quotient, Common Sense Quotient, etc.. Whatever quotient narcissistic elites have, it comes to less than zero when the chips are down. If it's fascist to want to expel them from DC, put me on the registry that wants to get that done.

The acme of fascism was not the Nazis. The acme is the ISIS Muslims. And guess who Rubio and Bush want to import more of? Fascist Muslims. Because, after all, a representative democracy can just never get too many Muslims.

Modern politicians take money from the donor class to help them dupe the doper class. Our institutions have become so slanted that for a politician to be able to rise above that is a very rare miracle. For that, we have one and a half miracles: Trump and Cruz.

EDIT: Read the Koran and tell me how it is less fascist than Mein Kampf. Suppose members of the Schutzstaffel had been in America during WWII. Would Marco have wanted a registry of them? What is a devotee of the Koran, if not a nester for fascists?

The main difference between the fascist 1000 year Reich and the fascist ISIS Caliphate is that the caliphate is much worse. (At least you could draw pictures of Hitler, and half the population was not brutalized.) In both cases, the fascism of feel good, progressive socialists all but invited our invasion by ever worse fascists, by trading with the enemy and greasing our fall into worldwide brutalization.

Anonymous said...

WWI and the most cynical of trade in its aftermath led to WWII. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq led to destabilizaton, cynical trade, more destabilization, more influence by arms merchants, and more trade in political kickbacks (favors to Blumenthal, to depose Khadafi, to funnel arms to radicals, to import Muslims, to flip demographics, to elect Progs, to lay the throat of Western Civ open to ever more extreme forms of fascism).

Godless fascism descends into godforsaken, sucking fascism, with nary a light in sight. Thus, gaily godless fascists and stony godforsaken fascists combine to subjugate faith, family, and fidelity to the most subhuman and brutal of memes imaginable.

The world has big problems. Obama's leadership is in a tailspin. So what are all the "investigative journalists" on all networks presently breathless about? Whether one among hundreds of Chicago killings may have been motivated by racism by a white cop.

When did race relations plummet? Was it contemporaneous with baiting by community organizers now at the top tiers of government? Who is arming metro police as if they were military forces? Who is stirring racial discontent, often for what invented reasons? I suspect the funders of both are the same people who want to destroy republics, flip the demographic, and pump up excuses for confiscating and regulating guns. This is divide and rule 101 about "Let's you and him fight."

This is all cover for a planned putsch by establishmentarian destroyers of republics. Obama and Merkel are both controlled by these NWO goons. TV is a farce. Our attention is in Plato's cave, being manipulated by self godded, earnestly emoting goons. This is what Trump and Cruz need to explain down to the level that the typical pre-prog can understand.

For Heaven's sake, Chicago has been run for more than 40 years by a Dem Machine. Yet, Progs will spin this so Conservatives will be blamed, for not being sensitive enough to red diaper doper babies. At the least, they will take the focus away from Obama so he can deface our republic with more skid streaks from his brown pen. Prog evil is relentless.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept. For good reason. Suppose these subhumans could be reprogrammed with a brain implant. Should an elitist program be ordered? Where would that path lead us? Should we instead just rely on the "invisible hand" to guide us, to eliminate or quarantine satanic genes and memes from the pool? Or maybe impose a choice between quarantine, death, sterilization, and permanent ankle braces? If we can't quarantine obvious despots, totalitarians, plunderers, abusers, rapers, and murderers, and instead supply them with technology, then perhaps we and others among us are part of the problem? How did it come to pass that America twice elected Obama?

Illegals voting. Convicts voting, Abusers voting multiple times. Motor voting. Dead people voting. Welfare addicts voting. People who have never held a real job voting. Liars counting. Politicians lying. Despots buying politicians. Profs, journalists, politicians, entertainers, corporatists, ministers, bankers, scientists, philanthropists -- all selling out.

America is in a godforsaken lot of trouble. Seventy percent of Americans may not be entirely corrupt, but they have allowed an entirely corrupt establishment to seize power and destabilize the world. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Vigilance relaxed in America, and the result has been the unraveling of faith, family and fidelity.

Now we need to bind up our wounds, revivify faith, and have sense enough to reach out to accept a miracle when it is offered. At this point, there may be two worthwhile potential political leaders remaining who can have a chance to help us find our way out of this sucking slough whose denizens call "progress." The rest are just sirens for the quicksand of the sucking establishment.

Absent a miracle, America, through her established and unholy alliance of corrupt Rinos and ignorant Dinos, will be overcome and used as chief whore and instigator of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: fascist Conquest, multi-culti War, crop fuel pestilence and Famne, and Death panel elimination.

Anonymous said...

WHY do established powers want to destroy vestiges of white races? Why do Obamanites HATE those who are free and independent, who "act white"? To answer the question that should be roaring in every brain, look at every other race, tribe, culture, nation, alliance. In what other race do you find any vestiges of competent individual liberty from collective regimentation? You won't find it in Asians, Persians, Indians, Arabs, Africans, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, or Australian Aborigines. Their carriers of such genes long ago emigrated or were sacrificed. Challenge every Prog: Show me the non-white race that has not sold out its liberty and its capacity to defend itself for a mess of pottage and lies.

Elitists who believe they should rule the world need first and most to eliminate all influence of those who assert competence to rule themselves, in liberty.

Where do you find liberty loving genes, that culture, those memes -- and nowhere else? Answer: Among white races. That's where nearly all surviving liberty-genes among other races long ago emigrated. It is a profound mistake for a liberty-lover to project and assume other peoples love liberty.

Consequence: The destruction of the white race is tantamount to the destruction of the last best hope for human decency, dignity, and liberty ... on earth. The monstrous, subhuman goal is to reduce the world to masses of The Ruled, so they are ruled under a hierarchy of vicious, monstrous, godforsaken, inhumane "elite."

If you believe in human decency, dignity, and liberty, then first and most you need to understand how much the ravening establishment absolutely loathes and HATES you and everyone like you, who carries your values. To get a chilling clue regarding that red hot hate, just look into the eyes of Obama. And of Prog traitors among establishment whites who want to reduce all of humanity to subhuman status under themselves. Do these people really "care" about you? Sure they do. You betcha. S/

High on the list of liberalism's values is "not allowing other citizens to be intolerant of invading fascists from foreign cultures and monstrous faiths." Few are the ways to assert one's superiority that are more satisfying to the dramatic pretensions of a self-godded Liberal than to assert that his native culture is so hateful as to warrant its replacement by the most hideous of monsters. Among Liberals, especially tingly legs and obamagirls, that is the high water mark of a truly enlightened secular messiah. S/

Anonymous said...

When babies want that which, by asking, they have not been permitted to have, they will try whining. If whining (and being emotionally dishonest) works, they will not stop whining (and lying) until they see it has become a discredited tactic that, on that account, no longer works. They will not grow up a moment sooner. We have listened to elites who seem often to tell us not just to spare the rod but to affirmatively spoil the child. So we get new generations of leaders who are essentially spoiled children. And now they run DC.

Liberals are babies who have never had to grow up. They have too often found that whining works for them, gets attention for them, and allows them to feel superior. After awhile, whining becomes directly associated in their minds with being superior. Truth no longer matters. Even working for self preservation no longer matters, so long as others have always shown to come through for them, to feed and wipe them, on need and demand. This is how Liberals become pathological in their whining, even to the point of defying that which is obviously needed in order to survive.

Neither Liberals nor Muslims can make for themselves. So they form an alliance against producing adults. And both maintain their delusions of superiority on that account.

But what can be the excuse of the producing adults who continue to reward and reinforce this destructive behavior of whiners and jihadis? What has brought them to this low point? Why have they lost all important faith, direction, and sense of purposefulness? Well, they have allowed themselves to be led along a primrose path by godless, beguiling, crony fascists. Crony fascists who have even gone so far as to tell them they will soon be immortal in a manmade cyber cloud.