Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The New Economics

Having turned our elections and jobs over to trained and imported commies and jihadis bent on destroying America, we now turn our technological advancement over to NWO crony-commies to finish us off. Our faithless leaders are brilliant! If their purpose is to create hell on earth.

So, not only did we enrich our enemies and grease the way for foreign interests to bribe our foundation-establishing pols in order to destroy our republic as well as the most important values of humanity, but we also made ourselves poorer in the process. Let me be clear: Our leaders are stupid. And corrupt. And the useful idiots they train are the very dregs of humanity.

The idea of floating a society on a service economy never made more sense than pixie dust and happy thoughts for flying. The people who promoted this idea had to have been high on some really potent, "mind-expanding" drugs. But hey, they had fancy degrees, certified to by fancy colleges. We blew through the tulip economy long ago. Must be time for an economy based on paintings of tulips.

If we don't destroy ourselves first, AI and machines will be replacing rote labor.

As systems compete to determine which shall survive, reproduce, replicate, be sustainable, and flourish over competing systems, it is neither clear that they must remain mainly human nor that their economic constraints and laws for distributing success and power must remain similar to those of a human marketplace.

The calculus for who and what to buy or produce may come to be based more on factors other than free and arms length negotiations among willing buyers and sellers. The calculus may come to include informed guesses and subterfuges concerning the likelihood of obtaining or extorting permission from monitoring, hierarchical, and central authorities.

Panels for allocating access to food, energy, rewards, upgrading, replacement, and death may well develop. It's far from clear that notions of markets, fairness, equality, dignity, or freedom must have much to do with the allocations of an A.I based economy and politics.

A new "god" or mores may gain temporal power to subjugate, indoctrinate, program, and rule. Does anything innate to existentiality or moral guidance suggest "first principles" concerning that of which any such a NWO religion or program should likely consist or perpetuate? Must coming systems, to rule, find means to implant arbitrary value-programs to constrain reproductive-pleasure, power-spending, and purpose-seeking within socially manageable parameters?

To survive, must each such system seek eventually to subjugate all opposing systems, to establish a singular and stifling rule? If so, its allocations would not seem likely to be based on "free market" analyses. In a systematic NWO, concepts of nations, families, and persons may terminate, so that definitions of fairness, merit, rights, and individual dignity can be made anew.

Borg-Man may become unavoidable. Human-like freedom may become confined to virtual worlds and holodeks. Unless and until some energy spike were to tear it all down.

Between now and then, as paying jobs become less available to competing persons, new ways will need to be found to make enough allocations of existing resoucers among voting and nonproductive people to keep them from propagating destruction.

Presently, conflicting forces compete: On one side, forces want to increase non-productive populations of voters in order to increase the power of people-farming and family-killing demagogues over "privileged whities." On the other side, forces want to reduce all populations to levels that are sustainable by the market system. In the U.S., no sooner do we reduce population pressures internally than the void is filled by outside population producers. In this way, responsible population management ends up generating a pump effect, whereby an ever more irresponsible and liberty-illiterate population is generated.

In this way, social friction and strife seem to be built in, to ensure periodic flash points and a general dumbing down of humanity. As human beings devolve to sub-humans, labor rates will devolve to "reasonableness." For banana republics and people farmers.

Alternatively, America could compete so we don't have to impose serf labor at home. We could end counterproductive taxes on domestic businesses. End income taxes and replace them with consumption-based taxes. Discourage crony-gov kickback and fake-charity money-laundering schemes and regulations by decentralizing gov authority, imposing term limits, and progressively taxing lobbying expenditures as if they were taxable consumptions by the authorizing agent.

Don't tax material exports or monetary imports. Do tax material imports and monetary exports. Don't encourage trade with (or enrichment or empowerment of) communist or Muslim nations. Enforce borders and end welfare for illegal invaders. Eliminate indoctrination departments in DC, including the Departments of Education, Energy, and Commerce. De-weaponize the political power of the IRS. Increase the reserved power of the States. Cede most Federal lands to the States. Restore the 17th Amendment. Stop killing family values.

With common sense, there are plenty of things we could do to restore American competitiveness in ways that would be less likely to hollow out our industries and national independence or to reduce good Americans to desperate serfs. The problem is less one of non-feasibility than one of lack of nerve and Will. The problem is the vise grip held on every institution by the anti-American, crony-commie cabal of souldead NWO fascist-socialists.

From here on, we need to elect competent Americans. STOP factoring freaking race/gender/freckles/etc. Just stop! Put a cork in the pieholes of the "studies" profs.

Obama could never have put the cherry on top of the destruction and division of America without 12 years of help from the Bushes, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Donor Class of open-bordered cheap-labor farmers. Trump has it half right. Our leaders are stupid! AND corrupt!

People need to stop being in denial. It was NEVER the intention of Obama (or Hillary or Bush) to enrich or empower America. It has always been to ring in the NWO. In Obama's case, to redistribute to the world. There is no way! to redistribute to the world (or, lol, to stop global warming) except by shutting down American production and impoverishing the mass of workers to make them compete against desperate serfs, worldwide. Obama HAS accomplished more than even he probably ever expected. And he has done it all while deluding his idiot followers. Obama out.

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