Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NWF - New World Federation

When the US went off the gold standard, our Allies, in exchange for coordinated military protection, began to prop up our dollar. As the US backs away from being the world's police leader, the dollar will lose its support.

Nations can be centrally ruled states or they can be federations with shared and overlapping controls between centralists and locals. Rome had many growing pains as it morphed from a republic to an empire. US citizens do not want to lose their republic. But other nations that help prop up our dollar want to have significant treaty-influence in our international politics.

I don't see how the US can back away from responsibilities to lead police actions. Isolationism is not an option in the interconnected world of economics and military defense. So how may the US keep its republic and not default on the role by which its currency is supported?

Must we move towards some loose world federation among friendly nations? If so, may we exclude or quarantine unfriendly, Commie, and Muslim nations? Maybe we should, but the crony insiders who receive bribes from Commie and Muslim nations will never allow that to happen voluntarily. Not without an Economic Patton. Did someone call for The Donald?


I do not necessarily advocate a return to a gold standard. That's just part of the background. Our main problem is crony advantage taking, that seems to lead inexorably to systemic failure. No matter how smart the formal solutions one may dream up, they will always be end run so long as there is no adequate moral check. Why do we lack any adequate moral check? For several reasons, among them:

1. We have lost any hope of assimilating values. Instead, we swallowed the lie that diversity in and of itself is a good thing. So we tend to be helpless to name evil, much less confront it.

2. Crony-commies have so infested every formal institution that most people are now easy prey for predators and parasites. Way too many Profs shill for and teach nonsense. Way too many Priests shill for and preach "values" that corrupt faith, family, and fidelity. Way too many economists and scientists are dupes or shills for hedge dealing billionaires. Hedgers have figured out how to make money no matter what the crisis, so long as the crisis can be pumped for hedging.

3. Do-gooders wrongly assumed the root cause of evil is the poverty and lack of sharing of material wealth in the world. So they decided tax redistributions should take over the charity function. This was completely contrary to all historical experience. Communist redistribution produces poverty and resentment, not wealth or gratitude. Welfare produces hoods and fatherless babies, not well nurtured families. Dithering with Muslims produces fevered jihadis. Celebration of paganists produces confusion, cynicism, and sadism.

4. Because of faux religion (pagan sectarian and commie secular), all religion is now ridiculed to the point that most people, especially young adults, now revile it. Even though an intelligent case for forums that inspire spiritual empathy can now probably be better made than ever before.

5. Too many hubristic scientists and economists think "pure reason" and unfiltered greed can guide our moral development, without reaching out to the Source of Spiritual empathy. They think altruism is a non-existent and that spiritual empathy is not innate to the cosmos. So they think elites should be put in charge politically, to force equality, fairness, and toleration. Thus, too many idiot judges and justices buy into politically forced "equality," "fairness," and "toleration" as trumps uber alles.

THE UPSHOT: Our economists, bankers, corporatists, politicians, judges, educators, actors, entertainers, rappers, ministers, and charitable foundations have us riding a bullet to destruction. The evil cronies among us will grease the way for that bullet, no matter what form any re-form may take. We are in a mess of trouble!

IOW, "Our leaders are stupid." -- DJT.
And corrupt. -- Me.


Anonymous said...

The world has nurtured a lot of people who have voided from their faith the spiritual empathy that is innate to consciousness of the cosmos. They think the altruistic empathy that is beyond the limits of one's skin or skullcase is an absurd impossibility. Given that mindset, to what do such people turn? Well, they turn to monstrous, satanic, pagan, and black-rock religion, or to black-heart crony crisis-hedging.

How is it that so much of the world and its institutions have fallen under the contol of such monsters and black hearts? How have so many been left to the instruction and indoctrination of the howling void?

First, a lot of seekers have wrongly projected and assumed that other people tend also to be seekers. They have failed to appreciate the extent of the evil that rushes to fill every void.

Second, seekers have wrongly sought solace in absurd literalistic phantasms, and they have not much dared to think for themselves or to reason out alternatives to nonsense.

Third, seekers have fallen for liars, deceivers, confabulators, and hedge-tippers, who claim to be super smart and to have only the best interests of society at heart.

Fourth, after wearing their heads out beating them against senseless walls, too many seekers surrender to be subjugated in body and spirit by others who have surrendered before them.

Fifth, the very fabric of our society has thus been woven to filter, favor, and float to the top the worst of the malformed dregs, malignant narcissists, and malicious sociopaths that live among us.

What is needed to right this, to restore moral sanity? A miracle. A return to spiritual-minded good sense. A return to apprehending the central potentiality of the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule. A willingness to call evil, evil. A rejection of tolerance for the intolerance of those who do evil.

What is needed is a rejection of verbal nonsense. Nonsense that denies the central social role of faith in a Source of spiritual empathy. Nonsense that promotes Gov in place of God. Nonsense that conflates tax-taking with charity-giving. Nonsense that conflates bureaucratic intrusiveness with the love of parents. Nonsense that throws children to the perfidious abuse of adults. Nonsense that empowers central authorities to "fix" that which is not locally broken. Nonsense that tries to force equality among things that are fundamentally not equal. Nonsense that tries to legislate fairness by taking away the freedom and dignity of individuals. Nonsense that funds OWS, BLM, CAIR, ACORN, ACLU, Media Matters, etc. Nonsense that elects people like the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Cantor, Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Kerry, and on and on and on.

Our leaders are stupid. -- DJT

Anonymous said...

Black Rock Paganism has no legitimate claim to be listed among faiths that have evolved to feel the calling of an inviting God as opposed to the psychotic hatreds of a monstrous meme.

Anonymous said...

All establishmentarians like Ryan have broken faith with America. Every liar who supports the establishment -- which has broken faith with the American Ideal of individual opportunity, responsibility, and competence -- does so out of decadent faithfulness in nothing more than unprincipled people-farming. They all make their deals with the devil and tell the lies and varnished PC they need to tell in order to sell out Americans. When a man shows to have no star to guide him that amounts to more than aggrandizement of people-farming power and passing pleasures, it is fitting to loathe him as a bag for evil.

At this rate of establishmentarian propagation of evil, the U.S. will soon be as unrecognizeable as the former Soviet Union.

EDIT: By rejecting the values of "whities," multi-cultural cronies, commies, and culties are really rejecting all the most fundamental Constitutional and Christian ideas and ideals under which the U.S.was founded: Faith in an inviting and just God; loyalty to Family, Fidelity to country and to individual freedom of expression and enterprise. Cronies, commies and culties want to replace all that with consolidated subjugation under their dystopian ideas of NWO-OWG. One King to rule all the Earth under Satan. Bureaucrats to raise children, lickspittles to teach students, shills and watchers to control workers. But hey, we will have "free trade." S/

All the politicians as far as the eye can see have become servants to a meme of false equality and fairness that is bent on destroying the American Ideal of human freedom and dignity. The only exceptions were Trump and Cruz. And they only in part.

Anonymous said...

Rino-Dino Shape-Shifters are without any star to guide them. Faithlessly decadent. Pulled about only by search for pain free pleasure. Led only by their nads and hormones. They think that is is the way of all flesh. They are genuinely puzzled that their hold on all institutions of disinformation and pleasure redistribution has finally proved inadequate to sustain their grip. They are clueless that many Americans actually aspire to be competent and responsible for pursuing their own paths.

Demented degenerate decadent Rino-Dinos do not produce. They grasp. They do not seek productive growth for any society. They seek to redistribute the work and wealth of others to themselves. They do not seek productive growth for America. They seek to level out American workers and pull up ladders for themselves. No other explanation of our economic policies makes any sense. They arrogate to themselves a "right" to sell off what they did not shed blood or sweat to defend or produce -- even as they arrogantly tell soldiers and producers that "you did not make that."

Obamanism: The addicts, parasites, and layabouts among them are content to be taken care of by the gov, provided their green eyes are shielded from seeing other people achieving greater material success. They are content to have only a few cronies running things, so long as the cronies entertain them with fair-y stories and are pc-trained to say they are "giving back" by taking from producers and redistributing -- to promote "equality and fair-y-ness."

The consequence is the hollowing out of human dignity and the American republic and their replacement by a NWO of lowest common denominator subhumans who make religions out of fascist thuggery and lying communism. This is the political accompaniment for "free trade" among faithless crony corporatists, nutso religious fascists, and partying communists.

The world has long labored under the dead weight of such subhuman fascists and souldead communists. People are ready to shrug them off. No leader but Trump has dared to say what is obvious: Our leaders are stupid. And corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Ryan-McConnell types (crony corporatists aligned with ciminal commies) share a fundamental faith: That the new world and all its institutions should be ruled by 2% shilling for 0.02%. Their faith is fortified by seeing what has been accomplished thus far.

Indeed, profs swing on cultural rewards based on popularity ratings from students trained to believe in partying and "free" education. So schools don't fail students because schools are for gravy, not real education. Colleges don't want profs who fail students. In effect, people stunted at the level of 7 year olds are in a feedback loop for admiring, rewarding, and promoting one another. The Clinton farce was prelude to the Obama tragedy. Our world is caught in a feedback loop of farce and tragedy. This may partly explain why a majority even now seem to prefer Hillary.

Let us pray that all Ryan-McConnell and Hillary-Obama types are smashed by Lincoln's admonition: You can't fool all the people all the time. These are the times that illuminate to allow us to distinguish the Americans from the anti-Americans and the soulful from the souldead. True colors are shining or murking through. We now see some of the hideous beasts, Romney among them. You can't serve the NWO-OWG Ryan-McConnell-COC-Hillary-Obama Apparatus without being a hideous beast.

*Aside: Infernal spell correction programs on most devices cause far more problems than they correct. Much like the infernal elites who think they know best about running every person's life. Shutting them off tends to be more troublesome than chasing away nuisance flies.

The socialistic islamists are internationalistic, even though they split (like the Trotskyites and Stalinists) between the Shiites and Sunnis. But some of them LIKE to be called communists! I call them fascists to emphasize their thug aspects. And because they do not aspire to any withering away (of the Koran).

Brutal and mind enslaving fascism made into a "religion." What a "contribution"! Obamanite Dino-Rinos swoon.

Muslims have never had moral enlightenment exceeding that of thugs. All their contributions were pilfered. Given their aversion to responsible, civilized, adult thinking how could it be otherwise?

The moral standing of Muslims and Commies is similar in anti-Americanism. Which is why they are united. What is the moral difference between a cow and a person who is sustained at the level of an infant, with all "answers" trained, all cares satiated, all desires drugged, all organic processes pleasured, all disquieting thoughts diverted? Ahh, the sharia peace of the anti-American commune! styled in the best Frenchy-metro burkas.

Americans have for too long taken the infants' holiday from history. Indeed, the ranks of our profs, experts, "leaders," generals, talking heads, and "representatives" are filled with infants.

Anonymous said...

A representative republic that values human freedom and dignity puts itself to unnecessary risk the more it drowns itself in the kind of pc tnat advocates for mass infusion of persons from cultures that are entirely unsuited to self governance, especially when such cultures hate individual freedom of expression and enterprise.

To not self deconstruct, each person who seeks to part-icipate in godliness needs also to participate in holistic responsibleness. He/she needs to consider what is needed to reconcile a system that avails human freedom and dignity. That would entail faith, family, fidelity. Innate empathy for higher purposefulness.

It would not entail selfish people farming. It would not entail robbing freedom and dignity from competent, self regarding individuals. It would not entail elitist destruction of a representative republic by importing people who have no competence or interest in self government. It would not entail worshipping profs of subhumanizing idiocy.

You have to say it directly, like DJT, in the 5th grader language the ProgRinoDinos understand: There are no noble souls among the COC Rinos. They are all treasonous operatives of the devil, bent on making hell on earth by reducing all workers to a lowest common denominator widget dhimmi. You are to be a mere battery, per The Matrix. Not even of the dignity of a cow. You are not entitled to make a family, nation, or society. You must put on the harness of a widget. For the greater good of the people farmers and their bean counters.

More like worldwide subjugation to preferred races, cultures, "religions," and monsters. "You didn't earn that" means "our thing" is entitled to take it. In BarryWorld, it is "meritorious" that monsters should dhimmi and farm producers.

Free trade is no more free than free lunch or free health care or free education. Free trade is not free of political and human considerations. But for wilfully blind bean counters, free trade will always be the heavenly panacea. For those with eyes to see, free trade is just another propaganda tool for wannabe people farmers. The "our thing" Mittens Republicans are worried sick that their plan to harness most people to a lowest common denominator farm is about to get pole axed. Reality bites.

Anonymous said...

To put a cherry on top of the subhumanizing consolidation of central gov diktat and gulag, all that is needed is to ban otherwise individually competent citizens from owning and having access to arms. The choice is clear: to be a human being or to be a subhuman farm animal. Some cultures and gene pools are disposed to believe they will be cared for if they submit to being farmed. Some are not. The multi culti mixing of the two is hazardous to decent society.

Adolescents often hate parents who tell them "no" more than they hate the distant killers their parents protect them against. Progs are usually as individually incompetent as they are perpetually puerile. God save us from children whose parents raised them to be with no more moral guidance than their gonads, rap noise, and pleasure hormones.

Blame the independently competent Americans for not bowing to be yoked by crony corporatists and communalists.

What's the weight of the moral diff between an international Buffett corporatist, an international Soros communist, an international MB jihadi, and an international goat-loving transhuman? Not a farthing. Multi culti is just Newspeak for multi perv.

Bottom line: Most people have become faithless, pleasure-addled, hormone bots. They have no star to guide them. Just rappin' their 'nads to "keep it real." Next stop: The snakeball at the borgdom.

There's room for "advancement": To become one among many heads of the corporatist-communalist snake. ( I say communalist because I don't see any more virtue for socialists over communists than I see for swindlers over highwaymen.)

Obamanites long ago sold their souls for a one way ride. Now they are like the terrorists in this respect: They want to force as many as they can to go along for the ride.

Surrendering individual sovereignty to bureaucrats fronting for syndicated elitists is like inviting a boa constrictor to wrap itself around you. It tends to be a one way ticket. The only way for advancement thereafter is to become part of the snake. Advocates for joining such a cause, as international corporatists or communalists, are advocating for the subhuman trading of individual sovereignty for borgdom. These are wannabe slaves for a snake pit, whose mode of argumentation is to accuse others of being what they are: Enslavers to evil. Joining them is a one way ride.

Willard had me fooled for awhile. His true coloring has melted away his mask to show his hideous character.

Dlanor 9 days ago

Rinos don't really want a representative republic with small gov aspirations. They want elitist gov that pretends to be representative and that aspires to pull up the ladders. They want international corporatist syndicalism as an alternative to international communist thugism. They don't love the American republic. They love corporatist people farming. They fear Trump wants more to save the republic than to save their effrontery.

Many among us lack the basic discipline to sustain self, much less family or country. Loyalty to family is declining, while loyalty to country is nose diving. Such a demented society that cannot even sustain self or family cannot sustain a nation. To expect such as these to rally and save the economy from looming catastrophe is nuts. Survivors will have to cut away the gangrene. Rino dinos are gangrene. Pure rot. Albeit highly self acclaimed and credentialed. Parading in credentials like little boys auditioning to be girls. This is not the greatest generation. It is the harvest of rot generation.

Anonymous said...

The whole rino dino apparatus of oligarchs, cronies, felons, shills, hoods, illegals, launderers, and pervs wants to "fundamentally change" the American Republic into a home for pimps, prostitutes, and pleasure addicts. IOW, to destroy it. But it is "racist" to say so. Why? Because the Apparatus says so. And it will severely punish all who disagree.

So now it's bullying to exhort a child to grow up to become a man or woman, instead of an irresponsible ambiguity. But reality has never long entertained holidays from responsibility. Rather, such holidays have always been preludes to social collapse, replacement, and war after war. In the West, we have a pump effect, whereby gangs of the most faithless, corrupt, libertine, abusive, irresponsible, and demented float to the top. No surprise that in this toilet the shrew of the slimeball that raped women and brags of 2000 conquests is celebrated as the "most qualified ever." Progs are nothing but vacuous holes of personal pleasure, power, and perversion. These are the furtherest things from moral exemplars; they are not Americans.

When a person has no competence as an individual, his choices tend to be to cry or to gang. Crybullies.

There is no problem with science. There is a problem with hubristics who have no insight regarding the domain and limitations of science.

Modern education, entertainment, media, and advertising are exercises towards the perfection of mind control. This goes full circle, until the people farmers become victims of their own people farming. There may be a meaningfully humane way out, but not through the social hubris that seeks to replace God with Gov.

Without a hero or elitist to worship, a lot of people simply have no idea what to do with themselves. Perhaps the biggest challenge to those who want to preserve the American Ideal is this: How to get the godless, faithless, ruling agglomeration of rino-dino elitist predators and incompetent parasites off the bloody backs of producing Americans. None of the heroes of rinos or dinos answers to that purpose.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in any inevitable linear synthesis. The godhead is responsive to our participation. I think we can as easily rationalize a path that leads to human farming as a path that leads to human freedom and dignity. In terms of moral purposefulness, it may be as immoral to push independence on cultures and gene pools fit to be as cattle as it is to push bondage under elitists on cultures and gene pools fit for human expression.

The "synthesis" that comes with open borders seems to default to a lowest common denominator of human herds being farmed by and for elitists who are bent on ruling in helll over serving an ideal of a city on a hill. They mean to bury the American Ideal for an eon. And goons bent to that now control nearly every institution. This situation is the result of centrally consolidated power, influence, and wealth over the brains of rainbow cattle people. And these cattle people absolutely hate anyone who tries to show them a path to individual competence.

What we are seeing is a real time demonstration of the folly of a representative republic that allows the rise of a ruling class of aristocratic, oligarchic, treasonous, faithless predators and parasites. Very few brainiacs of economic or political theory have given the least intelligent thought to how to restrain the rise and disproportionate influence of such a demented blight on humanity. Indeed, most followers of either brand of the Rino Dino dementia seem to worship at the feet of their favored elitists.

The Observer Effect is seen in nearly every situation. In economics, Charles Goodhart formulated a variation. A political variation may also apply. Call it "the political observer effect," to wit: Once a measurable indicator becomes an object of political policy, it becomes no longer a reliable indicator.

This would seem to apply to every stupid prog prescription that comes down the pikeway.

The Tranny Variation: Once a tranny gets free peeks, non-trannies soon follow.

And don't forget the professionals they send forth, as psychological counselors to perpetuate rather than cure mind warping, lawyers to perpetuate entitlement grifting rather than personal responsibility, doctors to prescribe and overindulge drug dependencies, priests to celebrate pagan gifts of gratifications, teachers and pimps to prescribe immediate gratifications, pols to give America away to foreign despots in exchange for laundered kickbacks, and bureaucrats to put more and more resources off limits to ordinary producers in order to enrich and empower corporatists-without-borders. And not least, atheists to tell us we don't need spiritual based morality and that "you can't legislate morality." Meanwhile, God holds open His invitation and patiently waits to lead us, however slowly and reluctantly we respond, to eventual spiritual enlightenment.

Regarding how Rinos lie about intentions while Dinos lie about outcomes: They are all faithless, lying evildoers. Predators and parasites who have joined forces to encircle the American watering hole. When Adam and Eve were banished from Eden, they were closely followed by such snakes of predation and parasitism. They will be with us always. And the agony they impose will be proportioned to our failures to see them for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Bernie and his admirers have never read The Gulag Archipelego. Or if they did, they zombie-walked through it. They want not to be responsible. Not for themselves and not for others. They want to be provided for, like cows to be farmed. And they want most everyone else to be farmed, too. Except only the party leaders who promise to take care of them. Those they want to enrich and empower. They trust those who promise to redistribute stuff, provided they preach hate against ordinary producing Americans. They are massing like zombies. Soon, there will be no way out. Then there will be mass distribution of catastrophe. When the dust clears, the cronies they entrusted will have the world to themselves and their new machines. So goes the best laid plans of mice and men. Or not.

Once everyone's a victim, there's no one to produce to make reparations. Once property is communalized, there's no one who will care to take care of it. Once everyone's entitled to a safe space, there will be no safe spaces. The more the ACLU, protest performers, and "critical studies" profs pursue "justice" for their funders, the more they pimp, tool and stooge for cronies, pushers, tippers, hedgers, oligarchs, and evildoers. The more helicopter parents and pols coddle their babies, the more they perpetually debilitate them. Proggs are borderline Munchausen pervs.

The Gulag will follow closely upon the confiscation of guns. Morloch cronies and Eloi commies want their people farming gulag and will not let anyone stand in the way of their "progress." Per Hillary, Trump is a threat to the (new) world order. Progs WANT to be farmed!

The purpose of modern education is for the crony elite to indoctrinate the commie idiotic to believe it is good for the people to be farmed by their betters and that all who disagree are mean and racist. This pestilence infests every institution, far beyond schools, workplaces, and churches. It has invaded the psychologcal counseling professions. As people suffer from the effects of maleducation, the symptoms are misdiagnosed, as if the indoctrination had not been severe enough. Dysfunctionals who cannot cope without safe spaces are not taught how to overcome their need for safe spaces, but to demand ever more safe spaces. The consequence is to eliminate all safe spaces -- even in the restrooms. Will the ACLU ever see the light? Absolutely not! Their morloch overlords and funders pay them so it is in their immediate financial interests to sell out their long term freedom and dignity. Decent people are in a war with evil morlochIan people farmers, whether they realize it or not.

Anonymous said...

The news media is on the other side because the establishment that owns them is on the other side. True colors are coming through during trying times. People are finally acquiring the clarity of vision to detect the globalistic subhumans who walk among us as establishmentarians. They think we should like the crony-commie culture they want to force upon us. They see traditional Americans as counterculturalists against their NWO. The time for just chewing bubble gum is past. Globalists need to be ID'd and run out of DC on a rail.

The only way to fight this is with renewed sense of faith, family, fidelity. It will entail running skirmishes, both verbally and actually. With more and more PC crackdowns against speech, good people will have to become adept at slang, code words, and abbreviations sufficient to thwart the globalizing machine. We will need our own hackers.

It is a revolving door of many more. "They" do not get elected without corrupt support and funding. They do not scheme without input from corrupters and funders. Decent people may still be in the majority, but they are countered at every key point and institution by well placed servants of globalizing evil. Moreover, cultures and faiths for assimilating the fortitude needed to resist evil have been very diluted. This is less about hate, race, gender, orientation, or origin. It is more about republicanism versus globalism. Human freedom and dignity versus the global machine and lowest common denominator of subhuman crony-commies.

Evil people-farming globalists use PC to discourage complaints against their globalistic agenda that seeks by hate and every other means to eliminate national and republican borders. If they can eliminate borders within which free peoples align to defend their cultures and liberties, then they can eliminate all opposition to their agenda -- which is to reduce humanity to pigs led by their snouts for immediate gratifications. Their agenda, they say, is love, while the agenda of resisters, they say, is hate.

So, according to PC globalists, it is hateful to defend national borders, to defend families, to defend decent faith, to resist subjugaters, to resist jihadi refugees, to resist reconquistas, to resist child groomers.

Decent people saw through this PC agenda and abandoned the media owned by the globalists and found one another through the Internet. So, does that avail hope for a revival of decent faith, family, fidelity? Well, maybe, maybe not. Predictably, Internet and mass social media controllers and globalists now conspire together to eliminate all "hate speech" that is designed to fight back against the globalists. So where are we now?

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with advocates of natural law is in the tendency of some to believe it is handed down through self claiming mouthpieces and messengers of Nature's God, rather than as an unfolding process of communication, appreciation, and feedback between Creator and Created.

When humanity participates in good faith and good will, humanity plays a substantial role in assimilating how broad contours of morality should unfold. Which gets back to why representative republicanism tends to be more availing of moral purposefulness than elitist crony-commie diktat. Every knowitall socialist should read The Gulag Archipelago, to see where godless elitism leads.

I don't have a seer stone into Trump's heart. Nor do I think Cruz was as purely a conserver of liberty as his followers are willing to believe. Both Trump and Cruz are high functioning egoistic leaders and pols who are willing to say and do what they deem necessary to groom a sufficient base. They also just happen to be the only two products that are not out and out complete sell outs to globalism. IMO.

We judge based on what they say, how they act, what they have done, and who they recommend and appoint. I don't like trashers, but I also can't use losers. I don't think Cruz could have beat the gigantic machine of corruption that awaits instruction for its chosen puppet.

About Trump: He knows the right things to say to Americans. He is not shy about firing people or confronting crony-commies. He will pound Hillary like the maggot infested pustulence she is. And he knows his base will devour him if he turns globalist. Aside from Trump and Cruz, who else you got that's viable? Zip.

Yes the American Ideal is worth fighting for. As to saving it under the present form of the U.S., that's not likely. We will have to triage. COS, nullification, secession, tree of liberty. In that order.

Watching so-called brainiac "conservatives" who barkety barked the trailer brain rot of birtherism does not fill me with great confidence that enough Americans of any sense remain to be able to salvage this republic. Sure, try to help salvage the republic. But put most of your effort into salvaging kith and kin. Because our chance for evading banana rotted collapse for the USA is slim to slimmer.

Anonymous said...

Obama is afraid that if we use the term radical islam we might get on the slippery slope of defining it and then soon realize that all islam is radically nuts. Once we begin to differentiate, where do we begin and where do we stop"

Is radical islam only the striking of mayhem among crowds of people one does not know? Or is it also the willing promotion of world subjugation by all means necessary, including nuclear and apopcalyptic? Is it the deliberate warping of brains from childhood on, to the point where no child is capable of questioning the tenets of anything Islamic in any rational way? Is it the early association of disfiguring pain and sex so that a victim cannot ever after differentiate between abuse and love? Is it a movement to find, mark, and dhimmi every opponent of Islam who wants to preserve individual freedom of thought, expression, and enterprise? Is it intolerance of any spiritual creed that teaches innate empathy for an inviting godhead that wants us to move towards decent civilization that would avail degrees of freedom for each human being to develop his or her talents and to dialogue with the Maker?

Obama is afraid, once people begin thinking about what it is in Islam that is radical and wrong, that they will begin to realize that most if not all of Islam is radical, wrong, inhuman, monstrous, and ungodly. As a child, Obama was so twisted and frozen that he feels safer surrendering to the devil instead of resisting the devil. That is his ride-to-hell for which he wants to take everyone else along. For Obama, to say "radical Islam" is to say he whose name must not be spoken.

Hth did America fall so low as to elect such a pus?

Anonymous said...

At least the mask is off the NWO conspiracy. The crony-commie uniparty routinely makes fun of Conservatives for "imagining" that there are conspiracies to undermine the Constitution and the republic. They also got hissy when Conservatives made black lists. So what are we seeing today?

Well, we are seeing weak people who hope to make mucho dinero being DC sycophants declining to hire on for Trump or to speak at the Convention. Why? Well, because subterranian word is out that Koch, Zuck, Bezos, et al, will blacklist everyone who helps Trump and expects later to make a career in DC.

So, the corrupt, evil, lying, anti-American, people-farming traitors to America and human decency are now openly and actively conspiring and black-listing against the ordinary Americans who just want their Constitution and country back!

As I said, at least the mask is finally off. Now if we can just rouse some patriots among all the brain-addled sychophants that have been produced by modern crony-funded institutions of media, academia, religion, banking, and corporatism. Given how much the nation has been flooded with scurrilous pundits, profs, priests, pinkos, and pervs, there is no doubt that things will come to a head.


Is there "really" any sense that directly corresponds to measurable reality? Aren't all organisms' and recording devices' senses that measure empirical events necessarily interpretive, as opposed to directly correlative? All rely on integration with other senses and sensors, to help reduce the possibility of mistaken or disastrous interpretation. Each sense relies on some contrived or inbuilt scale by which to correlate impulses received with interpretations of external reality. Those scales may be accurate within some parameters, fuzzy beyond others, and blind in spots. Except for limited or contrived niches, reality seems often to phase away from correlation with single scales.

To improve practical reliability for sensory interpretations, readings are taken by various sensors and then reconciled to what seems a best overall interpretation. But I doubt any sense mechanism directly measures empirical "reality." Common sense (general sense of beingness?) entails capacity to reconcile among discrepancies and/or overlaps in measured (scientifically empirical) data received via individuated senses.

Without common sense, scientific sense would be nearly useless. To paraphrase a great quote: Without science, religion is blind; without religion, science is lame.

Anonymous said...

Apart from having an uncanny nose for how to profit from corruption, it is hard to see anything about Hillary that could qualify her for higher employment. What non-corrupt thing of significance has she ever excelled at or even accomplished?

Elites know nothing qualifies Hillary, except that Hillary is their horsie and they expect they can dupe the idiot portion of the electorate (which is now a rainbow majority) with their control over all institutions of persuasion.

Too many good people were too complacent for too long. Meantime, traitors and termites took up permanent residence. When they accused good people of being bad things (conspiracy phobes, racists, bigots, black listers, misogynists, chauvenists, privileged whites, etc.), too many good people blinked and were bluffed. Meanwhile, the rentiers and real racists and bigots set about hollowing out the nation.

Now we are in danger of losing our republic. Not to a foreign power, but to internal corruption, moral weakness, and transexualized confusion. Now we have transexed officers at O6 and above. People who do not know who they are, who have never grown up, who want to groom children to be just like them, now imagine they should be ruling everyone else. And they are getting away with it!