Thursday, November 5, 2015

PC Principal

The Left seems to follow its PC leadership in lockstep. The Left knows the PC hierarchy. It seems to be: Gays, Blacks, Muslims, Women, Hispanics, Dopers, Molesters. (This is the only way Progs can make sense of their rules, whereby children are expelled for hugging, but forced to share showers.)
To keep the Prog Cabal going, its members are trained not to buck the PC hierarchy. None of them seem to think. All of them read their assigned talking points. Soros is oracle for a godforsaken, satanic cabal of Monopolists, Marxists, and Muslims. When the cabal fronted by Soros speaks to set the PC hierarchy, all materialistic monkeys obey. Including Obama, Merkel, and even the Feminazis and Femimen.

Soros is South Park's "PC Principal." The PC hierarchy are the favorite cattle. The rest of the masses are just cattle. What Soros calls the Open Society is really the Open Range. He's driving the Muslim doggies all the way to Berlin.


If we were to learn how to manage a reducing population and a reducing economy, we could arrive at a point where populations would balance to sustainable. The earth can be a homeostatic system. The fact that Western economies do not sustain increasing populations (women decline to have children) is indicative that our societies have become too populous. Every pattern has to balance within the system of conservation of energy. Something that cannot go on forever ... won't.


Liberal sado-masochists want their morality to be ruled by Soros, the guy whose morality, as a youth, was deformed by Naziism. That's why they're into boots, chains and whips. They haven't (yet) graduated to suicide belts. Although they have been led to the point of tattooing and mutilating their skin and genitalia. Do we really want these moral mutants to surpass 47%? 


Anonymous said...

The NWO cabal consists of godless and godforsaken sado-masochists who hate human decency. Their entire philosophy of morality is based on material pleasure. Even when they have a concept of the spiritual hereafter, it is suffused with material and carnal pleasure. Indeed, they sadistically twist pleasure into masochism. Gold ringed, long middle fingers. Even sawed heads and burned flesh. Volcanos from Dante.

The NWO cabal of crony Materialists, commie Marxists, and cultie Muslims is at war with virtue because virtue often brakes pleasure. The NWO cabal consists of the godless and the godforsaken. The crony fascists, crony socialists, and cultie islamists. The amoral anti-Christian Monopolists, Marxists, and Muslims. Expertly puppeted by the Soros Cabal, puppeting the Marxist Muslim in the White House. Most people still have little idea concerning the nature of the beast that is tightening all chains against human decency.

Muslims are not apart from the NWO cabal. They are an inherent part of its unholy trinity of materialists: Monopolists, Marxists, and Muslims. Each grasping for the throat of every decent human being.

NWO people want to put boots on human faces. Forever. They're lost on a metaphysically deep level. Some (Muslim men) like to wear the boots on their feet. Some (Muslim women) like to wear the boots on their faces. There are a lot of people like this all over, in America, not just in the Middle East.

We need to understand that these people exist in great numbers, and we need to learn how to be on guard against their proclivities. Susceptibility to their proclivities is in every one of us. I don't think humanity is innately irredeemable. But we are innately susceptible to becoming irredeemable.

It's one thing to forbid the central establishment of a religion. It's another thing to ban the Reconciler from the public square. When America banned the Reconciler, the void was immediately filled with Communistic Idiocy and Islamic jihadicy. Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

The Middle East is a factory for producing and exporting misery and trouble. The more the West accepts its product, the more the misery and trouble that the Middle East will produce. Inviting external cauldrons of moral zombies to reduce people to irreparably brain deranged cattle and then export them is neither decent nor compassionate. It does nothing to inspire the devil's cauldrons to reform. Indeed, it just entices the production of more misery. Merkel is in the service of Soros. They are both as morally corrupt as they are morally stupid. Soros, Merkel, Obama, and Hillary must be quarantined.

The establishment is not engaged in mere diversion. It's engaged in full scale war against faith, family, fidelity. It's purpose is to farm quiscent producers as if they were cattle. Every affront that weakens our culture is to that purpose. The people-cattle that are content to low for their soma are already captives, but they are such useful idiots that they have no apprehension of it. Once faith, family, fidelity are undermined, there will be no escape from the cattle farm. Diversion my foot! If we don't rise to shake this off, we won't rise to resist anything.

Anonymous said...

Nazi would say Aryan Lives Matter. Nazis were upset with being adjudged responsible for war reparations. Hitler was an Austrian, not a German. (As Napoleon was a Corsican, not a Frenchman.) Hitler crossed the unguarded border (it is believed he left Vienna to evade conscription into the Austrian army), and he later led a beer hall putsch composed of fascist thugs. Later, he had some of his fellow thugs killed (Night of the Long Knives), to tighten his hold on power.

Socialists claim to be on the right (Left) side of history. They claim to be "progressive." They claim all others are on the wrong (Right) side of history. To overcome the revulsion against the Nazis, they call Nazis Rightests. Under the lie that the Stalinists were less reactionary (they were WWII Allies) and more progressive, Socialists call the Communists Leftists.

Socialists strive for fanciful ways to preserve a pretense that they are progressive, while free enterprisers are reactionary bourgeoisie. They seek to paint free enterprisers as if they were to the Right, with Nazi Fascists. But the Nazis were National Socialists, while the Russians under Stalin became International Socialists. Both had plans to extend their systems to other nations. Hitler with blitzkreig, Stalin with both war and infiltration. They both relied on secret police, murder, and fascist thuggery.

The distinction (that hardly makes a difference) that Academics often try to apply is that Communists seek to directly own the means of production ("property is theft"), while Fascists seek indirectly to control the means of production (property is severely licensed, regulated, and taxed). Under both systems, property becomes more like a delusion. (In the U.S., property is becoming ever more taxed, regulated, and subject to forfeiture and condemnation. In Germany, property is taken to house "refugees.")

I see no good reason in letting Fascist Socialists get away with their con. The important distinction is between collective oppression versus individual freedom. On the side of collective oppression (despotism) are Totalitarianism, Practical Communism, Practical Socialism, Practical Progressivism, Dinos, and Rinos. On the side of individual freedom are Conservers of Liberty (Tea Partiers). I see no point in entertaining a-ole Progs who want to say they are not fascists, while they categorize as if free enterprising Conservers of Liberty were fascists. To hell-o with all that!

As to "unchecked numbers of people pouring over the borders," that is just the tactic for warring against the free enterprisers. As the free enterprisers are replaced, the positions for consolidating rule are being fast tracked to all the fascists who consider themselves to be progressives. Sort of like the way Hitler pressed conquered people into service in his army. Fascists use scapegoats (like Jews or "Brown people"). When the fascist is a brown person, he will use "Bitter Clingers" (independent minded white men).

Hiistory does not repeat, but it rhymes. You won't notice, but you will be duped, if you try to pigeon hole developments into delusionary categories that are promoted by conniving agents of the NWO.

Anonymous said...

Tendency to categorize may blur your vision of practical reality.

From Mirriam-Webster: "Fascism is a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government."

"Fascism is "a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted."


In practice, fascism has not entailed the assimilation of an entire citizenry. Rather, fascism has consisted in gangsterism by a well bundled few (fasces) to rule the many -- by keeping them divided and thus easier to rule.

In Communism, fascism is manifested in the dictatorship of the proletariat.

In Socialism, fascism is manifested by agitators bent on de-legitimizing all "reactionary" oppositon. (Advocates shout out and stomp out resisters who favor individual liberty over social security.)

Progressivism is just central agglomeraton of power in ways that lead towards social fascism.

In short, fascism is central despotism. Hitler's brand was just more central and more despotic. Had Hitler's mission of conquest been successful, for easing his rule, he likely would have kept separate the multiple races and nations that he saw as inferior. He would not have allowed Poles to breed with Nordics, etc. He would have imposed restrictions on human breeding to further his Aryan ideal. He would not have been for a melting pot. He would have been for a program for eliminating the multiplicity of breeds he thought to be inferior. This kind of salad bowl separation of multi-culti is precisely what modern fascist-progs use to justify non-assimilation. And the upshot is the promotion of Hispanic, Black, Arab, and Muslim races and cultures over all others. and to the eventual elimination of all others.

Per J.S. Mill, "[W]hatever crushes individuality is despotism, by whatever name it may be called."

Obama wants federal forces as well trained and equipped as the police and military. (Brownshirts.) Hitler divided children from parents, and he trained people to turn in deviants. Deviants and useless eaters of all types were divided and conveyed to camps, where they were further divided into experimental subjects, workers, and immediate fuel for the death showers. When multiple cultures are kept from assimilating, and baited to dislike and distrust one another, and taught to beg for scraps from the central authority, and trained to obey, that is hardly inconsistent with fascism.

Anonymous said...

The Bush family is dedicated to crushing individuality by establising the sub-humanizing evil of the NWO. To see Poppy Bush duplicating Ned Beatty in Network, see
This is why no Bush and no Bush acolyte can ever be trusted. This is why we know the establishment will pull out all stops to hamstring Trump/Cruz.

Leaders of Marxism and Prog Fascism tend to be dedicated to the same NWO. From J.S. Mill: "[W]hatever crushes individuality is despotism, by whatever name it may be called."

Has Russia become the vanguard for the NWO two-class system? The exemplar for the people-farm that Soros-Obama-Hillary-JEB Progs wanna join? Not to worry. W "looked into his soul." The NWO is just so respectful of laws and rules of fairness.

With a prissified, mentally disarmed, PC citizenry -- very little can be done to restrain the NWO trains. Only with the awakening of righteous manhood can the central apparatus be slain so that liberty can be restored.

Meanwhile, Canadian prissies are prancing about, claiming to be the land of most freedom (provided courtesy of the umbrella of U.S. power). Absent restoration of faith, family, and fidelity, the cronydom of the two-class system is very close to being fully consolidated, worldwide. While Canadians and Norwegians congratulate their femi-selves on their fairness and tolerance.

We are tottering on a tipping point, leaning to the abyss. We need a miracle. A miracle can still happen. We need to turn off the media for the collectivizing devil.

Americans need to stand up. Stand up to the corruption in all centralizing institutions. People have been corrupted to the evil conceptualization of a two-class NWO, where everyone (except elites who make the right noises) is ruled in all affairs -- "for his own good." Obama instructs, Say thank you. And eat your peas.

When I say all are compromised by deep corruption, I mean the Executive, the military Brass, the Courts, the Congress, the big Corporations, the Media, the Professoriate, and the Priesthood. The proponents of two-class "fundamental transformation," by inciting division at home and abroad, have enflamed the world. With trust in the Lord, Americans, for America as a beacon, can still set this right! But things will not be set right by our established "leaders."

Anonymous said...

The Regime defies the law. Surprise, surprise!

ObamaProgs are backed by the ACLU. You know, the people who think social justice, right down to the last nit, is best advanced by fair laws and rules fairly decided by courts and enforced by agents of the central gov. Except, when the laws are "unfair," they deem themselves to be empowered with their superior moral insights and pens to blot over the law.

These people are NOT agents of law and order under a representative republic. Rather, they are the corrupt and lying agents of decadent and despotic rule under a two class system of rulers and ruled, where the ruling apparatus makes up its own rules as it goes along. And where everyone is chained to a devil made out of the fallen nature of mankind.


Evil becomes corrupt flesh as the cronydom joins at the hip. Once enough cronies sell out to the devil, all are shackled to dance to his tune.

Exxon is now being investigated by the NY AG, probably greenlighted by Obama, puppet for the Cronydom, for denying global warming. Any individual crony that does not get with the program, that fails to learn to communicate, will, if need be, be beaten as mercilessly as Cool Hand Luke. This comes of giving too much central power to The District of Corruption. This corruption will not be set back or defeated by reasoned debate, a la Cruz. It will require an axe, a la Trump.

Anyone who works for the central domestic gov without helping to decentralize it is an agent of evil. It's time for re-choosing sides. It's time for Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay to rethink their name changes. It's time for Exxon to contribute to Trump. If he'll take it.

In a sane republic, to compare Black Lives Matter with a concept of Palestinian Lives Matter should discredit the BLM movement, rather than hype it. The republic will continue to fall into insanity until Americans of better sense say, Enough!

I want to cut out the cancer without killing the patient. If I thought there was a way to get rid of all mosques this week without spontaneously combusting the nation, I would be for it.

Re: " we can be fruit inspectors and according to my Bible we are told that 'by their fruits we shall know them"

What a great way to put it! I don't care what's in Obama's heart. I care about the fruit he produces. Every bit of it has been rotten. Just as rotten as if an irrendentist Marxist Muslim had produced it. All Obama's fruits are those of a deformed, degenerate, deviant, enemy of the republic and of human decency.

Anonymous said...

We need a major purgative. Stop all Mulim immigration. Stop all further building of mosques. Have the FBI monitor all existing mosques. Profile all Muslims. Put more Americans on pre-approved flight lists. Get the Feds out of schools. Let the States get Islam out of local schools. Tell femimen-femiprogs to stfu. There's no reasoning with them, and they will dominate Americans if Americans do not dominate them. As to Obama: Never again!

Can anyone tell on any given day whether Levin is pro or con Trump? It's amazing how many media pundits say garrish things about pols, then the pols appear on their shows and everyone's all friendly like. The commonality everyone understands is this: Spectacle drives ratings. It's how Trump has financed most of his campaign with little out of pocket expense.

The worrisome thing is this: If pols say things just to be spectacular, then how much should we believe? This is one of the reasons to decentralize gov. A person can rely much more on himself, his family, friends, and local citizens than he can on the distant District of Corruption. Cruz has a good slogan about being the guy who can get us safely home, after the partying and spectacle making. Still, for the time being, Trump/Cruz.

The imposition of additional costs needed for security is just another arrow in the Destructor's quiver. The range and intensity of sociopathic hatred, self entitled justification, irresponsibility, and infantile incompetence is startling. From what has all this demented, deformed depravity come? What has stirred up the Middle East, enflamed it, and stirred up hatreds in America and around the world?

I suggest a look at Obama's and Hillary's policies, enticements, and instigations. What in the worldwide excitement to disassimilation and hatred should not be laid at their door, behind which they stand grinning and cackling?

The 60's generation and Vietnam had made the military quite unpopular. Just read Slick's letter explaining why he declined further involvement through the National Guard. It was not until sometime during the Reagan years that people began again to appreciate the military. Until then, I do not believe it was so competitive to get into West Point.

I don't know why so many people at some sick subconscious level want to impose totalitarianism upon their fellows, but they obviously do! Some sick blend of genetics, nurturing, and culture. But we will probably never get too close to profiling it. Instead, it's the veterans and ordinary Americans who will get profiled. Profiled for suitability on the people farm.