Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump Triumphal

If Cruz had been able to throw as much "pay to play" money at Boehner, McConnell, etc., I suppose he may have had more "friends" in Congress? You want a friend in DC? Carry a stash or get a dog.

Somehow, the design for our system of electing representatives has been gerrymandered and jerryrigged to cause the worst of the worst to float to the top. Pelosi, Boehner, Ryan, Reid, McConnell, Bush, Clinton, Obama -- really? Those were our "best"? The hopeful thing about Trump is that he may (?) be self funding.

Trump undesrtands the floater system. I doubt he will destroy the game he is so good at playing.

There is this: Trump is surely better than Hillary. He does not actively seek the destruction of the republic. He is not in the grip of the establishment, because he knows how to play the establishment so he does not have to grovel to it. He sees and articulates the issues that concern decent Americans. He is anti-PC. He breaks false shibboleths.

Cruz may not have been able to attract enough decent Americans to win. Trump will shake things up. Before you can build a better system, it's sometimes necessary to take mighty hammer blows against the present one. That may present an opportunity for a real Conserver of Liberty in 4 years.

It's just too bad we don't seem to keep many in training. We may have short sightedly squelched those who were. Thus we get half a loaf. And so it goes.

Now, after all the Trump triumphalism, it will be interesting to see if those who are most rabid among Trump supporters can help attract a majority of Americans who actually want to restore the American Ideal. As opposed merely to igniting faction opportunities for cannibalizing the country.

"Moochers and Looters" encapsulates the crony-commie axis that now rules every institution and seems poised to prevent its expulsion by every means known to ticks, snakes, skunks, and squid.  Americans and anti-Americans now live in common in a house divided.  We cannot fix most of the stupidity and faithless corruption of the knowitall crony-commie axis.  We will have to root it out, root and branch.  A tick would rather be burned than have to earn its own meal.  Natural law means nothing to any anti-American who believes in no natural Deity.


Anonymous said...

A Conservative believes in conserving the American Ideal, the Constitution, the republic. Borders, language, culture. Faith, family, fidelity. Liberty.

Romney, McCain, the Bushes, Ryan, etc., believe in open society, open borders, people-farming, world policeman, Muslim nation building, swamping with third world liberty illiterates, NWO-OWG, crony-commie-taqiya.

They are NOT Conservatives. They are lying anti-Americans pretending to be Conservatives.

NWO Globalism is to Conservatism as International Communism is to Liberalism and Liberty. As Ignorance is to Strength. As Social Studies Profs are to Intelligence. As Obama is to Christianity. As Caitlyn is to manliness. The world is in deep stages of global insanity. Most of our politicians are not the Americans we have been looking for.

As much as I miss Reagan, he did not build a wall or make much headway against illegal immigration. Indeed, he contributed to the anchor baby problem. And he hardly made a dent against DC agglomeration, waste, and intrusiveness. Reagan tried to pull us towards shore, but he lost to the tide.

Since then, the tide has grown stronger, and the efforts to pull us to shore have grown comparatively weaker. Indeed, globalists now seem to be helping the tide by pulling America away from safe shores, to sink us into NWO globalism! In illegal "immigration," in enserfed labor, and in policies that favor international corporate cronyism. Even to the point of laundering foreign bribery as if it were charitable contributions to candidate's "foundations."

Nowadays, given the more menacing tide, not even Reagan would make a difference. Obviously, Reaganism is not enough! We NEED a bull in a china shop to start breaking things, to identify the enemy, and to call out the leaders that are STUPID.

We have reached a point such that mere Reaganism can never get us home. We are in a dangerous rip tide that may destroy our nation. This is no time to get lazy or patient! This election is about triage under fire. And so far, most politicians are AWOL! Stupid, corrupt, and treasonous.

Anonymous said...

The United States was born out of a common cultural idea: Individual freedom and responsibility, unburdened by non-responsive elitists and their bureaucrats. For that liberty, the Founders paid dearly, throwing their security to the wind. Many were willing to pay dearly because they had experienced despotism under a distant elitist and they did not like it.

That was the American Ideal on which our founding was based: Freedom and dignity for the individual citizens.

The inheritors of that ideal are what I mean by "Americans." However, the Bill of Rights that was purchased in blood is what is now being undermined by those who did not earn it. They have no right to sell it. They are the anti-Americans, i.e., the elitist Machiavallians, Muslims, and Morlochs --- and all their sinister shills, depraved dhimmis, and sadistic stooges.

So how is the American Ideal being destroyed? Who are the anti-Americans who have benefitted from American blood, without shedding their own? Well, they are the NWO-OWG-UN open-society of free-trading cannibals united against decent faith, family, and fidelity. They are the UniParty of the Rino-Dino Chamber-of-Commerce open borders clan. They anticipate the Big Heist they expect to make by fooling and bribing their vanguard: Welfare-seeking, liberty-illiterate, pisant destroyers of America.

That evil intention is what Trump needs to lay at the feet of Hillary and her "rainbow" of sinister, dhimmied, and sadistic Progs. Hillary and her Progs need to be tarred and branded as villanious anti-Americans!

The PROG RAINBOW reliably consists of femimen, pansexuals, pedophiles, child groomers, lolita abusers, fetus sellers, reconquistas, jihadis, self help reparators, flash mobbers, voter intimidators, speech chillers, dopers, race baiters, gender benders, whiny launch failures, looters, felons, malcontents, incompetents, illegal invaders, kickback cronies, commie stooges, soft studies students, junk scientists, bureaucratic greasepalms, national cannibals, foreign criminals, and arselifters.

Somehow, that evil combination must be soundly defeated. Or cut away like gangrene. At all extremities.

Trump has support from some persons he had the foresight to spread gravy to. Trump knows how to play the establishment. But he does not appear to be owned by any particular branch of the establishment. The question is: Who is putting the halter on whom? That is the game. The Art of the Deal. That is what the Establishment is jockying about. It wants to be the jocky; not the horse.

Like ticks, establishmentarian blood suckers die hard. Some imagine they can hold onto power by running a third party candidate, preventing a majority, thus throwing the election to the House. That did not happen in 1992 even though Bill Clinton got less than 50% of the popular vote because he did get more than 50% of the electoral vote.

Establishmentarians have forgotten nothing and learned nothing. They have not yet learned that their ugly faces now show through their ripped masks. I suspect such an attempt would enrage enough non-establishmentarians to ensure a landslide majority vote for Trump, both in the popular and the electoral vote. However else they may be divided, Nationalists and Conservatives are not divided in this: They both despise the Establishment.

Anonymous said...

I prefer "cultural cleansing." Within the American Ideal, there is plenty of room for a variety of ethnicities and cultures. But they need to assimilate to the American Ideal. If they don't want to do that, then they need to get out or be pushed out. Failing that, secession. Failing that, the tree of liberty.

To those who come for the opportunity: Leave behind your foreign-sexed entitlement and looting privileges. Otherwise, don't come. You're not welcome.

Different cultural backgrounds: Americans -- individual opportunity. Hispanics -- communal security.

When values of communal or tribal security trump individual opportunity, it is not uncommon to soon produce a society like that of Mexico, Zimbabwe, or Cuba.

The only reason to invite the swamping of the U.S. with persons from communal cultures is to destroy the American Ideal of individual opportunity, so that the crony-commie axis can hollow out and farm the producing people.

While Americans slept, their nation may already have been killed.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not one professes belief in any named God, most people orient their moral ideas (if they have any) to a worldview. A worldview might revolve around an idea that a decent society ought to strive to establish and preserve respect for the freedom and dignity of its fellows. If so, if would promote notions like freedom of thought, expression, enterprise, self defense. It would promote customary ideas of faith, family, fidelity. Such a worldview would be consistent with the American Ideal when the Founders established the representative federal republic. People who adhere to such a worldview are often called "Whitey" or white-privileged.

Alas, many people fall to different worldviews that nevertheless tend towards commonalities. They believe neither in God (except as a monster) nor in moral purposefulness. They believe in the immediate gratification of he who can grab or trick the hindmost. This would be the worldview of head choppers, gangsters, pillagers, predators, deceivers, and parasites. IOW, the worldview of crony-commie fascist-socialist chauvenist-jihadis. To add insult to injury, they name themselves for the opposite of what they are: Social justice warriors. Spit.

3M: Psychopathic Muslims, narcissistic Machiavellians, and sociopathic Morlochs are all attracted to the same watering holes, where they often opportune to coordinated attacks on moral-minded, socially responsible, individually competent producers, i.e., "Whitey." Wherever he goes, Whitey is relentlessly hunted, hounded, and harvested. The 3M operatives are all farmers of Evil: Female farmers, people farmers, and helll farmers. The New World Order of Open Society Widget Traders. Man reduced, not to a battery, but to a widget. Widget-Whitey -- to be bound, gagged, wrapped, and traded by the 3M Horsemen. Without Whitey, they would soon set to devouring one another. 3M-NWO.

Don't kid yourself. The plan of the crony-commie axis of people farmers is to replace parents with indoctrinated bureaucrats. This has nothing to do with fairness, decency, or the benefit of children or the nation.

I don't believe Trump will destroy the nation. He might even help save the nation from those who want to drown it under an apocalyptic flood of commies, jihadis, and godforsaken cronies. Otoh, Hillary The Lying People Farmer, if elected, will absolutely murder the republic, and with it, human freedom and dignity. If we don't defeat Hillary, we will have more than squandered our progeny's inheritance. We will have been parties to the murder of the USA.

Anonymous said...

What appointment has Obama ever made, and what deed has Obama ever done, that was intended to preserve or advance America's interests as an independent, representative republic? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

We have Participatory Will, not Free Will. The thing about Participatory Will is this: So long as we are conscious, we have no choice but to make choices. Failure to vote is a vote. I suppose it may be a deluded vote, like a dramatic statement. If someone makes a dramatic statement in a forest, do the trees clap?

We have no choice but to make choices among the possibilities that are available.