Sunday, May 8, 2016

God Tinkers

Our world is crammed with faithless losers who want never to have to learn any lessons. They don't want to be judged. They want to be pure pleasure widgets, entitled to do their voodoo, with no consequences. Space to loot! Lebenstraum for blood suckers! Nothing to be learned or affirmed, except their initial assumption of special entitlement to "gimmedat."

These losers are not just among our criminals. They are infested throughout every institution, including those of our so called good, learned, wise, and ruling. This includes our priests, profs, philosophers, and potentates.

This sickness may be traced back to a fundamental and romantic incoherence, to which much of modernity seems to be perpetually enthralled: That "God don't make no junk." That we are all fine, just the way we are. That we don't need no Pilgrim's Progress.

That is, that God doesn't tinker. That God gets everything right the first time. That, to entertain God, there is no need for any process of feedback and reconciliation of apprehensions and appreciations. That the interests of the whole and the parts are irrelevant to one another.

Such a fundamentally false assumption provides a root for irrationality. It leads to incoherent rationalizations for things that never can and never will work. Romantic things, like Gaia God, utopia, the withering away of the State, the substitution of pure reason for spiritual appreciation, the economic reduction of man to widget, the rule of man by hierarchies of despots to whom rules don't apply. NWO. OWG. Smooth, rotating, global "free" trade. Saving the planet. Kabuki representation. Certificates of education to certify to trained insanity. And so on.

Of course God tinkers! How else could any process of existential involvement or feedback make any worthwhile or entertaining sense? Of course relationships, interests, personalities, and perspectives of Consciousness change! Of course human beings need means for reconciling guilt and remorse! That is how people grow out of being perpetual adolescents and jerks!

Relationship evolve and phase shift. Through it all persists unfolding and ongoing reconciliations among perspectives of the one changeless changer: Consciousness itself, as a face of the Godhead. That Godhead abides as enigmatic Consciousness, partially measurable Substance, and cumulating Information.

In any local context, what interests God is necessarily interconnected with what interests mortals. But for our unfolding and overlapping interests, there would be little reason to
engage in reconciliation. If we are led to desire civilized society that avails human freedom and dignity, then that will tend to be what God reconciles. If instead we prefer an incoherence, such as unbound personal pleasure, then we will get the disorderly house of continuous strife, angst, despair, and stupor.

Ask and it shall be given. However, when we ask carelessly, as for fruits, it should hardly surprise that we will often get lemons. Like voting felons electing Shrillaries.

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